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  1. [quote name='dst' timestamp='1346776305' post='121439'] Btw: this is the last time I reply to your first question because right now it seems that you don't wish to understant or you're simply tring to piss me off. [/quote] Alright, if you think that way, not my fault! I had no intention of pissing you off... Thanks for clearing that up anyways.
  2. [quote name='dst' timestamp='1346773758' post='121437'] They were made this way for few reasons. [/quote] WHAT reasons? I would like to know And when this was implemented, was it believed that MP4's WOULD join alliances? If it was, then the exact opposite is happening... My core point: If you're repeatedly saying that I should advance to MP5 if I wanna join an alliance, then why is the option to join one available at MP4 in the first place?
  3. [quote name='dst' timestamp='1346765319' post='121418'] By joining an ally, you get stats (I agree, right now they are not much but in the past 100 attack was a looot -besides, the amount can be easily changed and maybe it will be changed in the future). By getting stats, you should be stronger than a normal mp4 so you should be able to play in the big league. Also, why should you stay mp4? Advance. That is why mp5 exists. Joining an ally is optional. If you wish to be in one, you take it as it is: with advantages and disadvantages. [/quote] In the current system, I would obviously adva
  4. After observing, AGAIN, I also found that many MP5's who ARE weak (according to profiles) haven't joined any alliance

    New ideas

    Regarding Alliances: [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/12938-regarding-alliances"]http://magicduel.inv...ding-alliances/[/url]
  6. [quote name='Grido' timestamp='1346756186' post='121404'] No chance again Eon at the outset maybe, but there's tonnes of other MP5s which are easily beatable, even from the get go. [/quote] Obviously no chance against Eon, but probably neither against many others... I shan't take names
  7. But I'm sure you know that no matter how much an MP4 trains before advancing, s/he'll still have no chance... Goodness knows how many times I've been warned of Eon's stat damage...
  8. Just a suggestion... MP4's can join alliances. Yet, not a single one (except Zyrxae I believe?) joins any, and this is obviously because then MP5's will be able to attack them as well. What I have in mind, is that even after joining alliances the MP fighting system should remain, as MP5's outmatch MP4's. MP5's should NOT fight MP4's at all. This would probably keep balance too, cause most MP4's will want to stay MP4 for a longer time, and anyways there are far too many MP5's than MP3's and MP4's combined. MP4's CAN join alliances, so it would be right to see that they DO. This would, out of
  9. Silvertongue and Weaken are common enough to be deflected with mirror ritual aren't they?
  10. [quote name='Rumi' timestamp='1346514707' post='121330'] Seigheart tries to kill me but I have cast a mirror enchantment which causes his kill spell to target himself. [/quote] Then maybe other spells like silvertongue/toadpeak or weaken should also be "mirrored" back to the caster if the initial target has mirror ritual. It would certainly make RP more exciting to say the very least
  11. [quote name='kellox' timestamp='1346515247' post='121332'] The portals aren't so random (I think). From what I've heard there are only two places it can take you. Pillars of Harmony in GG and somewhere in Lands of the East. [/quote] Aye, I remember the first time I was stuck in Golemus. It was on my third day of the game, and I think BFH ported me out
  12. [quote name='february' timestamp='1346425493' post='121290'] not meant to compete? hahaha... no comment and i post this because they are suggesting mp2.. so mp3 will not be the noob stage anymore.. so time to bring back the fun.. just a tip.. don't put boundaries on things like saying mp3's are not meant to compete.. do i need to explain why? and the effect of setting boundaries? i think your smart to know it already.. [/quote] No actually, MP3 will sorta take a little of the MP4 learning role now Most people believe that MP4 currently is the stage where you learn most, although th
  13. [quote name='kellox' timestamp='1346399778' post='121279'] Why are people hating on Seigheart anyways? [/quote] LOL I wonder the same thing! It seems every one of his posts MUST have neg rep!
  14. [quote name='dst' timestamp='1346272955' post='121246'] Or maybe noobs under 30 days (or 42 ) can ignore viscosity and after that day, the visc will gradually increase. [/quote] Eh . . . why 42?
  15. Yes, maybe the AP cost of MDA gates could be reduced (as Libby said) to, say, 140 AP? So even if the visc was +32 or above, going as a small group or just voting could get a newbie in . . . And I agree with Tom . . . as far as No Man's Land is concerned, viscosity there is always below 0, so it shouldn't be a problem for newbies.
  16. [quote name='february' timestamp='1346248055' post='121228'] Bring back the fun in mp3 [/quote] From what I've heard, MP3 is meant to be a learning stage, and just that. So I would say that, all in all, decisions to not allow MP3's to join alliances, as well as removing HC for MP3's, were good ones. MP3's are simply just not meant to compete If you want to do all those "fun" things, then just advance! A simple as that Oh, and your post is sorta irrelevant here too, cause this is just the tutorial discussion XD
  17. [quote name='Burns' timestamp='1346233872' post='121223'] [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/10188-viscosity-reasons-effects-and-intentions/"]http://magicduel.inv...and-intentions/[/url] Other than that, if you feel like ranting about viscosity, you're neither the first nor the last, try that thread to see what we thought back then (note, thread died when Mur made the announcement in my first link): [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/9999-viscosity-thread/"]http://magicduel.inv...ad/[/url] [/quote] After reading those, all I can say is
  18. [quote name='BFH' timestamp='1346183226' post='121196'] Please post the problems you see and a possible solution for them Many brains think better than one [/quote] Problem: Viscosity! Solution: Remove it! Why was it introduced in the first place? If viscosity is removed, there will be no problems for RP-minded people either cause they can get their papers more easily. Plus, most people in general dislike viscosity. Just yesterday, a guy came up to me and complained that he couldn't gain access to the MDA because of viscosity . . . P.S: Viscosity at MDA gates is almost always abov
  19. [quote name='kellox' timestamp='1346156208' post='121180'] If you're wondering why the retention of new players are abysmally low, it is not just because of the confusing tutorial, but I think it is largely because of the abysmally high AP cost to get into other lands. Generally speaking, a player will soon grow disinterested if they discover that they will possibly need to play this game for more than 200+ days just to get into the MDA. It doesn't help that viscosity is perpetually around +40 because not many players visit these high AP lands, which adds to th


    [quote name='tacitamuta' timestamp='1346125749' post='121165'] fresh Rustgold drachom I offer 3gc [/quote] [quote name='Seigheart' timestamp='1346129951' post='121166'] This topic is almost three months old. Check the post date before you make a bid... [/quote] . . . and also bid more than the minimum bid showed . . .
  21. But then those who have just passed story mode would find it unfair cause they hadn't got the free avy . . .
  22. [quote name='BFH' timestamp='1345839398' post='120967'] During this week I'll be focusing on new players tutorial Expect a concrete plan on it here in some hours/days. I'll exclude tokens on New players tutorial. We might include them at MP4 one. [/quote] Yes, introducing tokens in the MP4 tutorial would be best.
  23. I'll be happy to answer any questions you have, BFH . . . if I do qualify for a noob XD
  24. Wouldn't it be better to reduce the adept requirement for MP6 so that there are more than 2 MP6's at one time? The requirement 30 adepts now I think, and 15 wouldn't be bad. If heals are not enough, and if they have limited casts, then increasing the number of casters is the only way to go. Just my opinion.
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