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  1. Alt Problems Yet Again

    Hi Chewy, this ones for you. Seems Ledah and i are still considered Alts, and i know i havnt used the browser that shant be named since i asked to be unalted. When you have a chance to breathe, if you could please unalt us i would deeply appreciate it. His Elu is hungry and id rather not starve it.
  2. Alt Problems Yet Again

    Oh, it was supposed to be fixed with that update? I checked right after that was done for alts myself and everyone who was previously my alt was still considered so. I figured that was some sort of other dealting that happened since nothing on my end changed. Odd. Edit: I don't want to waste your time, so let me recheck sometime tomorrow just in case something changed and I'll update you then
  3. Molima bug

    Have you tried Romance?
  4. Alt Problems Yet Again

    For clarification and this isnt Chews fault, as hes a rather busy wookie, all previously reported alts of mine are still considered alts. This means we can not trade, fight, adept, etc, for the time being. Im sure itll get fixed some day so, no need to worry my dear Aia.
  5. WTB Shop crits

    Updated2 Colored Barren (12th Anniversary) 3 Colored Barren (11th Anniversary)4 Colored Aramor (10th Anniversary)4 Colored Aramor (9th Anniversary)4 Colored Aramor (8th Anniversary)4 Colored Aramor (7th Anniversary)4 Colored Aramor (6th Anniversary)1 Colorless Loreroot Archer2 Colored MB Archer (Bloodpact)4 Colored LR Archer (Sharptear)1 Colored Tormented Soul (Soulweaver)2 Colorless Joker (Wishpoint)3 Colorless Drachorn (Wishpoint)3 Colored Drachorn (Reindrach)2 Colored Drachorn (Rustgold) 2 Angien (Tainted)3 Angien4 Santa 5 SMSH1 Morph1 Nutracker1 Darkling1 Colored Elucubration1 Colorless Elucubration (Halloween)1 Horseman1 Molima1 Shade1 SwordsmanPayment comes in coin or credits Thank you for your time
  6. WTB Shop crits

    Good evening, im looking to buy the following 3 colored barrens 2 colorless LR archers 4 colored MB archers 4 colored LR archers 2 colored tormented souls 4 colored grasans 2 colorless jokers 1 colored joker 2 colored drachorns (rustgoled) 3 colored drachorns (reindrach) 3 colorless drachorns 5 santas Age and Tokens are not of value to me, i will take them if they exist, but i will not pay extra for them. Thank you
  7. Golemus Golemicarum & Necrovion

    Id like to ask everyone what their thoughts are on the main and sub connections between Golemus Golemicarum and Necrovion. There are no right or wrong answers, I simply wish to gauge the public perspective on this subject and compare it to my own. For a long time now I have felt that GG & Necro are connected in more ways than the obvious or the publicly known so, I feel this question has been long overdue and I eagerly await all replies. Thank you.
  8. Golemus Golemicarum & Necrovion

    Mallos' comment made some old gears spin... since the Shades are a smaller part of a whole, then in an odd way, they could be seen as both complete and incomplete simply depending on perspective. If we examine just one Shade it is not whole... but if we examine the Shades as a race, they are whole when we consider them all at once... interesting. If all the Shades we can see congregate at the Stone of Twisted Souls, then i would be led to believe that they have a sort of Unity or Hive Mind... where they could definitely go off on their own and in separate ways they do not currently seem to do so, and id also be led to believe that wont change unless some great need arises. Its quite possible that they need something they obtain from the Stone of Twisted Souls and its general vicinity. They might be able to move around Necrovion if the necessity ever arose, but they seemingly cant leave Necrovion without falling apart into the separate parts that seem to be their building blocks. This also reminds me of the prior question i put up, if the Shades cant leave Necrovion, then how in the world have we had a War thats supposedly raged on for years, and why in the world are the Three Doors Of Fate sealed off? If theyre sealed then there has to be a threat, but from given fact and clues it does not seem possible for there to be a threat... Unless... It is said that the Swordsman is not a Shade, even if it does resemble one... can Swordsman leave Necrovion without falling apart?... War fits into the difference between Aramors and Shades (at least from the obvious side of things) that the average Shade can not leave Necrovion without falling apart into its various pieces. The way i see things the MP2 (Tiny Men and Empty Aramor) are drawn back to Golemus Golemicarum much like one Dead is drawn back to The Dead. This still leaves the all important factor that Empty Aramors could indeed leave GG and invade another land or take part in a war on the offensive but the average Shade can not. Why in the world cant i shake the feeling that Swordsman and possibly even Molima hold the Key?... Indeed... the Shades themselves said "Peace..hahhahaa..that will be your doom, human, you need WAR to survive, peace with the shades will only make you more...faded". To give credit where credit is due, there has been more Peace than average these last few years and indeed, the Immanity of MagicDuel Adventure have become Faded... at this point i fear that War might be in the name of the Greater Good. I wanted to build a lasting and friendly bond between Golemus Golemicarum and Necrovion but... what am i to do when the greatest kindness i can show the land of Necrovion is... War?...
  9. Unalting

