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  1. Guardian of Tools

    Waited a whIle, bumping this now to kindly ask as to the status of my application?
  2. Trigger Box Tips

    Words we'd be wise to live by
  3. Freedom of Idiocy

    I can personally vouch for this. Though No One and I might never get along, we have developed (or at least I know i have have for him) a sort of silent mutual respect. We don't need to agree to stand each other. No One has Tact, and Class. Something those I don't respect vastly lack.
  4. Mark Of The Beast

    Apart from missing a 0 in front of the 5th 6, its 6 6s, hence 666 & 666 And indeed, since BSR cant get it, i wont be getting it either. This can now be locked and forgotten about. Thank you for taking the time to consider my request though Chewy, i honestly appreciate it
  5. Mark Of The Beast

    Its highly personal, and id rather only trust you with that info, as i do indeed trust you.
  6. Mark Of The Beast

    Touche, sending.
  7. Mark Of The Beast

    Its daily progress + personal mining. Its a rough mix of raw luck and awareness. I can explain how BlackShade is involved if you PM me.
  8. Mark Of The Beast

    So today, it seems Luck and Fate have favored me. I didnt just get a Single Mark, but a Double Mark. Single Marks of the Beast ive stumbled upon in the past, but ive been trying to get a Double Mark for quite a while now. My reasoning is simple. I have loyalties, they are what they are, and i stand by them. That being the case... I kindly ask that both BlackShade Rider and Myself (Fang Archbane) be given the Mark of the Beast. If this can not be done, and only i am applicable for the Mark, i kindly ask i not be given it. If thats the case, ill continue to seek Double Marks until this particular Goal is met. Thank you for your Time/Consideration/Understanding. Best of wishes. - Fang
  9. I hate to add more to this... whatever this is, but Rainbow Candies sti'll aren't deteriorating. I've had the, same batch of 30+ candies for a few months now.
  10. WTS / some free

    I guess that's just the chance you take when you walk out the door every single day. You can't be in control of everying Out There, so what makes you think it's any different Here? You bid higher, you win, you get what you wanted. You don't bid higher, you get to see who the Anon was. Get your cake or eat it. You can't have it both ways. All of your ignorance aside, you should know _that_ much.
  11. WTS / some free

    So much ignorance in such a tiny space... It both baffles and grounds me. Allow me to save everyone any further whining from Aethon, and declare myself as the Anon Bidder while also addressing the elephant in the room (Who for once isn't Ledah). You, Aethon, should be _pretty_ (Being gracious) aware of the Archives and what they're capable of. Are you trying to publically state you no longer know how the Archives work? Is this a public cry for help? Because any new player with just under a month in his belt knows Trade Logs exist, and post auction literally _anyone_ can check them to find the "Anon" Bidder. At said point, you could open a case if no "Anon" exists, the trade was never made, it's honestly common sense, I don't know how else to word this at... your level.
  12. WTS / some free

    I'll save you the trouble and time, and simply state it like it is. DST saw an opportunity to frame BR a liar, and hopped on it. She made a scene in the Forums, accused BR of lying, and then she waited all of an hour. Someone then went, shuffled their avy shop till the gold lady avy appeared, and bought it. Why? "Anyone with two brain cells can figure this one out" to quote a certain someone. This is textbook definition of "Framing" and an attempt at "Defamation". I'll only say this nicely once DST. Poke the bear. See what happens. P.s; don't bother asking for "evidence". I know the difference between Apparant and Truth. I know the "Truth", and so do you. Keep going down this path. See where it leads.
  13. Happy Birthday Magohi

    Happy birthday MaGo, and may you have many more ( ^^)7
  14. Player fraud

    We all realized it Faceless, but we indulged her to see how well she could "troll". Turned out her best attempts just had us laughing harder.
  15. Player fraud

    I'd say if anybody with dyslexia can confuse the two names, they're too close. And this is clear in the rules so, I agree with Pip.