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  1. That is a good point, it would have to be factored into account on so many different levels for so many different features/components. I am, myself sort of opposed to it, even without the massive amount of work it entails.
  2. 3rd week of monitoring! Rank # | Votes/Incom. Hits | outgoing hits/other votes | rank change 1: 29 | 566| 86 | Up TWO 2: 22 | 458 | 53 | Up TWO 3: 18 | 650 | 55 | Up TWO Again! 4: 1 | 433 | 81 | Same 5: 18 | 192 | 56 | Up TWO yet again 6: This site is now defunct and does not exist any longer 7: 35 | 190 | Unk. | Up ONE (today's votes: 2402, weekly: 12,769) 8: 8 | 484 | 49 | Same, but a lot more outgoing hits to magicduel from here that total earlier. 9: 85 | 484 | 49 | First week of monitoring (this is now XtremeTop100.com) Overall Weekly Rate Change: 1.286 Overall Rankings Average: 27
  3. Hmmm... 10 seconds is kind of harsh, since the imposed time guard is 5 minutes, why not say within 1 minute, or 1.5 minutes? and can only be used once on a person, once per day?
  4. hey, can you add this post to New Ideeas--> Promoters? I'm compiling a list, just so it can all be in one place. mod.s should I just merge this guys topic?
  5. 2nd week of monitoring! Rank # | Votes/Incom. Hits | outgoing hits/other votes | rank change 1: 31 | 147 | 21 | Up TEN 2: 24 | 54 | 8 | Up NINE 3: 20 | 464 | 40 | Same 4: 1 | 228 | 42 | Same 5: 20 | 13 | 2 | Up TWELVE 6: 5 | 49 | 2 | Up TWO 7: 36 | 133 | Unk. | Down TWO! (today's votes: 1609. weekly: 10028) 8: 8 | 63 | 6 | Up SIX Note on 4: The ranking has been first since the first time I checked, about three days before this string's posting Overall Weekly Rank Change: 5 1/8 or 5.125 Overall Rankings Average: 18 1/8 or 18.125
  6. don't forget principals! my guess is darkness and imagination, or maybe another one, but I'm not thinking of its name right now.
  7. Well, as far as I've seen, there are no posts by staff that says otherwise.
  8. Please use the Search feature before you post something! Thank you! This is the post and quote.
  9. I thought that you gain them through advancing through MP levels, I had max of 10, until I got to MP 4, and then It was raised to either 25 or 30, I think I got a MD Shop free Christmas gift that gave me +5 cap, not sure, but I doubt it... XP
  10. and, as Mur has said before, and similarly, as chewett also had the problem, I can't find the post, although I read it about 4 days ago, if you have 13 active adepts, you can give vitality that you don't have, he said something about having 18 adepts, but I don't remember what. anyway, maybe 18 was max. but you can give vitality that you don't have if you have certain number, unless that has been changed.
  11. Yeah, I chose it as I thought maybe deception and, since it is imagination, the possibilities are only limited by your imagination (Well, really Manu and the staff, )
  12. What I would like to know is, since you need the knowledge to do the spells, is vitality the temporary loss/cost of performing a spell? Because the way Mur talks about it, it makes it sound like we lose our skills when we perform spells, like we learn it, and once we use it, we have to relearn it, because it is forgotten. But that doesn't quite sit with me, if that is true, I would like to think that the opportunities to gain skills would increase and be more on a consistent/daily basis. sort of like now, but I'm thinking that spells cost a lot more than just 1 or 2 points of those skills, and while battle makes you gain some skills, for me I have only gained skills for 3 out of 4 of my skills. Chewett, you understand this a lot better than I do, and to a greater depth than I do, as I do not expect Mur to answer my little, unimportant question, I will settle for you. could you clarify my point? or, I really mean, can you clear up this situation/series of questions?
  13. Saladin, you said: this is what Mur said.Just FYI. but I get your gist, either way. Morrighan, I like your idea. It makes sense, you lose something in return for something else, and you immediately need both, sort of. o.O
  14. maybe I could help, It's late, but here are four of my five forums, as the other has to be revamped, and I'm arguing with my provider... cpwtw.freeforums.org (heck yeah, since 9/28/07, and still, I think around 5 or more posts a day, with many, many private messages, this takes a lot of work... ) natravian.freeforums.org (my most successful ever, my second forum, defunct as I left game due to the game's retarded staff) nacrusades.freeforums.org (was never that active, but my first one, and I'm still proud of my first effort.) nhs.freeforums.org (totally dead, the game this was created for, well, the other players forgot about it, and I got tired of reminding...) s3.invisionfree.com/Rhodes3d (wasn't adapted as official forums, but a few promoter links that I've used to give to you Mur, came from here) I'd like to be able to just maybe mod. and most, I just would like someone to be able to decide if something is worth making official. (I'd get into detail, but I I don't want to)
  15. Week #1 (that I've recorded) Okay, first of Weekly posts: (sites will be listed in order here by number and henceforth only named by numbers) Rank # | Votes/Incom. Hits | outgoing hits/other votes | rank change 1. Top 100 Game Sites: 41 | 435 | 31 | Up 9 2. MMORPG & MOPG top list: 33 | 423 | 25 | Up 7 3. MMORPG 150: 20 | 290 | 15 | Up 1 4. Top Game Listings MMORPGs: 1 | 300 | 36 | Same 5. Top MMORPG Sites/Free MMORPGs: 32 | 165 | 25 | Up 2 6. Top Game Sites: 7 | 490 | 51 | Same 7. E-Items: 34 | 140 | Unk., | Up 3 (1,649 votes for MD were today, but the 20th, we had 3,019, good job guys!) 8. TGS: 12 (out of only 38 ) | 296 | 34 | Up 4 9: XTremeTop100 (added on 2/5/08) Check 4th monitoring week. 10. ApexWebGaming Check 5th week of monitoring 7 Note: Weekly voting was 14,795. Overall change average: Rankings up 3.25 since yesterday Overall rankings average: 22.5 Since yesterday
  16. Update as of today: IN OUT Top 100 Game Sites #50 (barely made it on first page!): 320 15 MMORPG and MPOG list #40 (up from 42 yesterday, I didn't list): 300 18 MMORPG 150 #21 (Same): 230 9 Same TopListings! #1 Again!!!!!: (Voting is done by votes from IPs coming from site, and Votes from IPs not coming from site) 239 20 ?? Free MMORPG #34, (same): 120 19 Same The Best Game Sites #7! Again! (same as yesterday) 357 42 Same E-Items #37 (same): (total votes, not hits) --145-- Same Top Game Sites #16: 165 26 Same XTremeTop100 (not on record yet) Apexwebgaming(Not on record yet, added 2/17) GTOP100 (Not on record yet, added 2/20) TopGameSites.net (Not on record yet, added 2/18) EternalGameList (Not on Record yet, added 3/7(?)) Games-Top100 (Not on Record yet, added 2/7(?))
  17. If you'd like to say something, just leave a comment, I'm always open to them.

