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  1. http://magicduel.com/players/Change&override=true I'd like to participate as well.
  2. The most change happens in MD when Change is inactive.   On that note, I will now be going on a 10 year haitus. :P (I kid).
  3. Change

    Funny MD Quotes

    I'm guessing some are from his YIM as well and maybe also from MD. I was just referring to him quoting me with "quoting skype conversations?".   While apparently AmberRune gave permission, I did not. I only let it slide because it was a harmless quote which I made in jest, given the authors of most of the new content posts. Also, I didn't mean that all of the new posts were bad (some were justified. I won't say which). I simply meant that it made more new content which I have to read as a mod. :P Not that I care much. This forum produces a teeny bit of content compared to more populated forums.   In my opinion, quoting MD game chats/forum posts is fine, but if you're going to quote from non-MD services, you need to ask permission Rophs.
  4. Change


    right path   i like you a lot you make sense too to me. two me three me, four me, five me me me them we don't like them i don't like them who don't like five me, four me, three me, two me, one me me me me us them? who's right?
  5. Change

    Funny MD Quotes

        Quoting skype conversations? Rude. :) For clarification, that's "no thanks to Rophs, dst, and DD" (I was skyping Rophs). It could be interpreted as no thanks to only dst and DD.
  6. Boo. :P I was wondering if it literally was just 20 cartography skill too (I have lots of credits). I figured that the finding in "First one finding 20 (cartography 20), except people that have/had access to the A25 admin, contact me for a nice reward." meant that this wasn't a valid strategy, with (cartography 20) used to show that you'd (obviously) have cartography 20 after finding them.   Anyways, I was several hours late in starting, so I didn't even have a chance. :) Congrats, dst! I'm certainly liking all of these changes (even though the obelisks look kind of weird in some locations).
  7. Change


    There's many things I'd like to be And many things that are not me           Let's play pretend           Come on, my friend A cat, a mouse, a tree, a bird           So many things           Some quite absurd But is a bird not like a tree? Are many things so not like me?           If we're the same           Let's play a game   If we each have a little fire That dictates what our hearts desire           Do not you see           What isn't me? If we're the same then it's the air           That makes the sparks           Fly everywhere If I control the air I breathe Filter it with a tiny sieve           Then that's the way           I'll get to play   I can be what I want to be  and in the end I am still me.
  8. So, is someone in one of these positions essentially an archivist+beta tester+developer lite for their particular area or--? Jeez.   If so, I'd advise anyone applying for this that that's a ton of work if done properly. (I'm sure some of you know this but it doesn't hurt repeating). Now, the amount of work does scale with the amount of development, however, but still.
  9. Change

    This Quiz...

