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    "The Warden"

    I've been jailed, I've seen others been jailed. All of us had something in common, despite being individuals. This was just my observation, feel free to disagree.   Also, you misread my earlier point. What I said is one of the ways MD is unique. There is no "one single" way MD is unique, there are many. I can equally disagree with your interpretation of it too, but I will not because opinions are never wrong :)   I've stated what I had to about the Warden, this post was just to clear misconceptions.   Lets see how this goes.

    "The Warden"

    The main problem I see with this is that it is a subjective role.   No matter which player you bring to this, even the best of the best, this is a subjective role and that means the Warden will always be biased, i.e: nicer to his friends and worse to his personal enemies. (pls don't tell me there is anyone in MD who is absolutely fair)   I don't mean to sound offensive and instantly throw away your idea or anything. I like the way you think and maybe such a thing can apply later when MD has more people, perhaps in a different way, I don't know.   For now I think there is no need for the Warden. People rarely go to jail, and those that do, Grido handles the punishments etc (unless Mur/Chew directly sentence it) and sometimes gives extensions too for bad behavior.     MD is unique in the sense that it... automatically fixes your behavior. You don't need a Warden or anyone else to tell you to stop doing such a behavior next time to avoid punishment again.   If you come out of jail and still resume the same bad behavior, you yourself won't be happy or fit in with people, etc. Its just the way it works.   The actual number of days mean very little to the 'criminals'.   What Mur said about respect, I interpret it more as what you need to do to fit into MD and make yourself and others happier, rather than as a jail/punishment thingy.
  3. I love this person^   Welcome (back) to MD, and hope you are successful in this path you have chosen to take! Best of luck in your application :)
  4. Checked through the bug forum and couldn't find this anywhere. As the title says, the "distribute vitality to all" shop feature does not work in the HTML 5 creature page interface. I am able to heal individually though.   Confirmed that others are facing the same problem.   (don't know how to put any screenshot of this, because there are no errors or anything, it just does nothing when clicked).
  5. Many times both think they are superior. And many times it goes way further than reputation. You stop caring about any reputation whatever and are just consumed with hatred.
  6. He was supposed to have been in jail for 3 months I believe. Hasn't that time already passed?'   He should be out by now.
  7. If you are trying to make an A-25 related quest, I'm willing to help out.   A25 isn't related to clicky-coding, however. (I mean the clickies already present)
  8. Its related to liquid dust because seeing that Mur validated Akasha's research, liquid dust is probably the thing mentioned in the first level doc, Jaden.    (yeah, can we post it or not?)
  9.   Yes, I do, and some others too I believe.       It was suggested, both in this discussion and an earlier one, that there is a sort of mirror which reflects heat to liquid dust and vice versa. No idea what this mirror is or how it reflects, etc though.
  10. We've gone quite a bit off topic here, requesting mods to please split >.>   That is not a random huge claim out of nowhere. There is definite evidence for it, in spell docs and in ancient research, etc. A lot of things led to this "suggested possibility". Its not even a claim that XXX things happens, yet.   I think the thought that Mur is the only one who validates research is incorrect. Miq, are you trying to imply that we are dull nowadays cause Mur is inactive? Well, that is BECAUSE we tend to rely on Mur before we do anything at all, which shouldn't be the case.   I think its pretty much determined that there are no "facts" when it comes to ideas like this. Hence, "validation" will come from the people themselves; what the majority believe and are willing to accept, etc. That is just my opinion.
  11.   There are two ways science progresses: either finding supporting evidence or by falsifying.   I honestly think that all of us are actually on common ground to some extent. I absolutely agree with the point that there are no "facts" when it comes to things like this, hence my earlier post. Since day one I have stated that the broken mirror and center thing is a theory and just that. But the way Miq is saying it, its as if research is not worth it or its useless cause nobody can validate it or whatever.   But like you just said, do you need anybody to validate your beliefs? No you do not. If Mur or anyone else says that shifting equilibrium is not possible, I will do my best to prove them wrong because in my opinion it might just be.   Research and researchers should always remain open-minded, sure, but its an entirely different thing to call it a waste of time. We are not "creating facts", we are suggesting possibilities and gradually narrowing it down to the "best" one which we may intend to follow.   I agree with what Rhaegar said (unless I've misinterpreted him), on the point that its perfectly right to research, discuss, find evidence for and then practically experiment with things that seem to be the most logical, eventually reaching a conclusion and bringing in a new idea that was earlier not thought of.   And this thread aims to do just that: whether or not there is evidence to see if a shift in equilibrium is possible.
