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  1. I'm in, if I'm free during that time.

    Guard System

    There is a spell called guardianarmy that has the same concept you are speaking of (albeit with no restrictions, and with no 'permission'). Implementation of this idea would make that spell null, really, especially because the spell (worth a WP) lasts 8 minutes whereas this 'free option' will apparently last much longer.   Edit: I know its not the exact same thing but you get what I mean. 
  3.   Rep is BS and should not be used for comparison.
  4. Sorry, my phone was acting weird and I couldn't read it properly. It indeed matches, sorry lol   Also, I didn't know Chew was the only one who made 'surely' statements O.o
  5. Your tag is showing up as Dreamweaver... surely your above stated description does not match this tag, too.
  6. All rewards have been delivered. A BIG THANKS to TK's and Chewett for sponsoring and organizing!    The thread may be closed, please.
  7.   Tissy is old. Very old. And IMO this is not good going.
  8.   Have you read the actual topic and posts? This is a "lol-thread", not a brain stresser
  9. The quest has ended. There have been a total of 5 winners, and the results are as follows:   First: dst Second: Nimrodel Third: Tissy/yokin Fourth: Jubaris Fifth: AmberRune   Congratulations and thank you for participating! Rewards will be distributed soon, but first dst must choose between the snowman and 10th anni aramor!  :)
  10.   If the Earth was flat, how would you explain long periods (months) of darkness on very northern areas for example? I looked at the video and according to that diagram on 1:18, day and night MUST occur and no region is hidden from the sun for extended periods of time.   Another thing: You see much farther from a higher spot than from the ground (consider that there are no obstacles and terrain is even). This suggests a curvature because you can see space/matter/objects along this curvature which you can't from a horizontal view.    
  11. Oh come now, Mur :P   If I recall correctly, satellites would not be able to orbit the Earth were it not for the curvature being in sync with the velocity of the satellite, because the satellite is always "falling". The fact that this orbiting takes place along the same principles as circular motion we see in front of our eyes, suggests that the Earth is round.    Also, as a random fact: the Earth is not exactly round, it has a bulge and a very irregular surface, but these are negligible due to the Earth's minuscule size compared to the sun.   Another proof that the Earth is round: sunlight. The concentration of sunlight received at the surface of the Earth at the equator is not the same as the concentration received at the poles, which is why poles are much colder. This is because the sunlight has to travel a farther (diagonal) distance and is spread over a wider area at the poles, and a small horizontal distance at the equator (in reality its the Tropics alternatively, not the equator btw). On a flat surface, sunlight would be distributed equally throughout the entire 'Earth' and there would be no such temperature difference. Google images this: "latitudinal effect"       If you didn't know these facts: I'm shocked lol If you knew them: Please shock me by proving how these do not answer your question
  12.   The "Quests" tab in game at the top should be used more often :)


    I also prefer getting an avy custom made to suit my role but for some it might be the other way around: an avy they saw in a shop guiding their role/items/behaviour etc. My point being: hoarding makes the avy shop loses its purpose since commissioning offers a lot more freedom (i.e. youre legit forcing them to get one commissioned if they want a "good" avy). And to prevent hoarding, there is a cost. Not that it can really prevent it, of course. But it's a pain in the ass for anyone trying, like someone said.


      THIS.   To follow up from my previous and Aethon's post, I think avy's are no longer considered special, which is sad and which is why I think its supposed to remain this way.   2 years or so ago, many of the oldies used to tell me how having an avy in the first place used to be a big deal and how its a part of your character rather than a cool thing to display. IMO this is why its not supposed to be able to change so lightly. People want to make sure that THEY get all the good looking avatars whether or not it fits their character, it seems, denying other newer players who might fit that avy more.   I'm a little surprised from the inside to see that instead of newbies its the vets who are complaining and who want even more avatar control, despite having services to have a custom avy made at their whim.
  15.   I must say I disagree. Many people are/were quite busy or visiting others on those 3 days of Christmas rather than sitting on MD all day. It is wrong to expect someone to be online for a long period of time or at specific times waiting or looking for santa, in my opinion. From what I saw, santa was gifting people based on "if they were a good boy this year", and it isn't exactly fair if some of these people couldn't catch santa due to their busy RL schedule. Everybody deserves to be happy at Christmas.
  16. Overall a great success.   Small suggestion: Make confused santa visible in chat and/or post on the mood panel when awake please ^_^     And a question: why is the recently introduced tradition of awarding achievements of participation abandoned this Christmas?
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