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  1. Lucky for me I was planning on sticking around anyway... I love the complexity and ambiguity of this
  2. The more I read of Principles, the more I get the feeling that it will be the least obvious ones that have the most devastating powers... YAY!
  3. So in effect many of the principles can achieve similar results, they just do it from a different perspective and using different thought patterns (or spells) - would that be right?
  4. Now that sounds fun to me.... /me sits and waits patiently
  5. Hi Oliver and welcome I'm Neil, but answer more readily to Tai anyway
  6. Now there is an option to really complicate things... many of the principles have direct opposites, would having those negate the bonus of an opposing player? I must admit I hadn't really put the two together, I saw principles as your world view and creatures as a manifested personality archetype but I see the logic that world view would enhance or limit your ability to manifest an archetype... in a pacifist ideaology a combat personality would be harder to truly believe in.... interesting
  7. Hi there, good to meet you and welcome
  8. She is a scary young lady sometimes.... still you have to do what she tells you, otherwise... Seriously... good to see you here buddy
  9. ah played both Vampire and Cyberpunk... did more Rolemaster than anything else though - I like complicated
  10. Hi Gozer, Good to meet you and I hope you get the registration problem sorted - you'll love this game if it's different you're looking for Which paper based systems do you play? I have done a few in the past...
  11. Well howdy there Crossfixio... good to meet ya
  12. Hey Dragon are you going to be spammer number 3?
  13. on the bright side there's much more time to think about your responses because spam levels are low....
  14. I'll take the power of beguilement then I can convince all of you lot to do the rest for me Life - my view depends on how things are going right now, and at the moment I'd speed life up and then slow it down again every 2 seconds just to see what it felt like. Games - there I have confusion...I seem to try life as a game and games like my life. Shame I'm not that great at either Books - primarily epic fantasy, sci-fi and a little horror (and the Shining is soooooo King's best book) but I'll read most things People - some I love, some I hate I'm an absolute binary proposition, I will either do anything for you or nothing at all, but I am almost never rude and only insulting if you've really irritated me
  15. and due to the ethos of the game you'll see spam with more creativity lmao!!!!!
  16. are you feeling warm and fuzzy yet? are ya? are ya? lol I'm hyper today...beware
  17. ah but this forum isn't like other forums... I think in honor of the game we should try to keep our spam more highbrow than we did for koc... I'm still using my own smilies though
  18. If we will really be able to combine the priciples fully I'd have gone for Cyclicity, Darkness and Time just on a pure logic basis, I have a feeling that any principle with a direct opposite will benefit from either cyclicity or balance and I just picked my favourite of the two
  19. here's a curious one for you... if you Transpose Entropy onto a sword could you use it to prevent damage to the sword by transping all impact damage onto the armour your hitting... to do that would you also need to transpose Transposition onto the sword? brain hurting yet?
  20. To be honest I can see why - at the moment the descriptions are beautiful poetic and philosophical, to simplify them too much would destroy that and rob the game of much of it's mystery. Tell ya what though Forsaken, if the language barrier gets a little too thick at any point feel free to give me a shout and I can rephrase it into something easier for you - I'm good at that kind of thing (years of working help desks...) But worry not... a lot of native English speakers will struggle with the concepts too, just because they are not the simple cliches everyone is used to
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