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  1. Fang Archbane

    Buying Coins

    I'm looking for anyone willing to trade coins for credits. You can find me via forum pms. Thank you.
  2. Fang Archbane

    Death Bug

    Being killed via the system (Chewy knows what I mean) does not add you to the land of the Dead. This means you keep a broken version of the living regen timer while "dead", one that randomly resets itself to max whenever it feels like it.
  3. Fang Archbane

    WTB Shop crits

    1 Colored Tormented Soul (Soulweaver) 1 Colorless Elucubration (Halloween) 4 Colored Aramor (10th Anniversary) 3 Colored Barren (11th Anniversary) 2 Colored Barren (12th Anniversary) 3 Colored Barren (13th Anniversary) 4 Colored Aramor (6th Anniversary) 4 Colored Aramor (7th Anniversary) 4 Colored Aramor (8th Anniversary) 4 Colored Aramor (9th Anniversary) 3 Colorless Drachorn (Wishpoint) 2 Colored MB Archer (Bloodpact) 4 Colored LR Archer (Sharptear) 3 Colored Drachorn (Reindrach) 2 Colored Drachorn (Rustgold) 2 Colorless Joker (Wishpoint) 1 Colorless Loreroot Archer 3 Colorless Drachorn (GG) 1 Colored Elucubration 2 Angien (Tainted) 4 Swordsman 6 Horseman 2 Nutracker 2 Darkling 3 Molima 3 Angien 2 Morph 4 Shade 5 SMSH 3 Santa Edit: Updated crit amounts
  4. Fang Archbane

    WTB Shop crits

    Good evening, im looking to buy the following 3 colored barrens 2 colorless LR archers 4 colored MB archers 4 colored LR archers 2 colored tormented souls 4 colored grasans 2 colorless jokers 1 colored joker 2 colored drachorns (rustgoled) 3 colored drachorns (reindrach) 3 colorless drachorns 5 santas Age and Tokens are not of value to me, i will take them if they exist, but i will not pay extra for them. Thank you
  5. Fang Archbane

    Farewell MD!

    Well... I'm sad to see you go but I understand. All good things come to an end. Best of luck in your next endeavors BFH. I'm sorry if I ever wronged you and I wish you the greatest of successes. You will be missed.
  6. Fang Archbane

    Caretaking your heads v2

    You could involve the dead since they cant fight, they could pose riddles to reward x amount of heads spawned onto them (would be up to the contestants to decide if taking a tour for a chance at extra heads is worth it, possibly movebound with other contestants could make it a mobile gorefest) you could involve mp7s from gateway, if they agree to play along they could also have heads on them and have different defenses set for different mps to defeat for an extra chance at heads, you could spawn heads on non contestant mp5s and have then run around MD, you could spawn heads on someone like Chew as he sets an ungodly wookie rit that has a 99% chance of winning in defense, etc.
  7. Fang Archbane

    Tithes for the Gray

    I've learned through much trial, time, and error, that Lash much like Chew is to be trusted, especially when he doesn't reveal his entire plan. Very few people in my heart and mind have earned that right, & quite appropriately, very few people harbor that sort of patience understanding and insight. You have my support in spirit Pip, as do you in your questing wherever it may take you Nava. As friends, healthy rivals, and elements of forced growth, our paths seem to always intertwine. As the fire does not question the air which fuels, as the earth does not hold a grudge against the water that reshapes it, I accept you both for who you are and welcome the adventure. An open mind is the Magic as an indecisive heart is the Duel, and as always, it is up to each of Us to make them One, much like MagicDuel has made us One. May MD fuel you as much as you fuel MD. May the outer Winds always fuel your inner Fires. ~ The Phoenix Fang
  8. Fang Archbane

    Help Rophs sail West

    With the lowered MP6 requirement he could have easily enough raised his mind power and brought some mainlanders over to visit. Oh well, if this meets his goals, congrats all the same Rophs.
  9. Fang Archbane

    LR Archer Recipe Suggestion(s)

    Either works for me, and in your case I'd just be curious as to how eating bushies makes a winderwild molt o:
  10. Fang Archbane

    LR Archer Recipe Suggestion(s)

    Why sac a winderwild when we can expect a single feather from molting upon upgrade? They grow considerably in size per upgrade so molting older smaller feathers isn't too mad. And bacons too rare a commodity, so id have to say no to that one personally.
  11. Fang Archbane

    addition to crits on crits page

    You mean the primary vertical mockup thats his outdated suggestion. The current & updated horizontal mockup does not indeed show the ID twice.
  12. Fang Archbane

    addition to crits on crits page

    Coming from someone who collects creatures up to that exact digit (the ritual limit) who also spends half his time Dead (where one can't see that amount) I would gladly second this, as it would be a direct aid in my endeavors.
  13. Fang Archbane

    MD anniversary plushie shop

    Ill take 9 wiiya~
  14. Fang Archbane

    Protector Papers Bug

    It seems the Protector Statement Papers one should pick up in MDAs Library with the good ol Librarian are bugged at the moment. This is not urgent as only One is MP6, and thus this bug only affects me. Just figured id catalog and report this now if you ever find yourself bored Chewy.
  15. Fang Archbane

    Blood Drop 2 Token Bugs

    I'd say it's a good call to update the descrip~
  16. Fang Archbane

    Sign is wrong

    Apparently, the Sign stating where the inventory is, says its on the left.This has been causing so much confusion among the newbies that its a tad funny.Stressful at times, but hilarious nonetheless. Ooh, i get goosebumps just thinking about it.If anyone could please correct that to say the inventory is a small chest icon on the RIGHT side of the screen.One you dont see till you hit "See More" first and looks like the words cutest toy chest.I would truly, truly appreciate it.Thank you.
  17. Fang Archbane

    Worshippers not getting confirmation emails

    Pretty sure they all simply got the emails late, should be fine
  18. It seems my new Worshippers are not getting confirmation emails.This applies to most if not all of them.Im sure its just a small glitch in the matrix somewhere.But i thought id bring it to Chewys attention and ask for his help.As always thank you Chewett, your help never goes unappreciated.
  19. Fang Archbane

    Refferal Link To MP5

    Yes indeed, but they're quite busy atm. I could PM them on discord and have them come into the forum soonish if you'd like.
  20. Fang Archbane

    Refferal Link To MP5

    I brought Nep into MD via my refferal link. Nep has reached MP5. I have not received the 15 Credits i should have.
  21. Fang Archbane

    Protector Papers Bug

    No, seems I have the papers now, thank you
  22. Fang Archbane

    Killing contract doesnt work on self

    So i payed Eon to kill me and... well im still alive. I need to die after specific preparations are met so, if you could let me know when this is going to get handled Chew (aka have me killed in any other way at all) i just need a 30 second heads up so some last minute prepr can be completed. As always, thank you for your hard work and time Chew, i know this is odd but i wanted to do some testing and i couldnt even get to it.
  23. Fang Archbane


    Edit: Post redacted, it seems i misread the digits, my apologies.
  24. Fang Archbane

    Alt Problems Yet Again

    Hi Chewy, this ones for you. Seems Ledah and i are still considered Alts, and i know i havnt used the browser that shant be named since i asked to be unalted. When you have a chance to breathe, if you could please unalt us i would deeply appreciate it. His Elu is hungry and id rather not starve it.
  25. Fang Archbane

    WTS Creatures and Items (Auction)

    Santa: 48Sc