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  1. Sorry Spartiatis that noone cared for you, cared for a part of the realm we all belong. Thank you for being with us, and rest in peace. I hope all of us learned much of this. Your decision was right. We deserved it. Our realm became smaller and paler again. (edit: Alright samon... let's do it. I am not sure if he wants to come back and play tho. I will ask him.)
  2. I think a logout counter would be nice. It is too fast and easy to flee from the realm... it might be good for HC as well. I do not know enough to see all consequences... are there any drawbacks? 10 seconds (or maybe 30s) logout counter to fade from the realm?
  3. I agree with Eon, respect... but I also feel that there is also a big task ahead, to get more souls in MD, and keep them. I do not agree with the way the council acts again, but I welcome the attempt to try to make things better. Yes, we can laugh at the struggle to make the realm better. We can punish the few remaining veterans. We can leave... but it doesn't help I think. We need to build.
  4. Fenrar

    Music Thread

    It will keep you warm: with some nasty [url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zgrpoyV-AfU"]bass[/url] or pure [url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2mhmk_oK2Kk"]acoustic[/url]. (London Electricity: Electricity will keep me warm)
  5. Well, if you want fresh air, you can open the window... but demolishing the house is also an option.
  6. I find it very interesting that the veteran players think that the Who killed Marind? show is useful. Honestly. In the Archives too? Well... Please, please try to see it from a new player point of view. (I guess the effect is even more penetrating for the younger ones.) [i]edit: [/i]Thank you for the pm... still, I don't think it has any benefits... showing this badge for eternity. Anyway, thank you.
  7. Erm... prevent new players to find information about Marind. (At least in the Archives.)
  8. [quote name='samon' timestamp='1338929875' post='113518'] 3. So if you've done it on MP3 you can no longer do it at the other MPs. Many who win on MP3 don't even really know what they've gotten themselves into. (Yes I've seen MP3s getting asked if they want to win the contest by just staying at the GoE knowing little more than that they'll get a nice price.) [/quote] There are winners by coincidence on higher MPs too, though I understand that is not normal, and getting more players there would reduce this "side effect"... I still think it is better to let the player decide when, why, what. From the other point of view, if there would be enough players, there would be competition at higher levels too, because some would go up without hesitation. I understand your reasoning, but if you see from the "deeper meaning of MD" point of view, it is a nice lecture as well. You have only one shot, you have to think when you want to use it. [quote name='samon' timestamp='1338929875' post='113518'] People who would otherwise win on MP3 will now have to participate at MP4, so there will be more participants at MP4. [/quote] True... and people at MP3 have one less opportunity to have fun. I understand you want to see us at MP4, but this change would not increase the number of the players to remain in the realm I think. [quote name='samon' timestamp='1338929875' post='113518'] Those that knowingly participate in HC usually are those that would move up afterwards anyway, If only because they get capped during HC. So is it better to have a player killing off newbies for their heads or hiding in some remote area, and move up to MP4 afterwards than have them move up a week earlier? [/quote] There is a no and a yes. No, it is not "better" killing off newbies, giving them heat is even worse. And yes, if someone goes for win, it is better to do it before moving up. There are no rules in HC, this is the motto... well... the trophy is even for sale now, you can buy it. Ouch. Well, we see it different, but I understand your reasoning. I think there is one thing we both agree with: this is not the main issue if we are considering how to make more people stay.
