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  1. From a purely artistic perspective, the idea of mechanical hell hounds is really quite attractive. If you're to be the master of them, it'd be good to create one first. Any particular land association or recruitability can come later.   Gather materials, reagents, and start cooking. If you plan to make them fleshy, it'll simply be more messy. ;)
  2. Updated the original post as Change has...changed in the past 6 months. She is still herself--perhaps moreso. She will likely be applying again around the anniversary. If anyone wishes to see the original post they may ask, but it no longer applies that well.
  3. Bout, tout, drought.
  4. Turquoise ink Paper Fragment Blue hair ribbon Wood beaded bracelet Coal nuggets   1 gold
  5. Since I hope to commission someone for a custom avatar (and if not that, attempt to draw my own rudimentary avatar) I'd like to give away my two avatars to one or more homes since, having cycled through 5 or so shop avatars, I've never gotten too attached to any one of them.   Please post either why one of the avatars fits you, or why you wish to keep it (for example, if you used it lots in the past).      
  6. See how long you can go on with one rhyme before arbitrarily changing it.   Route, trout, doubt
  7. Nimrodel and TheRichMerchant: Will be around tomorrow to deliver your items. Updated the list with new stuff.
  8. Day 1 - Planting the Seeds :Change points to her bare plot  :Change sticks a white flag in it  :JadenDew sucks on more seeds and proceeds to spitting them into her plot  :JadenDew grins red-stained teeth at Change  Change: *giggles* Stick out your tongue.  JadenDew:I refuse *pretends to be a dignified lady with .. oddly red coloured lips*  JadenDew:mmm i know nothing about gardening... how do ya make them grow?  Change: *chuckles* Okay! I wonder if there are any pomegranates left.  Change: *shrugs* Water?  :JadenDew glances at the seed cores on the ground  JadenDew:DO we need to arrange them properly?  Change:Good question. There don't seem to be any pomegranate trees around here.  :Change doesn't know what they look like either  Change:If they're close together, they'll compete. Let the strongest survive? JadenDew:okie!  JadenDew:Moar seeds it is~ *proceeds to stuffing her mouth with seeds*  *Sasha Lilias*:You two running off!  :*Sasha Lilias* laughs  :Change giggles  Vertu Honagan:Oh! Is this it?  :*Sasha Lilias* passed Pomegranate seeds to Change  *Sasha Lilias*:It is *smiles*  Mirus:what can we do here in the garden?  :Change nods to Vertu  :JadenDew spits seed randomly in Change's plot  Vertu Honagan: *smiles.* Well, thank you, dear.  :Change thanks Sasha and smiles  JadenDew:mm do we have to bury them..  *Sasha Lilias*:Take enough time and who knows what you may grow.  JadenDew:though that sounds like a funeral line  Change:Burying is good. It is a funeral!  :*Sasha Lilias* laughs as her little army of gnomes finally catch up with them  Change:Death to the seeds to provide life for the new plant.  JadenDew:mm.. any spades? i aint doing it with my hands  :Change passed Bone Shovel to JadenDew  Change:This should work?  :JadenDew digs into the ground and drops some soil over the fallen seeds  :*Sasha Lilias* passed Candied cherry to JadenDew  Vertu Honagan:35 gnomes?  :*Sasha Lilias* passed Cheesecake to JadenDew  Change:And Mirus, gotta work on your plot constantly, but you could see results!  :JadenDew sticks the candied cherry in her mouth and continues covering the seed with soil  :*Sasha Lilias* nods and points to the gaggle of gnomes behind her; some just standing there looking dazed, some fast asleep and some looking around for places to fish! Some seem to be carrying their limbs though..  :JadenDew pats down the soil with the back of her spade so Change's plot wont look like ugly lumps of soil  JadenDew:mm so water now?  :Change nod nods  :Vertu Honagan watches them keenly.  :JadenDew takes the candied cherry out of her mouth  JadenDew:Watering for lazy people!!!!  :JadenDew used the Weather Heavyrain stone to temporarily learn the Weather-heavyrain spell  *Sasha Lilias*:Hmm...I think I have some fertilizer some where...  :*Sasha Lilias* disappears for a second  :[Spell] rain rain come again  :Vertu Honagan watches her.  JadenDew:Now i have to find grandpa for more stones ...  :*Sasha Lilias* reappears again  *Sasha Lilias*:Ah, I don't...  Vertu Honagan:Who is grandpa?  *Sasha Lilias*:I gave it to Z for Bob...  JadenDew:Grandpa Marvolo  JadenDew:So urh..  JadenDew:fertilizer... get from where?  Change:Could help you to water if you'd like.  Change:Hmm... grasans?  JadenDew:Shall i kill someone to make organic fertilizer?  JadenDew:I dont have one :(  JadenDew:Anyone got some.. *makes a face* grassan ferment?  Change:I've seen plants grow without fertilizer soooo  JadenDew:soo it's fine?  JadenDew:and you would water them everyday for me? >w>?  Change:Seems so. *sprinkles some bone dust on it*Heard that helps too.  Change:We can take turns?  :JadenDew glances up at raining sky  JadenDew:be right back..  :JadenDew passed Bone Shovel to Change  *Sasha Lilias*:Hmm...  *Sasha Lilias*:Put some egg shells down.  *Sasha Lilias*:Where did that girl go...  :[Spell] Death shall find you JadenDew  JadenDew:.-. stop spying on me  :*Sasha Lilias* grins at Jaden  *Sasha Lilias*:Jaden, you should take this.  JadenDew:take what?  :*Sasha Lilias* passed Egg shell to JadenDew  JadenDew:urh..?  *Sasha Lilias*:Crumple that around the plants when they start to grow.  *Sasha Lilias*:It'll prevent snails and slugs from eating them.  :*Sasha Lilias* smiles  JadenDew:"crumple"? like make them into little itsybits?  :*Sasha Lilias* nods  :Vertu Honagan watches them all curiously.  JadenDew:wats next?  :*Sasha Lilias* waves a hand and her tome appears, a quill hovering before it ready to write  Change:After the eggshells, it looks like we're done.  :JadenDew stares blankly at Change  *Sasha Lilias*:Place the egg shells when they sprout.  *Sasha Lilias*:Snails won't eat the seeds.  JadenDew:how long till they sprout?  *Sasha Lilias*:About...a month.  *Sasha Lilias*:But they don't need much water or tending to during that time *smiles*  Change:How much water?  *Sasha Lilias*:They're very hardy plants. So the occasional tending to will suffice.  JadenDew:okie~  *Sasha Lilias*:Water them once a week or so.  Change:Tending to? *nods*  JadenDew:which reminds me..  :JadenDew takes out her portable potplant and leaves it out in the rain  JadenDew:I always forget to water...  Change:Good idea.  :Change materializes one of her barrels and leaves it open in the rain  JadenDew:you collecting the rain?  *Sasha Lilias*:I think that's it for now. You've spread the seeds, planted them, given them some water...  :Change nods  Change: *places another one beside it* Can't hurt.  JadenDew:so now its the waiting..  JadenDew:gah i hate waiting!  JadenDew:im hungry already!  :Change is used to waiting  *Sasha Lilias*: *laughs* I think we're done. :Change hands JadenDew some of her pomegranate seeds :Change eats a few as well JadenDew:Eh no need.. i have some still
  9. Items that I want: items useful for a travelling artist (art items, craft items, food items, practical items, etc.)   Willing to potentially sell or trade the following items, in the rough order of what I'd be most willing to trade to what I'd least be willing to trade. The order is not exact. Some items I've divided. For example, I have 7 barrels. I'm willing to trade 6 of them, but a lot less willing to trade my last one.   Common RP items:   Boomerang Decorated skull Sloop goop Blue hair ribbon Grey pencil (3) Fungal mass Freckles Spider web Folded Paper Sheet of old paper (2) Crumpled scroll Damaged Parchment Creature Stencils Scruffy note Charcoal rubbing (1) Pink tinted looking glass Stained glass ornament   Much less likely to trade for silver:   Embroided Handkerchief Charcoal rubbing (1) Jade clover Grey pencil (1) Candle stick holder Wax pin Wax pen Paper lanterns Pet Food Bowl Kitty toy Paper fragment One sock Handful of Dirt Coal Nuggets Wood beaded bracelet String (2) Coarse bone dust Teeth Canine teeth Lightbender crystal Wooden bowl Spicy maggots Roots Turtle shell comb Kelp Bread Crumbles Salted Anchovies White Flower Wreath Knitting Needles Egg shell (2) Dried paint flakes Paint Turqoise ink Blue ink Pet rock Creepy doll Snuggle bunny Ink bottle Chalk Piece of charcoal Pomegranate seeds Messenger bag   Limited RP items (no longer in the shop):   Nuts and bolts (2) Boxing gloves keyring Heavy weight Lapsed contract (2) Russian roulette jelly beans (1) Ambiguous Key (1) Barrel (6) Sac of Drachorn Dung Luggage tag 'Soon' note (1) Paper Crown   Much less likely to trade for silver:   Petrified seed 'Soon' note (1) Russian roulette jelly beans (1) Living frog leg (3) Preserved white iris flo (2) Pocket watch Huge Tomato Red glass fragments Broken string bracelet (4) Barrel (1) White Flag Fish Skeleton (6) Immobilized Tear (2) Wet mineral oil (2) Bottled ship Jar of fly wings (3) Snow in a Jar (2) Ambiguous Key (1) Imprisoned hope (6) Large empty vial (3)
  10. Teeth 3 sc. Pink tinted glass 3sc
  11. Change


