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    I do have one if you'd like it just ask o.o''

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    o.o drifting through Marind Bell~
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    Poi,Drawing,Animation,Fantasy,Romance,Roses,Koalas,Traveling >.> and so much more...
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  1. Apologies O.O for my deadness and the none quest answer and stuff o...o I have my media exam tuesday and art is ... time consuming and I'm going to fail and I don't want to and STUFF O.O so I haven't been on... in .. a while o..o but I will be! Eventually... Probably... When I leave school most likely o..o which will be... when art is finished o.o however in the event that I never return it was lovely to meet most of you ^.^ but if and when I do if the questers are still arou...

    1. Seeker


      nd I shall judges o.o or you can do it... I don't mind o.o....much... but yeah o.o I hope this made sense and wish me luck V.V and bye bye for now o.o

      Essay over ~o.o~

    2. Hedge Munos
    3. Nimrodel


      hurry and come back! No one leaves MD forever :D Of course we will wait for you and All the best for your exam!! :D

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