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  1. Oh heavens no, i should have kept track but i never figured it would be needed, my apologies. Id love to be of literally an aid here but my memory is about as bad as humanly possible.
  2. As someone who's most likely got the most deaths under his belt (aside from maybe Seigheart, we might be tied if I havnt passed him by now) I'm honestly surprised my name doesnt come up even once -3- Edit: Forgot to note I dont count Azulls continuous death and revival since that was all test related
  3. We worry for the areas that dont currently have Guardians that could be abused. And for various other reasons I'll not mention here.
  4. If the point is to fix irregular accidental tool pickup, then i assume a sort of cooldown, lets say an hour or so, to return tools would do no? Should prevent abuse and still meet the goal Josies suggested.
  5. Ok, now that one, I've been there. Never said quite that but I've been caught getting taken out of deep thought by friends and going "how can I aid you?" Or "hrm? Maxed already?". It's both hilarious and worrying.
  6. Technically speaking, i do believe there is a Wish option that randomly unlocks any clues you havnt yet unlocked. This being said, its possible to unlock tier 3 or higher clues atm by using said wishpoint after unlocking all level 1 and 2, with luck dictating results, but thats a rather heavy price to pay. Worth it, but heavy. I agree with Azull. Id prefer it if progressive level unlocking was implemented like leveling is with 1-2, but for all the higher tiers. Maybe also add more age wishpoints so the fossils can go research hunting in kind.
  7. I absolutely approve of this. Though my knowledge on how things should work on Gateway is negeligible at best, i personally enjoy the artists rendition and style in whole.
  8. ~Updated~ 4 Colored Aramor (6th Anniversary) 4 Colored Aramor (7th Anniversary) 4 Colored Aramor (8th Anniversary) 4 Colored Aramor (9th Anniversary) 4 Colored Aramor (10th Anniversary) 3 Colored Barren (11th Anniversary) 2 Colored Barren (12th Anniversary) 3 Colored Barren (13th Anniversary) 3 Colorless Drachorn (Wishpoint) 2 Colored Drachorn (Reindrach) 3 Colorless Drachorn (GG) 1 Colored Elucubration 2 Angien (Tainted) 4 Shade (Tutorial) 2 Shade (Sword) 5 Horsemen 2 Nutracker 2 Darkling 3 Molima 1 Morph 5 SMSH 2 Santa
  9. I'd be happy to train those for you. And I wouldnt charge. It would have to wait till after I'm done helping you hit mp5 though. If you want to speed up the process, I'd strongly suggest you train like theres no tomorrow. Happy hunting~
  10. I didn't know one could experience so much pity.

    Too bad I know an act when I see one.

  11. If Navas already alive then I wouldnt mind reviving you with no restrictions ♡ I do owe you one after all, what with your pleasant company during my year dead :3
  12. Dont forget Samons on your side, something that can't be said about more than a literal handful of people at the current moment. Youd be better off not getting snippy with him. I'd be happy to revive Samon, on the simple condition that he doesnt get involved in reviving you via any method.
  13. Fang Archbane

    Free Will

    I personally live closer to my subconscious self than I do my conscious self. I'm a simple man. Work to put food on the table. Work out to maintain some semblance of health. Maim anything that threatens what I love. Return by 10x everything sent my way. I understand that the sub and conscious mind are where it all lies. Thing is, I've given myself up to my sub self long ago and in that process, became something akin to a wild animal with morals and a frontal lobe for the occasional critical thinking. I could sit here and worry about what I'm doing, why I'm doing it, and when I'll be doing it, but it's so much more satisfying and freeing to just do when action is required and question your reasons long after when the storm has calmed. And that isnt to say that I disagree with you. Quite on the contrary I completely agree with you. Thing is, you're talking to a puppet that loves his strings. whether they exist or not I'll never know and I personally dont care to. I know that at my core I'm an empathic creature. I know it takes a lot to get on my bad side so when I lash out I can breathe easy knowing its justified (although I have been wrong in the past due to a flawed perspective, so I do know my fair share of regret). I know I give kindness to the kind and cruelty to the cruel. They say ignorance is bliss, and I know for a fact I'm both blissful and ignorant. Does it really matter that were puppets with strings, when in the end, only we can pull on them?
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