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  1. From http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/16098-mp3-erolin-heat-checker/   Why is it a waste of time to fix such things? If such bugs are commonly known and abused, say, 50% of active MDers know them, then you seem to be saying it's better to give 50% of people an advantage because they know certain things than it is to let all active MDers know these things equally.   I wouldn't say that the people who know of the bugs 'deserve it' more than others. For example, the clicky bug might have been told by LHOs to people asking how to use clickies, or by close friends, or by people posting things in the game chat, etc. When I asked how to use and edit clickies, I was told of no such bug. Thus, it's very much a case of chance.   Now, perhaps there's a desire to hide these bugs from the other 50% because if they were made publicly available then every newbie would know about them, rather than the active people who often play MD. Then why not make a list of such bugs sent to a player once they reach say 100 AD?   That might seem ridiculous, but if 50% of people already do know about a particular bug (with some people not knowing about any bugs at all) then should MD really stay a game where some people do quests or other activities and have the deck stacked in their favour because they won a coinflip?   Should MD stay a game which is ruled by those who break the rules and are told they can?
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    Music Thread

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    Broken   It's finally broken me been coming for a while.   They push and push and push and push still, I tried to smile?   No more, not me you've had your chance and took my chance away.   Instead, repress, seems for the best, but only what they see.   Inside I'm free they can't take that they can't take him away.   He'll only see, what's inside me day after each short day.   He doesn't care about my flair he loves me lots despite.   To those who care I bid you a farewell and a goodnight.   (This poem is based on recent experiences everywhere--not just on MD.)
  4. I also didn't know about this feature, despite having the ability to edit clickables for ages.   Perhaps someone should go through all of the 'feature bugs' (a fitting name?) that everybody knows about except for a few people who never were told about them? Then decide if they should be official features or not. I personally had/have no idea about any of the many feature bugs, and I bet that there are a few people like me. When I asked how to use clickables, I was never told about such a feature, so it likely depended on who you asked/who your friends were.   (I only know about one simple feature bug that I got after pulling teeth about it.)
  5. I'm looking to study such a tainted creature, so I'd like to acquire one. I have gold, silver, and spellstones. Please post your asking price if you wish to sell.
  6. Here are a few rules that I've followed in regards to Change and myself. (Both of us are quite similar if you haven't guessed). Yes, this is written with a certain exaggerated persona on (that is, a personality that isn't mine, or Change's). Think Effie Trinket, or some other Victorian. 1. Always lie without lying. Why reveal the 'darker'/deeper side of yourself when no one cares? Sure, you've figured lots of it out, but no one has to know that. You've shown parts of that part in the past before, haven't you? Guess what? No one cared! They got incredibly confused and had no idea what you were saying. Better to give them the part that they can understand. Let them think that's all you are. It doesn't matter. 2. Do what people want if it makes no difference to you. This one seems kind of obvious. If you don't care whether or not you choose A or B, why not go with the majority? Having people like you is beneficial to yourself. If you want to choose A just to be contrary, or if you want to choose based on a coin-flip, guess what? That's you caring. But if you actually don't care, just go with everyone else. 3. Talking makes people think they know you. Now, you're allowed to talk about your 'issues' but don't actually discuss your real issues. Don't bother showing that you've actually really thought deeply about stuff--people will just get confused. Rather, enter the state of mind that you're in when you're being silly, worrying over little things. That's what everyone else does, isn't it? So talk and talk some more and if people respond positively, keep going! Now, as it turns out, people may just be responding positively publicly and they might really hate your face. You yourself would get annoyed about someone blabbing on and on without even taking the time to stop and think. But that's okay, people who actually think aren't often the ones in power. If people think they know you, they don't see a threat and you can do whatever you want. The only potential problem to this plan is if there's someone in power who does think. But those people don't exist, right? (Note: Well, perhaps they do...) 4. Be yourself, but only the 'nice' parts. Did you notice? Well, did you? That's right, when you're non-controversial people like you. Well, they don't actually like 'you' but you've spent decades trying to figure out yourself. You've made lots of progress (no one needs to know that) and it'd take foreeeeeever for you to explain that progress to others. So why bother trying? If you do, they'll likely misunderstand you, and that can go one of two ways. Either they like what they think is your true self lots, or they hate it--both due to a lack of context. Why court chance when you don't have to? (Note: 'Nice' varies from person to person, which makes things especially confusing at times...)   5. Have fun!   Letting people think that you're a confused idiot is fun and beneficial...right?...right?  