    They can always personally check whos considered their alt themselves, by attempting to Adept someone. If the system allows them to adept that Imman, then they are not considered alts. If the system rejects the attempt to adept, than they are considered alts.
  10. Redacted

    Edit: Post redacted, it seems i misread the digits, my apologies.
  11. Travelling egg

    Can't help but wonder if the Angien Egg has something to do with MD not having a naturally occurring Night... And why in Marind Bell? Is it because of Marind herself?...
  12. Golemus Golemicarum & Necrovion

    I just had... an insane thought. Being that Shades experience what we consider to be Time as they do... Isnt it possible that something that occurs in "our" future could spark the war in "our" past?...
  13. Golemus Golemicarum & Necrovion

    Ive brought the Golemus Golemicarum Flag into The Dead, and planted it within Necrovion just outside The Dead. I cant help but wonder what this will do to the frail Balance.
  14. Golemus Golemicarum & Necrovion

    Some interesting notes brought to my attention Page 116 [2008-07-06 01:06:36 - The Shade Ballance - Kh.]"It is a SHADE!!" All scream in panic and hide behind Khalazdad. "We come in peace!" sais Khalazdad a bit unsure on his words. "Peace..hahhahaa..that will be your doom, human, you need WAR to survive, peace with the shades will only make you more...faded". confused by what the shade said, Khal tries to find out more and als learn more about the shades. & Page 42 [2008-05-09 06:42:01 - Golemus Wizard quest - ST. Mo.]STF turns towards the crowd behind him waving like a fresh ellected president and does the banana dance, on BOTH legs. .Morpheus. shouts: "HEY! what do you think you're doing!?" ..crowd dissapears and STF looks in the ground before Morpheus like a guilty child, waiting for his reaction...the answer might be wrong afterall
  15. WTB Shop crits

    Updated 2 Colored Barren (12th Anniversary) 3 Colored Barren (11th Anniversary)4 Colored Aramor (10th Anniversary)4 Colored Aramor (9th Anniversary)4 Colored Aramor (8th Anniversary)4 Colored Aramor (7th Anniversary)4 Colored Aramor (6th Anniversary)1 Colorless Loreroot Archer2 Colored MB Archer (Bloodpact)4 Colored LR Archer (Sharptear)1 Colored Tormented Soul (Soulweaver)2 Colorless Joker (Wishpoint)3 Colorless Drachorn (Wishpoint)3 Colored Drachorn (Reindrach)2 Colored Drachorn (Rustgold) 2 Angien (Tainted)3 Angien4 Santa1 Morph1 Nutracker1 Darkling1 Colored Elucubration1 Colorless Elucubration (Halloween)1 Horseman1 Molima1 Shade1 Swordsman 1 SMSHPayment comes in coin or credits Thank you for your time
  16. Golemus Golemicarum & Necrovion

    A great question to which I have no good answer. At this point we'd have to see what each creature itself is made up of. This might be where the connection thickens and focuses more on the lands than the creatures themselves. Necrovion harbors Liquid Dust (by itself and as part of a Shades buildup) But GG has Golemus Dust... And was it not said that the House of Liquid Dust was created when Shades tried to leave Necrovion? If memory serves they were unable to sustain their form outside of Necrovion and that's how the House came to be. That raises the all important question of how a war between GG & Necro even came to be, if the Shades can not leave Necrovion without literally falling apart then... did the Empty Aramors attack Necrovion?...
  17. Golemus Golemicarum & Necrovion

    Its said they mirror in the name of balance, and that could mean quite a few things. If memory serves when Immanity (what i call the collective of players in MagicDuel) first made contact with the Sentinel, he said something along the lines of "To wage war against us is to wage war against yourselves"... indeed, the plot thickens. Ive also updated my previous posts with edits, so please do reread the bottom bits ive added. As for the Research, do you speak of The Chronicles Of A Shade Killer? If so i have all the first unlockable ones and would be more than happy to share them, assuming that is allowed. I also seem to have the research on the fight between GG and Necrovion... curioser and curioser. Would also be glad to share that if allowed. I also have some Research on the Aramors themselves... i truly hope im allowed to share all of this. Looking through my Research and Connections i do not see anything simply labeled To Kill A Shade... even if i feel like ive seen it before somewhere. Ive been to most places so, the chances of me not having at least unlocked the ability to see it in my Research and Connections as a locked paper are slim to none.
  18. Golemus Golemicarum & Necrovion

