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  1. None seems interested and i got a rusty anyways, so mods please close this. Thanks
  2. In all honest , the post was for dragonrider.I was asking him, since he was the one mentioning 28th, but didn't specify on which time zone (so i assumed he meant ST ) As for the unfair part, totally agree with you Chewett. But the auctioneer decided the rules, i just abide them.
  3. Hasn't the auction ended at the end of day 28 ?
  4. The most appropriate name for a sidekick of Piss Piss, that has the item Ole Boot , is not other than Piss Off of course
  5. I actually loved the part with the questions ! Really time consuming for you Nim, but i liked it
  6. I had it confirmed as well Chewett, i've send this calculations first to bugs and then i made the post (after being asked to do so to see what the community thinks about it) . But thanks for the confirmation
  7. The Total Active Landscore consists of 4 factors . Those that have voted positive, those that have voted negative, those that haven't voted at all, and those that chose to abstain. In order to calculate the number of land score needed to be accumulated so that the vote will be successful you abstract from the total landscore the value of those abstained. So yeah, it may not be directly mentioned, but the actual value for those that chose not to vote but neither to abstain is the "null" value. Neg landscore includes only those that voted against that vote
  8. [quote name='Miq' timestamp='1355852031' post='128420'] Right now as far as i know not voting == negative vote. i'd suggest something like this: not voting == 50%-70% of your loyalty as negative [/quote] That's not quite correct . [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/13234-positive-and-negative-votes-value/"]http://magicduel.inv...ve-votes-value/[/url]
  9. The problem with what you suggest No One is that the actual absent of vote reflects may reflect a choice for the person who didn't vote. Not voting still holds a negative meaning, and by doing that we would actually start to remove the meaning of "not voting". It will have an influence on inactive people, eventually making them not count for the votes, but if any other actually absents from votes by choice (cause he doesn't have a good reason to vote against, but yet again the person for whom the vote is made didn't really tried to persuade him vote for him/her), that would give a negative impact on their choice As far as the request for DB information, it was an idea. I agree, it has a certain "privacy invasion" flavor. Any idea on how we could get the information without braking "privacy " ?
  10. Pretty much what the title says. I have a Nutcracker (fresh and untockened) and i'm looking for a rusty. PM me either on forum or in game. Thanks EDIT: If someone has a rusty for trade with tokens, feel free to message me as well, we may be able to come up with a deal
  11. That too but mostly the fact that my grassans did 25 weakening on the first round on Firenze while on second and third they did 523 and 625. It's the same creature they targeted and nothing changed during the first round of combat (at least nothing we could notice) that would explain the increase in the effect.
  12. [quote name='Shadowseeker' timestamp='1355558783' post='128253'] I've requested such a list somewhere else, but it got buried by no response, and I am in no mood to keep pushing for things atm/code it myself. Bugs said it could be done as a coder project, but with my bachelor thesis in work right now, I just have no mood for that. [/quote] Yes, i'm familiar with your other post regarding citizens lists. Well, if the only way to get such a list (including loyalty scores ) is through db (the only ppl i can think of having access to it would be council, mur, bugs and rendril), we will have to wait until a feature is implemented for showing that.
  13. [quote name='DARK DEMON' timestamp='1355556749' post='128247'] [font=comic sans ms,cursive][color=#006400]Loreroot has formed a list of current citizens. If each land can do the same and/or appoint someone as censor...[/color][/font] [/quote] Appoint someone as censor ? Would you mind explaining ? What i had in mind about that data was to do some calculations over how much each person possibly affects a vote and then each land could judge the possibility of a vote to succeed or fail based on their knowledge of who is active and who is not. Using the data to get some results doesn't need any censor, and after that its each lands responsibility to find a solution to a possible problem that may exist.
  14. In order to manage that, a list with all current citizens of each land is needed, who were considered inactive or active at any given vote and preferably either who voted what and who abstained or at least the total loyalty numbers for each choice . And personally, i have no idea where or how to find such data.
  15. I would prefer sunday as well. Time is not much of an issue for me
  16. Adventuring Award: [b]Nimrodel[/b] Best Beautification: [b]Dante[/b] [b]Lionheart[/b] The Golden Protector: [b]Peace[/b] Helper of the Year: [b]Maebius[/b] Most Addicted: [b]AmberRune[/b] Most Popular: [b]Maebius[/b] Outstanding Service to MD: [b]BFH[/b] Prime Quest: [b]lashtal[/b] (What do you see when you look at the mirror ? ) Top Techie: [b]Maebius[/b] The account creation date is this : This account was opened on (DD.MM.YYYY H:M): 22.04.2012 16:20
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