  9. [quote name='samon' timestamp='1338896205' post='113455'] There are several reasons I think HC should be MP4+, the main one being that there just are to few participants to keep it interesting, if you win on MP3 you can't win again. When you don't allow MP3 to participate there will be 4 more possible participants for the next contest. Furthermore because of the MP requirements only a very select group of creatures is available to MP3. Most creature abilities only get available at MP4 or even 5. In my opinion MP3 fighting is to limited for HC. To finish this up MP3 is a stage to learn the basics. If you feel like you're ready for HC you're also ready for MP4 That's why I think HC shouldn't be available to MP3, but the main point was that HC needs to be worked on to make it more than just "the one who was unable to avoid the most score" [/quote] Thank you for your explanation, but I do not share your opinion. 1. There are smaller differences here (at MP3), most fights are challenging, because of the limited selection of limited crits. No tokens, no 5 year old superrarecrits, no maxed player stats. Just hunting and hiding... it is fun to get know your opponent, your environment, learn how to use viscosity... and find new friends deep down in the dark corridors, when you both out of APs, and stuck. Sending messages back and forth while constantly checking the timer when the new cycle comes... because your opponent-friend is just beside you, at the next spot. It is not the War of Tea. These are the best moments in MD so far. 2. There is less chance to win at MP4 with my current state. So it would look like the same, running away from heat and heads to compete later. 3. No matter which stage we fight, we do it once. 4. The ones who _could_ compete were not interested at MP4 or MP5 either. Some people won by spending too much time in idle mode... and when logging in: wow! surprise... I won a trophy! Leave it as it is imho, people will decide if they want to go for the win or not. The game will not be better because of one more MP4. There is one less MP3 that way. And how could the newbies train and melt into the realm? There are times when MDP is empty, only the "bots" are there (thank you guys for this, it is nice to have them).
  10. [quote name='samon' timestamp='1338848836' post='113398'] [b]Making Heads contest a contest[/b][b] again[/b] As most know for a while now HC hasn't been much of a contest other than for occasionally for first place, though that spot usually is taken from the start as well. Lately it has even become harder not to win if you haven't already than it has to win. Therefore I have a few suggestions as to how to make HC a little harder: -Make HC only available to MP4+, as MP3 can't really fight fully yet anyway, or perhaps make it MP5 only. -Reduce the amount of winners to 3 per category. -Reduce the amount of HCs to 4 per year, one every 3 months With this there should at least be some increase in competition in the long run as the amount of competitors gets more concentrated in one place. [/quote] No HC on MP3? All right, one less event for us... there is plenty we can do anyway. To be honest, I was working hard to lose those heads at the end, so I can maybe win the next contest... but well, this HC turned out to be not much of a contest. (Thank you Quizok for the long hunt in Phase 1, I enjoyed it very much:).) I am not sure forcing us to MP4 helps. Really. Personally, I am looking for fun. By the way, the other MP level contests were different, more active, better? I was checking the contest log all the time... I am not sure about the answer. Do not force us to move on to MP4. Please. Give us time and fun.
  11. Well, I am newbie... and here is my opinion, I hope you can use it somehow: In the beginning, it is awesome. The idea is great... and there is a lot to learn and see. Fyrd's riddles, quests, new friends, minions and Mystery... all is nice. There could be more quests which can be finished before Loreroot. (Maybe after the MD Summer Fest we could leave some.) After a while (reading some forum topics) you have the feeling that there is no goal, and all is pointless. Unfortunately, it is _not_ the same as the "You're on your own now, good luck." text in Morrowind. You feel robbed. Giving me the option to get free money is nice (with APs and so on), the MDShop is well constructed, I used PayPal several times. The first real shock, a real BLOW came when I got capped at MP3. On day 12 I could enter MP4, but I wanted to wait and see... and I had to find out that I cannot train my minions anymore. I think it would be nice if we could find some more information about heat cap and its effects early. So... anyway, the real nightmare has started at day 12. I was trying everything to find a way to reduce personal heat, and warned all my friends immediately (one has left already, the other comes in for some hours, trying to find fun.) Naturally, as I was looking for a solution, I found new friends. Result: everyone is afraid of getting personal heat (Cyclicity, bah...). The best example was the HC, when only the capped played it, and the others were hiding or asking to attack them giving no heat. Interesting. Everything else is alright... I wish I found this game before, when there were more players around.
  12. Bah... that is not fair, I am looking for you and asking people about you... and this is what I find, here. Hmh... goodbye then. I hope to see you again sometime.
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