  12. If Howling Gates is the only "solidifier", then teleportation would be an argument against this.   Honestly, I'd like to know the "facts" that some (though very few) people mention but don't talk about. Every_single_person including Necrovions I have met has a different point of view on it. Of course, there are many common points too. But I think this is what makes the research interesting and thought provoking in the first place.   Liquid dust, whatever it is, since day one was simply an idea, never a reality. IMO it was never meant to be fully understood and always remained mysterious. Whoever "created/introduced" it, also stated his/her opinion and not the real facts. I don't think there are any real facts because its not something a single person can undeniably observe. However, I think the idea can be made use of. I believe Change is correct in this regard by linking it to that thought experiment.   Whoever knows "the facts", please speak up and share your advanced knowledge with us. Nobody seems to know them because everybody speaks differently.   Lets see if there are any two people in MD who say the exact same 'fact'. I wouldn't think so.
  13.   That was the first thing that came to my mind, yes. I thought there is a solvent that exists in all lands, just less in Necrovion. The less the solvent, the more concentrated the "solution". But what might this be?    Aethon offered another possibility: a solidifier. Again, what could this be?
  14.   I haven't said that. Please show me where I have stated his ideas are wrong.   If you are here to promote misunderstanding and not contribute, please do not post. Such posts as the one above are not contributing to the discussion.
  15. Honestly, you are the one dismissing ideas here rather than producing explanations against them. I asked questions and wish that you reply to them. I accept your opinions and possibilities and haven't dismissed them, hence you have no right to dismiss mine either.   I'll repeat, since you have not addressed them:   What makes you think there is a solidifier? What can solidify blackwater? Nowhere have I said "liquid dust runs into Necrovion". I said it is concentrated there, for reasons we don't know.   I've spoken quite a bit about this and not once have I heard someone tell me that heat is a polar opposite?  What have they told you? Please share your views.
  16. More questions:   5) How do you break the mirror? 6) If liquid dust is "more material" in Necrovion, that implies that there is a solvent of sorts present in MD, and there is very little of it in Necrovion. The solvent cannot be "people" because Necrovion has many active people. So what is this solvent that can dissolve liquid dust? 7) If Blackwater is the active form of Liquid Dust, can it be reduced back to liquid dust? If this process doesn't require heat then it might be a key...
  17. The first two, by people.    The blood reference, from Akasha's post about liquid dust. (which is http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/4182-liquid-or-dust/)
  18. This thread is a compilation of ideas from many people through in game discussions as well as forum topics. It is not a thread to argue over which is right and which is wrong. They are people's opinions and opinions can never be wrong.    No statement/law implied here will apply to all cases.  (<--- this statement does though ;)) _______________________   An interesting discussion took place today and I'd like to share some ideas, as well as take some of your own.   It is implied that heat and liquid dust are polar opposites that are reflections of each other in a single mirror. Other comparisons were made, eg: heat being the active result of action and liquid dust being the passive, heat being related to kinetic energy and liquid dust to potential energy, and so forth. The overall idea is that there is a constant equilibrium between heat and liquid dust.   Naturally, such a discussion always arouses questions, but there is one particular aspect I'd like to focus on: shift in equilibrium to either one side.   How would such a thing be possible?   Both heat and liquid dust are mentioned to be "the blood of the realm". If we are to apply this to an organism, eg: human, then the only way to shift equilibrium appears to be the content of oxygen in the air, i.e: if oxygenated blood leads to heat generation, and deoxygenated blood being its result.   What are your thoughts?   [spoiler] A few questions that came up:   1) What is the source of heat in MD? 2) What is the source of liquid dust in MD? 3) What happens if you broke the mirror in between? 4) What IS the mirror? [/spoiler]   If you think it is impossible, please explain why and how.
  19. The missing scenes of the Labyrinth actually do exist and they are _very_ strange... :P
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