    I had Change before I joined MD. Why a dictionary name? I tend to want to change names that I've created. If I haven't created them, that urge lessens.   As for the name itself, I originally chose Change because I felt I was highly indecisive, that I had no personality. Recently, however, I've realized that's not the case. I just felt I had no personality because I didn't care about most things. This came across to me as changing myself to fitting other people's needs but this is not true. If you find a subject that I do care about, I will greatly care about it. But for other things, I couldn't care less, and, unlike some, I don't get annoyed by things that I don't care about. Also, I care about people and their likes. So in general, I'm willing to listen to people talking about anything (with some exceptions).   Nowadays I like the name 'Change' because I'm an artist. I constantly create, destroy, and recreate. Things change. I change. Will I always love certain things such as art? Yes. Will things about me change? Yes, but I will always be me, no matter how much I Change. :)
  12. True, though I'm not spending a ticket on an achievement. :)   Achievement: 'Wealthy Patron' Possible Descriptions:   Show off your wealth by spending over 400 credits. Make use of your financial contributions by spending more than 400 credits. Reap the benefits of your generosity and spend the 400+ credits that you've accumulated.   I'm not sure of the second one since that implies that those who vote are excluded. (Getting 400 credits by voting would be an impressive feat).
  13. Some people love the idea of collecting pretty creatures (I do, but not if they're too expensive so I'll likely purchase roleplay items if available). Personally, I would have preferred that tokens were made non-functional and merely 'pretty'. I actually would have bought them more if they were non-functional. Now, I'd rather not buy them. That's a personal preference however.   Some people don't even do combat and like collecting special creatures.
  14. Buying the embroidered handkerchief and the creepy doll.
  15. No wishpoints. As for tags, I'd say limit them to financial titles. Also, in general, make things cheaper but in limited quantity. For example, 1 role tag for 1 ticket with a maximum of 1 tag per player. This restricts the number of said items/creatures in the realm while allowing the most number of people to buy such items/creatures.   What I'd be really interested in is 'custom', non-functional, roleplay items. Now, to prevent them from being too close to custom wishpoint items, I'd say do it like this:   Allow the user to select an item out of all roleplay shop items. Allow the user to tweak the description as long as the general meaning is kept the same. Categorize the item as rare. Perhaps allow slight personalization of the item name. Price: 1-2 tickets each (unlimited as it's just an 'enhanced' shop item). If people ever want to combine the above items with other shop roleplay items, treat them as the original shop items, but make the resulting item also be classified as 'rare' and allow similar tweaks as above. This way, there's motivation to buy such items but the items will give nothing that can't be gotten from the roleplay shop. It's just it'll let you to be more nitpicky about certain wordings that you might not like.
  16. Change

