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  1. I was outbidding Shem's bid. I assume that means I win the one you weren't bidding on?
  2. Not sure I see the need to give coins for credit purchase, are the credits not enough? Or is this some way to incentive gifting credits? To get rid fo the 2% stat boosts? I can understand the point about coins being seen as achievements, to me that adds to their monetary value - you either spent a decent amount unlocking and getting stuff in the shop, whether by supporting the game or grinding free credits or they were a reward for some activity - maybe questing or helping out. I earn my money but I could phrase it as a reward for my acheivements! Maybe I will do so in my CV somehow.... I find it hard to see a clear-cut distinction between barter and pay personally, I suppose they are different but not much functionally? If you are happy to be paid in sand, more power to you. If you think a GC is too valuable that is fine, give them a SC or three. They do still exist, even if they are a pain to transfer in bulk. I'm not a fan of the 'If it ain't broke don't fix it' but this has been unchanged for over a decade, was decided by the players (still is) and I've yet to see any evidence it is not 'working'.
  3. The economy is stagnant because the broader game is stagnant. Considering the amount of active players, I think it is doing quite well. I'm on mobile so can't check but wouldn't be surprised if it is one of the more active sections on the forum which historically attracted a range of players - auctions are always popular. Yes wealth flowing is empowering but there will always be people with more wealth, inflating the amount of gold will just inflate the hoard. If you want a more fluid economy, look to making the secondary currencies such as resources more fluid and reducing barriers to their trade. If I could buy 1 memory stone for 1sc from a stack of stones I would, but stacks are an inviolable gameplay mechanic. Reducing penalties for transferring creatures for a cost is a great way to make it more fluid, reducing SC in the realm and encouraging trading - perhaps do something similar for stacks. Say I have 10 stones in a stack, let me sacc 1 to Treasury to transfer 1 from the stack rather than the whole thing. Those sorts of things would help increase activity and reduce the cost for new players. If you decrease the value of GC/SC you simply increase the amount required helping nobody. Inflation is a real thing, after all.
  4. I think the real question is why it needs changing? I don't think there is an issue with the currency of a game being rigid and gold/silver is essentially limitless in MD. You have other infinetly flexible currencies in resources etc. Yes, some people have a large amount of coin but that didn't come from nowhere. It came from supporting the game financially, trading, questing all options available to any player. You already have ways to incentive people spending their coin, in fact you are doing that now but some people will always have more than others. We also already have numerous secondary currencies - resources, creatures perhaps access to certain tools etc. so what does debasing GC/SC actually accomplish? You will just increase the costs of things to new highs which won't help new players and the older players with a hoard will quickly adjust.
  5. 1sc for each master lorerootian archer 1gc on each 14th anni and 12th anni 4gc on horseman
  6. 3gc Swordsman 2 2gc 15sc 14th anni
  7. 1gc 5sc on each swordsman. 2gc on the 14th. 15sc Santa.
  8. Hmm, I will forfeit my gamble. Seems to be the make-or break-round!
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