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  1. You could consider them a gentle nudge to move up to MP4
  2. You aren't meant to be able to do everything at MP3, like how certain creatures now need a certain Mindpower to advance. Don't see a problem with it being harder (not impossible) to use the shop either. I'm interested in how MP3 get loyalty, is it just the +1 per login?
  3. Ah 2 prizes eh... neat. Can I yoink 10x tokens for the first trivia as well then please?
  4. Depends on your tolerance to poison! I suggest adding Grasan Cheese to this list...
  5. Stupid question, did you miss a login, resetting your cumulative days? You can drop a lot of AP that way.
  6. Could I please spend my consolation points on a Toadspeak stone and 2 plushies Surprised I got any right XD
  7. Always happy to chuck some time into tagging things... As an idea for tags. A25 - https://magicduel.com/page/Announcement/view/5020 MD BIRTHDAY - https://magicduel.com/page/Announcement/view/5018 AUTOMATED - https://magicduel.com/page/Announcement/view/5017 MDSHOP - https://magicduel.com/page/Announcement/view/4912 HEADS - https://magicduel.com/page/Announcement/view/494 REDUNDANT - https://magicduel.com/page/Announcement/view/667 Some of these would be nice to filter/blacklist, like Author:System or Tag:Redundant.
  8. This is what happens to me once I try to login like Steno, got a similar error and now no captcha shows at all.
  9. I'll yoink myself a Swordie for the 2nd trivia please
  10. I reset my shop about a week ago and no extra Erolin was available to purchase. Didn't realise it was now part of the resets?
  11. Could I please get me 1 each of.... 1x Item 1: Anni creature 2019. Price: 15 plushies (limit: 1 p.p.) 1x Item 9: 14th anniversary spicy pickle. Price: 4 plushies 1x Item 11: 14th anniversary piece of cake. Price: 2 plushies Total: 21 plushies Cheers
  12. I would hate for people to think I just copied and pasted my submission.... r1c6 r2c7 r3c8 r4c8 r5c8 r6c7 r7c6 c8c7
  13. Hey now, I barely covered my costs this year! The shareholders will be mortified.... Now, for my cocktail.... "Odeur a la Grasan" It is quite hard to get authentic ingredients in the East, since Grasan Ferment was outlawed, just make sure nobody is looking while you brew this... You will need: YOU WILL REQUIRE: 1x Distilled Grasan ferment (available in all good pubs regardless of it's legal status) 1x Solid Stench - I recommend the Stench harvested from a Golemian Grey Grasan... it is simply better. 1x Secret Ingredient (the real secret is, it doesn't matter what the secret ingredient is!) 1x Grasan Pin Badge OR Sticker from sticker book - For decoration purposes ONLY You will require bravery to harvest the Solid Stench and cunning to smuggle the Grasan Ferment out of the East. The rest can be found on the floor or in some Obelisks occasionally. TO PREPARE: Slowly pour the ferment into your chalice of choice, while whispering to it sweet nothings and lascivious praise. Next, put a sprinkle of your Secret Ingredient or the whole lot, according to taste. You must then leave the Solid Stench on the rim of the glass, no you are not meant to drink or eat it, it merely gets in you way. Then, add Grasan Badges and Stickers to taste - I find a sticker on the front matches my tastes. Consume.... fresh.
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