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  1. Sky scouters

    Im actually working on this one, just need to find time between work to finish the art
  2. A Renaissance of the Eclipse

    My beloved Priestess Aia, you have the full support of this Golemian Werewolf of The Dead. I will join you in spirit from the graveyard when the time comes, we shall welcome Luna again.
  3. Granite Wolf

    Alright, i can see how this is going to be, this can be locked and GWolf is lost forever. I dont mind as hes mine either way but, it is what it is, only my adepts lose out on a good gift from this move so, no skin off my ghostly being.
  4. Granite Wolf

    Formally requesting my alt account Granite Wolf have his password reset and the new password sent to me via forum So that i may gift the Dream Joker on that account to one of my adepts for their hard work and dedication. As always, please and thank you.
  5. Granite Wolf

    Can you please clarify what you mean as "more proof"? Considering that that is a splitscreen of my old computer with both my Fang Archbane and Granite Wolf accounts open simultaneously, please do explain how that is not ample proof and how one can get "more valid proof".
  6. As on the other thread, resent on email as attachments.
  7. Granite Wolf

    Combining Aia reading the pages for us, Mallos providing the screenshot, and the simple fact that at that time i had splitscreened my Fang & Granite accounts simultaneously, i believe this to be ample proof. Anything else youd like to say chew?
  8. WTB Shop crits

    :Update: Still looking for 3 Colored Barrens 1 Colorless Loreroot Archer 3 Colored MB Archers 4 Colored LR Archers 1 Colored Tormented Soul 2 Colorless Jokers 2 Colored Drachorns (Rustgold) 3 Colored Drachorns (Reindrachs) 3 Colorless Drachorns 4 Santas Pm me if you have any of the following with proper labeling and asking price Thank you.
  9. WTB Shop crits

    Good evening, im looking to buy the following 3 colored barrens 2 colorless LR archers 4 colored MB archers 4 colored LR archers 2 colored tormented souls 4 colored grasans 2 colorless jokers 1 colored joker 2 colored drachorns (rustgoled) 3 colored drachorns (reindrach) 3 colorless drachorns 5 santas Age and Tokens are not of value to me, i will take them if they exist, but i will not pay extra for them. Thank you
  10. Protector Papers Bug

    It seems the Protector Statement Papers one should pick up in MDAs Library with the good ol Librarian are bugged at the moment. This is not urgent as only One is MP6, and thus this bug only affects me. Just figured id catalog and report this now if you ever find yourself bored Chewy.
  11. MP4 compass bug

    So apparently, every time an MP4 clicks his compass to try to worship me, this appears.
  12. Not getting loyalty from underground

    The Underground Caverns do not give Land Loyalty when the Daily progress hits as all lands should.
  13. Sign is wrong

    Apparently, the Sign stating where the inventory is, says its on the left.This has been causing so much confusion among the newbies that its a tad funny.Stressful at times, but hilarious nonetheless. Ooh, i get goosebumps just thinking about it.If anyone could please correct that to say the inventory is a small chest icon on the RIGHT side of the screen.One you dont see till you hit "See More" first and looks like the words cutest toy chest.I would truly, truly appreciate it.Thank you.
  14. Complete list of scenes and resources

    Im building a complete & comprehensive list of all common scenes with all current/max resources.This list will be updated daily, and will only be distributed to those that form an alliance with me and my people.Whether thats as a Merchant, Trader, Gatherer, Info Broker etc, it does not matter to me.Very few people, again, will have the required Inner Criteria to work for me and my people.If you feel that you are one of the Truly Worthy, then ask me for the google doc link in pms.If you work for me, then you report to me. If you have the dedication and willpower to do so, then you know how to find me.I look forward to rebuilding MagicDuel with the few people that TRULY have the heart and dedication for it.We answer to not one other. My people are my equals. Earn my respect working for me, and you will no longer work for me, but WITH me.Show me that you are someone worth trusting. Anyone can talk my ear off, very few can do what it takes to SHOW me they hold that Inner Fire.
  15. I am renting out Memory Stone Detectors & Reality Coagulators. Each Tool will be 5 Silver a Piece with a Personal Limit of 3 . I have the right to deny service to any i see fit. And here are only two laws to remember. 1) Dont ever harvest below the infinitely appointed 50-66% MemZone when farming Memory Stones, Fenths are depletable. 2) If you pass the tool(s) to anyone for any reason, or ignore the acceptable 50-66% MemZone expect the following; RIP) You will be indefinitely banned from all GG Lab Tools from any Golemian as long as im Active in this Game. Thank you ahead of time to any who decide to do Business with Me. Service is on a first Come&Coin first Served basis. I suggest you get ready for the New Age.
  16. Principle Documents

    I have to say im impressed and humbled by the sheer research and dedication youve committed to this. Im happy to say youve officially won me over, if its you and you ask for permission first as well as good reason.
  17. Since Questions Will Arise

