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  1. Whatever comes of this i know it's going to be fun Religion and Beliefs the first lecture YEHEY!! my favorite topics in philosophy One must have an open mind yet one must remain in doubt to not let thyself get drawn into something that hides what it truly is. Being a skeptic is good but one must know when it's time to believe and when it's time to doubt. As a guy who was greatly influenced by scientists. I still believe things that are legitimately true and things that have inexplicable proof that can't be altered, changed or transformed. I also believe in the GET THE SIMPLEST ANSWER PRINCIPLE. I wish doesn't get biased though...PLZ gods of MD don't be biased. Be the gods that all of you truly are.
  2. Here's the categories: Best RPC:Muratus del Mur( who could beat the god of MD ) :drinks: Least convincing alt: demo account(stalker) Best PWR:MRD(festival winner) Best Backstory:Zleiphneir Best Personal Papers:Yami no Sakura Most Valued protector:MRD Rookie of the year (Between 20 and 60 days):Rotting carcass Outstanding MD Service award:dst Best techie (Award for technical services rendered):dst Most addicted award (Based on the ‘You know you’ve been playing MD too much when…):Yami no Sakura Villain of the year:Ledah(attacked me in the dojo) Most annoying Player:Ledah Roleplay award:Zleiphneir
  4. extremely brilliant, fast and EXTREMELY COOL so that's what happened when the storyline said the ALLIANCES were in chaos i though Mur deleted accounts in guilds or something like that..
  5. Whoaw negative SERIOUSLY Wants to INHIBIT PIRACY in MD??? How a could a ship sail in an itty bitty lake and why disturb nature and all it's wonders in loreroot when you have The sea to sail on..ON GG? i think negative fears that if one more guild appears at GG another would have to disappear... Or maybe he fears that his name will lose it's purpose when the guild that can disappear can be MRD's guild i was there when it happened and it was SOOO COOLL seriously SOOO COOOOLL MRD got an avatar and he got a guild in about 5 mins
  6. well i do read the storyboard but that still does not answer some of my questions but i think we have to stop this because it's going off-topic or.. i think it is ..
  7. how many topics are in the archives anyway??? and nobody answers my Wodin-related question please answer it
  8. well it's better to think than not to think because legends just don't start from nothing... WHAT HAPPENED TO THE ANGIEN STORY IN MD it just stopped???why???
  9. [quote name='TheNinjunny' post='20780' date='Nov 24 2008, 10:54 AM']I was Replying to your First post where you asked: As far as the Dimensions go... I tend to go by the More Common Model where there are Infinite Dimensions which Play out all Possibilities. I'm not sure I agree with your Idea of a "personal" Dimension (assuming I understood you correctly), what you Were describing sounds alot more like what I would Call Perceptions, not Dimensions.[/quote] wahahaa my first skeptic but like i said This was only a theory and I'm just working on it and for the mean time I'm just sharing my thoughts here to see some results, comments and some skepticism from the audience it was quite brutal..though T_T and i didn't expect that you'll hit me in the back that hard and that fast so i have my results on your personality you are completely logical and coherent and you are a skeptic but nobody could ignore the fact that every theory deserves some skepticism like the theory of creation and all of that pseudo-science stuff.(please don't flame me just to prove your pseudo-science stuff i have enough problems as it is ) And you may be right and i maybe wrong but don't worry it's a wonder we even fight about stuff like this at all and that's what makes me impressed.. Because when we are in a time when technology is like a leech that we can't live without wherein our dependence on it may even cause our downfall but i am happy that there are still people who have the strength to differentiate themselves from the world and who ignore the status quota given to them by people around them or the physical or social limits that were given to them by society in the first place SO i know you're irritated by me and my typo's but please bear with me and because I'm proud to know that i have finally found some people who could bear listening to all my crap :lol:
  10. hahaha MY FIRST SKEPTIC YIPEE that's a first... hahaha we all our own personal insight about things so i don't blame you and i'm just thinking theories not stating facts and like any normal investigator or scientist i just state what i have right now and what i don't and i thank you for your comments because now i know that i may be wrong or i can be wrong but it's not a problem because you see.. i am a human and humans are created from flaws and with all of our flaws we can still see perfection
  11. hehehe because in the end all dimensions are perceptions AND perceptions are like dimensions in a point yes but they can only conquer the emotional aspect of the job but not fully create the dimension I'm stating this to erase some conflict I'm just stating that all in all dimensions can be perceptions and like time can be logically and emotionally edited but not rearranged and in the end your perception of the world is your own delusion but it does not show itself as an illusion
  12. that doesn't answer my questions at all and if i think that archivists make the bond between the real world and md...hm...i'm just stating my theories about the relations of dimensions with time travel and because time created dimensions maybe they also have the same methodologies when i try to utilize them as a tool if i can in md so it can also be applied in real life because both dimensions and time can be seen in real life and can be controlled by using your mind to lengthen your own ideologies about those two and they may be lengthened or shortened in your mind creating your own twisted vision about the world in which you control your own psyche but it does not affect the world whatsoever but it changes what the world is for you though.
