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  1. Blue ink, wooden bowl 3 sc each.   Pet rock 10 sc, and I promise not to sell it to Mur.
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    Tag! You're it!

  3. Is splitting resources not wanted? I thought the only reason why it's not wanted is because splitting resources would be akin to breaking MD physics. However, this box doesn't seem to break MD physics, especially if it's a box that's 'external' to the player (not in their inventory, like a bank).   If a living being is necessary to hold resources, then perhaps make it a 'living bank'? That way, the only main reason against such a thing would be that it might lessen the interaction with other players. (For example, someone could gather flowers and run to the 'bank' each time to stack them, though that'd be terribly inefficient)
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    Tag! You're it!

  5. What could potentially be possible is the 'splitting' of resources without splitting them.   Example: I start off with 0 tea leaves. I then collect 10 tea leaves and put them in the box. I then collect 5 more tea leaves and since they're not in the box, they're 'split'. Thus, I'd have a box of 10 tea leaves and 5 more tea leaves. If I wanted to put more tea leaves in the box, obviously I'd have to put all of my 5 tea leaf stack in at once thus making 15 tea leaves in the box.   Essentially, the box would be like the other player that some people use to 'split' resources. The big problem is how would such a box be created...   If this is exactly what you meant, Dark Demon, then I agree somewhat. Though perhaps not about the fee.
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    First instant impression is Willow's walk and angien's shrine (the boat and the tree). Will study it after sleep.
  7. Roots, string, salted anchovies, spicy maggots, and snuggle bunny to start?   Edit: I'll get 2 string actually. So 1 gold (5 items) 3 silver?
  8. Thank you all. Did a few fun things, including having pie and spicy Indian food.   And yes, Rophs. There was a big change on my birthday. ;) Though nothing really changed.
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    Tag! You're it!