    Pretty accurate this time (I've taken this test quite a few times a year ago--but I took it the right way this time I think). I stopped myself from thinking of it as a favourite colour test (to put it simply) and took it as a test of which colours do I find the most relaxing. I don't think I have strict standards, but I guess I do in some things. Not how some would think of strict at all though. I definitely do need reassurances from others, and the stress stuff is very true (it's true for everyone likely, but my results nicely sum up my life). I also do like over-indulging, though I'm quite generous.   http://colorquiz.com/results.php?code=f,1,0,2,7,6,3,5,4,3,6,5,1,3,7,0,4,2,3&p=full   Took it again because why not. Still pretty accurate. No comment on the existing situation part. :P   http://colorquiz.com/results.php?code=f,6,3,2,4,0,1,5,7,5,6,3,4,1,5,2,0,7,0&p=full
  10. Roleplaying. I like roleplaying everyday life as Change. Only roleplaying about serious stuff isn't fun to me.
  11. Activity: Usually glance at the forums at least once a day. I'm sure most realize that people have roles outside of MD, but I'll list mine anyways.   Roles in MD: Moderator Roles outside of MD (in order of work demanded): Student Playtester (of another game) Newbie helper (same game--it's basically a LHO) I can only realistically fulfill four mandatory roles at once. Once summer comes around, I'll hopefully have graduated and freed up a role, but until then, I'm booked.
  12. I guess I'll finally comment on this. Dark Demon, I can understand the need to make a post explaining some things so that you don't have to say the same things over and over to everyone. That's fine. I did that for my citizenship application to Necrovion, the Coloured Paper, and so on. However, talking is just a first optional step towards achieving something. The people who get things do things consistently over time get recognition for it. A relatively recent example is Rophs getting the title of Seedwalker after running countless seedwalks. However, does Rophs need the title to be a seedwalker? No, but there are a couple of perks that he gets due to his role being 'official'. The reason why the Colour Paper failed was because I was trying to do too many things at once in MD, other games, and in real life. Even a seemingly simple task can become taxing if done regularly. It is for that reason that when someone does take the effort to do something regularly, they are rewarded. Thus, it's good to focus on one or two things at most, things that you know you can do.   So, here's my advice. Great! You've announced your plans again. Lots of people might be cynical about it, but people are always cynical about someone who hasn't kept with many things before. So try to not judge what others say, rather, now that you know what you're going to do, do it! Being headstrong is fine, as long as you're not being headstrong as a result of the opinions of others.   It doesn't matter whether this is true or not. Perhaps you posting and responding to your topic and this topic shows that you do care--it doesn't matter. If it is true, then yes, it is better to do what you plan on doing without saying so much about it and responding to what others think. If it isn't true, and you do have what it takes, then "do what you plan on doing without saying so much about it and responding to what others think".   Good luck! I'm neutral about your goals at the moment, but I'd be happy for you if you learned to put real sustained effort and focus into one thing. That's a skill that everyone should improve on, and I'm obviously including myself in this. I've made progress on this front, and so can you, but talking is not the way that you'll progress. You know this, and that's all that needs to be said.
  13. You can pick things like the altar, or even an obvious scene 'object' like a tree. I just want people to pick things that could potentially make objects or be used as objects in MD rather than abstract concepts. 'Heat' technically could also be fine, since it can be collected in a sense. But I don't want something like respect, that you can't objectively count. Or honour, even though you can count it. (Sorry for being so late in responding. My brain wasn't working over the last couple of days.)
  14. There's definitely no time limit. The quest isn't intended to force people to rush it. I removed the first three submissions getting more rewards because I realized that that might put pressure on some people to rush it. Now everyone gets 15 silver (or 1 gold) and a spellstone. :) (until I run out, then there might be different rewards). In fact, while doing it all in one day might be an interesting task, doing it over a much longer period of time will hopefully cause you to think more about how things can be used in different ways in your day to day life, which is the goal of this rather big task.
  15. This quest is simple, and it will never end. Really, it's more me rewarding people for a common, but useful exercise. I did not invent this exercise.   What your task is to do is to pick an object in MD--it must be a thing, not a concept, and write 1000 uses for that object.   Any submissions will get at least a spellstone (until I run out of spellstones that I'd be willing to give) and 15 silver/1 gold (until I run out of those). Sponsors are definitely appreciated.   Post below if you're up for the challenge, and then link to your submission when you're done. You can go as much above 1000 uses as you want, and you can do this quest as many times as you'd like, but please pick a different object each time, preferably one that someone else hasn't done already, or if they have done it, with different uses.   Yes this quest is hard. It's meant to be. It's meant to get rid of your expectations of what a certain object can do, or be. I'll be posting a full length example sometime in the next few days (I'm busy with other writing now), but I want to give people the opportunity to start now if they wish. Stones: [spoiler] Weaken stone Locate stone (12) Movelock stone Otherarmy stone (2) Heat stone (20) Invisibility stone Prot Freeze stone Prot Attack stone (2) Prot Defence stone Prot Heal stone Prot Movelock stone Prot Nomulti stone Prot Bringin stone [/spoiler] Note: Uses that are obviously meant to circumvent the system will not be accepted. So you can't have 'look at a spellstone once, look at a spellstone twice, look at a spell stone thrice' etc. until you reach 1000. However, some uses can be: A spellstone exists to look at, to touch, to smell etc. Just don't try and cheat the system and you'll be fine. Funny uses are just as acceptable as serious ones. :)
  16. Thanks for the really fun quest. :) I'll pick weather snow.
  17. You can also use the arrow keys to pan right and quickly view it. Lots of workarounds. :)
  18. Applied to Necrovion. All votes, whether for, against, or abstains, are appreciated. Will continue to be available to talk at the Howling Gates.   Edit: Voting is now open.
  19. Ackshan Bemunah, AmberRune, Ary Endleg, Assira, Azkhael, Eara Meraia, Eon, Sir Blut, Syrian   Angel of Death: http://imgur.com/yWFiR44   Don't ask? It started out as a lantern, I swear! In case anyone's wondering, Eon's spear/sword thing was used to extend the balloon string.
  20. I'm participating! :) Should probably be done by tonight.
  21. Aged some is required. I'm only looking for one now since I bought an aged one already. (I can get a fresh one myself).    I have:   Gold coin (1) Silver coin (78) 9 Memory stone 3 Sawdust 519 Branches 115 Flowers 264 Aromatic herbs 31 Cup of Cold Tea 78 Unidentified plants 2 Water 2 Sticky Goop 385 Tea leaves 5 Timeless dust Bushies (4) 50 Rainwater 3 Fenths 20 Wiiya Weaken stone Locate stone (12) Movelock stone Otherarmy stone (2) Heat stone (21) Invisibility stone Prot Freeze stone Prot Attack stone (2) Prot Defence stone Prot Heal stone Prot Movelock stone Prot Nomulti stone Prot Bringin stone BMMO Silver Gift (3) 8th Anniversary Piece of cake BMMO Bronze Gift
  22. Change is looking to apply to become an official citizen of Necrovion.   She wishes to join Necrovion to be among those who are dealing with the subconscious and other 'dark' topics as she has done through her art and ideas. Among other things she is very patient, creative, and forgiving of some people's natures. However, she can be quite stubborn. She also dislikes when ideas go unchallenged as that creates a dull world. Change is usually willing to talk if one asks.   http://magicduel.com/players/Change
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