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  1. Box sold. At the GOE usually for trades. Still looking for a time to trade with you, Nimrodel. :)
  2. Trying to get some silver, so I'm selling the following roleplay items:   sloop goop (5 silver) quarter staff (5 silver) wax pin (5 silver) wax pen (5 silver) knator's claw (5 silver) voodoo doll (5 silver)   Might be willing to sell other items from my inventory, so take a look, but no guarantees. The above items, however, are definitely for sale. I might add more to this list once I decide on what else to sell. Gold is also acceptable of course at 15 silver: 1 gold.   I'm doing it this way now because in my last thread I posted stuff I wasn't sure about selling, so hopefully this will be cleaner. :)
  3. Day: 238 Year: 10 Change: *looks at her pomegranate plot* Don't worry, you'll get something to drink. : [Spell] Rain rain rain!
  4. Also, on Saturday, at least for me and others, at periods we were able to login again and chat momentarily, while today it seemed as if it was completely down for the time period stated, but I'm not sure, as I didn't check frequently.
  5. Name: Change ID: 233774 Duration: 3 months Why Change would be a good slave: A cute child artist who might draw you some pictures and/or help you with things. Limitations: Will stubbornly refuse orders that she dislikes (going against her land, giving up some possessions, among other things). Percentage: 33% Will be a fair bit more active starting in September, so if Change's owner wants, they can delay the slavery period until September 1st.
  6. Day: 203 Year: 10 [spoiler]: Change walks over to the pomegranate sapling that reaches up to her waist Change: *kneels down and feels the ground that's neither dry nor damp* hmm. it has been raining a bit lately, but more couldn't hurt-- : Change gets some water from the rainbarrel and pours it on the dirt by the sapling, waiting to see if it'll soak it up : Change adds more until it starts to soak it up slower, then stops Change: *stretches* looks pretty good for now. *sits down on a rock* (formatting fail!)[/spoiler]
  7. Day: 183 Year: 10 [spoiler]: Menhir collects memorystone Change: hi, nut : Change sits down by her plot JadenDew: we should plant it so we could grow mow nuts and roast them Change: tis tempting JadenDew: Time to garden tend i think? (are you logging or..?) Rophs: Don't plant me1 Change: it is the only way the nut will have children sooo-- Change: it's a favour! (yupies) Rophs: *crosses his arms* Kids are not for me! : JadenDew puts on some glvoes and get to pulling weeds JadenDew: Of course not.. they are for roasting .. *says as she pulls out some weeds* : Change fills a vial of water from a barrel : Rophs passed Grasan ferment to JadenDew : Change pours it carefully around the tiny saplings Rophs: Some grasan poopies to fertilize the plants. : Change watches them soak up the water fast, so she gets another vial of water and pours it on too JadenDew: Thanks Rophs.. : JadenDew tries not to cringe as she spread the "fertiliser" over the plants : Change thinks fish would smell nicer : Change puts the vial back beside the barrel and stretches Change: think that's enough? JadenDew: I think so.. gimme some water to wash my hands and gloves please.. yck : Change giggles and dips the vial in the barrel again : Change hands it over to JadenDew Change: really need a bucket, but oh well JadenDew: .. i dont think a vial is enough *pouts it onver her gloved hand anyway* Change: Marind Bell should bring the buckets instead of the light JadenDew: got a bucket? JadenDew: *laughs* I agree JadenDew: I will wash it in their pond i guess.. JadenDew: yckyck.. see you back in at GoE? Change: *nod nods* good idea Change: yup! *waves* Fortune's Well JadenDew: ooh this is convienent.. : JadenDew washes her hand in the basin under hte water pump JadenDew: much better.. *throws out the filthy water and rinse the basin*   Gazebo of Equilibrium JadenDew: back~ : JadenDew takes off her gloves and pokes Change with a clean finger : Change giggles : Change pokes back JadenDew: dint have to go to MB .. used the waterpump's basin at the well : Change nod nods JadenDew: how long before we get to eat pomegranantes? Change: *shrugs* They should be full saplings soon[/spoiler]
  8. Change

    Revamping MD

    No one, if there was a list of admin-allowed scripts that players were allowed to use, what would they do? I ask this because I play lots of games where there are common scripts that provide information to the player. A similar script for MD might tell you the time left until full APs. Others might automatically map out locations, and so on, while others merely are display enhancers.    However, some are trigger-based, such as, if Change is detected in a location, cast movelock on her instantly (this would be VERY easy to do, unless I'm wrong). It's these that I think are explicitly unfair. (the information ones are very unfair too). In lots of games that I play, player-run guilds and alliances often REQUIRE their members to install such scripts or they're not allowed in, because not having the scripts would put the alliance members at a disadvantage.   Even if that doesn't happen in MD, there will still be the choice that's not a nice choice between using such scripts or not. Say I love combat, but I love the MD interface in it's classical form. Yet I can't compete with other users because they have so much information provided by scripts. So I have to choose between ruining the MD interface that I love and being great at combat, or keeping it as it is and merely being 'good' at combat. Such a choice leaves a bitter taste in my mouth and I'm sure it does for others as well.   Thus the only scripts that I'd want to be allowed would be ones that don't give players an advantage. Scripts like the one Rophs just mentioned would be fine. A script that tells you how many resources are in a particular scene, their regen rate, and when they'll fully regen would be not. (Such a script would likely be difficult/impossible to make now since certain changes were made, but before it was probably much easier).
