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  1. I'll take a crack at it. If I'm not mistaken using Google Docs can make it so everyone can Read them but only those with Privelages can edit & save them to personal files. In this way we can have multiple people aiding to organize, reorganize, and add on as well as save any potential backups. If anyone else has a better format or setup I'd be happy to hear it. Edit: Work has been rough lately (6 days a week from midnight - 7/8am) and I barely have time to meditate but I'm happy to do what I can.
  2. Fang Archbane

    We have SUPERPOWERED Tools, now maybe someone could use them?

    Definitely fills me with hope. I cant wait for the beautiful picture this paints.
  3. I would get involved but I dont consider myself technologically or imaginatively advanced enough to do so responsibly. Wild ideas though I may have, I lack that "knowing too much & too little" part, and that's rather crucial. I do however have a suggestion for those that take on this challenge. I think a good place to start is a simple adventure/scavenger hunt style quest that takes participants across all easily (enough) accessible lands. Maybe reward something simple like +5 cartography since it's the first of its kind.
  4. Fang Archbane

    The next step

    If what you say is true, and I dont doubt it is... it makes me wonder what would happen if we somehow swapped the Shades with the Empty Aramors & Tiny Men >.>;
  5. Fang Archbane

    The next step

    It would become a case of Box Vs Bubble/Square Vs Circle if were taking 3D/2D. Assuming both are see through, in either dimension both seem to attempt to constrain something within (or stop something from getting in?..)
  6. Fang Archbane

    Only 4 principles as MP5?

    When in working order, different altars give different principles. It is possible (but somewhat unlikely?) That you simply sacrificed creatures for principles you already had.
  7. Fang Archbane

    The next step

    I think the problem is, at least in my case, knowing what is affective against Shades without knowing why it is. When the .LOM. encountered a circle in Necro (type invalid, shape is being considered here, nothing else) it gently broke the circle into (if memory serves?) A circle that was only 2/3rds~3/4ths whole. So I think the DuoCircle Mallos brings up is a valid point. Was it the substance that made up the circle that restrained him, or was it the shape itself?..
  8. Fang Archbane

    Only 4 principles as MP5?

    I think I speak for quite a few people when i say wed rather figure out why the alters stopped working and find a way to change it ourselves, then simply ask for it to end.
  9. Fang Archbane

    WTB mineral water

    Get in contact with Ungod. I can nearly assure you hell be able to help, and knowing him hell most likely waive any fee.
  10. Fang Archbane

    Project Omega - The Flash Javascript rework

    My brain would be fried by now. Thats truly impressive.
  11. Our worldview determines our philosophy of life.

  12. Fang Archbane

    How would you send messages in the past?

    Debatable indeed, but true enough. This does beg the question though, if we involve the Quantum Suicide Theory, how exactly WOULD the end result materialize itself... For those that dont know what I speak of, I've attached a summary of said theory below from one of the thousand sites that do their best to explain it. https://science.howstuffworks.com/innovation/science-questions/quantum-suicide3.htm My thoughts are simple enough, I see one of three outcomes. Quantum Suicide Theory (Hereafter referred to as QST) proves true. You "die" in the reality where you get Time Looped and the consciousness (Inner) transfers to a reality without the Time Loop (Hereafter referred to as TL). This would mean the TL is localized in just your "starting" reality. You die and QST proves true. Your Inner transfers and you wake up in a reality where you still get TLd. This would mean the TL spreads across the multiverse (or at the very least, multiple universes). You die and QST proves false. Normally leading to death of physical form but negated by the TL, you start the TL all over again.
  13. Fang Archbane

    How would you send messages in the past?

    You're saying a controlled state of death might ignore the time loop because reality is made up of consciousness and a psyche severed from a body might not follow universal law but multiversal law?.. Astounding, to say the least... And risky is an understatement... That's a Hail Mary if I've ever seen one.
  14. Fang Archbane

    How would you send messages in the past?

    Going off of DDs suggestion, and it is an amazing suggestion in my eyes, two things come to mind. The primary being simple enough. Undergo deep hypnotherapy to alter the way the brain works and speed up the heightened instincts process I mentioned earlier. Secondarily, deep meditation could achieve the same goals. My only issue with these suggestions is that both would be external actions that "should" be counteracted upon the timeloops reset. Any action we take in any way would be external and reset. We would somehow have to rip open the border between multiple dimensions and escape time as we know it (even with an external action) to create contact with anything outside our concept of time/space that would somehow reach back to us. Astral projection does come to mind as I type this but... that action alone is difficult to begin and more so to master.
  15. Fang Archbane

    How would you send messages in the past?

    From Mallos: nothing wakes me up quite like an alarm buzzer"bzzzz bzzzz bzzzz" kinda like a bee... I imagine a quick choice or nonchoice could be swayed simply by sending this most annoying noise to me through my ears to jolt me into action, as opposed to a nonaction I may otherwise take... How to go back into time, I imagine (speculation ahead) that as information enters a black hole that it would be split into four constituents, three heading off into separate directions based on the magnetic dipole moments of the black hole and maybe the fourth point would be sent back towards the source, in essence an equal and opposite reaction. If the information is sent exactly back then it would cancel out, effectively having never entered the black hole to begin with and from an observers standpoint look as though it would never escape. That information being torn apart would be sent into equally difficult to reach areas of space (since as look further in space the space looks smaller, we require energy to transport ourselves to that area of space, and the gravitational energy tapped from the orbit of the black hole would be immense sending the information elsewhere) and would essentially be being sent into a completely different dimension, or probably more appropriately, a completely different universe. Although that universe would be inaccessible to all or most sub-lightspeed travelers since the information would be propelled to near lightspeed or at lightspeed through reference to Einsteins mass = energy times speed of light squared (information or.. mass going into black hole transformed into energy shot out in opposing directions) they might be in direct communication with eachother through quantum entanglement and have little to no way to prove it without some precursor civilization to come and tell them that they were. That information going in would be subject to the black holes time dilation effects due to the immense, nearly infinite gravitational pull of the singularity and as such time would slow down for all incoming information to the point that any observer outside would require too much time to be able to observe the information leaving. An infinite observer might conclude that the information does in fact leave, after the entirety of the black hole dissipates through hawking radiation, after a timeframe so massive that most or all of the surrounding galaxies (universes for that matter) have already receded from view. Simple point being that a quantum entangled spaceship able to withstand the journey through a black hole might end up inside a different universe or quite paradoxically in 3 separate universes, creating a sort of relay of entanglement that could then transfer information instantaneously back and forth between them, as such a spaceship making this journey over and over could find itself in any potential universe and could effectively find its way back in time to a universe that has replayed the exact conditions of which you want to replicate, instead arriving sooner and being able to change the outcome.