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  1. haha, that massive half goat/half man.. umm thing was pretty hilarious.
  2. hmm... what a conundrum... Methinks i agreee with I like very much the idea of a parallel universe through which a link is made.
  3. methinks i did actually struggle through all the episodes... and i really do MEAN STRUGGLE... i mean - what was going on with excalibur sheesh!
  4. ooh thats just scary... my brother would like you!
  5. haha charmed? is that still around!? i used to watch that like every friday on channel 5 Though i got bored after it became the same thing over and over again...
  6. we understand manu Im happy with all of tese aswell. Though an i suggest that for n 7) wars should be once a week methinks. that way they can be emphasised as a IG event? Kepp up the good work, were all behind you
  7. do you fancy doing my english homework? That poem is ace
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