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  1. My menu -anything related to medicine, special interest in cardiology, can answer any covid-19 concerns you may have
  2. Taurion and Tissy win a gold coin each for their creative entries! Esmaralda and demonic god win a silver each for sending a comprehensible Laby map 😆 (I will pass on rewards as I see you in the coming days - or if you guys could idle/logout at GoE that would be great)
  3. Ah I unfortunately missed Steno's big day. Well deserved, and all the best
  4. It is not 'my' section. The maze does not belong to anyone
  5. Bruh... this is insane 😮 I love it
  6. Thank you everyone for your submissions
  7. Last day to send in submissions, folks!
  8. Once upon a time I would have considered it a spoiler myself - but in the realm's current state its not really competitive anymore, so I thought maybe I could. I guess people might not consent to their maps being put up publicly. I'll put that on hold for now and discuss it with Chewett. Thank you for the concern!
  9. Update: Since a few people are asking, old maps can be used - if you can find a way to beautify them or present them in an interesting way!
  10. Greetings everyone! As you may have heard in the announcement - this is a miniquest of sorts! What you must do: --> explore, discover and map out the second, hidden Labyrinth (after figuring out how to enter it). The map must be detailed - I'm looking for interesting visualizations - not a simple grid! Surprise me with unique maps! You may draw, graphically design, whatever you wish!. All the best, and hope you have fun Instructions: - please submit all maps via forum PM - deadline is till the end of the anniversary (28th!) - maps will be judged by myself and posted up on this thread for voting - everyone who finishes the quest will get a base reward - for any questions or concerns, please message me any time
  11. This.... this is the greatest thing..... ever Someone give Steno, Demonic god and Mag an award lol
  12. Joke 1: Steno:Why don\'t I eat steak anymore? Aelis:I thought it was because the steaks were too high. Joke 2: Steno: *hops on gazebo* what do you call a fake noodle? Steno:--> an impasta
  13. Ahh... V for Vendetta and Interstellar were on my top list too 😕 But that's okay... other favorites of mine are Shawshank Redemption, Inception, The Prestige, and The Martian. At first I didn't know why I loved them so much. I am a Nolan fan, sure, but then I realized there's more to it. All these movies have beautiful self narrations. And I'm a sucker for those 😛 P.S: you chose a wonderful topic for quarantine lol everyone has a ton of options now
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