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  1. Selling the below for a price that I deem 'good' enough--this may be cheaper or more expensive than whatever the going price is. I highly prefer gold and silver. Sharptears: ID: 649638 Age: 1087 Heat: 996720 Tokens: onyxfangs, blacktear, blackdiamonds ID: 696617 Age: 1323 Heat: 502251 Tokens: emeraldglare, claw1, osirisbelt, jewelshards, darkshield, sunshine, goldbelt ID: 757283 Age: 1044 Heat: 1077337 Tokens: claw1, blackdiamonds ID:779290 Age: 993 Heat: 283687 Tokens: claw1, kellethafire, purpurmoon, onyxfangs, stardust ID: 828432 Age: 156 Heat: 45743 Tokens: None BloodPact: ID: 817906 Age: 519 Heat: 61963 Tokens: None
  2. (Been distracted with Europe, but plants still need watering!)   Day 147 Year 10 [spoiler]: Change walks over to her plot and pokes at the earth Change: *frowns* Kinda dry. Good thing it rains occassionally...hmm... : [Spell] Rain rain rain! Change: *winces* Will have to hide now. Sketchbooks don't like water...but this should do. : Change tucks her sketchbook under her cloak and runs off towards shelter[/spoiler]
  3.   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Schr%C3%B6dinger%27s_cat
  4.   The 'solidifier' is likely the Howling Gates. As to why I think this, that is more complex...   What is Necrovion made of, Dark Demon? What elements reside in it? You know that liquid dust resides in it. Assuming that liquid dust is potential, then the potential could be 'solidified' into reality by the Howling Gates. Why the Howling Gates specifically? Because it's the only thing that was meant to let stuff through Necrovion. The house of liquid dust was an incredibly dangerous accident... Also, take a look at the physical appearance of the Howling Gates to realize what 'flavour' the filter is.
  5. Liquid dust, from what I believe, doesn't 'run' into Necrovion (at least not naturally). Rather, the Howling Gates serves as a human-based 'filter'--and possibly also a mirror, though the mirror is likely bigger than the gates... The 'mirror' is more metaphorical than literal. It is the 'balance' talked about in the adventure log. As heat is created by actions, liquid dust, which is related in some way to potential, is also created. This is more of a philosophical concept than anything, imo.   Here's the example I gave in the chat:   If you have a car, and choose not to take the action of driving it, then no potential of where you can go is created/released. Basically, you can only potentially go places with the car if you drive it. If you don't drive it, you can go nowhere. It could also be compared to a candle. Light a candle and it makes heat, but it also creates many shadows.   Thus, if you take an action, heat is generated, and also potential (related to liquid dust). If you take no action, no heat and no potential is released/created.   As for there being some kind of 'solvent' that doesn't exist in Necrovion, would you explain that further, Dark Demon? Not sure what you're getting at with that...
  6. Happy birthday--glad it turned out to be a good one. :)
  7. Just also saying that this was great! In all the time that I've been on MD, I've never gotten the chance to participate in a RP event like this before. So thank you so much to both whoever organized this, and to the players who worked to revive my dead self.   While getting real items and consequences for roleplayed actions is nice, it's not necessary, and it's definitely possible for us players to organize such events on our own too. I'll definitely be thinking more about stories that I could come up with in the future. ;)
  8. Day 116 Year 10 [spoiler]Howling Gates : Dragual Monarth passed Water to Change Change: Thank you. *smiles* Change: Though that removes my excuse... : Dragual Monarth smiles and nods again Dragual Monarth: *chuckles* Yes, it does. Change: Hmm... *stands up and yawns* Change: Guess I should water our plot. Want to come? It's in the garden. Dragual Monarth: What do you need it for? Dragual Monarth: Sure. Dragual Monarth: Which one is ours? Change: Pomegranates. *points towards the community garden and walks off* Change: You'll see : Dragual Monarth nods and follows her Meeting of the Roads Dragual Monarth: Holy wow. All sorts of new things. : Change waves to Mur and then looks at Dragual Change: Yup. Ours is by the white flag. : Change tiptoes over the stones and walks towards the plot : Change kneels down and pats the earth