    @Aia del Mana all of these are amazing points... so much so that i dont even know where to start... so ill start here i guess. Taking all that into account, and seeing from a rather wide perspective just how frail the balance and imbalance are... it makes me wonder what would happen if one were to kill TTL ( https://magicduel.com/players/TTL ) or the Controlled Shade | Ark Mattarox ( https://magicduel.com/players/| Ark Mattarox ). Both seem to be very important in the grand scheme of things, and both would greatly disrupt balance if they went from being in Necrovion to The Dead... interesting indeed. For that matter, what would happen if killing them spurred the Shade Sentinel ( https://magicduel.com/players/Shade Sentinel ), and beyond that what would happen if we were to try and kill the Shade Sentinel himself?... would we destroy the balance and imbalance weve all come to take for granted, or would the disruptive assassin become like TTL, a soul now lost to Necrovion?... @Ungod I do believe Aia is on to something beyond important... if the Shades balance the Empty Aramor (Souls without Vessels and Vessels without Souls) then what would happen if we didnt simply defeat them in battle and make them dissapear visually? What would happen if we tried to actually kill them?... woud we drastically see change in either Necrovion, Golemus, Gateway, The Dead, or all four? Would nothing change? Would new previously locked doors open, or would previously open doors close? If something happens, nothing happens, or everything gets turned upside down, careful study of the actions and reactions or lack thereof would greatly aid in the research being conducted on it all. @Blackshade Rider Very possible indeed. We could accidentally spark another war... but if we did, what would that truly mean? Answers might be found, but even more questions would arise... Edit1: A careful study of TTLs, Arks, and the Shade Sentinels principles should also be taken into consideration. They might just hold as many secrets and answers as the rest of this. Edit2: Careful study of these profiles makes me notice a few things immediately. The Sentinel is made up of simply Darkness. Described simply as "Nightmare's for Some, Fascination for Others, Shades Rule the Obscure Side of This World, Balancing for All that is Opposing Them". He is also quoted to be saying "Listen to Me i Challenge You All. Find my Face Behind the Wall. As You Rise so You should Fall". TTL is made up of Darkness, Imagination, Time, Transposition, and Light oddly enough. TTL is "A Soul bound to the Shades Realm, Crossing Over on a Perpetual Basis". No further papers on this once sentient being to describe him, although it should be noted that he did try to kill the Shades if memory serves. Ark is made up of Balance & Imagination. It is an "Undefined entity commonly reffered to as a Shade. Usually being a Fragment of a Larger Cluster ([Sub?]Consciousness of Necrovion?) and without Individual Identity". Ark also speaks of himself. This is seen in the passage reading thusly: "Originated in Necrovion, I Ark Mattorox is Different from your Average Shade (It seems very self aware, even of its abnormality in being self aware). It is Sometimes seen Outside of Necrovion, Sometimes heard talking to Itself (Itself as in himself, or itself as in the rest of the Combined Consciousness?) and has an Unusual Interest in Humans (I believe this means sentient organisms, as we all know not all of us in MagicDuel are "human"). It seems to like Writing and Reading, preferably starting Midway in a Book and working towards the Beginning and the End Simultaneously (This makes sense since Shades experience all of time all at once). Sometimes ruins a book in attempt to Bend it Backwards (This... feels like it has some secret message im overlooking), however the books it returns to the Library are always in a Good State (So it keeps anything it ruins... interesting). The only Problem is it tends to Return books Before it Borrowed them and thus confuse the Librarian (Ah, so their experience of time is different from ours on all levels both Inner and Outer, we could even say Shades can travel through what we consider to be Time). As for the Writings, it has a huge Collection of Papers containing the word "I" or "I Ark Mattarox"; A Thesis on the Concept of Individuality and a Transcript of 'The Book of Time", which he Wrote while visiting the Study Room (Again, this Shade is beyond self aware)".
  19. Golemus Golemicarum & Necrovion

    It seems upon the obtaining of some new information, that Shades are closer to a joined collective of Necrovions (especially Inner Necrovions) consciousness. If this is the case, then it makes me wonder if we create our Shades when we first cross over to Death and only make it more like us every time we die thereafter. Interesting indeed. Tiny Men have closer ties to empty aramors than we might be giving them credit for, they could have very well been Empty Aramors themselves once. If that is the case, then the transition would go Aramor (Whole)> Empty Aramor (Having left Gateway)> Tiny Men (Having somehow found the missing piece or a new substitute piece inside GG). Im of the belief that ill need to study the Necrovion Golemus war more closely now. It might harbor answers ive previously looked over with old eyes now new.
  20. Golemus Golemicarum & Necrovion

