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  1.   Right, because someone has to murder someone before they are really breaking the law. Everything else is fine. I mean, laws were meant for smart people to break them, right? That's why they're there.   If everything except for murder is fine, then what's wrong with dst's 'slander'? I didn't know that slander was murder. Taking it to council only works if the people in the councils don't like Fang/whoever is being reported. Otherwise, it's better to tell someone's misdeeds to a large audience so that there's less chance of all of the audience being willing to ignore the misdeeds/let them go.
  2. I'm surprised that people wanted a public council if they didn't want public accountability for things. Take it to which council? Also, it's not a witch hunt if the person is a witch (not that I disapprove of witches.).
  3.   I noticed this too, when I started fighting again a couple of days ago for a few fights (under 10). I forgot that I was at the XP cap until I attacked once, and then I noticed that I still gained honor. I forget if I attacked again after noticing this, but if I did, it was for the purpose of trying out a ritual, not to gain honor. Now if I started grinding for honor right afterwards without trying to lower my xp first, then that'd be bug abuse.   I'm hoping this is what you meant by he's guilty, dst, since otherwise I'm sure that many people have noticed peculiarities that might be bugs and might not, but their brains don't register them as significant, and they don't act to take advantage of them after noticing them. What's my point in saying this (since I'm pretty sure that you agree, dst)? We need to perhaps more clearly define bug abuse, and how often someone can do it before they are strictly punished.   For instance, let's say I had forgotten about this honor peculiarity and after a week I started grinding for honor. Now, I'd like to think that my brain is good enough at recognizing similar situations to remember my one or two second thoughts on how it was a strange feature, and then, before taking advantage of the 'feature' by grinding 100 honor, I'd look to see if it was a reported bug, and then if it wasn't, I'd report it as a potential bug. Then, I'd stop fighting until I either reduced my xp or until the issue was resolved.   However, if I totally forgot about my thoughts that the feature was strange and just grinded honor without thinking that it was strange to be able to, I shouldn't be punished for that bug abuse except for being given a warning.   ...   Five cases of me 'forgetting' though, is a different story, and this is what Fang seems to be approaching in terms of spoilers. I haven't paid attention to his other possible bug exploits to know if he's done many things like this, but I'm sure dst knows. Yes, MD doesn't want to permanently ban someone who might donate to or help MD in some way (whether it be its popularity, finances, etc). However, not banning someone because of their age, or involvement in the community is starting to make MD a bit ridiculous. It's like a bunch of kids who learned various ways to exploit things vs. the kids (like me) who are scared to death about possibly exploiting anything (those who have talked to me would know this about me).   If MD is a game where the goal is to try and break/bend the rules as much as you can, then say it on the front page. Yes, that wouldn't be a good idea, but are the people who have ideas on what limitations a feature was intended to have and follow them so bad? For instance, apparently there is a way to create more than 20 copies of a ritual at once. Yet the interface normally doesn't allow this. Doesn't this mean that MD intends for you to not create more than 20? Why then, should I try and look for the 'obvious' and 'simple' (according to those that I've asked) way to circumvent this ritual limit if the limit looks to be intentional? While (apparently?), this limit is going to be tweaked/changed in the future, my point still stands. Why should someone who respects these kind of limits be punished (by being limited by the limits) while those who don't respect them gain an advantage?   MD sounds to me like a game about breaking limits, and seeing, like in real life, who are the smart rebels who bend the rules and get ahead, and who are the stupid lawful ones who respect the laws that someone has put forth. If so, then MD is like real life in yet another way, but do most people really need a game to realize this fact?   I guess my point with this whole post is that MD needs to define itself more clearly as a game that's not mainly about rebellion. If it is a game about rebellion, then carry on doing what you're doing MD. I'll be the last to catch on as always. If MD is not intended to be a game about breaking/bending all of the rules, then maybe it should act more like it isn't.
