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  1. Taurion and Tissy win a gold coin each for their creative entries!

    Esmaralda and demonic god win a silver each for sending a comprehensible Laby map ūüėÜ

    (I will pass on rewards as I see you in the coming days - or if you guys could idle/logout at GoE that would be great)

  2. Once upon a time I would have considered it a spoiler myself - but in the realm's current state its not really competitive anymore, so I thought maybe I could.

    I guess people might not consent to their maps being put up publicly. I'll put that on hold for now and discuss it with Chewett.

    Thank you for the concern!

  3. Greetings everyone!

    As you may have heard in the announcement - this is a miniquest of sorts!

    What you must do: --> explore, discover and map out the second, hidden Labyrinth (after figuring out how to enter it). 

    The map must be detailed - I'm looking for interesting visualizations - not a simple grid!

    Surprise me with unique maps! You may draw, graphically design, whatever you wish!.

    All the best, and hope you have fun :)

    - please submit all maps via forum PM
    - deadline is till the end of the anniversary (28th!)
    - maps will be judged by myself and posted up on this thread for voting
    - everyone who finishes the quest will get a base reward
    - for any questions or concerns, please message me any time

  4. Ahh... V for Vendetta and Interstellar were on my top list too ūüėē¬†

    But that's okay... other favorites of mine are Shawshank Redemption,  Inception, The Prestige,  and The Martian.

    At first I didn't know why I loved them so much. I am a Nolan fan, sure, but then I realized there's more to it.¬†All these movies have beautiful self narrations. And I'm a sucker for those ūüėõ¬†


    P.S: you chose a wonderful topic for quarantine lol everyone has a ton of options now 

  5. "This is space. It does not cooperate. There will come a point where everything's gonna go south on you and you're gonna say 'this is it, this is how I end'. Now you can either accept that or you can get to work. You just begin. You do the math and solve one problem. Then the next problem, and the next, and if you solve enough problems you get to come home."


    I often replace the word 'space' with 'life' and it helps me a lot. You never know how much is 'enough' until you actually put in the effort. You must begin without any certainty that everything will work according to plan, and if you manage to do so then you will be rewarded for it I guarantee you. You don't have to solve every problem; you can't solve every problem. But making the effort on what you CAN solve.... that's the difference between those who succeed and add to society, and those who just leech from it.

  6. 48 minutes ago, Blackshade Rider said:


    1 imprinted dark (pick a number between 1 and 1 million. Whoever gets closest will win. Winner will be announced when auction is over. Quote this when picking a number. Only 1 guess per player)



  7. Oh man, I do hope this isn't a farewell. Want to meet you one last time at least... I mean, I hope it won't be the last time, but you know what I mean.

    7 years ago. Damn I remember, I do. Exactly the bittersweet memories you speak of.

    All those freaking years of demanding change, and look. Its change that pulled us all apart in the end. And then all that's left is reminiscence.

  8. Here are my thoughts on this. I'm just typing what I'm thinking. The answer is somewhere in here, and its not a 'here do this' kind of solution. Because it can't be that simple.
    Its very long: get ready for a ride. But the read is worth it, I promise ;) 
    Here goes:

    Ok so everything resets. Any physical amendment, any environmental changes, etc. This means there is no 'external' solution to this one. Anything affected by time as we know it can't be the solution. This led me to think of two things: the solution either lies in something that is 1) unaffected by time, or 2) it is affected by time, but unlike as as we perceive it. Let me explain what this means.

    Time is not a real quantity. It is a concept. A concept is a mental structure in which we associate things with each other: a source and a target (take note). To alter the concept of time and memory, you have 2 potential options.

    One is the source: the brain itself. There are various centers in the brain involved in memory formation, (specifically the hippocampus and associated structures --- read up on Papez circuit if you wish to go into details of this), which have a wonderful ability to 'trap' a piece of time and store it. This is called a memory. Sounds beautiful doesn't it?
    If you alter the brain, you are changing time as we perceive it (as noted above). Hence this is a potential hole in the loop.

    The other is the target: the sun/moon. This is what mankind uses to perceive time. I'm talking about solar/lunar calendars, the concept of a 'day', a 'month', a 'year'. These are all dependent on the movements of the sun and moon, eg: rising and setting of the sun, solar and lunar eclipses, full/half moon cycles, etc. If you alter the sun/moon somehow, you can send a message because these are unaffected by time. In fact they are targets mankind uses to create time. So technically controlling them will control time. Thus, this is the second potential hole in the loop.

    Both of these are two extremes of the spectrum of a 'concept' called time. The source and the target.

    So we have narrowed it down to this. Next we have to decide which path to take. Looking at the capability of a human being, resources available, and the time interval in which we can make changes after realizing (you say its a day, right?), the best choice seems to be the source. Altering the sun/moon in any way is beyond human capability and nothing can be done in a day


    So we alter the brain. How? Well like I said, the solution can't be external. You can't just insert a device in the brain to alter memory formation. Then what?

    I mentioned the hippocampus and Papez circuit earlier. There is a beautiful natural method of creating and storing memories in time. Now what you have to realize is that only humans have such an elaborate mental structure. No other species or form of life does. What does this mean? It means that just like we see life with¬†less elaborate mental structures, there must definitely be potential to create or¬†BECOME a¬†more elaborate mental structure!¬†One that possibly allows to alter the entire concept of memory formation and time in such a way that your 'past' self can 'recall' things... from the 'future'... which is currently your 'present'...¬†ūüėģ¬†

    Yes sure call this absurd all you want. I'm sure if a goat told another goat, "hey you know maybe we can talk and write one day", the other goat would laugh. And that is because it is impossible to comprehend or imagine what the beautiful mind has the capability to do. That is what 'the true potential of our minds is untapped and locked' means after all. Once you unlock that capability, you can do things that previously you thought were 100% impossible.

    So that is the answer. You have to unlock the capability to do so, in that one-day time interval. I cannot tell you how to do it because like I said, it is beyond comprehension and imagination. Our minds cannot perceive such a concept yet. But it can happen one day, from within.

  9. What keeps you coming back to MagicDuel?
    No freaking clue, I've asked myself multiple times and can't find an answer. The closest I can put into words is "hope". Every day I hope to log in and see hundreds of people training, questing and adventuring.

    What is your favourite thing to do in MagicDuel?
    change (all contexts apply)

    What do you do most often in MagicDuel?
    meditate or roam around the maze

    What do you wish there was more of in MagicDuel?
    active people

    What do you wish there was less of in MagicDuel?

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