    Graphics Tablet?

    I've got that exact tablet, though I bought the one with manga software included. Maybe check if yours comes with the software as shown on the wacom site. It's a great tablet, though the functional surface of it is only around 6x4 inches so if you draw from the elbow that can be restricting. Larger ones are twice as expensive though. Check out the site if you haven't already. A big plus is the drivers will be the most compatible with all programs. Happy shopping! :)
  17. Change

    RP items

    What's the exact description of the quill? Depending on what it is, I'll offer 10 silver for it.
  18. Change

    RP items

    Would be quite interested in your quill, some coarse bone dust, a turtleshell comb, and an umbrella. Willing to pay one gold for all of them, or three silver for each.
  19. Hmm... candle stick holder 3sc.
  20. The roundabout way of giving items to your alts shouldn't be allowed. As for how to stop it, the most cost-effective way would be to keep an eye out occasionally, and if someone is caught have them banned/heavily punished. If people wish to abuse the system while knowing they risk getting banned, even if the risk is relatively small, then there's not much that can easily be done to stop them. If they do get banned though, they don't have any right to complain.   The punishments for such stuff need to outweigh the profits of such activities. As for spending tons of time trying to catch alt abuse--it's not worth it. However, enough time should be spent (said amount of time might be spent already) so that people do get caught and they're actually punished for their actions.
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