  4. I'm going to be (hopefully) reviving the Coloured Paper. Information on how it's changed is in the first post.
  5. Graphical games are part of the reason, but definitely not all of the reason. I play(ed) lots of MUDs/text games, and the playerbases in many of those are declining as well. However, people still join muds/textgames.   See, MD is competing with other roleplaying games/sites that allow for freeform roleplay and world building. Personally, one of the main reasons why I haven't quit MD is because of the philosophy behind it AND the ease of creating player quests/etc. If you just want a game that allows player quests, there are dozens of games other than MD for that, and not everyone cares about philosophy.
  6. Heat Stones (20) 2 silver/stone Locate Stones (12) 3 silver/stone Otherarmy Stone (2) 4 silver/stone Weaken Stone (1) 4 silver
  7. I'd go with Time right now. I just only wish that I had an unlimited amount of it instead of this small fraction.
  8. The rest of the log, though Rophs' amazing haiku is missing.   Sanctuary's View   : Change stretches Rophs: Quite a long story Rophs: I'll tell the happenings of the day. Change: A small one. *grins and nods* Rophs: I ran around the realm quite a bit because I was trying to learn about the MB election Rophs: I finally found out that it was Rikstar and Princ Rhaegar on the ballor Rophs: I asked if I could temporarily join KoB to vote, but Chew said no. Rophs: Then I announced the seedwalk. Rophs: And the rest is history! : Rophs runs off   Willow's Walk   Rophs: Oar? Rophs: 'ver Rophs: Hmm.... Change: Running round to trees Rophs: How about just "Run over to trees"? Change: Thinking of old planted seeds Rophs: *nods* That too Change: that birds might have ate Change: There : Change chuckles Rophs: I'd hope birds didn't eat them! : Rophs runs off to the Spruce Change: There ARE lots of birds in Marind Bell. Change: But I hope so too   The Haiku:   Running round to trees Thinking of old planted seeds that birds might have ate.   Old Man's Road   Rophs: I just wanted to tell the spruce something that everyone may or may not know... Change: I do : Change nods : Rophs crawls up to the spruce on all fours and looks left and right to make sure nobody is looking Rophs: *whispers to the spruce* I think Change is really weird... but not in a bad way. Rophs: *spins around onto his butt and stares at Change*DID YOU HEAR?!?!? Change: *blinks* What? : Rophs stands up and waddles over to the fence which he sits on Change: *kneels before the spruce and whispers to it* I heard Rophs' secret, and I think that he's really weird too. : Change stands up and stretches Change: Well then, hopefully this walk has helped. : Change smiles Rophs: Helped what? Change: The 'seeds', of course.   And my spontaneous short story in a slightly more readable format (for those who care to read it):   [spoiler] Two for tea There was once two children from No Man's Land. One, a girl, was named Mura. The other, a boy, was named Azad.   Mura loved to interact with all of the other children in No Man's land. She and the other children ran around, picking flowers, and pretending to be animals of every shape, size, and colour. Azad, however, wanted to play by himself.   One day, Azad came upon the gates of Necrovion and saw a bunch of adults gathered there. He admired how independent they seemed to be, and he wanted to be just like them. Seeing that each of them were drinking a cup of tea, he resolved to make a cup of tea for himself.   So, Azad went on a long journey to the Archives for he was still fairly young, and his legs easily got tired. He was going there to find out how to make the cup of tea that he had seen the Necrovion citizens drinking. Any other person would have just asked someone else, but Azad wanted to find out for himself   After spending days going through book after book, Azad finally found a map that showed him where he could find all of the ingredients and equipment. The first ingredient was water.   Azad walked out of the Archives and approached the capital of Marind Bell, looking to become a Dowser. In the Wind's Sanctuary, he found Mura. She was also looking to be a Dowser. Luckily for the two of them, there were two slots open in the alliance, and they were both accepted.   After completing his training on the ethics and technicalities of Dowsing, Azad finally knew enough to get the water that he needed to make tea.   He dowsed for as much water as he could, and soon enough, Loreroot and Marind Bell were drained dry. All of the citizens of Marind Bell frowned upon this, and he was soon voted out of the land. He didn't care, for he had all of the water he'd need to make tea.   The only person who didn't vote him out of the land was Mura. She voted for him to stay, although she did frown upon his selfish actions.   