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  1. Some more ideas include:   Rainwater helping to regenerate resources. Overwatering--if a bushie is at 40/40 water, and then gets given 40 water from someone (80/40 water), it become waterlogged, and can't produce any fruit for a certain amount of time. Extra growth--If a bushie is left unharvested (when it's fully grown) for 10 minutes, it will lose 10 water. This process can repeat indefinitely. For each time this happens, an extra bushie will be harvested. For example:   Change waters a bushie with 40 water. The bushie is ready to be harvested. 1 bushie resource will be produced if it's harvested now. 10 minutes pass. The bushie loses 10 water. Change adds 10 more water. The bushie is ready to be harvested. 2 bushie resources will be produced if it's harvested now. etc.   The basic idea is that it's more efficient (water wise) to leave bushies fully grown and beautiful for as long as possible. Of course, someone could be mean and take the bushies for themselves while someone is waiting. :P   Note: It would need to be possible for people to overwater a bushie for the overwatering to work.
  2. I'd think it'd be neat if the bushies were automatically watered by rain. Basically, have each plant act as a rainwater collector item.   [spoiler]So, after 40 minutes of heavyrain, each bushie would be fully watered and ready to harvest.[/spoiler]   Of course, you can water them yourself to help speed up the process. It would be also nice if rainwater did help to replenish the lakes, wells, etc., around the land. That would help to prevent the usefulness of buckets from decreasing. (Having the bushies automatically watered by rainwater would decrease the usefulness of buckets, while having rainwater refill lakes and stuff would increase their usefulness again).
  3. I know I've heard a quote somewhere about how thieves spend more time in getting something for free than if they got it legitimately. Hopefully the stealing mechanics will reward sharp wits.   Maybe the thieves could be hung when they're caught? And perhaps there could be a very rare, hard to find plant, that can provide life. (It would produce one, life giving fruit after say...5 different people water it for seven days in a row). A very creative name for it would be.. the shrubbery of life.   Anyways. I'd love all of these features. The problem comes in making it so that these features aren't easy tools for trolling.
  4. I said that I'd inspire people randomly, but I changed my mind. I do like the use of inspire as a strategic tool though. Maybe change the name if it's such an issue, DD? It could be called 'boost' instead of inspire. I don't know.
  5. No, that just makes it sound even more like how I interpreted it. It makes it sound like if your attack happens at the same time (according to phase and agility) as someone elses, then both of you will get an extra mod. I think I even clarified this with you before the game started, and you said nothing about the time that someone submits their move ever having anything to do with the game.
  6. Given the sizable time limit, I think that I will try to make a submission. I don't know your reasons for choosing those two spelldocs, Mur, but I'd think Seduction would be more appropriate given the nature of what's being created here. Maybe I need to think more--or less--on this subject.
  7. Voted for positive and negative transparent rep.     I've always thought that negative reps meant that someone disliked the person, or they disliked the post. It's the same with positive reps. Let's say that I hate Poster A. Poster A makes a really great post, and while I like the post, I don't like the fact that it came from Poster A. So, I don't negative rep the post, but I don't positive rep it either. I like Poster B. Poster B creates a happy birthday thread for someone that says, "Happy Birthday, Poster C!" and I like Poster B's post.   Of course, this was before positive reps were transparent. With a transparent system, there will hopefully be less of people liking/disliking a post because of their like/dislike of a person.   Oh, and one more point. Please stop making my magicduel like Facebook. :(
  8.   Simple, and unfair. The deadline for submissions is 5 PM for me. So, if I wanted to, I could easily act last or easily act first. I wouldn't need to waste a mod on more agility because I'm lucky enough to live in a certain timezone. So you're saying that someone has to waste a mod to ensure that chance doesn't come into play? That's stupid. Also, you're ignoring my main point. I'm talking about teams using this feature, not opponents. A team of three people with 1 agility could get three mods if they managed to post their actions within minutes of each other. I`m saying that time having an influence on play is ridiculous.   Also, why are you ignoring Sam, Dan? She was attacked too. :P   I just hate all of these "Oh, I didn't mean that, I meant this" rule clarifications in the middle of the game. I guess I'm the only one who thought that "if you are (amongst) the last to deal a hit that makes a character lose his last hp" meant amongst the last to hit in-game time wise?
  9. The mods are on the first page when you hover over people's names.     I don't get what you're saying.       Let's say Bob and George are in a team together. They both have 1 agility, and they live in the same timezone. At 21:05 ST, they both attack Sam, who has 3 hp left. Sam dies, and they both get an extra mod.   Now let's say that Alice and Toby are in a team together. They live in totally opposite timezones, so when one of them is awake, the other is asleep. Like Bob and George, they both have 1 agility. At 12:02 ST, Alice attacks Dan, who has 4 hp left. Then, at 23:00 ST, Toby attacks Dan as well. Toby gets the mod because Toby was the 'last' to attack, and Alice gets nothing.
  10.   Which means that, when it comes to getting mods, team members in the same timezone have a huge advantage over others. I know that MagicDuel is unfair and all, but do you really need to go out of your way to make it unfair when it doesn't have to be?