to check for dampness Change: Hmm, bit dry. : Change takes the large vial from beside the barrels and fills it with water : Change shakes the vial over the ground to mimic rain : Change does it until the vial is empty Change: There. *puts the vial back* : Dragual Monarth smiles at her Aethon: Tears might help that grow you know. *smiles a little* Change: *chuckles softly* Perhaps. Though I'd wonder at the effects... Dragual Monarth: *turns to Aethon* Then we shall make you cry... *grins* . Change: Hmm... *inspects the plot more closely* Yes! Looks like there's a small green thing coming up. Aethon: *looks at Dragual* Why make me cry when I already have the tears required? *smiles* . Change: Took long enough. Still a long way to go though. Dragual Monarth: Only for the sheer joy of doing so... : Change giggles at Dragual Aethon: Ah yes, a "let's be evil" Necrovion... *chuckles* : Masked Figure 4939074 lurks Dragual Monarth: *grins and scratches his chin* Now what can we say to make you cry... Dragual Monarth: Oh, you're mother never loved you. Dragual Monarth: You're ugly. Dragual Monarth: Smelly too. Change: At least we're honest! *chuckles* Aethon: *grabs the boots before waving* Very little, if anything. Take care sir! Dragual Monarth: I mean, what's with that nose?!? : Dragual Monarth nods Aethon: Also, you may wish to work on your stereotype... *chuckles before dashing off* Change: Hmm..heard something about dead things warding away live things. Change: *pulls out some of her dead hair and scatters it around the sprout* Should repell small critters I think... Change: Well, back to the gates. Dragual Monarth: Repel some, attract others. : Dragual Monarth nods and follows Change: *chuckles* Perhaps. : Change heads off[/spoiler]
  9. Ugh, sorry. I don't have any excuses. I was planning on doing the other art quests, but those fell by the wayside too. Not sure if I just didn't notice this or forgot about it. Also have had a cold for...far too long (I should get that checked out) but that's just an excuse.   It's likely not that it was way too hard, it's that many people, myself especially, have a severe lack of confidence when it comes to any art skills that they might have. Plus people forgetting about it.   Definitely a quest worth running again sometime though?
  10. A pulley system designed to let someone kill birds, fill buckets with their blood mixed with poison, and deliver the payload to Wind's Sanctuary to be dumped inside from above.
  11. Day 109 Year 10 [spoiler]: Change yawns softly, sketchbook tucked under her arm, and tiptoes around the stones to her plot Change: *pats the earth* Hmm, bit dry, but still good. Change: *checks her rainbarrels* Enough water it seems. : Change takes a large vial from her satchel and fills it with water from a rainbarrel. She then sprinkles it over the plot and, once it's empty, refills it a few more times and repeats Change: That should be good. *leaves the vial by the rainbarrel for easier access* : Change jumps over the stones and heads off[/spoiler]
  12. The map icon on the left carved with a kitchen knife into a grapefruit. :)
  13. A late good luck (I've been busy with exam preparation/essays this week). Be sure to draw every day if you haven't already. Can be for only 5 seconds. ;)
  14. PM me or ask here for details and to discuss payment.
  15. Day: 82 Year: 10 [spoiler]: Change tiptoes over to her plot and notices the eggshells there Change: Hmm...right, those were for snails and stuff. Assira the Black: Hmm... : Change wonders how snails taste Change: Hi, Assira. *kneels down and touches the earth* Assira the Black: *nods to Change* Hello Change: Slightly damp. Guess JadenDew got the watering done. Assira the Black: Or it rained. : Change smiles and sucks on some more pomegranate seeds Change: That too. Both work. : Change spits the seeds into an unclaimed plot Change: More can't hurt after all. See what the snails do with these. : Change walks off[/spoiler]
  16. Elementals always reminded me of the big forest spirit/deer god from Princess Mononoke that took life and gave life. Nevermind other similarities with loreroot things. Looking forward to ideas about a partial migration. The idea is interesting and perhaps dangerous. Though keep in mind it may be unlikely to happen.
  17. I'm planning on at least doing a small quest. Will have details in a few days when I'm less busy.
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