The day on which Azad was kicked out of Marind Bell marked the 100th day from the time that he decided to make tea. On every seventh day of these 100 days, each of the four lands took turns hosting a tea party at the GOE. There was plenty of tea for all, and much merriment. Azad, of course, never took part in these parties, since he believed in doing everything himself.   Having gotten the first main ingredient for making tea, Azad looked at the list that he had stolen from the Archives. The next ingredients were the tea leaves and herbs.   It was fortunate for Azad that he could collect these without joining Loreroot, for Loreroot had remembered how he had taken all of their water.   It took Azad much longer to harvest the herbs, however, since they were largely depleted all across the world. He had to beat Some one in harvesting the meagre herbs that managed to grow.   Some one was using these herbs to make the tea for the tea parties of the main lands, and so he had much support for his actions. Azad's selfish actions, however, were frowned upon.   So, around 300 days later, Azad finally harvested enough herbs. The next ingredient that he needed was branches.   At first, he tried going into Loreroot to harvest them himself. He soon found that there was a certain art to harvesting branches, and he did not know this art. Reluctantly, Azad applied to be a Woodcutter. The alliance was going to reject Azad's request outright, given his infamous history. Mura, who was now the leader of the Dowsers, managed to convince them otherwise. She knew that Azad had a good, if misguided, heart.   So, Azad did much the same activities that he did in the Dowsers. Since he did not need many branches to make a great quantity of tea, he was soon finished with his task.   For this, he'd need heat jars, and heat jars could be found in Golemus. Since he was still young, though, the viscosity at the land's gate was too much for him to get through. Mura, knowing Azad's quest, offered him a few pickles, however, being the independent person that he was, he refused them.   Azad tried to join Golemus, but he was refused. So he spent years and years in trying to pass through the gates into Golemus.   Finally, several years later, he found that he could pass through the gates with ease. By this time, a war had broken out between Marind Bell and Necrovion. Mura had joined the Knights of the Bell.   After strengthening his legs for several years, Azad could go almost anywhere he pleased without any help from anyone. The only place that he couldn't enter was Necrovion, his favourite land. He resolved to join Necrovion, after he had made his cup of tea. So, after getting a heat jar from Golemus, he went to the East to get the equipment needed to make the tea.   It took him half a year, since he often got lost within the land, but he finally found the last things that he needed to make his cup of tea. It had been eight years since he first decided to make tea, and he was finally back at the gates of Necrovion. After gathering some heat, he looked at the recipe, and cried in dismay.   “It takes two to make tea.”   Not believing that he couldn't do something on his own, Azad tried to make tea for years and years on his own, but to no avail. Everyone in the lands laughed at him for this, knowing that his goal was impossible. Finally, he gave up, and asked one of citizens of Necrovion if they would make tea with him. The citizen ignored him, not wanting to associate with such a fool. Azad got the same response from everyone around him. It then occurred to him that there was someone who might help. 'Mura!' cried Azad in realization. For while he hadn't learned anything when Mura had helped him before, he had known of her since childhood.   Azad then ran down to the capital of Marind Bell and cried out, 'Mura, Mura, has anybody seen Mura?' Azad received only silence and people shaking their heads, disgusted at the rude man.   For Mura, former leader of the Knights of the Bell, had died fighting Necrovion two years ago.   [/spoiler]
  9. A few creatures have been added to the shop. I'll now be accepting creatures for trade as well.
  10. The number could be anything, but I'll guess 3723020102.   Oh, and just so no one else takes it: 3723212. If my second guess is correct though, MRAlyon should get the wishpoint. (3723020102 makes more sense than 7321322, IMO, but 7321322 makes far more sense than 3723212.).   More guesses:   12. (Getting rid of repeats, the numbers in order are 0123579 with the differences being 111222. The next number in 111222 is 3, and 9+3=12). 77773271372323222337 (Like MRAlyon's, except for I'm replacing the numbers with how many times they appear each time instead of once). 2001002104 (SUM(11113517)0 SUM(19)0, etc.) 123 (Because of 11113517019023529031)   There's tons of 'simple' answers to this question.
