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  1. lol go for it, lets complicate what is simple lets go technical push, instead of making more fun game play and lets forget that old engineering say "if its not broken, dont toutch it" P.S. i did vote NO
  2. Chewett I had read, and had understand you where your usual idea of heavyly moderating and warning . If i misunderstood and you are of my view of: " If you want MD to be a growup game for people, moderate ONLY if there is grave and evident not tolleratable posting. Hidding sections is not an honest solution. " Then sorry and take my post to support that
  3. If you want MD to be a game for only 4 years old players, go with Chewett thinking, an aseptic forum with only pink posting content and words. If you want MD to be a growup game for people, moderate ONLY if there is grave and evident not tolleratable posting. Hidding sections is not an honest solution.
  4. That if i log in at christmass confuse sata be there , and give me an real good gift real good gift exemple: rare and high value creature rare and high value working item like revive , or killing , something better an universal pass, giving me access to everywhere in md (even to where i had access before and nomore now) an button that i can set so that noone can attack me giving me heat ...so i can remain mp3, below max heat for mp3 that even i am an mp3 , all my creature remain fonctionnal that even i am mp3 can have access to things in md store ... Fang happy hollidays its not really what you want but there is: https://web.archive.org/web/*/https://magicduel.com/
  5. I read your post MUR This make me need to post ,, but I am lost at what to say The only thing that come to my mind is change your avatar from the dark one you use now and take back the detective mouse ... it's colorfull it's giving cheers and hope
  6. My previous post was "sanitized" thats ok I just hope that MUR was able to read it before. I tought that MUR wanted and deserve honest feedback on that subject. My one liner post was worth many paragraphes. MD asset "was" an sandbox like journey, more so in play acting, any change that make restriction on that is debilating a fine game. Any change that would make something like an life time limited character, is agains the previous MD thinking that an MD character is permanent ... That age concept would be redondent to actual time relate game existing records like - character creation date - active days of an character - character reference number that being sequential in its creation show old characters and young characters .... and so forth And MUR if you wonder why i did post ... i care for your game even that i dont play it now except near christmass wondering if confuse Santa will see me and give me an worthwile gift at christmass Tom Pouce
  7. "NSTEAD, first thing he does is he goes the next day or so, and grabs the rare crits everybody wants in necrovion, and explores the secret tunnel that is publicly closed so it had absolutely no connection with his resource research" He was specifically told to not take crits .. so its guilty on that count 26/04/16 05:46] Muratus del Mur:just dont take big stocks [26/04/16 05:46] Aethon:And thank you [26/04/16 05:46] Muratus del Mur:like the crits hidden here But for his visit everywhere in necrovion i see no problems as you gave him an tool that enable it and did not specifically prohibit his visiting where he has gone. i voted 1 week jail (and i suppose confiscation of what he took that yu did not want) as it is the lowest punishment to vote for, an punishment (light) is needed to have gone agains your specific say of not take crit. Chosen light punishment as giving benifice of doubth of his say that he intend to ask you to keep it or not at the end.
  8. @Aeoshattr and other to be sure one understand my post My post is not about Death Ray, CrazyMike or any specific player that i dont know the facts my point is if someone was jail for a specific time, the sentence end at a specific time, and then he should be release at that time. and doing otherwise is an cruel situation
  9. If someone was jail for a "determinated time" then he should be release automatically. Asking that he bow and ramp kissing toes to get unjail is an cruel situation. Of all reasons i read in this thread all are sillyes - to ensure its the same player .... then why not automatically requesting that all players after a set time not logging in to message asking permission to play again on plain of banishment? - to ensure that he understand why he was jail .... was there not at time of jail an communication or annoncement saying the WHY? seem to me its more to ask the player to kiss toes and say "pretty please" for these reasons i completely agree with BFH post An automated system would be easy to implement and be more just. in absence of such automation if its because now only few are with the hability to unjail, it would be easy to make an closed forum section where when someone is jail one put when he should be release and that those with power to release made it there role to verify that forum section regulary and un jail as needed
  10. some tought about MD economy historically ressources are "wortless" almost .. The economy curency is stable because it is base on silver and gold coins that are in limited supply. And the amount in circulation is controlled by MD. new curency getting in MD is avalable by: - got being active , voting and getting stuff in shop enought to get at silver or gold coins - buying credit and getting stuff in shop enought to get at silver or gold coins curency is remove in MD by donation to MD or selling rare creature by MD MUR concil, gold avatar auction ... That system as some advantages - its stable - its "fair" everyone as same chances ,, vote or buy credit to get new curency or get some from other players or TK in quests if some ressources are convetible it will be a new supply of new curency in MD that can change balance and stability of monitary system. And if its tie to using some tools if those tools are controlled by some group, individual or land its will made an "unfair" situation as not all players will have same chances to get at it. Other than silver and gold what is of real value is rare creatures ... and the supply is controlled by MD .. another factor that keep things stable So my feeling is that in making changes and new addition in the curency system, one should tought about keeping that "fairness" and stability that MD as keep until now
  11. skill decay as game desing can be potentially be bad If one has a game with significant decay for skill or other things of value, only those actively working to keep or increase skill will have some of value skills. Then some player will like it ,, but some players will feel on a threadmill that go nowhere, and either quit or decide that skill are worthless for the work necessary to maintain.
  12. Happy to see that "tommusic" interest some   but   the jukebox is broken      ...  tobad "tommusic"  lost its music   Borrow Tom music http://bmmorpg.com/tompouce/a2/jukebox/   maybe some other links will need also be edited .. in jukebox   moving files  from initial server make it broken ... someone need to edit the link ... for the new place its stored if one want all working
  13. For the fun of it, just curious of what one would think of my post If one look at Mur chalange of earth flat or round ... there is inconsistancy what is accept without proof by Mur questionning that the earth is round, and acepting for fact: - space exist - eclipts ... so earth around sun planets, moon satellit - picture from space ill tel you of my theorie if i go only with what i see and can do by myself, doubting any theory or scientific facts i learned in school. i see  the sun its bright, and give heat (some may say infrared ... but i dont beleive what i dont see in this essay) in my experience, if one solder with gaz or electric solder he can melt steel and heat it to a point that it is as bright as sun, and give heat.. So my theory is that the sun is an very hot ball of melted steel, somewhere far away and keep hot by the equivalent of an gigantic solder torch. if I take some molten steel and make a drop going down from such hight that it is cooled enought to be solid before toutching ground , i found what? a sphere of steel. Playing with magnets, steel particules and compass ... steel can be made a magnet, a magnet can make an compass point to it .... an compass always point to north everywhere i have been, so my theorie, earth is made in a great part of steel . from that my theorie is that the earth is an drop from the sun that is cooled, with also some dirt on it. and we live on that. If its true then from my experience with an drop of steel .... the earth would be spherical.  
  14. http://storenow.net/download/e074231e400caf5ba1b920250aa30178/condoleances.gif
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