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  1. Happy Birthday Magohi

    Happy birthday!
  2. Labrynth

    They don't reset on their own. You must find something (won't spoil where ) in the Labyrinth which will reset everything once touched. There's another similar something that 'initiates' all the mechanisms (makes them appear) when touched, also in the Labyrinth.
  3. Coffee or Tea?

    I'm probably the only person in the world who can drink both at any time, interchangeably, regardless of the time and situation lol I like the taste of tea better though (not effect, just the taste).
  4. Happy Birthday Dark Demon

    Wow, someone remembered Thank you so much, means a lot.
  5. [Contest] Quicksilver Tongue Cup

    Congratulations Sunfire. I'll take the horseman, please Thank you lashtal and Aethon, and all the participants.
  6. Trivia Time!

    I don't see any Aethon's post here so no idea what you're talking about, but whatever, I've said what I wanted to.
  7. Trivia Time!

    "Alternatively" suggests that you can choose either Elu or the other bundle.
  8. Login error

    I get this error every single time I log into MD, since many months. No problems except repeatedly closing the error every time I log in. How to reproduce: login. For some reason, like maybe 4-5 times a week, this error does not show up. 90% of the time it does.
  9. Trade Thread

    I'm pretty sure WTL means want to lease, from the detailed explanation Ledah gave. Where did "TRADE" come from?
  10. For those wishing to test stuff by themselves, or try the real deal, I recommend codecademy. MD's language is PHP, so you have to go to that section: https://www.codecademy.com/learn/php Its where I learned the basics from, though it also offers advanced lessons.
  11. Judgment on Nomad Bring-In

    To elaborate on what Z said, it isn't abuse lol. YOU think its abuse. There is a difference. They were given the spell, in the announcements even, with no such restrictions which you assume are present. Now if you push this further I will make my own similar topic.
  12. HBD Lintara

    Happy birthday!
  13. Judgment on Nomad Bring-In

    If we're gonna start talking about what makes sense and what doesn't, and what's unrestricted and what not, and whether there will be 'usage rules' implemented, I have a list that can make you stop talking. Yes, if you really want to go this way, you have to be prepared for backfire.
  14. Avatars & Tags

    You create your own roles, mate. Do something you like, or something useful, etc, and keep at it. Eventually you will get a tag that marks the 'role' you are playing by doing those actions. Check out the Labyrinth section of the forum/announcements for an example (yes... subtle advertisement ) Apart from this, there are some pre-made roles too, such as Guardian of Tools, which you will learn as you explore.
  15. Bring in on Non-Rulers?

    @Mallos, dont bother talking/asking about dst's 'permissions' or tools mate. I gave up long ago. I think even the whole immunity thing was just something to make us shut up and hopefully forget for a bit.
  16. Login error

    Latest version of chrome. Everything is up to date, eg: flash player, etc.
  17. Reworking the interface

    I think the top links and left menu are perfect and should not be touched. The only things that I would highly recommend reworking are inventory (probably as a whole rather than just accessing it), and the 'bug report' option at the bottom to be made into a link that opens into a new tab rather than change the MD page itself.
  18. A Humble Summons

    I think Shade Sentinel is at GoE. I recall someone teleporting it to GoE a long time ago.
  19. Good deed of the day

    Taught juniors how to give an interview
  20. Spell casting enabled during chatban.

    The spelling of "baned" should be changed to "banned".
  21. What needs work?

    (not quoting Chewett because this reply includes some replies to other posts too, but this is mainly addressed to Chewett) ___________________________________________ When I joined MD, there were more people online at a time AND there were more people who stayed, along with myself. Since you took it personal, I will make a personal reply as well, because I again believe MD is about personal interaction. When I said I was hiding away in the Lab (still am, to be honest, I haven't left there for months) that is also a form of interaction, even if not direct, because I'm cemented here in MD one way or the other. If Sunfire hadn't been in the paper cabin when I joined MD, I probably wouldn't have stayed. If Liberty didn't teach me combat and sit with me for hours on end when I was fighting the Loreroot guards, I probably wouldn't have stayed. If I hadn't met Lintara, Chew, Granos, Ailith, Aeoshattr, and many other important people (I am truly sorry if I forgot your name, you know who you are) I would not have stayed. Heck even dst and No one gave me a reason to fight for something. And honestly, I'm dead sure, don't even deny it, everyone has similar experiences. The point I'm trying to make is that people, even one person, online at one time, can make a difference between another player staying or leaving. And sadly, comparing MD's current state to when I arrived in MD, there are less people online and there are less people arriving in MD. We could afford to fix/develop MD so that people stay, IF the activity situation remained the same as when I joined. But sadly it isn't. It is in massive decline. This decline needs to stop, some way or the other. I think that's why advertising was suggested. Consider this as something to think about, Chewy. I'm sure you too will be much more motivated when there are more people to appreciate you. I can't financially support MD, but I wish I could. Honestly give me a few years and I will. But I really fear MD won't be around till then
  22. What needs work?

    Yeah I also agree the root of the problem is mostly the activity/number of people online. All the 'work' being done may not apply to a 100+ community for example. Imagine if a 100 people suddenly flowed into MD. The way players play would change and the way game managers manage would also change. I just want to put it out there, in case its being forgotten that the core of MD is interacting with people, not anything else.