  7. There's a reason why No one didn't get the achievement after getting 666 flowers. Good luck on getting 666,666 branches.
  8. Um, there's really not much of a 'higher' investment to get a pimp, especially considering the investment needed to get to a rusty in the first place. Plus, there likely are more pimps than rusties due to shop mechanics, so it makes sense that they'd be less powerful.   I do like the idea of more resource-based creatures/variations though. Perhaps someone could think of a new creature/variation. I'm neutral as to pimps producing more resources. Maybe this could be a thing when there's a greater need for such resources.
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    What people think they know won't hurt them   What people think they know won't hurt them Make people happy with a dance Why reveal the silent ocean When the storms above entrance?   The ocean is too big to see The storms above excite If others choose to dive down deep They'll experience her night   But she won't let them in so deep She shocks, she awes, she thrills So when they search her all they'll find Is electricity that kills   Any chance of seeing her heart That's hidden in the dark For if they look inside the storm All they'll find are sparks.   Lightning sometimes hits the ocean And reveals a bit within But all of that is most obscured By the raging howling wind.   -- Change.
  10. Nominees: Everyone who has listened to Change blab about various topics (unfairness, why she wants to join Necrovion (now and about a year agoish), wondering what land fits her best (a long time ago) etc., etc.) and hasn't run away screaming, 'Shut up, shut up, shut up!' aka. AmberRune, JadenDew, Azull, Syrian, Kiley, Assira, Jester, Azkhael?, Peace, lashtal, Rophs ... lots of other people (if you're one of them, please remind me. I'm basically nominating anyone who has had a long conversation with me).   Nominator: Change   Reason for nominations: By patiently listening and talking to Change--or just putting up with her--Change has learned to better listen to what people say, and actually try and answer their questions instead of just going on and on and on. Their questions have made her think about things, even if she doesn't necessarily agree with them all of the time. She has also, as of the last year or more, finally decided on a land, so all of people's responses to her questions (and non-responses) were not in vain, even if they just gave her more reasons for knowing that her choice was right, in her mind.
  11. Did you read the other prices? First of all, 'get' and 'gives' are different things. Get, means you receive something, and gives means someone gives something. It's undefined as to who.   I'm not sure why I worded it with 'get' instead of receives. I was trying to make it easier for people to understand, but anyways.   Sell to shop - You receive 3 credits Personal Use - Replaces your current avatar (Gives 2 credits).   If 'gives 2 credits' actually means you receive 2 credits, that's awkward wording. Can anyone confirm that it gives you two credits? It should be changed to 'get' or 'receive' (you receive 2 credits) perhaps since 'gives' is ambiguous. However, it does mean that someone could upload an avatar for themselves, get 2 credits, and sell it for 1 for a total of three.   Note the other costs in your vault:   Replace current avatar (1 credit) Replace avatar and transfer current avatar to the vault (2 credits) Discard avatar, returns it to MDShop (you receive 1 credit)   Those always led me to believe that personal use avatars meant that you gave 2 credits to the shop, since every time when you get credits it says 'receives'. Anyways, it doesn't seem like the medium quality ones are going to be removed anyways--I was scared due to DD's original post saying, "I think almost all 2-D avatars at least should be removed."   '3d' avatars are quite hard to make, and also hard to make properly. Meanwhile good looking 2dish avatars are easier to make.   Perhaps people should be encouraged to post their avatar attempts in the Artworks forum?
  12. Personally, if some lower quality avatars are to be kept, I'd set a lesser quality standard for avatars uploaded for someone to use themselves (not sell to the shop). Yes, they could sell them to the shop later, or they might expire and get into the shop that way, but there wouldn't be a flood of them necessarily.   For reference:   Uploading to sell to shop: Get 3 credits Personal use: Costs 2 credits Discard avatar (goes to shop): Get 1 credit   So let's say only high quality 3d avatars were permitted to be uploaded to the shop. If I, Change, could only make medium quality avatars, I couldn't go, 'I'll get around the quality restriction by uploading an avatar for myself, pay 2 credits, and then get 1 credit for selling it! Profit! Wait, no. I just lost a credit.' Yes, I could sell it to people by ATC though, but I'm not sure how often that'd happen.   Therefore I think it'd be fine to set the quality standard for personal use avatars to 'medium' and 'sell to shop' avatars to 'high'. The low quality ones could still be gotten rid of though.
  13. Hmm, oh well. There goes my chance at making my own avatar any time soon which I'd use myself. :P I do like this change though, except that likely one of the few girl avatars was probably removed (sure it was 2d, not that good, and I could probably have drawn it myself, but it was a girl!).   I'm almost tempted to sponsor the creation of new female avatars (with gold/stuff) even though I'd ideally want to use my own once I'm good enough.
  14. Change

