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  1. Awesome, congrats to ungod. Aia, feel free to either take the imp/joker/pimp to distribute later, or hand them to Ungod for winning since he usually rewards crits himself, either works for me. I liked the quest concept a lot, if we could taint creatures at will without limits it would be interesting indeed. Great job to all, enjoy your rewards.
  2. (My sincerest apologies to all who have bid thus far, life has been a tad hectic [moving out] but i promise you, all items and creatures will be sent out here super soon)
  3. The fix you mentioned earlier (unpin and refresh) worked wonderfully, thank you mur
  4. My screens been doing that same thing Mallos' does since the change, i was wondering if it was just me, since i use a Chromebook ( o-o)7
  5. I am basically his backpack, so i can say without a doubt that that Taint is fully untokened.
  6. I hate to be a bearer of bad news, but this bit here doesnt close, like ever, and ive tried clicking everything, is this a bug or am i missing something? :3
  7. No worries, im just glad to see MD going in a good direction. And just like redneck ill be around if im needed. Godspeed to you Mur, and to the Team.
  8. Id also like to help, though i severely lack any experience with these tools, im sure time and wiser souls can help keep me on the right path. Id like to offer my services with BSR as my Overseer.
  9. For references sake, and since my profile page only shows a small set amount of crits Heres the list of what i currently own thats Non Necro (and Ayas right, all maxed). Hollow / Colorless, 12th & 14th Anny Tree / Colorless, Shop Elu / Halloween LR Archer / Colorless, Shop Morph Drach / Murmas Shop, Shop Grasan / Colorless, Shop MB Archer / Colorless, Shop Aramor / Colorless, Shop Joker / Colorless, Shop Santa Toxico Winderwild Knator Daimon Elemental Id also like to sponsor 1 Joker, 1 Imp, and 1 Pimp on my end for you to use however you see fit.
  10. https://imgur.com/a/XAtKRgq This is what i see on my end (google chrome mobile on android) but aside from some things being improperly sized, i think it looks good ( o.o)7
  11. I actually chuckled reading this... As I tried to ignore the tears welling up. You'll be missed Samon. And you're right, any great sadness that led to growth, is no sadness indeed. So why does my heart hurt every time I see a good friend leave? Why does my heart ache whenever I think of leaving this place? Hrm...mysteries for another day I guess. PM me when you do visit Samon. Creator knows you have friends in both high and low places ♡
  12. So it seems that MagicDuel and its people, have enjoyed a nice and peaceful time since ive been away on business. That being the case, as a Chaotic Neutral entity, its my responsibility and honor, to stir up a hellish amount of activity with my sheer madness. As of this day, i hereby publicly announce the Alliance of The Free Woodland Peaks. The Untamed East, the Foresty Loreroot, and the Mountainous Golemus have officially joined forces in full. As representatives of this pact, as persons of interest if anyone is interested, for or against, we have the following. Duchess Mallos of the Free Eastern Providence. Madamme Lazarus, Chieftess of Loreroot, Empress to Locked Necrovion. And yours truly, the curse of MD, the plague that forces you to act, the infection that forces you to grow stronger to survive. I, Princess Fang "Lycanus" Archbane, hereby represent the hallowed and sacred territory of Golemus Golemicarum. As things stand, MD could use a bit of a stir. Violent or otherwise. We might disagree on methodology, but you cant argue with results. Well see you around MD. Assuming you join or resist us before we take over everything that isnt nailed down. (Save for Necro, we need to chat with the Shades on that one). So stir. Get unruly. Rage against the machine. Join us. Fight us. Hail us. Condemn us. We arent going away anytime soon. So the only question left is... are you?..
  13. I could be wrong, but I do believe Chewy made a statement somewhere about incorrect coding on those crits, and the new age they now have being the correct age.
  14. I'm a simple woofbird so I'll keep my answer short and sweet. Wiiya, at least to me, is information in its purest form.
  15. Google chrome is working as per usual. Just double checked. Even mobile chromes just fine. I mean it only works with the new scenes, but the captcha and login box are good.
  16. Sushi... ohohoho... Sushi ( -3-)

    The tiny Neko Sashimi outdid herself this time ♡

  17. The bloodshed has begun! (Momentarily at GoE, will move to the FoF when Ailith is able to set the jumplink) Edit1: In a suprising early morning victory, Demonic God is the first to take the win! Edit2: Not to be outdone by more than mere second, NathanBlake takes the second fiery victory! Edit0: Once the MD BIrthday ends, all winners and participants will get to choose their rewards and recieve their credits in the order of victory
  18. Available participants has been expanded to all new fresh (or freshish) mp3s/4s/5s as well as those returning fresh (or freshish) mp3s/4s/5s.
  19. Putting a placeholder here to remind me once I get off work that I want to write something for this. I normally dont quest, and as a matter of fact most know it's one of my cardinal laws... but out of respect to my long gone in game wife (my first one), in her loving memory, I'll break my pact just this once.
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