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    BigC got a reaction from Asterdai in WTS Rustgold Drachorn   
    My apologies then
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    BigC reacted to Yrthilian in Golemus Citizen showing MP3 access?   
    After long talks and a very long thinking on this matter
    I find i have to take this action.

    1. McVitie is to be removed from the Golemus Alliance

    This is in response to showing new players through the Labyrinth and leaving a trail for all to find.

    Note: I have no issue with helping new players and showing them around but the Labyrinth is for players to figure it out
    them self's. It is a spoiler to show new players through the Labyrinth.

    2. McVitie is to be jailed for 2 weeks for her actions of leaving a trail through the Labyrinth for all players to view
    this is a spoiler and is breaking the rules. Each time this is done it take more time for players to go through the Labyrinth
    to remove the chat left behind.

    I have taken this action because of a Golemus citizen breaking game rules and for taking an action that reflects on golemus
    McVitie is a citizen of Golemus and yet did not check to see if what she was doing might be an issue. If the leaders were informed
    or if i was informed of this idea she had then we could have worked something out that would not be breaking rules.

    So as of today 04/01/2011 14:22 server time. McVitie will be jailed. She will need to come speak to me in game after release if
    she wishes to become citizen again.
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    BigC reacted to Sasha Lilias in Golemus Citizen showing MP3 access?   

    I had already stated that I had not thought it was against the rules allowing me to show two people, that had asked for help, through the maze. People say that it is ment to be a challenge, what is the reward though? Being able to see the GG lands and then be trapped there unless you knwo your way back out? or be teleported? The only time it had any REAL reward was when it was first created, THEN it was a challenge, to see who could find the way through first.

    No warnings nor minor punishments. Who exactly did you speak to? Perhaps instead of speaking behind my back you could have invited me, allowing myself to explain to you in person, rather than through pm's, which is useless seeing as you are hardly ever on, or have time, to read them.

    I, Mcvitie, have been a loyal Golemus citizen since my very first days, and this is how you treat one of your people?


    Also,as I put in my first post:
    [quote]I will not help any others through the Labyrinth then, even if I do see no real problems with it.[/quote]
    This obviously shows that I was respecting your wishes, and MagicDuels, by me saying that I would not do it again. You did not have to send me to jail to make [u]ANY[/u] point.

    [color="#696969"]Edit: Oh and please, if your going to make a vote at least place your reason. [/color]
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    BigC got a reaction from Asterdai in Guys Only Quest   
    You know whats really unfair? I am actually doing this in real life for the month of Mo-vember, but I only came back to MD like a week ago and missed the start. I am growing an awesome handle-bar 'tache too!!
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    BigC reacted to HeHelpedMe in No Sanctuary Day   
    [quote name='dst' timestamp='1291991374' post='75045']
    Get ride of your creatures and nobody will EVER bother you AGAIN.

    A typical aggressive reply from you, dst. No manners at all.
    That's my first and last time when I directly reply to your rude and pointless messages.
    You're a person who is truly capable of putting people off MD Forum and MagicDuel itself.
    I didn't say that I don't want to fight ever again and never meant that. That's obvious.
    I just wanted to say that Sanctuaries are a very important part of MD and there should be no messing with it. Especially with preposterous ideas like "no logout button".
    What you offer is that I got rid of all my creatures.
    So, dst, you're a moderator here and also a LHO?
    Oh goodness...
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    BigC reacted to Shadowseeker in No Sanctuary Day   
    And as a Mod I will say that it's you being overly aggressive now.

    What's more, the post you made regarding this idea, was also overly aggressive.
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    BigC reacted to HeHelpedMe in No Sanctuary Day   
    Edit: Whatever. Nevermind.
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    BigC got a reaction from Sharazhad in Guys Only Quest   
    I know this might scare a lot of people but you did ask!!
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    BigC reacted to awiiya in Tabloids   
    A self-respecting writer such as myself would never think of writing for a tabloid such as the one you propose. Your prompts were childish, and I don't expect any sort of sophisticated piece of writing to come about from them.

    If the response so far is any indication, many people are thinking along the same lines as me. I do not want to write about some wishy-washy topic that seems to have no pertinence - who cares if there are few women in GG? Why does that matter? There is something interesting that could possibly be said on the subject, but instead of pointing to an interesting philosophical or moral question, you go for a more at-the-throat sensationalist take.

    To expect anything serious to come from what you have put forth is to me analogous to expecting Shakespeare from a monkey - maybe with enough banging away something worthwhile will be produced, but I'm not holding my breath.

