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  1. I'll be happy to answer any questions you have, BFH . . . if I do qualify for a noob XD
  2. Wouldn't it be better to reduce the adept requirement for MP6 so that there are more than 2 MP6's at one time? The requirement 30 adepts now I think, and 15 wouldn't be bad. If heals are not enough, and if they have limited casts, then increasing the number of casters is the only way to go. Just my opinion.
  3. I for one, agree with this new voting system
  4. whoa . . . it's amazing how you can turn something so basic into such a detailed figure!
  5. Entry submitted and also PM'd a copy to you, Maebius
  6. just to clarify, do all winners get the prot movelock stone, or only darkraptor?
  7. Dante, could you draw me an assassin avatar? something that looks a bit like the guy in my papers? i'd like an avatar but i've always wanted it to be drawn by a great artist, and without a doubt you're better than i could've hoped for!
  8. When I first joined as a new player a month or so back, the major thing I could see which would stop me and other new players to come was being repeatedly asked to view the scroll and return to the paper cabin after every few scenes. It would be better if you were directly taken to an "adventure" and you were made to fight NPC's on the way along with a tutorial, after which you would be ported to the park as mp2, and fight dummies and be introduced to tokens. This could be the second tutorial too, and within this tutorial the new player could chat with those at the park for help, questions, etc. After passing the tutorial, the player would advance to mp3. That's my personal suggestion to what I would see fit to make new players stay.
  9. I may not be an old player, but I have realized that the MP2 stage at the park would be the best time to introduce tokens, and not before that as to let the new player get more involved in the game first
  10. Okay, so I want to sell Loreroot creatures to those who don't have access to Loreroot, be it MP4 or MP3. The price is 1 SC for any 2 creatures of your choice. To set up a deal, PM me in-game or comment below.
  11. yeah sure you can come too plix (mar, add him)
  12. yes i did but there i know so many MP3's who have defeated them . . . so if they can do it, why can't I?
  13. The title says it all . . . but if there are other ways to beat them, then how? and what creatures to use?
  14. thanks alot! this info was really helpful
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