  18. Steadfast Steno

    Story mode

    How do you die? I never even saw the likelihood or chance to die.
  19. haha! I like that spell a lot better than mine!
  20. "Figurehead" Where your creatures leave the fight, and you fight head in their stead, but wouldn't remove any effects that were enacted by creatures on the player before hand, and it would only last max. 10 rounds, more like 5, though. Unreasonable, I know. but, after you left the fray, and damage done to you would be divided amongst the creatures who fought in the beginning, regardless of strength, it would be percentage wise, even if it kills a creature. All effects, like Protect and Defend, would act as if nothing would happen. I don't quite remember, how the spell system works from what Mur said, but if since spells make a temporary negative effect, it would require at least 1/4 of what that characteristic is. Also, it would need Imagination, Transposition, and one or two more, Also, It would need Imagination at least 75 (?) and Transposition maybe 60(?). I don't think of any others off-hand that would be needed, as I don't recall the descriptions, but at least one other I'd think would be needed, with at least 50(?) skill needed. Maybe double or triple these values, even quintuple them, if necessary, but I think the original proportions might be semi-balanced.
  21. Mur, here's my list, (mod.s please don't delete, this is for Mur, I just don't want to message it) http://www.xtremetop100.com/mmorpg-&-mpog*done and added* Steno muonline.top-site.pl (not sure, nabbed from an old game I used to play, maybe pl is wrong, but try it anyway) *done*nvm crimsongames200.com*done* top50.com/pl (here it is again, that pl thing, same as muonline status) gamesites200.com*Mur already done* Jonn mmosite.com (very, very good, professional-quality web-site, and gets semi-decent hits every day)*server there was broken* Jonn mpog100.com(not sure about .com part. they have at least 4 branches of mpog, don't ask me why. )*done and added* Jonn mpog150.com mpog200.com mpog250.com (and I think)mpog50.com mpogd.com*done by someone else, not added, I don't think* That should be enough. don't you think Jonn mmorpg100.com*done and added* banner program $6 a month Jonn apexgaming.com done, and will be added to list dnsstuff.com not set-up yet Best-RPG done, not sure if I added or someone else did, but I can't find login info, if i did it pbbgwarp.com *done, not added* Jonn topwebgames.com [done, not added I will register for the 5 sites on here that I'm not already registered as, and take your description from top Game Listings and register the game for these. Posted: 2/1/08 edited: 2/5/08 for official partners etc.2/17: apexwebfinally up, DeVildedice suggest dnnstuff.com 2/18:found best-rpg.com
  22. speaking of which, we are ranked Number 1!! on Top Game Listings for 1/22. Eastern Time, (USA) and also 34th on Free MMORPG and 7th! on The Best Game Sites! WooT Guys, way to go! and 16th on Top Game Sites!
  23. First off, I think it might be handy ot have just a list of promoters in the forums, because then you know that the links will work. Also, could someone add the banner/buttons for ALL of the links that are provided in-game below the links? The links don't work for me personally, in IE or FF, so I just use the buttons/banners, I have a few links I'd post below the topic as well, maybe a new forum (level below Category, in my forum's language) for like "Spread the Word!" Or something to that effect. and then, maybe a Stat thing that would count the number of outgoing hits a day to each site, and incoming from each site, posted here (many of the sites do this FOR you, but it'd still be handy to view it here). Thanks for your time. News Update Everybody! Jonn has joined the ranks with me and he will now start to monitor 9 other sites as I continue to give updates on magicduel's standings on the regular 9. Thanks so much JONN!
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