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    BigC reacted to Shadowseeker in Tabloids   
    Excuse me, but are you currently trying to write serious, reputable articles, or is this just some kind of gossip you are currently writing up with a LOT of personal views inside and presented in the most scandalous way possible?

    I surely hope you won't need me to quote all what you wrote in the latest tabloid about GG, though you seem to forget Indyra and Akasha...

    But that's not the main issue.

    Is this to be taken serious, or just like a cheap magazine (not even a newspaper?). Please be so kind as to clarify.
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    BigC reacted to Curiose in Tabloids   
    I had spoken to Fyrd about this a little bit, and to be frank, even -I- am upset about this.

    It's not just because we're asking people to write things for -US- the Legend Speakers, but ffs, this isn't even what the Alliance is about! We're a serious group, not some botched copy of the MDNP.

    My apologies to those who are upset.

    Edit: Actually, let me go on a rant, and a bit of a tangent here.

    I. am. FURIOUS. I have been furious ever since I ever heard the idea. Fyrd's plan is to get people 'interested' in the drama and politics of MD. WE ARE -NOT- DRAMA WHORES. [Pardon my language.] As the only other Alliance Member, I find that I have EVERY right to protest against this and I am doing so right now.

    I voiced my opinions to Fyrd privately, but let me state them here:

    We are LEGEND Speakers. We speak of the past, and we have creative input. Our ROLE is not to bloody stir the pot any more than it has. I know that under new leadership must come new ideas but this is RIDICULOUS. With all due respect to my "leader," I honestly must say that I do not respect this idea at all.
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    BigC reacted to Curiose in Tabloids   

    Where the hell do you get off, "experimenting" with our Alliance's integrity, and none the less, reputation? Do you -want- us to get bad names? Do you seriously -want- our publicity to be bad?

    You're poking the bear, here, and I am sick of it. This is ridiculous.

    I can understand wanting to get people interested, but to completely change our image like this? As I said before: We are NOT a botched version of the MDNP, we are LEGEND SPEAKERS. I proudly wear that title and if by God you don't like that, then I'll gladly fight tooth and nail for what I believe.

    Let me remind you that this was originally Yami's Alliance. You hold leadership, but that does NOT mean you own this alliance.
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    BigC reacted to Fyrd Argentus in Tabloids   
    Mur has taken a strong stand against created or artificial “Ancient Legends”, insisting that we should instead chronicle the actual events of our time, and actions of actual characters.

    90++ % of the new players never learn about what goes on in Magic Duel. They get bored and leave. What people are doing IS Magic Duel. Shining a light on their deeds and misdeeds, sometimes applauding, sometimes booing, sometimes laughing in delight or in ridicule, is not “stirring the pot” or “rumor mongering”. This is writing about things that actually happened, that should not be hidden away in dark corners. And I am asking for INSIGHTFUL stories, not one-sided ones.

    Any good reporter knows the difference between rumor and fact. Rumor is what tells you something out there is happening. Fact is what you find, and leads you to the real story – hopefully and especially including the “why”. I am offering story assignments (with rewards from my pocket) based on the merest suggestion that there might be a story somewhere. It would be ridiculous to think Legend Speakers has a monopoly on wisdom and perspective, or that 1 or 2 of us can chronicle the deeds of the 200,000 player ID’s that have passed through the realm. My dearest hope is to inspire others, many others, new or veteran, to take up these assignments and uncover the actual truth.

    Yes, I have adopted an extreme style in the EDITORIAL voice, which should differ from the voice of those with the actual byline. The adventure log is dead, the newspaper is dead, Magic Duel is in survival mode and hurting. Why? It always boils down to lack of interest and involvement. This editorial style is calculated to generate the maximum interest and excitement about what is actually happening in Magic Duel. For better or worse, all we can say about Magic Duel is that “it is what it is”. Unless people are excited and engaged, it will continue to diminish. (The game improves, its financial prospects do not).

    And as with all things, The Tabloids will either change or die. All of life is an experiment, like it or not. The Tabloids are just one finger on the hand that is Legend Speakers, and does not define the alliance. However, each finger on that hand is directed in a different way, to the mission that I see, which is to bring Magic Duel fully to life for ever more people.

    That is my goal. Reader response is now evenly divided at 4 vs. 4. If you wish to see Magic Duel grow as I do, help me refine my initiatives in a constructive way. Thank you.
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