  11. Change 5.08. No real sustained grinding, just running around randomly like I usually do (except now I have more motivation to). I've been too busy to run around lately, but when I'm less busy I'll be definitely having fun running around collecting heat and volition.
  12. Why does everyone seem to think that this will take barely any effort? The effort that it takes depends on the other participants. In a poetry contest, if all of the contestants write their poems in under five minutes, then they put in barely any effort. Look up copywriting for a profession that is all about writing high quality 50 characters or less snippets of text.   When I play text-based roleplaying games (where people type commands and actions) I often spend hours on a character description that's only 4-6 sentences in length. After I'm done, I continue to refine it as I play the game. This is the same, except it's a description of a land.   I do think that the first place contestant should only get a wishpoint if their description merits it. Sadly, the only suggestion that I can think of to determine this is to have the judges (for there need to be judges. I agree that public voting is a no) say if they think a description merits one. I say sadly since it seems that everyone is biased towards poetry or more longer pieces of prose. I just hope that, if this method is used, people will recognize a great description when they see one.   I would like to participate in this quest, but I'm not sure if I'll have the time for it yet, so I'll hold off my decision until a bit later.
  13. Pathworking   Essentially a guided meditation where you often visualize a journey through various archetypes, imaginary places, etc. Your pathworking ability increases as you do more of it. Since magicduel is a magical realm, this term seems all the more fitting. When you look to go to a place, you hold the concept of it in your mind, and then find a route to it. When you haven't been to a place in awhile, it will take you longer to visualize the journey. Since you're reducing viscosity, you're quite literally 'working' a path through the fogginess (viscosity) of your memory of a certain concept.   I'll probably define this better in a few hours; I just wanted to claim the word. I think it's quite fitting. You can always google it to get a better definition.
  14. I like it for the same reasons why I like and have both the locate spell and the extra map features. I like to easily find people. Perhaps the cost is a bit low though. Rather than removing it, I'd like to see it moved to the wishshop (even though I couldn't afford it then).
  15.   Sorry, I'll have to decline. I've added lists for accepted offers and declined offers in my second post. This way, people can easily see if an offer has been accepted without me having to make a post saying that it has or hasn't been.
  16. Trades   Completed trades:   - 19 Coloured Paper sold for 1 Teleport Papercabin stone.   Accepted offers:   Declined offers:   - 11 mineral water, 5 lumber and 6 flowers for 10 memory stones and 3 pieces of cake     Note: The number in brackets beside an accepted transaction shows how many days left the person who made the offer has to complete the trade. If someone offered to give me 30 silver for 2 gold, if I accepted, they'd have 3 days to complete the trade. During those three days, I wouldn't be able to give/trade my gold to/with anyone else. If someone offered to give me 60 silver for 2 gold then, I'd have to decline. After the three days are up, however, I'd be under no obligation to trade with the person. I could then choose to decline the trade, complete the trade anyways, or trade my two gold to someone else.   I reserve the right to break this rule if I suspect that someone is abusing it to inconvenience me or people who want to trade with me. Also, three days is just the default. I might increase it for someone who has earned my trust and doesn't play magicduel much, and I might decrease for someone who I suspect of trying to abuse the system.
