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  1. but how HOW, you cant just pray at the statue... although it does make sense
  2. lol slayer nice personal message i hope your joking :S
  3. lol he said tel l us the aswer lol. and i will figure it out eventually. if it is actually possible
  4. bah i will re-write that. the wizard is simply standing there....
  5. i am still wondering if we can do anything with the statue int his chapter. or if it a catch for us to figure out eventually.....
  6. hey Thantos. r u the Live Help guy. you attacked me like 3 times....
  7. lol thats if you meet him. i dont know what i would do if i met King Manu. first i would ask him WHY? he started this game. i know its fun, just want to know....
  8. it was near the sages keep........
  9. hey what happened to that random brick that does nothing but you can highlight it? was it a clue?
  10. well this might sound pretty odd but that does sound very convincing enslaved.
  11. i started Kings Duels. but my account got deeted for some reason. i contacted admin they said they didnt know. so i stopped playing.
  12. hello everyone! im a man of few words.... thankyou
  13. just wonderign what would be the best principle to mix with darkness. i have 45000 darkness and i am going to repeat the story and get a different one. anyone have any sugestions? i would apprectiate it.
  14. does this mean that now we have 4 people to be in our Alliance we can make it happen? or do we need more. and what is the limit for an Alliance?
  15. i want to know what the deal is with the statue. has anybody solved it????
  16. yey i am helping. i have 2 adepts, and i asked 2 people to join before i knew i could have adepts and they joined thats 4 guys!
  17. i will join Shattered Illusions to. my Name is AmmonJerro
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