    Since my new and fun Eternity in the Dead will come into public questioning soon enough as all other things i do or say, i figured id preemptively explain some things here. My dedication to the MR Fraternity; I am loyal to the MR because i am loyal to MRAlyon. As long as he is in charge of the Frat i am an MR to heart and this will not change. My lack of the Symbol while in the Dead does not change this undying fact. My dedication to Golemus Golemicarum; No matter what happens now or in the future, my loyalty to the land of Golemus is truly set in stone. Grido is my King and i hope only to surpass his expectations of me. Even if i lost everything due to any reason, none of this would change. My vacation in the Dead; The Dead is difficult, so much so that it takes a special kind of insanity to not just accept this but also flourish in darkness. I have accepted this and since i just got two new jobs, i cast an Illusion to get killed by someone who thought their will under their sole control. <3 So let me thank you sincerely. Ill use this time to do what must be done and relax for once in my life in the Dead and Necrovion <3 You payed for my vacation so to speak, and in all honesty im so very truly grateful you are this predictable. Thank you dearly. To summarize and make sure its perfectly clear even before my intentions goals or motives come into questioning, ill say the following and repeat some of what ive stated. I am a Golemian at Heart, regardless of what happens to my Land or doesnt, this will never change. I will always work to protect my land from any trouble i deem real. No, resource depletion doesnt even make it onto my radar as resources will recover but the disease will grow bored one day and move on. Go crazy, tire yourself out. I am an MR Fraternity member at heart, and as long as MRAlyon is the Boss and continues to accept me this will never change. His will is my own if only he asks. Im going to enjoy my time in The Dead because i planned hard to get here how i got here and if you can or cant accept this... hey, you make my role easier. If im alive ill help everyone gain massive stats. If im dead ill enjoy exploring the unknown. If im spellbound ill simply sit there and ponder life. Ive won. There is absolutely nothing that can harm me, stop me, or deter me anymore. Every day has a goal. Every goal its own path. Nothing to fear. I am Fang Lycanus Archbane, and now that i have been reborn yet again, i am the Twilight Fang Of True Death. Question my motives or dont, unless youre my King or MRAlyon, god knows it wont matter to me. Best of luck to all of MD. I hope you find the Pure Happiness i have one day. If you need me im but a Private Message away.
  18. Renting memory stone and reality collectors

    I already handled it Rider
  19. Renting memory stone and reality collectors

    I was indisposed with other stuff chew, if rider hasnt passed you the detector yet please pm me on discord
  20. Renting memory stone and reality collectors

    Ive dropped to using just 1 myself. 3 is acceptable as its the shared tool limit naturally enforced by the system. Edit; Upon further thought ive decided to adopt Miqs logic here. His being a fellow Golemian forced me to rethink my stance this once. Ill only be giving out 1 per person to those that request them. I will no longer charge for their use post official acceptance as GG Lab Guardian.
  21. Fangs Newbie Discord channel

    If you are in the profession of helping the newbies, or you yourself are a newbie that has signed up under my referral link, then please do know this now.I have started a Discord channel that will encompass all my newbies as well as any Guardians that choose to join.Know this now though, dear Guardians. That title does not apply only to those on GateWay, and my requirements are unique and harsh.If i do not trust you, you will not become a part of this. Thats nothing personal, i simply dont have time to deal with less than certain things.If you are in the profession of helping like Nava, Mallos, Blackshade Rider, Lintara, regardless of where you stand or what you feel, if i trust your Soul you will be allowed in.If you registered under my referral link and stay active, have questions, and in general want a more streamlined support system, then pm me for the link.If you think you fit the criteria of Guardian, then please pm me for the link. If i dont reply, then i do not trust you. Take no offense and move on. I know i will.To the rest of MagicDuel, i hope you all have a great day. Enjoy, but try not to blink, for the winds of change blow harder now than ever before.
  22. It seems my new Worshippers are not getting confirmation emails.This applies to most if not all of them.Im sure its just a small glitch in the matrix somewhere.But i thought id bring it to Chewys attention and ask for his help.As always thank you Chewett, your help never goes unappreciated.
  23. I Aim to become the GG king

    I aim to become Golemus Golemicarums Future King. In fact, i already am in my heart. The only approval and blessing i seek, is that of my current King Grido. But i digress. In the very near future, my Children will be allowed onto the Mainland. At this time, they will pick Homes. I would kindly suggest you all spiffy your favorite scenes, and clean those shiny titles you hold, for appearance will be key. I will not, ask them to join my land of Golemus. I believe every single one of my Children should pick their own Home. So this means every land has a fair shot, and every land should do its best to make a good impression on the future Young Blood of our World. I dont seek acceptance from anyone but my King, and my People of Golemus Golemicarum. In my heart, i have been a Golemian and known this for a long time. All that has changed, is that im now willing to openly admit this to the public eye. Dont take words for what im about to say, realize i speak with no emotion, only to clarify. I seek not one Outsiders acceptance. I need not one outsiders approval. Out of sheer respect to Grido for our past, present, and future, i will do all i can to fully earn his Blessing in this endeavor. And i will not move forward with this till i do. Out of sheer respect to my People, i will also do all i can to earn their approval, and protect them as i would if i were already their King. For as stated above, i am in my Heart. I say this publicly now to let you all know what is to come. I say this now so you are not caught off guard, or have reason to complain when you are. Even if i never get accepted formally as Golemus' King, i will always continue to act like it, do what one would do, and keep my land protected, as well as flourishing. Treat me with respect if you want the same in return. Treat me with kindness, and i will return it tenfold. But be wary, i am not the Loving Idiot Dog i used to be in my youth. I have returned a full blown WereWolf, and with a new Mentality. I will greet all newcomers with a clean slate. I will love you, until you betray me. Everybody Gets One. If you have wronged me in the past, i will not completely mistrust you from this day forth. But i will not trust you either, until you prove to me that you are Worthy. If you dont seek my approval, that is fine. Never forget i also do not seek yours if you are not of Golemus. So clean your best shoes, put on your best tuxedos. My children will be greeting you in person soon. And be wary of whom you treat how, and why. Because you never know when one of those you tread on for so long, will become a King in his Heart.
  24. MP4 Darkness bug

    Gappy went Mind Power 4 and picked Darkness.It is not showing up on either his personal profile or the public profile pages.Officially reporting this as a bug, thanks for your hard work and time Chewy.