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  1. Chrome screen loader doesnt not work............

    is happen to me too sometimes , sometimes the circle with Magic Duel in middle appear and stay 10 - 15 seconds after that everything go fine. also i just tried , even if everything is fine from start but i start refresh page 2 or 3 times , my page go like Blackshade without Loading screenloader....
  2. Happy bday azull

    Happy Birthday Old King , Wish u all the best!
  3. WTS, some free

    1 gold coin and 4 silver for anni crit
  4. MD 12th birthday - A quest for change

    Of all the things around , i dont get why people gather and have in possesion thousands of all kind of resources but rarely or never use them .With all the tools and locations around , why dont u create a system like Heat Erolin ( dunno if this is the exact name ) and introduce the notion of Food /Feeding . Make tools to cultivate some resources (like bushes ) and introduce recipes . The Feed erolin should work like the heat one , the more u walk or attack , the more it deplete (on a slower rate) . Also while basic resources like water or some fruits give ,, 5 % Feed bar ,, the more complex recipes go to full bar . Make it that way that even just walking around , u still need to eat 1 time per week .If u go under 15% u should be Unable to attack and under 5% unable to move also u need over 65 % to set 100% influence in battles , after all , u get hungry even when u sleep or play on Pc , so as almost every thing generate heat , the same should drop Feed erolin. Just think how many roles this can create , revitalize some existing like resources merchant or pub owner . Have a good day and thanks for reading my ideea >)
  5. WTB various

    i have the Nuttcracker limited edition 2008 :)).waiting for an offer
  6. WTB

    Interested in a Nuttcracker?
  7. Creature Sale Round 3

    2 g and 2 sc for knator 
  8. This Quiz...

    I really like to be left alone -so this is accurate but i dont blame others for my failures         http://colorquiz.com/results.php?code=m,7,1,5,3,6,4,2,0,5,7,1,5,3,6,2,0,4,5&p=full
  9. Creature Sale Round 3

    i ve had enough of :: my offer +1 sc:: from u .so i go with 1 g and 17 sc for angien 
  10. Creature Sale Round 3

    1 g and 13 sc for each 
  11. Creature Sale Round 3

    1 g 10 sc angien 1 g and 2 sc knatty
  12. Creature Sale Round 3

    1 gold and 7 sc angien and 10 sc knator
  13. Creature Sale Round 3

    Angien - 1g and 3 silver   Knator -7 silver
  14. Happy Birthday

    tks u guys  for all good wishes for me .And for lady Dst .durex was initial ,then durex renamed in mercurial as account .just forum account remained separated 
  15. Happy Birthday, Me!

    Otanjōbi omedetō