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  1. Happy Birthday Old King , Wish u all the best!
  2. 1 gold coin and 4 silver for anni crit
  3. Of all the things around , i dont get why people gather and have in possesion thousands of all kind of resources but rarely or never use them .With all the tools and locations around , why dont u create a system like Heat Erolin ( dunno if this is the exact name ) and introduce the notion of Food /Feeding . Make tools to cultivate some resources (like bushes ) and introduce recipes . The Feed erolin should work like the heat one , the more u walk or attack , the more it deplete (on a slower rate) . Also while basic resources like water or some fruits give ,, 5 % Feed bar ,, the more complex recipes go to full bar . Make it that way that even just walking around , u still need to eat 1 time per week .If u go under 15% u should be Unable to attack and under 5% unable to move also u need over 65 % to set 100% influence in battles , after all , u get hungry even when u sleep or play on Pc , so as almost every thing generate heat , the same should drop Feed erolin. Just think how many roles this can create , revitalize some existing like resources merchant or pub owner . Have a good day and thanks for reading my ideea >)
  4. i have the Nuttcracker limited edition 2008 :)).waiting for an offer
  5. WTB

    Interested in a Nuttcracker?
  6. 2 g and 2 sc for knator 
  7. I really like to be left alone -so this is accurate but i dont blame others for my failures,7,1,5,3,6,4,2,0,5,7,1,5,3,6,2,0,4,5&p=full
  8. i ve had enough of :: my offer +1 sc:: from u .so i go with 1 g and 17 sc for angien 
  9. 1 g and 13 sc for each 
  10. 1 g 10 sc angien 1 g and 2 sc knatty
  11. 1 gold and 7 sc angien and 10 sc knator
  12. Angien - 1g and 3 silver   Knator -7 silver
  13. tks u guys  for all good wishes for me .And for lady Dst .durex was initial ,then durex renamed in mercurial as account .just forum account remained separated 
  14. Otanjōbi omedetō
  15. i rarely find time between work and watching anime for games ,,but when i do i play Dota ,Orcs Must Die 2 and i m a big fan of Gothic games.also games like yu gi oh or cards battle game are welcome to me