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  1. Manu, I think I might edit one of your banners with my name and post on my other 5 forums as the banners alone, and make it my signature with my name on it there as well.
  2. I thought that when that happens, you just ignore and move on...
  3. yes, applause for MAnu, P.S.: did you draw that yourself, did someone else in the team do it, or did you get offline?
  4. that's a good point, well, hopefully, I helped, with the insertion of my opinion, if not, well, I'll try to change that in the future...
  5. will dp Don't you worry about a thing!
  6. oh, King MAnu, would a sun even wor, sine the Dead Kings' alliance already uses the basic design of a sun?
  7. Maybe with this logo? Trying to get a better image of a sun that is more in line with the style precedent set by the other allinaces, but my scanner is having problems, so the sun I traced/ drew isn't really working out as of yet...
  8. I propose an new allinace: called New Age, or New Alliance? What do you think? Members Steno soulliere Havok
  9. Hmmm... The thing that mainly draws my attention to this game is the fact that it still IS in developement, many, many games, I've played while in developement, and heled along a little bit, and helped out programming on a few, but the best part is seeing it develope, I don't know why, but it's fun, also I like the 24 hour option, also, will there be a prtection/ ranking prevention implemented eventually? I mean, say, someone has double my creature points, and a lot more creatures and creature experience. So, if everytime I leave sanctuary, and i get merc.ed, it's sort of hard to attack other people to get stronger...
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