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  1. Mefisto

    new alliance

    May God have mercy to us all! hahh
  2. Hahahahhh Omg, u really have no luck with this game :lol: :lol: well, I was killed too... but I had no idea that the game will finish if i make the wrong choice. I gotta kill him... man, that was soo.... mmmmm :P ... nice feeling. I think that when this game get finished, it will have a 13+ mark or something - not for kids or something (cos of brutality)
  3. As it says... just to say hello! great game. Mefistofelos
  4. Mefisto

    new alliance

    Well, if that is all we r waittin for than the alliance name can be The Frozen Abyss I`d really like to see how this alliance works, so can we now create one? :lol: :lol: Best regards
  5. Mefisto

    new alliance

    well, all of those names sounds cool just start the alliance already
  6. Hello to all of you behind this project. First of all, I`d like to say that this game IS different that other games (Ogame, runescape, tribalwars and other addictive games), and I`ll be here for a while, so don`t stop making it interesting and good looking like it is now:) Graphics r great and that was the first thing that attracted me to play it. second thing was the story which is reminding me on the game I used to play when I was a kid, name was SANITARIUM. the best click and point game ever if It`s up to me. The only problem I personally had was the story. It was so tasty that I had no choice but to read it in one bite, so I lack on my stats now, but nwm. when the story get connected with roam mode as in tutorial mode, than it will be much playable. P.S. Where is this game being built? Which country? If I`m not rude:) Best regards.
  7. Mefisto

    new alliance

    oke I`d like to join your aliance my ingame name is Mefistofelos and here is Mefisto should i give u some other info?
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