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  1. Sky scouters

    Im actually working on this one, just need to find time between work to finish the art
  2. A Renaissance of the Eclipse

    My beloved Priestess Aia, you have the full support of this Golemian Werewolf of The Dead. I will join you in spirit from the graveyard when the time comes, we shall welcome Luna again.
  3. Granite Wolf

    Alright, i can see how this is going to be, this can be locked and GWolf is lost forever. I dont mind as hes mine either way but, it is what it is, only my adepts lose out on a good gift from this move so, no skin off my ghostly being.
  4. Granite Wolf

    Can you please clarify what you mean as "more proof"? Considering that that is a splitscreen of my old computer with both my Fang Archbane and Granite Wolf accounts open simultaneously, please do explain how that is not ample proof and how one can get "more valid proof".
  5. As on the other thread, resent on email as attachments.
  6. Granite Wolf

    Combining Aia reading the pages for us, Mallos providing the screenshot, and the simple fact that at that time i had splitscreened my Fang & Granite accounts simultaneously, i believe this to be ample proof. Anything else youd like to say chew?
  7. WTB Shop crits

    :Update: Still looking for 3 Colored Barrens 1 Colorless Loreroot Archer 3 Colored MB Archers 4 Colored LR Archers 1 Colored Tormented Soul 2 Colorless Jokers 2 Colored Drachorns (Rustgold) 3 Colored Drachorns (Reindrachs) 3 Colorless Drachorns 4 Santas Pm me if you have any of the following with proper labeling and asking price Thank you.
  8. Principle Documents

    I have to say im impressed and humbled by the sheer research and dedication youve committed to this. Im happy to say youve officially won me over, if its you and you ask for permission first as well as good reason.
  9. Renting memory stone and reality collectors

    I already handled it Rider
  10. Renting memory stone and reality collectors

    I was indisposed with other stuff chew, if rider hasnt passed you the detector yet please pm me on discord
  11. Renting memory stone and reality collectors

    Ive dropped to using just 1 myself. 3 is acceptable as its the shared tool limit naturally enforced by the system. Edit; Upon further thought ive decided to adopt Miqs logic here. His being a fellow Golemian forced me to rethink my stance this once. Ill only be giving out 1 per person to those that request them. I will no longer charge for their use post official acceptance as GG Lab Guardian.
  12. Principle Documents

    Aye, i was a tad misunderstood prior to your clarification, so thank you for that. I myself would not want anyone else to be any part of picking my own principles or lack thereof. I believe it would be both fun and interesting to combine in game exploration with the ability to overwrite old/add new principles, and if that is case in the end i am for this change only if it is within our own power and none other to change them as well as a token revamp where principles are not relevant factors for them or we will very quickly see the "perfect" set of principles that do not reflect who we are as individuals more so than what we most desire as a result from battle. If the token revamp is done and only you can pick your principles, then i am all for this idea.
  13. Improvised REAL Rain Collector

    I have ideas that could suit the need of complexity if thats the desired result, i just figured that Inner Truth weighed more Outer Appearance. If thats the case ill get to work remaking it to fit your criteria, i meant no offense and this will be fixed.
  14. Improvised REAL Rain Collector

    Picture of the whole item + evidence its me on paper Picture of filter cloth type used on the inside Short video link of it in action https://i.imgur.com/tf3rdSh.gifv [Ill go for the Wp reward please and thank you] Edit: I know it seems minimalistic in design but please dont misunderstand this as something i put small effort in. A lot of thought went into making a Rain Collector with the same personal properties as me. I am a simple but illusionary being and my Rain Collector simply Mirrors me on both Outer and Inner, as its Deceptively Straightforward.