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  1. Edit: Sold out. Please close the topic.
  2. Essentially my role is my name, enough said, however... Change is someone who planned from the very beginning to change things. What things? Any things. Thus, Change is very interested in collecting tools that can bring about change (memory stones fulfill this role especially well at the moment and I will be enquiring about purchasing some soon). Change has no real motives other than the removal of stagnation. Therefore although Change will be involved in bringing about what some might consider 'good' change, this may not always be the case. That is all.
  3. How many herbs does one need? [url="http://img204.imageshack.us/img204/930/eon1.png"]Eon again at the Gates of Marind Bell[/url]
  4. I don't think that I've spend [i]that[/i] little time on the forums, wiki, and the archives (yes I've read through quite a bit, but still not that much. I'm a fast reader, heh.) I know that [i]technically [/i]speaking, land loyalty is just the number of days that you've been a citizen of a land. Maybe I'm reading too much into it, but this game seems to be a lot more than what things technically are. Heh. As for the test, it could be roleplayed out by a chosen member or members of the community, without them assuming that they've won/done enough. Mur can decide that, and give back the old item, or a new one/spell/etc. But yeah, *goes off to continue reading stuff*.
  5. So existing alliances like the Knights of the Bell, etc. would be used? That'd certainly be interesting... This would be only temporary after all. I for one, [i]would[/i] like to join Marind Bell but it does make sense that without a Queen/King or some other known authority/powerful figure in the land that citizenship can't be granted. Edit: In response to the original post, maybe the chosen representitive of the land has to go through a trial of sorts that possibly cumulates in the creation of a new item or a new method of granting citizenship? *shrugs* I do believe that people should be able to be a citizen of a land, relatively soon (within a month or two maybe?) but the representitives shouldn't just be handed the items back just so they can let people like me into the land without doing anything. Also, this depends on what Mur means by 'land loyalty'. Does he mean loyalty to the actual land itself, or more to the people running the land? If it's the former, maybe make it an individual thing where people can prove their loyalty to a land by their actions. These actions might vary based on the land itself.. although that would mean that people have to follow Mur's assumptions about lands that seem to be more player created, so there's issues with that too. Just my inexperienced opinion, of course.
  6. That sounds like a good idea, Yrthilian. Although Mur seems to be fixing this sometime in the near future with tags and such, this could be a temporary solution. But I'm not sure if it would be worth it or not. What does it take to create an alliance? (that is, would it be worth it to make general alliances for each land, only to have a way of gaining citizenship without joining an alliance created a few days after) (Edited after reading Mur's plans with tags).
  7. Thanks, but I don't think that I got it.
  8. Change 100% (technically more. ) Edit: Like you need more powerful creatures, Fang. Heh
  9. Just saying hello. I plan on sticking around here for awhile (unlike other games)
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