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  1. Guardian of Tools

    Officially I am a Tool guardian of Necrovion. If that changed in my absence please let me know! Otherwise, I keep doing the job, since I plan to be more active now. If anyone has wishes, suggestions or questions about Necrovion tools - contact me via pm.
  2. Donations

    Even though I have been relatively inactive recently, people manage to find me and donate stuff. Respect! Our 2 new heroes are AmberRune and Aethon: 21) Amberrune donated: - 12 gold, 65 silver coins, 8 various spellstones and 12 common items. 22) Aethon donated: 32 gold coins, 5 silver coins from an auction and 4 black and white eculubrations May generous deeds never be forgotten!
  3. Hi guys and girls! I am back from my unexpected slumber. Sorry everyone who was looking for me for whatever reason and could not find. From now on I should be available as usual. Happy belated Christmas and New Year to everyone! Wish all the best for you and your beloved ones!

  4. On a hiatus

    it was interesting to watch how your character developed over the course of MD years. MD will definitely miss your twist and your quests. Hope to see you back one day.
  5. Donations

    20) Donation: 4 pimped grasans Received from: Ledah Reason: spamspamspam...
  6. Necrovion demands blood!

    Greetings MD-ers, Since Necrovion closed itself for the outside world many things changed. The land is said to be filled with mysteries, rare resources and secret treasures. Many of you were trying to get there and were mercilessly slayed by Death Patrols. From now on things change for those of you who are interested in Necrovion trips for harvesting, research, sightseeing or other purposes. Regular trips to Necrovion are available for all MD citizens disregarding their gender, age or land affiliation. Of course, as every valuable thing, this trip has a price. Price for entering Necrovion is a sacrifice… a creature, your heat, even your own blood. Those who will fulfill 1 of the 3 requirements will be granted an access to Necrovion for 1 week, with the right to use 1 Necrovion shared tool of their choice (either a bone shovel, an unbreakable trowel or a sand melter). The use of the shared item won’t be granted if already in possess of an identical independent one. During said week you will be movebound to a Death Patrol and kept under strict surveillance. Any deviation from their rules will get you killed. Since there is only a limited amount of tools in Necrovion, we can only let up to 3 people a week. So eventually there will be a waiting list. If you are willing to enter more than once, you will be put on the bottom of the waiting list after your first trip. Sacrifice. As said before you have to sacrifice something dear to you to enter. 1) Sacrifice heat. You have to infuse enough heat into the Fountain of Dark Vibrations to fulfill this requirement. The exact amount depends on your MP. This feature is not functional yet. 2) Sacrifice a creature. You have to sacrifice a creature once you are in Necrovion. The age or amount of stored heat won’t matter as long as your sacrifice produces 3 fenths. If you produce more than 3 fenths - you can pick up the rest, leaving 3 required ones at the altar. Leaving more than 3 fenths will not give you the right for another entry in the future. For that you will have to sacrifice another creature. So, if you dont want to waste fenths - make sure you are sufficiently prepared. 3) Sacrifice a personal item. This can be anyone of the following items – drop of blood, bottled emotions, engraved ring or autograph. Items are to be passed to me (Eara Meraia) before you enter Necrovion. (your personal items will go to the MD treasury but won’t be counted as a donation. Eventually you will be able to buy them back from an auction). Contact me via forum pm or ingame pm for details, time-frames, tool rentals etc. The waiting list and those who entered will be published on this thread. Requirements to enter might be changed or adjusted from time to time, but this is to be considered a permanent way to get inside Necrovion. First date for a tour is 9. August 2016. Every next tour will start on Tuesday. Please write down your name, player ID and date you wish to start and a type of payment in a REPLY to this topic. Good luck! (I am on vacation till 5 August, so if you have any questions till then, please contact lashtal or samon).
  7. Donations

    19) Donation: 2 sc Received from: Mallos Reason: undefined.
  8. Donations

    18) Donation: aged angien egg, 2 aged root warriors Received from: Amberrune Cause: -
  9. thank you for a good quest. It was fun to participate :)
  10. Hey, TK owes you a gold coin, you can't be just leaving like this
  11. Donations

    16) BMMO Spellstones (over 10 various stones) Received from lashtal Cause: not defined 17) Archer creature totem Received from Aeoshattr Cause: not defined Thanks for your donations guys! You are awesome.
  12. Guardian of Tools

    since sadly Neno resigned, as ann. 4070 says I dare to apply for or 1_3x0_2 Deathmarrow, Necrovion Tool guardian. Name: Eara Meraia id: 241935 Why? I know those tools, I know how to keep and take care of valuable things in MD
  13. The "Lost Island" possible names.

    Helix Island Spirula Isle
  14. Need feedback on resource production

    I think the reason why you did not get more feedback is that we don't have enough regular gatherers in each category. My feedback would be all zero, wouldn't help you much, right? Would probably be easier to find people if you asked for specific resources. This is tiresome but more systematic way. Just my 2 cent.
  15. Donations

    15) 6 gc 15 sc Received from> Miq Cause> 100% auction share