  17. I'm looking to trade a lot of stuff. I hope to keep this system up for as long as I'm active in MD. :) How it works, is you post what you want from the inventory listed below, and what you are willing to give for it. I won't trade if I think that I'll be getting the worse deal. I'm also biased towards owning a bunch of cheap items vs. a few expensive items. The stuff that I get from trading will go back into this 'shop' to be available for someone else to buy. Think of this as a miniature market. I might use some of my inventory to sponsor quests,but I'll mainly be focusing on adding more stock to this 'shop'. I'll occasionally use some of my inventory for other purposes, but my overall goal is to keep my inventory growing.    I really like owning lots of stuff, yet I don't like stuff collecting dust in an inventory. I've left the few items that I own that are role based or have sentimental value out of here. I definitely don't mind if someone else does something like this as well. I'd encourage it, actually. Hopefully this will help to encourage trade in MD while satisfying my need for owning lots of stuff.   Shop Inventory: Recently added items/creatures are in italics   - Aromatic herbs (264) - BMMO Bronze Gift (1) - BMMO Silver Gift (3) - Branches (519) - Bushies (3) - Cup of Cold Tea (31) - Flowers (114) - Gold coin (3) - Silver coin (72) - Heat stone (20) - Locate stone (12) - Memory stone (10) - Movelock stone (1) - Otherarmy stone (2) - Piece of Cake (3) - Prot Attack stone (2) - Prot Bringin stone (1) - Prot Defence stone (1) - Prot Freeze stone (1) - Prot Heal stone (1) - Prot Movelock stone (1) - Prot Nomulti stone (1) - Rainwater (50) - Sawdust (3) - Sticky Goop (2) - Tea leaves (385) - Teleport Papercabin stone (1) - Timeless dust (3) - Toxic plants (77) - Unidentified plants (78) - Water (42) - Weaken stone (1)   Creatures:   - Barren Soul (ID: 807727. Age: 173) - Barren Soul (ID: 807729. Age: 173) - Barren Soul (ID: 807730. Age: 173) - Barren Soul (ID: 807733. Age: 173) - Grasan (ID: 807734. Age: 173) - Remains (ID: 808897. Age: 151) - Remains (ID: 808898. Age: 151) - Remains (ID: 808899. Age: 151) - Remains (ID: 808900. Age: 151) - Remains (ID: 808901. Age: 151) - Remains (ID: 808902. Age: 151) - Remains (ID: 808903. Age: 151)
  18. In a game where death is not permanent, stealing becomes the biggest crime. If someone steals your life, you can get another one (although it might be an expensive process). If someone steals your 'Ancient artifact of lores unseen', you have to steal it back, otherwise you lose it forever. If the item stolen from you is an expensive consumable and the thief uses it, you're out of luck.   Of course, in real life, the punishment for death wouldn't change. Death is very painful (in lots of cases) and it could scar someone for the rest of their lives. While death is still an illegal act in most places, it doesn't hold the taboo that roleplaying or doing other subjects does. Thus you get the whole issue of murder being more acceptable than swearing, since murder is a part of the game.    While murder is treated lightly in lots of games and rpgs today, I don't necessarily think that's a good thing. We're teaching kids that it's more acceptable to commit murder than it is to be politically incorrect.   MD can change this, but only if people are willing. If there are no consequences to murder, the players can make some. Players can agree to not speak to, trade with, sponsor the quests of, etc., of someone who has hired someone to commit murder or has murdered someone themselves. Lands can choose to banish people who commit murder against anyone, or they can choose to banish people who commit murder against certain people.   People might cry foul for someone being punished by others because of the role that they chose, but that's just stupid. If you choose to murder someone as a part of your role, others can choose to not talk with murderers as a part of their role. Or, they can choose to worship murderers if they want. It's their choice.   The only cases where this fails is when someone doesn't care about trading, socially interacting with people, doing quests, etc. These cases will be rare though, and if it's possible for a player to not care about such punishments, it's equally possible for a character to not care, and people will just have to deal with it.
  19. Change

    Pickable Items

      This, this, a million times this.   One minor thing would be to bring back the randomly appearing colourful power-ups for older players. I loved those!
  20. Congrats, everyone! (or should I say No one?) Congrats to No one as well. I forgot about the sponsorship rule. :blush: I was going to give the gold to whoever placed closest to me if I placed in the quest. It's a good thing that I was too distracted to really participate.   Thanks Burns and Nimrodel for all of the work you put into this awesome quest! :) MD needs more stuff like this, though I don't blame you if you don't want to get started on another big quest anytime soon.
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