  10. "In this way, wishpoints could be used to acquire such items and this will lower the buying-vs-nonbuying member discrimination." - Mur.   This. Also, I forgot this statement:   "Now you can turn one wishpoint for 8 credits in the wish shop, this value is not final and there is only one such wish on stock"   I was calculating things based on the idea that you'd be able to convert unlimited wishpoints to credits. But you can only convert 1 wishpoint into 8 credits right now. That's it. So if 1 wishpoint gives 60 credits, you'd just get a 60 credit, or $60 boost in the game when you get your first wishpoint. 60 credits will give you an avatar, some nice extra features, 40-60 roleplay items, and less if you really want specific ones, and so on.   Once you've spent your 60 credits, you'll need to get your missing items from other players--who also have 60 credits likely. Thus you'd pay them in gold/silver or such for them to shuffle the roleplay items to get what you want, thus further reducing the available credits that people have.   60 credits still might be too high of a boost, depending on how many new players (or alts. alt abuse must be considered with this.) come into the game. But $60 is not nearly $250 free. Honestly, maybe it's just me, but I don't think there's a majority of players who will just be happy with 60 credits. That gives them a taste, but people will always want more. It's rare the person who doesn't want more of something--and if they don't, then perhaps you aren't selling the right things.   The roleplay items section was long needed, given the amount of roleplayers in MD and the lack of roleplay items in the shop. Now, more people will spend credits in large amounts, and this will make the 60 credits that used to seem like a lot, feel like a lot less. I've spent that much shuffling the avatar shop alone.
  11. 8 is far too little. I'd price them around 30-60 each, depending on how common they become in the future. 30 seems more likely to be a fair price, but only if the amount of wishpoints being given out increases. Click the spoiler tag if you want a further, somewhat lengthy, and possibly spoilery (or not) explanation, but it basically boils down to what DD said--the exchange rate of 1 gold for 5 credits should be taken into account.   [spoiler]For context, 1 gold is often traded for 5 credits (3 silver per credit), which means $5 USD for a direct trade. So 8 credits would set a wishpoint to be worth around 1 gold and 9 silver, or 1.6 gold.   Now obviously, there are several problems with the above calculations (it assumes that the rate at which credits are traded for gold is similar to the rate at which gold is traded for shop creatures that cost a certain amount of credits, among other things.) but it provides a really rough guide.   Also, the value of wishpoints might decrease drastically in the coming year if wishpoints are made even more readily available. However, that shouldn't matter too much as long as people don't have nearly enough wishpoints to buy out the entire wishpoint shop.   However, currently, in the 'Tag! You're it!' quest there are some valuable prizes. Third place receives 5 gold while first place can choose a wishpoint. The 5 gold could possibly be traded for 25 credits, while the wishpoint could only be traded for 8 according to the announcement. In sasha's 'Remembrance' quest, the prizes include one among 100 credits, a rustgold drachorn, or a wishpoint. The 100 credits, if awarded to 1 person, would then only be gotten by a free player by voting, or by spending over 12 wishpoints.   Personally, if I had had the choice to buy a wishpoint at 100 credits each, I would have jumped at the chance. Yes, I hope that you will never be able to buy wishpoints. I dislike that. And perhaps a free player might happily exchange a wishpoint for 8 credits. But if a player who buys credits would value wishpoints at 100 credits per wishpoint and a 'free player' values their wishpoints at 8 credits each--there's a discrepancy here.   For active day WPs, that only adds to around 1 credit a month if you converted those wishpoints to credits. Under my suggested rates, it'd be 5-10 credits a month. There'd still be a motivation to get a $5 subscription because then you'd be getting 10 a month and so on. The role items that were added/will be added to the shop will also cause people to blow through credits more, especially since they tap into the roleplaying market, which hasn't been catered to at all in the shop before. [/spoiler]
  12. Buying credits for gold/silver for obvious reasons. I wasted lots of mine on the avatar shop, so now I need more.   Currently have 4 gold and 75 silver left--so 9 gold effectively.   I'll also accept 5 roleplay items per gold, depending on what the roleplay items are.   Edit: I now have all of the 42 limited items, but I'm still interested in 1 more red glass fragments and potentially some of the new 100+ items that will come out.
  13.   Before when I was asking about such things, while providing my views on several subjects, I was met with "It's a spoiler" only. Did you even read what I said? I said now that I'm older, it's better, and instead of being met with 'it's a spoiler' I'm met with hints, or actual discussion. Which is great. Why don't you read my post again?    I have learned that you can only really get anywhere, in research, in game, and so on, by asking. But the 'it's a spoiler' environment many newbies grew up in was not conductive to getting people to ask questions.       Can someone who wants to develop a cure for various diseases to help people not research things? Are the scientists who got into science so that they could discover things that could help people any less researchers than those who do it simply for fun/a job? I'm sure if the researchers who want to help people knew that their research wouldn't help people they wouldn't have done it in the first place. For example, Einstein deeply regrets the atomic bomb.   I care about research because the results of said research can be used to do things or be used to make better informed decisions. I do not research simply for the sake of knowing something that someone else doesn't know. I wish to contribute to research that I, or others, believe will be useful in potential new applications. If I just wanted to please people, I'd become an entertainer. I do research to please people by helping people, yes. But I can only help them with the research by actually contributing to the research.
