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  1. Same with me, creatures either don't display vitality or display wrong numbers    opera 12.16 on w7
  2. I seem to have missed the post as well, i'm sorry.    Valldore Nal 238757 [post='130309']Box of Dice[/post]  (a link to the post with the description)   [post='132835']Selfish wishes granted[/post] (proof that i was told it would be granted )   Thank you
  3. Valldore Nal ID:238757 Days:467    I will do my best to be fair and promote ideas for the good of the community, can be patient with people, listen to what others have to say and take decisions combing others opinion with my own logic. I can also keep my mouth shut for things that need not to be said.
  4. Totally agree, the quest was awesome :D Tough, fun, awesome story, definitely try it 
  5. Kaspersky is going mad regarding MD as well.    swfobject.js                     Detected: HEUR:Trojan.Script.Generic          13/8/2013 13:44:21           http://magicduel.com/js/ browser_detection.js       Detected: HEUR:Trojan.Script.Generic          13/8/2013 13:46:56           http://magicduel.com/js/   js.complete-interface.js   Detected: HEUR:Trojan.Script.Generic         13/8/2013 13:46:56            http://magicduel.com/js/
  6. As the title says, improvised rain collector ( ID: 60305 ) wasn't working today on Siege Crest (1_ -5x-2_1)   While it was raining i tried to collect water and got the message that you can't collect water indoors. (Siege Crest is definitely not indoors though ).    I apologize for not checking at that moment on another scene, when i realized i should it stopped raining.  
  7. I'm willing to help as well. No previous experience with wordpress, but i can copy and paste stuff
  8. The idea of tool getting damaged sounds good in the way of making things more realistic and indeed gives a lot of room for new roles (possibly as others said new guild/guilds to repair the items )    I'd like to suggest though that the ones responsible for the repairs (if it's not done automatically on reset times/any other occasion) would better suit one or more (specialized on categories of tools) guilds and better affiliate them with the non-main lands (not sure about the concept of the guilds and how well it would fit though). The reason i'm suggesting affiliation to non-main lands is that those guilds would have a lot of power over the tools, so it would be better suited for them to be neutral regarding the various main-lands politics and diplomatic relations.    Also if this gets implemented, i believe it should get implemented for independent tools as well (again for the shake of realism, i don't see a point for only shared tools to get damaged ).    But, as others stated again, people have worked hard to get those tools. So maybe there could be a way for someone to fix a tool on his own (for a greater cost than if it was done from the appropriate guild) and possibly give the choice of repairing one before it gets destroyed (conservation). The reason behind this suggest is that if someone has worked hard to obtain a certain independent tool but he is not in good relations with the appropriate guild to repair it, he/she should have another way to keep the tool in working shape (maybe not in top shape, but working one )   Even a stat (or more) could be implemented regarding the repairing of tools (and possibly other things) related to the "profession's knowledge" that would be needed to perform such a task.(carpenter, smith etc )
  9. Happy B-day Peace :) Wish you all the best :)
  10. Happy B-Day BFH !!! Happy B-Day burgers cow !!!   @Nim : Keep that monstrocity away from me :P
  11. Quote from this post  http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/14488-favoritism/?p=140580       Seigheart, during the announcement of the winners made 2 lists and it isn't clear which one is the correct.    Also, from this :     It's obvious that he is not willing to provide the information needed for Chewett or anyone else that can give the rewards to do so.    "i name my sponsorship before the quest starts, and i intend to keep my promises because they are basically made to the winners not just to the organizer"   So now Mur, you are the only one who actually has a list of the winners, as given to you from Seigheart (or at least you got one at some point )     A note, i'm not familiar with the way spell docs are supposed to work, but getting a message :   " illegal action reported, keeping on this path will get you banned."   doesn't seem a proper one.    Any plans regarding resolving this ?
