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  1. Good joke Jonn, Chewett: read below for what I THINK he is trying to say about #s 4 and 6: 4. Creatures look a lot different from level to level. If I see a creature that I have no idea what it is, in a fight. the only thing the current setup tells me is the Creatures' ID number and level. Also, if I don't even HAVE that kind of creature, I might not even know what creature has that ID number. So, short of asking that player or other players, I don't know. Also, some creatures' appearances are misleading. Such as the level Water Daimon. It looks more like a level I Aramor than it does look like a Water Guardian, of course, they are different creatures.Also, the level V, or maybe it is level VI Archer looks more in the line of a Grasan than it does an Archer, it looks, in my opinion, nothing at all like an Archer. 6. You have no idea what is IN a ritual. Okay, let's say that I want to attack... Gilbert. Now, I know that he currently has a defensive ritual that I know how to beat without hardly any loss to me or my creatures whatsoever. Now, my ritual, that always wins with little or no loss in Ve, or maybe even a gain, has 6 creatures in it. Now, let's say that I have a level V Archer within that ritual. However, I have three level V Archer's. and one is dead (or at 2-3%), another has ... 43% Ve, and the other has 100% Ve. now, I'd REALLY like to know which of those three is in the ritual before initiating the fight. and I'd rather not have to exit out and perform a test fight with that ritual to find out which Archer is in that ritual. Only to lose quite a bit of heat in the process, some Ve, and hurting the other creatures in that ritual, just to find that it had my 100% Ve Archer.
  2. But, isn't it better as a surprise, until you actually GET to the game stage where you can actually use these spells?
  3. Haha! welcome back Revan, I haven't seen you on in a while, in fact, I've only seen you on once or twice until today. I missed your little hilarious movie clip part of signature about a gun. Welcome back man, and have fun!
  4. 5th week of monitoring! Rank # | Votes/Incom. Hits | Outgoing Hits/Other Votes | Rank Change 1. 27 | 1246 | 160 | Same 2. 23 | 1109 | 147 | Same 3. 16 | 373 | 106 | Up ONE! 4. 1 | 761 | 159 | Same 5. 18 | 496 | 188 | Up ONE! 6. This site is now defunct and does not exist any longer 7. 32 | 184 | Unk. | Down ONE 8. 8 | 1244 | 129 | Same 9. 57 | 147 | 51 | Up FOUR! 10. 27 | 198 | 77 | First week of monitoring (Apex) * Overall Weekly Rate Change: 0.5556 Overall Rankings Average: 23.2222 * Note on #10: It was added about 2 weeks ago to site, but only accepted about 1.5 weeks ago. Not enough to monitor, I thought. But here's what the rankings were for the week before 236!!! | 201 | 80. The last number is outgoing hits here.
  5. I really don't know what else you can do... it IS uguaga's job to do bugs, have you mailed him in-game?
  6. This should help. Also, you DO get an upgrade to 500 Ve per cycle, but that is at MP5. I agree, maybe there should be an interim step between MP3, if MP3 gets 200, and MP4 gets 300.. I think maybe for each MP level, you should be able to get 100xMPlevel of Ve per cycle.
  7. Okay, here is the list of voting sites that have MagicDuel added to. They may or may not be monitored, if you, personally, would like to assist me with this project by selecting a group of voting sites to monitor, please, pm me. This does not include all of the sites, that are on the website, or in-game. This is just the list as I know it and as I have personally contributed to it. XTremeTop100 *added a while ago, maybe 2/4?* MuOnline *added 2/6* (this one, I can't translate to find the vote link, but please, write and review anyway) Crimsongames200.com*added2/4* not on in-game or official list, but Manu knows about it mpog100.com (this takes you to stats, you'll have to vote yourself) MMORPG100.com*added 2/4* ApexWebGaming.com*submitted 2/8, added 2/16. my personal favorite. the site isn't very recent, but still * mpogd.com*added 1/4* to be continued tomorrow 2/20 EDIT BY CHEWETT: changed the html a bit where the url tag had a foreign entity inside it corrupting the code
  8. Woah, nice personal statement mate. ;)

  9. Didn't know that, but I though Netscape was the browser that was first and that IE was basically cloned after and then Microsoft used its monopolistic buying power to basically kill Netscape?
  10. Hello, Welcome, and hope to see you online mate!
  11. yeah, I've heard, but... unless he wants to use "The Bat!" or one of those other, alternatives, actually, wouldn't Netscape work? as IE is based off Netscape,I thought, to some small degree.
  12. by appearance, I meant that the screen, not the transparencies and the parts where it is obviously screwing up, but like the ring to upgrade creatures is just a dull gray circle all the way around, and some of the other buttons look slightly different, quaint. Also, this happened once, my flash player need to be upgraded, so I upgraded it, try that.
  13. Okay, we have a whole host of new partners that I have yet to set up,(I will also have to check to see if MagicDuel already includes them, they include: topwebgames.com(no magicduel)*have ads*^suggested by Whane the whip^submitted, done toprpggames.comtyped in wrong topgamesites.net (we have top-game-sites.com)*ads* addeddone gtop100.com*ads*(have MD)addeddone oz-games200.com(have MD)*ads* done directoryofgames.com(No MD)*ads* gamesites100.net(No MD)*no ads* mpogtop.com (No MD) *no ads* topfreegameservers.com (No MD)*no ads* phpgamesnetwork^suggested bydunk3r^*ads* done Jonn jagtoplist.com bigpoint ^suggested by Soverign King^ *If someone could help me out and check to see if each of these sites already has MagicDuel, please, do, I'd be very grateful.*
  14. Wow, my screen doesn't look like that at all, half of those images don't have that appearence on mine... that is confusing, where is the worship screen?
  15. PeterParker, that is a good idea, personally, I think it would be cool, if I could give my armor to a new player, they pay, say 2/3 of Vp, as it is used, and I choose to either get 1/2 of original Vp from it, or, maybe get (the original Vp cost) 20 How about that? so if I bought something for 1000 Vp, I could maybe give it away for 50 Honor, that seems a little high,maybe 40% or 1/3 of original costs might work better. Or PeterParker's idea of sacing them. Either way, this wold be quite a bit of implentation.
  16. Thanks Hanuka, and Hanuka, very good idea, it most definitely has some ideas.
  17. okay, so you're saying that, besides the first box that you open, every other box is behind the main screen?
  18. 4th week of monitoring! Rank # | Votes/Incom. Hits | outgoing hits/other votes | rank change 1: 27 | 906 | 119 | Up TWO! 2: 23 | 783 | 102 | Down ONE!!! 3: 17 | 208 | 82 | Up ONE! 4: 1 | 600 | 126 | Same 5: 19 | 342 | 118 | Down ONE!!! 6: This site is now defunct and does not exist any longer 7: 31 | 175 | Unk. | Up FOUR!!!! (today's votes: 2370, 11831) 8: 8 | 872 | 95 | Same 9: 61 | 77 | 31 | Up FOURTEEN!!!!! Overall Weekly Rate Change: 2.375 Overall Rankings Average: 23.375
  19. As stated above, by shadowice's parameters, please, add principles to your spell, this is an important addition, it is necessary for others to see what you actually mean, or what sense you are trying use. Basically, you can explain the gist of the whole spell just by providing the two principles you think/would like for it to use. Also, cheweet is correct. the second-weakest? naw... maybe, it would become the second-strongest, but it would be for only 4-5 rounds maybe.
  20. The game has been doing that for me since the end of September, I figured it was supposed to do that, as playing on IE does the same thing, or used to, as of 3 weeks ago.
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