  14. Yes, because I totally write down how many times they've listened to me discuss my insecurities about some things--among other things. AmberRune, JadenDew, Azull, Syrian, Kiley, Assira, Jester, Azkhael, Peace, lashtal, Rophs. I listed those in my nominations post.   I just also said for those who have also helped me to remind me, because I have a bad time remembering exact names. I'd also nominate ChildOfTheSoul and a couple others for other reasons, but nominations are closed.   Edit: And there's a reason why I didn't nominate everyone that I've talked to. Otherwise that list would include Eagle Eye, dst, No one, Fang Archbane, Maebius, Menhir, Marvolo, Awiiya, Rumi, Mur, Chewett, Burns, Grido, Falronn, laylah, etc., etc. Though I might have decided to nominate some of these people for other reasons, nominations are closed (I forgot about this).   I nominated the people who helped me significantly in some way by talking to me. Not just the people who said, 'Hello' and were polite. The list is mainly Necrovions because I've wanted to join Necrovion for a while now, so it just so happens that these are those who I have talked to a fair bit and discussed ways in which I can grow. 
  15. My nominations didn't count? Yes, I nominated a lot of people. Would you rather me try to condense them into one person? That's impossible.     This. Though No one might not have meant it that way, it is true. Most MD players have been kind in some way. And yes, actually taking the time to listen and talk to someone is an act of kindness, especially in MD where often some people (newbies especially) are ignored. When I go past mp3s, or see them arrive in a scene, I admit that often I just don't feel that into talking to them. Though if they talk, I do tend to say something.   But yes, voting for multiple people is a must.
  16. Ironically, I came across this topic again by doing some forum research, and I'd like to point out some potential falsehoods.   This may be true, however I think that more people are interested in research than you think. Personally, the only reason why I came to MD, and the only reason why I've stuck around, is the 'magic' of MD--the research.   Yet I was not into research again really for over 1000 days. Why was this so? Because whenever I had discussed my thoughts with others in game a year or two ago, they said, 'Perhaps, but I can't tell you anything. It's a spoiler.' and I remember some claiming that Mur wanted people to figure out stuff on their own.   So, I got discouraged after being told this a lot. Personally, MD is not the only research that I've delved into before. I used to be into reading some metaphysical texts, and discussing various paradigms with people in chats. There, there were no 'spoilers'. People still hoarded knowledge, yes, but they were willing to give hints, clues. If you had an idea about something, they didn't shout, 'Spoiler!' rather, they hinted at new directions for me to explore.   Now, as I'm older, and trying to get into research again, I'm finding that this is now the case in MD for me--it wasn't before. Now, when I give ideas about something, people give little hints--directions to go on, while before I was just met with silence. There are still groups of people that I talk to who all know the same thing--and I have no idea how to know that thing now. They don't seem willing to say anything about it due to it being 'deep' or something. But I'm still given hints for some things.   If I wasn't so stubborn, I would have abandoned MD long ago. Yet I wasn't so stubborn enough to keep researching MD when I felt I already had a good grasp of things, with no one to say if I was right or wrong according to them. Thus, I went on a haitus, occasionally discussing things like heat while 'knowing' that no one would tell me much of anything beyond what I already knew. Perhaps I could have taken some of the tiny tiny bits of opinion I was given as a Fusioneer (when I was talking about heat) and ran with it, but I still felt and recalled that I'd likely be ignored, or told nothing.   Perhaps this was a filter, and after wasting 1000 days without any research progress, I've 'passed' one of them, as now I'm starting to think again. Time has given me some fresh perspectives on things. But if I wasn't met with such resistance as a newbie, perhaps I would have kept researching then, and already be full of my own perspectives on 'deep' research that I could share with others.   MD doesn't seem to want people to research though. Rather, if they're not cut out for it, they're encouraged to do other things instead. Or perhaps that was years ago, and it is different now.   Like dst said, some people seem to want to research secretly just to be able to say, 'I have secret research, and 'everyone' knows it, but you do not, and I won't tell you if you're right or not.' I do not. I wish to share and discuss ideas. But I don't want to talk to a wall that tells me nothing. If more newbies were met with less walls (and maybe this is how it is now), then more newbies would be into the 'magic' of magicduel.
  17.   If you knew it was intended to be a bug (even if you thought it should be a feature) then that brings up a question.   Is it better for lots of people (but not all) to benefit from such a beneficial feature, or is it better for no one to benefit at all? There have been several ways that people have found spoilers now and in the past. To some, spoilers don't mean anything. To others, they mean a lot.   For example, I've heard that on a certain site people used to be able to find tons of spoilers if they knew how. This was not intentional at all, and it was fixed. But, it does mean that you have a group of people (myself included) who don't know these and will have to get them the hard way.   So are such features/spoilers worth keeping away from newer players? I honestly don't know. Maybe newcomers like myself will benefit from having to work for every single piece of information, with none of it given out. But maybe the newcomers who, with access to some free spoilers, would have thrived and found/thought of new things, now feel like they have a lot less to go on.   All I know is when wishpoints were given freely, and spoilers were everywhere to be found, MD was thriving a lot more. Hopefully A25 will make MD thrive again--it has lots of potential from what I've heard, and it seems that wishpoints will be given out more freely again. This is good. I don't know how information that used to be available to everyone is given out now (I'm guessing DD does, but perhaps not?) But both information and wishpoints are valuable, and I would certainly enjoy both.
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    "Known" Bugs

