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  1. I'll offer 2 gold 5 silver for the BP
  2. Happy Birthday Bunny!! All the best and keep up the awesomeness
  3. I'll offer these: Marksman age 33 token blooddrop 3 Imp age 34 tokens Blooddrop 1, blackdiamonds, stardust Joker age38 tokens stardust, osirisbelt, blooddrop2, claw2, purpurfog And 2 gold coins For number 1
  4. Auction closed, The Imp goes to Clock master for a gold, and the Knator also goes to Clock Master for 10 silvers.
  5. Tomorrow is the last day for this auction
  6. I know this is a long shot, but I think it is worth a try. I am looking to purchase a Wind Drach. Before I get a lot of people going ohh thats going to cost a lot, I already know this, in fact i don't even know if anyone is willing to part with one. I am willing to pay a lot. Contact me by PM either here or in game if you are willing to sell. [color="#0000FF"]***Edit By Chew: Please use the appropiate heading for topics[/color]
  7. 1 gold for the 3 TS's and the UP
  8. Selling off a few of my crits if anyone is interested! Imperial assassin ID:384762 (ID no. For Aster ) Age 700 Tokens: Emerald Glare, Claw 1, Dark Shield, Onyx Fangs, Gold Tear and Sunshine Knator Age 696 Tokens: Stardust, Claw III sunshine, Fire Drop, Black Diamonds, Emerald Glare Blood Drop I Lorerootian Archer Age: 696 Tokens: Stardust, Emerald Glare, Blood Drop I, Onyx Fangs, Claw III, Claw I, Blood Drop III No particular price in mind for any of them so bid away, I'll close the auction in 2 weeks time, unless you are in a bit hurry to close the deal in which case I might feel sorry for you and sell
  9. Happy Birthday man, have a pint on me!
  10. BigC

    Wts Remains

    I'll take 4 please ^^
  11. Count me in too folks, PM me to exchange addresses
  12. BigC

    Creatures Bug

    Ahhh thanks Ravenstrider, ya that could very well be it.
  13. BigC

    Creatures Bug

    I'm having a bit of an issue at the moment with my creatures and what happens to the after losing a fight. Basically what is happening is when after my creatures die after a fight only 2 of them are returning to life even when my slider is at 100%. The ritual in question involves a GG drach, an angien, a heretic, a bloodpact, a water guardian and a rusty. After the all die (as usual ) only the Water Guardian and the Heretic come back to life. I know my regen isn't that high (around 100) as far as I am aware this should still be distributed over all the crits, not just 2. Any help with this would be appreciated. Also on a side note, I bought a full selection of the attack plus 2% and 1 silver coin, and 19 of the defense plus 2% and 1 silver coin yet didn't receive any of the silver coins.
  14. I'll offer 2 gold and an imp with 14 age and 4 tokens
  15. BigC


    This is actually something that would interest me a lot. I would be grateful if you would consider me.
  16. I know this might scare a lot of people but you did ask!!
  17. I will once I trim it up a bit, i'm a lazy man when it comes to shaving at the best of times
  18. Imprisoned on your birthday, some guys have all the luck
  19. You know whats really unfair? I am actually doing this in real life for the month of Mo-vember, but I only came back to MD like a week ago and missed the start. I am growing an awesome handle-bar 'tache too!!
  20. Well... having had some adventures in RL i am seriously considering returning to this great game! It's going to be tough having to start from scratch and seeing Woody controlled by another player but i think i can manage to regain at least some of my heady heights of old. I also want to want to thank those that left me messages when i left they really meant a lot to me... and to Mur if u read this, sorry for buggering up the role u gave me but at the time i really couldn't handle it!!
  21. Well since i guess i caused this debate i guess i'd better stick my 2 cents into it Personally i have no problem with my previous character being used in any way that Mur see's fit. He granted me the role to play and can use it in any way that he wants after i am gone. i reset the accounts so that no one would get the exact skills and creatures i had built up after all my time playing the game. I did this being fully aware that Mur can change the skill levels of characters and could restore Wodin to whatever power level he felt that Wodin needed to fulfill his role. I actually like his idea on what he has done with the Wodin character, i works well for the situation. I am not really sure how well it would work in other circumstances but for this particular one it fits very well. I had integrated my own personality into what i felt that Mur wanted from the role and all future "wodin's" should do the same. Do not try any play the character as i played it, integrate your own personality into it. It is a great role to play and is very rewarding. I do still play the game but only as an observer. Those of u who know me well know who i am in the game. I have made some excellent friends in this game and love coming in and chatting to them. I also love the adventure log, as long as this game exists (and i really hope that is a very long time) i will be around in some shape or form. Good look to all in the festival and remember.... i'm invisible
  22. I just wanna take this chance to wish Akasha a very happy birthday We all know that behind every great man there is a great woman and i just want to say thank u for all the effort u have put in to making the game what it is
  23. Hate to break it to ya bunny but London isn't a country welcome to the game Alisiana btw, hope u have lots of fun here, i sure do
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