  11.   You can already PM people who have sent you a PM but aren't on your friends list by replying to their PM (which I'm sure most people have realized). You can also star said PMs to make a list of people that you can PM at any time. Thus, it's like you have several pieces of paper from people that you can use to find their essences. The friends list is mainly convenient for seeing if people are online.   I'm looking forward to this change though. :)
  12. When I first learned about shared tools in MD, I was under the impression that they were meant to be restricted to members of certain lands. Yet it seems that people think that they should have access to all of the different kinds of tools? I thought that apart from independent tools, some tools are impossible to be used by certain people.     As things are now, I don't like the idea of everyone being able to use every tool. Professions might change my opinion on this though, because then someone would have to dedicate themselves to one or two kinds of resources instead of trying to collect all of the resources.
  13. You CAN paste text in the relevant avatar, creature, and item transfer fields. You can also copy ITCs from their text fields. You can't copy ATCs though.
  14. I guess I'll post this here then:   Currently you can't copy your creature IDs to back them up, and you can't view them all at once to screenshot them.
  15. Change

    Forum Rules

    One example of where that rule would apply is spoilers. If you would be banned for posting certain spoilers ingame, you shouldn't be able to escape that ban by posting the spoilers on the forums.   But yeah. Reading the criminal code of your country is always interesting. :P You wouldn't believe how often it essentially says in the Canadian Criminal Code that you can use 'the crime was for the public good' as a defence.
  16. I don't think that I was as clear in the first post as I wanted to be. When I said that I had peculiar tastes, I meant that I had peculiar tastes. Your creature ID might defy all of the above guidelines and I'd still want it. The only IDs that I probably don't want are really random, young IDs like 653725.   It also depends on what kind of creature it is. So, I'd like birds to have more airy numbers like 7, 8, 0, and 2, while I'd like more physical creatures like aramors to have more stable numbers (like 800000, 500000).
  17. Now that I am not tokening my creatures anymore, I've become interested in collecting tokenless creatures with special IDs.   Some ID types that I might be interested in:   IDs with 0s following a number: 800000, 600000, 50, 7000. IDs that count down: 876543, 6543, 321, 864200, 321000, 8642, 9630. Old IDs: 8, 50, 100, 8000 My ID: 233774. IDs with 3 zeros at the end: 842000, 723000, 72000. IDs with my favourite numbers (8, 7, 3, 2, 0, 4, 5): 723000, 820000, 82000. My Favourite IDs: 782802 (thanks Handy Pockets!), 732000, ... These are more hard to define. I like 782802 because: It starts with 78 There's a pattern of xx2xx2 I love the numbers 7, 8, 2, 0. It only has 3 different numbers, apart from 0. It has 4 different numbers including 0 (I like 4). The moral of this story is: Like all collectors, I'm weird and have peculiar tastes. I have a fair bit of tokened creatures that I'd like to get rid of, and I also have a couple of gold and several silver (although the silver will be reserved for the Coloured Paper if possible).   If you're interested, message me by YIM, forum, or ingame with the creature type(s) and ID(s) that you'd be willing to sell/give to me.
  18. I think everyone here needs to read http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/5784-forum-rules/ and then watch this. Warning: Contains some profane content.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w9KiDzMaRiQ  
  19. @Dark Demon   I'm really curious as to what these introductions that take a few hours involve. Is most of the time spent just casually guiding a newbie around the realm, or is a lot of it spent on actual information?   If some newbies are given a hours worth of information, I'd like that information myself. I certainly didn't know an hours worth of information until I was 200+ AD old. I guess I need to get it into my head that MD is a game of 50 questions instead of 'figure things out for yourself' (ironically enough, asking questions does go hand in hand with figuring things out.. but that's another subject).   What about the supposed 'vets' like Change? Do their questions get answered too?   Yes, I'm quite dense, but this has been bugging me a lot lately.
  20. @No one Too much roleplay?? If what little roleplay I've done is too much... :blink: I want to do more.   One reason why new players might be turned away from MD is the mini 'alt trial' that goes on. When I made all of my accounts, I was told that I was 'most definitely an alt'. No, I don't just mean the whole 'Yup, definitely Granos' thing, though that was annoying as well. The joke gets old after several months of it.. It's really awkward trying to play another character and feel like you have to prove that you're not an alt. It's also not a good advertisement to actual new people to MD.   Some people are essentially saying, "Oh, hi! You're probably an alt, but welcome! I say that you're probably an alt because no new players ever join MD--only old ones. Now, you must be everyone. You're everyone, right?"
  21. Maybe dst's worrying about happy birthday post grinders? Perhaps a 'Happy Birthday' subforum is in order? :P Though since these kind of posts seem to bring people back to Magicduel...   Happy Birthday Blackthorn!
  22.   I'm an MP5 (I'm still trying to be a Protector again but I've had lots of assignments lately) and I still know far from everything. In fact, I'm finding that sometimes I know less than some young MP3s. Why? Because I didn't ask many questions when I was younger. I thought that other people weren't allowed to spoil me with any answers and so I never really asked. I've made a couple of 'alts' just for that feeling of a fresh start. In fact, Change is an alt turned main (she now has far more AD than my original account). Even today I'm tempted by the idea of a change, a fresh start, a new perspective. However, I've spent too much time and money on Change to abandon her unless I want to abandon Magicduel altogether. Thus, any 'fresh starts' will have to happen with her.  I simply don't have enough time to play two characters at once. I wouldn't mind showing around a new character played by an old vet if I had the time for it.   Anyways. Congrats on getting to MP4, Revan! Patience is a virtue, but change can be one as well. :)
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