  13. but i'm already an mp5 i think so but i don't know how i'll know when i'm at my limit please continue the story and have some pity on my poor soul
  14. Here's another one dimensions are made from things like time travel in which an event can be affected by a single action in which an unknown event may happen or an event may be erased or it may never happen at all. So in time travel if there were ever a change in the stream of time a dimension would be created So Dimensions are mirrors of the original yet they are different from it because it has been changed by some factors like human intervention if dimensions were to be say a person's own vanity point then every person must live in his/her own vision of the world thereby creating his/her own dimension in on itself because he/she has a different idea on what the world may be or on what things must work like so ultimately: every person has the power to change his/her dimension just by utilizing his/her own power to change his/her own perception of what is the world So All in all does anyone think that my theory is right? so if controlling dimensional travels is like controlling time in which changes in a human's psyche about time and vanity points in their lives do they have the same mastery tactics? and in the end it comes to this what is a dimension ? if i define what it does, does it justify my reason for it's existence?or does it even give it a definition in the first place? a poem to lighten your day If i were ever to come in a fight would i join the path of the light?? If my reason were ever right Would i use all my might?? Why o why do i need to choose? but if i choose what may i lose? I might be right or i might be wrong but it was there all along My mind was set to do all it can To save and protect the son of man And today i know i have done something right because know i teach in the name of the light
  15. i have to say what is this all about? if it's about recruiting people for writing then i think i want to join but if it's about asking questions then, i think i have the right to ask this because this puts my curiosity to it's peak What world did Wodin come from? Wodin -a summoned warrior who came from somewhere he was born to fight the shades but why??? What kind of world bears a creature as powerful as this? What is Wodin really?Is he human?or is he an Angien? What mysteries can be found if someone would try to shed some light on this subject? These questions are what makes me stay in md for now I have the right to ask and the right to learn So today the knowledge you can give is all i yearn
  16. i never thought the archivists and legend speakers are different until now Legend speakers focus on collecting different kinds of stories, recollections and legends on people or that are made by people or that are currently happening right now.. archivists focus on recording every thing that has the right to be recorded &_& from tips to stories and adventures archivists have it all they are like librarians that store, control and differentiate different kinds of stuff that can do anything ranging from killing to saving people you name it they got it
  17. ok thanks sorry for the spoilers though .... i didn't realize it was a spoiler until you edited it hehehe but what does this spell for my profile? does this mean that i would never excel beyond mp2/5 standards and that i can never join an event or go in a quest...
  18. Interesting theories...but i think if the angiens are mystical beings of light they do not seek do create chaos and destroy the balance because they do not have a need to do so.. Shades destroy and kill because they need to ..to create an imbalance in which there would be people who would personally reflect their evil intentions unto the shades for them to survive... An evil person or a misguided person can easily be manipulated by the shades for them to survive or to feed on that person's misfortune, hate, anger and anything else .. But because angiens do not need feed on evil emotions they will survive on anything that we do.. Happiness and etc. if my theory is correct Or maybe angiens are actually hiding from us to prevent themselves from causing more harm on us than the shades ever did because their power can also create an imbalance therefore giving the shade's ,their natural enemy, more power but if that is correct why do they hide until now? My last theory is that angiens have been neglecting their duties on everything because they have given up on humans and their wars and petty differences .. If Angiens are divine beings of light they would be pretty much disgusted about that we always kill ourselves and those around us .. Willow's Walk theory...: the angiens made that for the memory of willow who's ghost still haunts these waters because he may have something to say or he still (like his brother) walks around ..continually searching for marind..
  19. Archivists i have a question for you why does this say that my story is under construction?? Chapter II - The Carnaval [spoiler]As you come to your senses, you realize you are being dragged by the angry mob of the Carnival. You feel your body broken, invaded by pain. Next to you walks a child. You only see anger in his eyes and, as he sees you have awakened, he spits on you and starts to hit you with a stick. The crowd has stopped moving. They are lifting up and with one eye, you can see you are being put up on some sort of Iron Gates. In the distance you see Marind, that dreadful little ghost girl watching you with rage in her eyes. She is smiling. One by one, each member of the mob hits you with their bare hands. When they are all done, you do not know if you are alive or dead. You feel being lifted and thrown out outside the Carnival. The sight of your blood on the Iron Gates is wonderful. [/spoiler] Tasks: * - !!!under construction!!!
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