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  1. 3gc Swordsman 2 2gc 15sc 14th anni
  2. 1gc 5sc on each swordsman. 2gc on the 14th. 15sc Santa.
  3. Hmm, I will forfeit my gamble. Seems to be the make-or break-round!
  4. I am too scared to double. Aia - 1 - true 2- false
  5. You have failed me Nep. You leave me with no choice.... I must... copy dst. Aia - 1) true 2) true 3) true 4) true Nep 1) true 2) true 3) false 4) true
  6. Nep: 1 - true 2 - true 3 - true (You better be right Nep!)
  7. Just to be awkward... 1 - Nep 2 - Aia 3 - Nep
  8. I agree that ideally, even though it may be painful, make a break with the past and give special advantages through hard work/dedication/grinding however you want to name it. Let people who are dedicated enough to gather flowers and make wreaths CT's if they wish, let Dowser's dowse, let people who have shown themselves honest enough to distribute things be TK's, despite the current alliance structures. I would support it for CT, may incentivise some people to help others revive.
  9. Change how heads are initially distributed, like say, thorugh containers Heads themselves as a system are cool, just HC itself doesn't work with the current amount of players.
  10. Ever so slightly biased as a member of CT, but if you really want to give guilds meaning, you have to give them significant influence over their area of expertise. Whether that is giving them significant advantages in gathering a certain resource, or something a little more imaginative.
  11. More death anchors or ways to get AP while dead would be nice. As for helping people revive on their own, maybe give a certain amount of Reality Shards per day, so many that it takes a couple months of just sitting in the graveyard to revive for 'free' using a clickie ala the wreath binder. IIRC the cooldown on killing tools is a month or so and 2 months is a long time to live with the restrictions of being dead. OR make it way harder to kill people/get away with it, but I don't like this option.
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