    Forum Rules

    The above rule has been removed due to it being deemed to be technically unnecessary along with it having potentially negative consequences. The rule was suggested and implemented in reaction to uncertainty around a certain post as to whether or not it was breaking the rules. Some of us were for making it certainly against the rules (this way users would know it was certainly against the rules too) and there were no objections to this.   Why the rule was technically unnecessary (as many have pointed out) was that anything that violated the rule could also be considered to violate a serious offence. Serious offences are removed when detected.   Having general rules like this is often good because things like context can be taken into account. The problem is, with such subjective rules, people are bound to disagree on what breaks them. The above rule didn't take context into account, which is why it had some negative consequences. However, then people would know that they're breaking the rule if their post involved discussions of said topic. With the removal of the rule, we're back to subjective interpretations on if such a topic is offensive/etc., or not. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but there are bound to be disagreements.   So, as a reminder, if your post is dealt with by a mod for some reason, a mod will contact you and you can ask why the action was taken, say that it shouldn't have been taken, and so on. (However, note that the rules apply in PMs as well--it is not a place where you can swear or post other things that break the rules).   Also, keep in mind that you can post here to suggest changes to the rules. Thanks.
  15. Change

    Forum Rules

    Added a Serious Offence forbidding 'discussing, mentioning, or referencing suicide.'   It's usually unnecessary 99% of the time and it often serves as a trigger to those who have dealt with it in some way in the past. For referencing things like certain creature actions, better terms can be chosen. If you're feeling depressed, MD is NOT the support forum that you'd need when it comes to getting help. While some of us might be trained to deal with such things, others, like myself, are not. There are helplines and forums, and although some of them might not be the best, they'd likely be better than MD.   Joking about it is not okay. It's far worse than swearing, which is also a serious offence. Note that 'referencing' also means talking about the same thing in different words.   If anyone has any issues with this rule, see here: http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/16047-latest-forum-rule-addition-debate
  16. Change