    What about the Bug Tester thing? I'm not sure if this was tried to be done in the past, or if there are enough people in a semi-official capacity for it already, but if not, why not ask for more people? Yes, dst might not have known it was a bug (that's not her fault--you can't expect one or two people to catch everything). But if there's more people, there's more perspectives.   I know that it might not just be up to you if this happens, which sucks.   Honestly, I do agree that there doesn't seem to be too many plausible solutions for this.
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    "Known" Bugs

    I'm incredibly sorry for my post being rude and unfair (as it has been pointed out to me). While I did not intend it to come off as blaming you, Chewett, it did. You are not to blame at all.   Then, according to the situation shown above, the problem is the perception that someone (like me) might get that everyone knows about all these cool 'hidden' features but them. This is an incredible turn off, and the people who have these hidden features both think they're features and occasionally hoard them as 'secret spoilers' it seems. Or, they tell them to people who ask sometimes.   Under [Restrictions] in MD the following is written:       The first quote is under longer general rules while the second quote is under things you are allowed to do. Personally, I'd put the first in bold font at the top of the restrictions. Also, I'd point out underneath it that you may be rewarded for reporting such bugs/exploits, especially if it is a significant one. Then say, 'if you especially like to do this, you may wish to apply to be a Bug Tester' and then link to a forum post perhaps.   Make a list of official positions that's easily available under a 'Want to help MD?' link. The link could be located beside 'Logout' and 'Idle' or under the LHO button. Some of the positions could be as follows:   Coder: Chewett, Muratus del Mur Bug Tester/Playtester: dst, etc. LHO: Syrian, Eagle Eye (etc., etc.) Forum Moderator: Grido, Burns, Change, Shemhazaj   and so on. Descriptions could be added under each, including ways in which one can apply. I'm a playtester in another game, and yes, there are thousands of bugs that are still not fixed. I get that not all of them can be fixed, and some of them are too minor to be fixed. When new features are being worked on, those features are the priority for the playtesters, not 5-10 year old bugs.   Yes, you can effectively be a playtester in MD, but it's a less public role than a forum moderator, and the ways to be one are less publicaly talked about I'd guess. If Magicduel had more official playtesters, then perhaps there would be less bugs that the coders don't know about. The coders could then prioritize the bugs as they do now, but at least they'd know about more of the significant ones faster.   Will I be applying? Probably not, since, like I said, there's enough to test/find bugs for in one game, nevermind two. But I personally find testing stuff rewarding, and I know from talking to people that others do as well.
  20. From http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/16098-mp3-erolin-heat-checker/   Why is it a waste of time to fix such things? If such bugs are commonly known and abused, say, 50% of active MDers know them, then you seem to be saying it's better to give 50% of people an advantage because they know certain things than it is to let all active MDers know these things equally.   I wouldn't say that the people who know of the bugs 'deserve it' more than others. For example, the clicky bug might have been told by LHOs to people asking how to use clickies, or by close friends, or by people posting things in the game chat, etc. When I asked how to use and edit clickies, I was told of no such bug. Thus, it's very much a case of chance.   Now, perhaps there's a desire to hide these bugs from the other 50% because if they were made publicly available then every newbie would know about them, rather than the active people who often play MD. Then why not make a list of such bugs sent to a player once they reach say 100 AD?   That might seem ridiculous, but if 50% of people already do know about a particular bug (with some people not knowing about any bugs at all) then should MD really stay a game where some people do quests or other activities and have the deck stacked in their favour because they won a coinflip?   Should MD stay a game which is ruled by those who break the rules and are told they can?
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    Music Thread

  22. I'm extremely happy to have him in my life. :)

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    Broken   It's finally broken me been coming for a while.   They push and push and push and push still, I tried to smile?   No more, not me you've had your chance and took my chance away.   Instead, repress, seems for the best, but only what they see.   Inside I'm free they can't take that they can't take him away.   He'll only see, what's inside me day after each short day.   He doesn't care about my flair he loves me lots despite.   To those who care I bid you a farewell and a goodnight.   (This poem is based on recent experiences everywhere--not just on MD.)
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