    I simply meant the Shades have not been removed from anything to the extent of our knowledge, even if it is possible to find a Shade that resembles you in your entirety. I dont believe those two halves were ever a whole, for what would we become if we fully accepted and absorbed our Shade? Would we be ourselves with a Shade voice in our head, or would we be the voice in the mind of a Shade? Maybe wed be something completely new and amazing, but i feel like we arent together as one with our Shade for a reason. Might simply be for Balances sake, then again it might be something far greater and vastly more destructive to the very fabric of existence. Empty Aramors on the other hand, were not Empty once. Thus, now, they are not whole. I apologize if that got confusing, that was not my intention. Yes indeed, the Empty Aramors we know now became empty upon leaving Gateway. I dont believe im at liberty to explain how that came to be exactly, but i do believe i can say that much. I have personally never seen a Shade in Gateway, but there is still an underground cavern area i do not believe has been fully explored so, its wholly possible we could find some startling things down there in the deep dark depths of Gateway. As for how Tiny Men tie into Aramors at all, i have no idea. Their only connection i can see is that they seem to have come from the same place of origin, and they seem to be able to live together without destroying each other.
  21. Golemus Golemicarum & Necrovion

    I was under the impression that that bit of information i have access to is not meant to be public. If im wrong, then id be happy to continue. Close, what they lost was lost upon leaving Gateway Island, and it might just still be there. It just seems odd to me that the Empty Aramor move around while the Shades & TTL do not, as the only major difference i see is that one set is whole and the other is not. However, your statement raises a couple of very good questions. If what you said is indeed the case, if the Empty Aramors became empty upon leaving Gateway and the lost pieces of themselves somehow found their way to Necrovion, and they did indeed reside at the Stone of Twisted Souls for Balances sake in our world, then it would indeed explain why the Empty Aramor roam around GG if even simply with a slightly different reason. I was under the impression they were trying to find their way back to Gateway to become whole... if they need to enter Necrovion to do that, then that would involve infiltration... As far as the viking ships go, i have no basis for this save for gut feeling, but i have a strong impression that the ships were built on Gateway by the Tiny Men. They seem to be very good with tools just off of the few bitrs of scenery one can see in GG, theyre capable of restraining Drachorns so theyre clearly capable with tools to a very decent degree. I highly doubt one or even many could restrain a Drachorn with just their bare hands.
  22. Golemus Golemicarum & Necrovion

    If I had to vocalize just one theory, it would be this. While the Tiny Men did not change at any point in time I am aware of, the Empty Aramors did. They weren't always empty. It was during a transition from one place to the other that they became empty, but sadly I feel that is all I can say about that subject, and to be perfectly honest I fear I might have already said too much. I feel the main difference between the Empty Aramors and the Shades might just be that the Shades are whole, while the Empty Aramors are not. The Tiny Men need to be able to tend to the Drachorns (which I'm sure run wild around the entire island of Golemus even if you can only recruit them in one place) So that might explain why they have full movement and access, but the Empty Aramors I feel might just be... searching for what was once lost, and is now very, very far away.
  23. When One Door Closes, Two More Open

    If you are an MP3 or an MP4 and find yourself short on training allies to rise to the next Mind Power level, please contact me either in game at Berserkers Charge or on forum anytime. I will not be handing out easy training as I have in the past, you will be taught to fight as I help you progress through the various Mind Powers and we will develop your abilities as a Fighter in this realm to help you both survive and thrive. If you have any questions or comments please do message me. I will reply as quickly as able. Here's hoping to you not needing me at all, but if you do I will be there. Thank you for your time and best of luck till then.
  24. Golemus Golemicarum & Necrovion

    I can see what you mean ungod, but instinct tells me that those creatures mean more to the respective lands than simple aesthetic for flavour. And you are right to say all that Chew, I have opinions based on prior conversations with people who know the subject much better than i, which is why I asked for opinions to hold against my own, and not hard facts and such. I'm sorry if I was misunderstood. To continue with Ungods last comment it makes me wonder quite a few things. Primarily why the Shades & TTL in Inner Necrovion all congregate at one place (The Stone Of Twisted Souls) yet the Tiny Men and Empty Aramor of GG roam their entire land freely.
  25. Golemus Golemicarum & Necrovion

    Not necessarily Ungod, I'm trying to find connections through the lands themselves. However, the lands have main creatures (some implemented as actual usable Crits while others not) and i feel their connection to the land is just as important as impprtant as their connection to each other.