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  1. Today I am 6789 days old. :D

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    2. Maebius
    3. Ackshan Bemunah

      Ackshan Bemunah

      Why do you know this?

    4. Seeker


      I have a blog with Day **** as the title for each post ~o.o~ Is why I knew o.o

  2. Apologies O.O for my deadness and the none quest answer and stuff o...o I have my media exam tuesday and art is ... time consuming and I'm going to fail and I don't want to and STUFF O.O so I haven't been on... in .. a while o..o but I will be! Eventually... Probably... When I leave school most likely o..o which will be... when art is finished o.o however in the event that I never return it was lovely to meet most of you ^.^ but if and when I do if the questers are still arou...

    1. Seeker


      nd I shall judges o.o or you can do it... I don't mind o.o....much... but yeah o.o I hope this made sense and wish me luck V.V and bye bye for now o.o

      Essay over ~o.o~

    2. Hedge Munos
    3. Nimrodel


      hurry and come back! No one leaves MD forever :D Of course we will wait for you and All the best for your exam!! :D

  3. Just a few weeks left to complete all my artwork....yay....V.V I'll probably be less active for a little while....

  4. SNOW! :D And thus England shut down for a few days o.o Save my college...That's still open...

    1. Grido


      I have outdoor work over this weekend, gonna be so much fun.

    2. Seeker


      Really O.O? What sort of work do you do o.o?

    3. Grido
  5. Even if you aren't feeling very christmasy I hope everyone has a cool day today o.o and happy new year ^.^

  6. Did you know that in Denmark frogs go kvæk? o.o

  7. This puzzle annoys me....just turn gold already! -sigh-

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