  9. Pepper and strawberries   You know how to trap a soul? Pepper and strawberries. Strawberries to lure them in and pepper to make them sneeze!     (will post more sketchbook segments 'soon')
  10.   Yes, but water is fairly common, so I still have to decline. I have 16 water already, given to me for free. :)   Anyways, hope the updated list helps you if you wish to make another offer. For context, I've already received an offer of 50 water each for a blue hair ribbon and the decorated skull--two items that I'm quite willing to trade, unlike the messenger bag.
  11. Edited the lists to be in the rough order of most willing to sell to least willing to sell (but still possibly willing to trade for RP items). I also divided each list into likely to trade for silver and unlikely to trade for silver.
  12. I came across this study today: http://www.theguardian.com/science/2015/jun/08/new-study-claims-to-find-genetic-link-between-creativity-and-mental-illness Now, I'm teaching myself art, but I don't think being an artist means that I'm more creative than the average person. Perhaps there are more creative artists/writers/etc. than creative people in other professions, but that still begs the following questions: What is creativity? How can you tell if you're more creative than average? Personally I have some idea about the first question--but absolutely no idea about the second. For me, creativity means thinking in a way that's not the average way of thinking. What about you?
  13. dst, that's why I said that I'm willing to sell OR trade items. If I only wanted to sell items I'd call it 'selling roleplay items'. By trade I mainly meant trade roleplay items for roleplay items, because roleplay items are high up on my wants list. When I say 'reluctant to trade', this doesn't mean that I'm not willing to trade these items for a good trade of roleplay item for roleplay item. But I am reluctant to sell them for silver, and for more generic things like resources. Lots of people have water, for example. Some lend it for free. It'd be neat to have, but personally it's not worth getting it over an item that I can likely never get again, like a pocketwatch. I thought that the 'reluctant to trade' list was effective in describing what I likely won't trade for normal silver, but I guess not. Will try and create a bunch of lists later, perhaps an ordered one from least likely to sell/trade to most likely. Sorry for the confusion.
  14. What is 'Unaffiliated?' Non-religious or--?
  15. What water do you mean? Your 28 mineral water, nadrolski? If so, no thank you.   Added the 'items useful for a travelling artist' to 'items that I'm reluctant to trade'. Essentially, items that I'm reluctant to trade and items that I want are usually the same. A messenger bag would be very useful for a travelling artist, for example.   Hmm, to be clear, I will not trade the things that I'm reluctant to trade unless given an exceptionally good offer, or offered other items that I want. On the other hand, for items that I don't care about, I might trade them away cheaply.    Some things are exceptions, yes. 'Decorated skull' is an art item, but I don't really care for how it looks, so I'm willing to trade it.
  16. The title is intentionally trading/selling items for a reason. Some items I'd be quite happy to sell, others I would trade for other items that I value more. For example, despite loving tomatoes, I'd trade a tomato and possibly more for a book on human anatomy. I already said in the original post that I'd be reluctant to sell food items. Thus me refusing the standard price of 3 silver shouldn't really be surprising? Sorry if the post wasn't clear enough. And dst, I might be interested in water if you have some.
  17. Hmm, dst, what about these? I don't value spell-stones enough to trade the other things.   Blue hair ribbon Decorated skull Snow in a Jar (maybe) Jar of fly wings (maybe)   phantasm:   Possibly willing to sell the decorated skull. It depends on what dst offers for the above. Nimrodel: I paid too much for my pet rock for 3 sc to be worth it. Plus, I rather like it. Salted anchovies are a no. (Change eats fish and it goes well with her 6 fish skeletons). Huge tomato is a maybe. Pomegranate seeds are a definite no, until I get more than one (see JadenDew and Change's pomegranate plot). FYI: When it comes to the items that I'm reluctant to trade, usually it will be a no when it comes to offers of silver. I might trade them if I'm offered items that I want more. The reason why I'm including all of my common items for sale is because I'll technically trade anything for the right price--though that price will be outrageous to some. Some things I'm willing to give away though, so I'd happily take 3-4 silver.
  18. Added tons of new items to the original post. Now willing to trade off items that I likely won't use, or trade off items for something I'd use more.
  19. Lania gets the untokened sharpie and BP if she wants for the 1 gold/15 silver that she offered. Valoryn gets ID 696617 for 10 silver, and powle gets 757483 for 7.   Note: Any further bids on the creatures in this post will be ignored unless the 'winners' retract their offers. There's still two sharpies left without good enough offers, however.   Edit: All creatures have good enough offers now. Will close after they're sold.
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