    Death System

      It's not illogical if the leash is also spiritual/is bound to the spirit.
  17. I voted for DD to stay dead (note that this was a vote for him to stay dead for now) because he repeatedly said during the ceremony that he didn't care about what anyone thought except for one person (and Change guessed that that one person wasn't her).   While yes, there are times when you shouldn't care about what people think, saying that you don't care about what anyone thinks is somewhat rude. Change has talked to DD before. DD has been fairly nice to her as a whole. She vaguely remembers some funny talks with him. Yet now he's saying that he doesn't care about what she said?   If Change was one of DD's enemies, she didn't know until the ceremony. If she wasn't, then DD used some very poor wording and how could Change know otherwise? Change in fact recently encouraged DD to embrace the labyrinth throne in it's full power. Labyrinth citizens have the ability to go anywhere. This, she thinks, is intentional. So if DD believes that he deserves Labyrinth citizenship, he should take what comes with it.   What, in Change's mind, DD needs to change, is his tendency to make more enemies where there were none. Yes, DD has legitimate enemies. But DD also has people like Change who are neutral towards him at worst and who love him, despite his flaws at best. (Now, Change doesn't love DD, but she certainly doesn't hate him). If anyone else had decided to make enemies out of nothing like DD had, Change would have voted for them to stay dead as well for now. In Change's mind, death should be a bit bigger of a deal than it is. Change doesn't dislike or hate DD now, but she does feel like he has something to learn. Everyone has something to learn, and no one is beyond such growth.   Anyways, apparently the vote didn't affect DD's decision to leave--he would have anyways (according to him). Was this because he viewed everyone, falsely, as his enemy? The vote wasn't all nos. In fact, I'd need to count, but it was more split 60-40 percent. Or was it something else that brought about his decision?   As for the depression, I believe that I have a minor form of depression. It runs in the family, lots of us have it, and the symptoms have gone on for years and years, so although I haven't been diagnosed, I believe I can relate. Many actions in MD have triggered this depression. Most of these triggers have been me looking back at my past indecisions with regret, though I'm slowly moving past this and I've started to really enjoy myself in MD again like I did at the height of my time in the Fusioneers (thanks, Kiley and others. :)).   There will always be those who think you're silly or that you don't deserve things, and that what you say is stupid (I'm sure there are those who believe this about me/Change at times, perhaps even about this post). What I did was I started small again. I stopped going for the big things (like believing that if I had a role, it should be something related to change, therefore I couldn't play Change as a normal person) and started going for the little things, like roleplaying writing, drawing, helping Rophs possibly get eaten (he's an acorn, hehe), and so on. I've now been much happier, so maybe, hopefully, doing something similar will work for you. Azull is a King, yet he also engages in fun, silly, roleplay.   Still, while I don't see why you have to leave MD, you can certainly leave. While MD is unique, it'd be not the end of my world if I left it. I'd play my other games, make other friends, continue to skype MD friends, and so on. While belonging to MD might feel very much like belonging to a cult sometimes, you can leave this cult. :P ... I hope. While I know coming back to something that triggers depression seems dumb, and I've pondered leaving because of it, or restarting, I come back because I haven't tried the simple things for a while yet. So yes, you can leave, but I'd encourage you to try more of the simple things again. Your Kingship can just be in the background--you can use it to run quests and stuff--but otherwise, you can do little stuff, like maybe grow a plant in the community garden. Anything.   Good luck in the quest of having fun, DD. :) I hope you complete it, whether in MD or elsewhere.
  18. Does the player have stars/asterisks (**) around their name, Junior? You need to type those.   Also, thanks Chewett! Sent credits perfectly now. :)
  19. Under MDShop > Buy Credits > One time payment credits packs > Send Credits GIFT to, in the box for playername you're limited to entering in 10 characters. The player id is also limited to 10 characters.   Does the playername not make a difference and it's purely the player id that's used to determine who the credits are sent to? If so, then I can use it, but it'd be nice if you could type in the full name.
  20.   Slander and lies! (No really, I didn't do it).
  21. I wouldn't mind trading whenever. (I could get at least 30 credits). But it's fine if Fang has it first.
  22. Can definitely fight for third place! Also, 3x isn't too high if I get lazy. But yeah, maybe make it based on AD than previous viscosity next time. (I have almost 700 AD which definitely doesn't make me a complete newb)
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