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  1. Guardian of Tools

    Seeing as nobody has applied for it and I have the Legislator, I'll apply for 7_teamarket_1. If anyone wants the tools but doesn't want to travel, I'll be happy to deliver them.
  2. 666 achievement

    Without being in an alliance simply being in a land for under a year is enough to get to 666. So what if it's Gateway? It really isn't exceptional.
  3. Protector of the Future

    Is this not borderline RP? I mean, I know the forum is dead but come on, lads.
  4. Lists, a list for everything!

    No, this one would use an over-complicated formula so it wouldn't be a true average. It would weigh one list in imperial and another in metric, for example.
  5. Lists, a list for everything!

    The higher up on a list the listee is listed in relative to the number of lists a listee is listed in the higher the score on the listee list of lists. So number 1 on 1 list may not be as highly ranked as number 10 on 10 lists. I am terrible at formulas.
  6. Lists, a list for everything!

    How many lists of actions a listee is listed in and how highly on said lists the listee is listed in.
  7. Two factor authentication in MD

  8. WTS Creatures

    4GC60SC for the Dark Angien
  9. WTS Creatures

    4gc 135sc for them all.
  10. WTS Creatures

    4gc 105sc for the lot
  11. WTS, some free

    2 Skin - 4SC 28 Pure Gold - 1GC 2 Wiiya - 2SC 8 Timeless Dust - 3SC 44 Uncut Diamonds - 5SC
  12. This has already been mentioned but I really want to see it happen. A way to flag creatures so you can't sac them but still see their rewards at altars.
  13. A new set of tokens for creatures, obtainable only by saccing, distributed randomly as they are now. Mainly to increase their value and prettiness.
  14. Forging, combining items into custom weapons or enchanting existing items with additional effects, such as timeless dust giving an additional freeze chance.