  12. Happy birthday to both of :) Wish you all the best :)
  13. Valldore Nal's entry:   [spoiler]   Here follows my conclusion, as in the course of action i would follow if i got in a situation like the one you describe.But first i need to make some clarifications, since you specifically asked for evidence, which i perceive as arguments for the actions we choose to take , or not take. I have to admit, all this brainstorming that took place about symbols and what this room and each element that it consists of represents was fun to follow and be part of. But in the end, each one really perceives the room on its own way and reacts to it accordingly (the rp element that you asked as well). Valldore Nal is a character that pretty much acts with logic and perceives things in a more "direct" approach. So my actions would be based on that. That actually means interaction with each important element (important for Valldore and important as to what he could make out of it). Also , the lack of information we have about the room (the description is quite vague and i believe it was done on purpose) will force me to give you some senarios about possible interactions and effect that those interaction may have (i can't be sure to have covered all possibilities, but i'll do my best) Last, i will "renarate" the story, cause i think that's the best way to describe my reaction in the given situation in a better way. So here it goes : --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am in a small dingy room (the way you start this, and considering the fact that i do remember my past, but i have no idea of how i got here kinda gives me the feeling that i woke up in that room). The room has some light, not too bright but not too dark either. Valldore Nal: Where the hell am i ? And how did i get here ? I take a quick look around, unable to spot the source of light Valldore Nal: Strange ...... But since i can't seem to spot anything , i move to actually examine the room. I sincerely wouldn't notice the similarity to Marinds room on first sight, not too famous about my memory regarding scenes and images. So i wouldn't notice that. But what i notice is a heavy blackened door, scarred and worn.The door knob is a heavily tarnished disfigured head and the key is in the door. The first thought would be to leave the room at once, but my curiosity would lead me to actually give it a better look before moving on. The mirror on the wall will be the next thing to draw my attention. Valldore Nal: Seems strange, the reflection is somehow distorted, not like a regular mirror (what comes in mind from this description is a mirror similar to those used in amusement parks that distort the reflection of the watcher in various ways, making him taller, fatter, shorter etc) I notice a minute script above the mirror, that says "Ne speculum sui imaginem difficulter Veritatis et audi. Valldore Nal: Wtf is this and what does it mean ? (Valldore doesn't know latin, so i have no idea of the meaning of the words) While i'm about to examine the mirror more closely, i get a feeling that someone or something is watching me.My eye catches something, but i fail to manage and look at it directly. Valldore Nal Shouts: Who is there ? Is someone else in here ? Who are you and where the hell am i ? Show yourself ! If whatever that thing is answers (which i doubt) i would try to get a conversation with it. If not (which i find more possible) i would do a couple more tries to see it and figure who or what that is. A chill would come down to my spine, but i'm gonna try to figure out a solution to that. I'll spend some time thinking of an approach. At this point, i could as well go to the door and leave, but there are 2 reasons i wouldn't. First one is that i would really wanna find out who is there and where am i and second that i wouldn't wanna open a door to an unknown destination, with possible dangers ahead, and leave behind me another possible danger. The first idea that would come to my mind would be to go a corner and try to spot whoever is with me in there. I assume again that it will fail because the light of 3 candles (which is the amount of light i believe is present, since the room is similar to Marinds one and that room had 3 candles to light it)(you said the difference was that the source cannot be found, but not really that the amount of light is different ) is not enough to brightly light the room and something could easily be hiding in the shadows. Also, if it was that easy to spot it, i assume that i would have already spot it directly. If for by any chance that actions allows me to see it directly, if it is somekind of humanoid i would prob try to get a discussion again and if it's something different(that looks bad in my eyes) i would prob try and leave the room. Now back to the failure of my first plan. The second thing that would come to mind would be to be as silent as possible, even holding my breath, to try hear that thing,in order to actually verify that there is something else in here. At the same time, i'll try to think a logical way to figure out again what that is, which will lead me to the mirror. Weither i verify or not by sound if there is something else, the idea has been implanted already. So next action would be to go to the mirror and try various methods (looking directly and checking my back, looking in various angles and try to catch a better glimpse of what's in there) to see what's in there. I can't be sure that this method will work as well, at which point i'll prob shout again for it to come front and answer my questions. Given the fact that i've already done pretty much whatever i could, and everything has failed, i'll start considering that this thing doesn't want to show itself and i can't force it. I'll take another fast look around the room, mostly to make sure i didn't miss anything of importance and decide to head to the door and leave (assuming ofc that it can be opened and is not stucked or bared from the other side or something, which was the first impression i got about it) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As i said, that would be a pretty direct approach on the subject (no idea if that's what you really expected from us) but as much as i enjoy theoritical conversations and stuff like that, in my point of view that's a nice subject to discuss from a "safe" place. So in a "real time/real life" situation, i believe that's the way i would have perceived things and acted according to that .   [/spoiler]
  14. The not saving part together with the fact that i can't use the space beyond the borders for storing of pieces is why i dropped the idea of trying it too :(
  15. Well, in all honest, the reason i thought this would be good was to be able to search for messages from specific people in order to sort them out a bit, not for easy access to anyone who has ever pmed you.    So how about this (which i believe fixes the problem, but no idea how easy it would be to implement) : allow a search by author only for the people you have in your friendlist. Those you can pm any time anyway, so it won't be a way to avoid looking for people and it will still be within MD principles 
  16. The things i could mostly think that would be issues with copy being disabled from chat are :    -translation as the most important one, personally i have the translator open all the time -keeping copies of interesting conversations that take place in chat (out of events,for which pretty much always someone with accoustic remains will take care of the log ) since not everyone has accoustic/or not always someone is willing to use it there. -players names for whatever use you might want them (example, transferring items by writing names is going to be a real real pain .... )
  17.   That would be fun but frustrating as well (sorry couldn't resist ) Every 6 and 18 of a month maybe ? And maybe hardness of hit depending on something random or not so random ? (like for example the ap cost for each person to move to that scene or from that scene, so it's going to be easier for you to move to your land but harder on others ? )   Now in order to stay in topic as well, although sometimes can be boring, i could say that i like DoT as well too. And allowing something so common as mirror ritual to surpass that restriction (one that not even HCs and BHCs surpass) doesn't sound a good idea .......
  18. Outdated announcements could still be used for reference in such a topic/wiki page, but if there could be a filtering that would remove system messages would do the work much easier indeed.
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