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  1. You don't need to talk to someone to dislike their posts. It's too bad that we can't easily see a count of how much reputation someone has given to others. Maybe the people you've mentioned like to make use of the reputation feature more than others. Would you still call it spam if you got say, 113 positive rep from Plix Plox?   People don't generally dislike or like posts without a reason. Yes, there are trolls out there, but I haven't found that many people who troll in MD. Someone could dislike someone else's posts because they don't like the other person's tone/writing style. Have the people you listed ever given you some positive rep? If they haven't, it's not proof that they are 'spamming rep'. Maybe they just don't like how your writing comes across.   I'll tell you right now, Dark Demon, that you write things with a fair amount of conviction. That is, you're fairly certain that you're right in what you say (most of the time. Everyone has exceptions). That certainty comes across in your posts. People like different things, and it's easier to be disliked if you are blatantly obvious in liking different things.   dst, someone who you seem to respect, had a fair bit of a negative rep balance for awhile. That's because she wrote her posts in a 'my way or the highway' style. Just look at her signature! :P People who post in ultimatums are generally disliked. On the other hand, people who post things like, "Maybe it happened this way" or "Well, my opinion is . . . but I could be wrong" are generally liked. In Canada, we don't like how our politicians 'flip-flop' on various issues, but I bet that they wouldn't get as many votes if they took a hard stance on some issues.   Maybe there should be a post made about 'what does reputation mean?'.
  2.   It may not be what others are looking for, but that's what I'm looking for! It's awesome! :D More please?
  3. Are you sure that you want an elf running a fort? Also, of course! I call the broker/manager/bookkeeper/'dwarf'(elf) that only does noble tasks. (No hauling!). A new thread should be started, of course.
  4. Actually... I'm secretly an elf. Don't burn me!   I also like to play various MUDs (Multi-user dungeons) although I've somewhat abandoned them lately for games with less grinding. I think I'm going to come back to them though. I've realized that just because going to x place to kill x things x number of times is the 'most efficient' way to level up, that doesn't mean that I have to do it. I could stay at level 1 for awhile if I wanted to. Or I could actually have fun while leveling up, even if it takes me a lot longer.   I also love roleplaying games, though they're not exactly video games. Sadly, not many of them involve tactical fighting skills, and so I often have to play two games to fulfill what I'd want in one.   I'm on an endless search for a game that allows for lots of creativity and customization, has no grinding or the grinding is optional, rewards intelligence, and is fun. So far the only games that I haven't abandoned after a short period of time include Magicduel and Go.
  5.   I'm expecting one. :)   I miss you too, Eon! You made every day feel like a HC where there were actual penalties for losing. My rituals have been full of holes (holey) ever since you left.
  6. I play Aywas, Don't Starve, Dwarf Fortress, Estiah, and Go. (Yes, Go is technically a boardgame, but I play it online. :P)
  7. Just wanted to say that I also support this moovement. D'oink you think that it would be neat if we had other animals? :P
  8. Right, so you disagree with the damage when it affects you, but you're perfectly fine with it when it doesn't? :rolleyes:   "Double your_att when you do." means "double your attack right after you lose hidden". Yes, it is kind of ambiguous as to if it means "double your attack when you are hidden" or "double your attack after you lose hidden". Think of someone walking through the bushes and then finding a tiger laying in wait for them. The tiger isn't hidden anymore, but it gets 2x attack because you're not expecting it.   I had to ask Dan about what he meant by that too.
  9. It's what Dan and AmberRune said.     If you are ambushed when you attack someone you're attacking while hidden. You don't need to wait for the ambush to trigger before you attack. I've used this a few times before--ambushing someone far away from me so the ambush doesn't get triggered and then attacking someone with the 2x attack gained from being hidden.   This is all fair play. If you want to ambush and then attack someone, you need 2 agility (in total). However, you can always just ambush someone for 1 agility and wait until they trigger it. Being ambushed also makes you vulnerable, so if you ambushed yourself and attacked someone who was ambushed, you'd deal 4x damage to them.
  10.   Sounds exactly like real life to me. Some people say things just to be "liked" while others don't say their true opinions because they fear that they'll be disliked.
  11. Now that I see what it's about, I wish that I had volunteered. :) I hope that there will be Sky Scouting opportunities when I'm not busy in real life reading a couple of novels and writing several essays. Good luck, everyone!
  12. Coloured Paper Publishing Schedule   To be updated soon.
  13. My point is that building an armour is either a magical action or it's not possible for DarkRaptor to build them. Obviously it would be unfair and ridiculous to undo most of DarkRaptor's past moves, thus I propose a simple change:   Make building armours a magical action, thus the action resolves after all physical and ranged actions are resolved.
  14. Yes, but how can he build them in the first place? I'm assuming that Dan mistakenly coloured the build actions red and that building an armour is a magic action.
  15. By the way, how is DarkRaptor building moving armours? I thought Ethereal beings couldn't take physical actions?
  16. Because you're at 12, not 13. You can't move after getting attacked.
  17. Sadly, I've never gotten to make a sand castle yet. I need to ask around more, probably. I'm not sure what ingredients are used in making sandcastles, but I'd assume that no sand would be lost when they melt. I'm guessing that they would only melt from heavyrain as well, or something like that.   Someone who doesn't grind for resources can care about it just as much or more than someone who grinds for them. Likewise, someone who grinds for a resource can care about it just as much or more than someone who doesn't. You could spent months developing a garden shed, for instance. You can spend months developing a quest about said resource. Those months of development don't involve grinding--they involve thinking about what the quest would involve, how it would be run, etc. Grinding is only one way among many that people can use to show their dedication to a cause. Anyways, back on topic--I'd have to understand how sandcastles are made better to comment on this. It would make building sandcastles in MD more like building sandcastles in real life though. :P Perhaps some experienced sand castle builders can offer more opinions? Edit: Also, I'm not sure who has the spell, No one. I get the impression that only a few people do, though.
  18.   What rikstar said, however I do see your point. If I understand you correctly, you want the people who grind the most to get the most resources? That is, those who put the most effort into gathering resources when they regenerate, day after day after day (like you). Allowing a spell to essentially produce 'free' bushies would allow people to get bushies without any effort (other than waiting for their spellcasts to regen.) Except, of course, for the effort that they put in to get the spell in the first place.   A way to work around the abuses would be to slow the growth of bushies. Make them take around 12 hours to grow, so that potentially people from all timezones can gather them. Basically make it so that the person with the rain spell can't cast it at a time that's advantageous to them as much as they would be able to with my original idea.
  19. Well since you're calling for it as well, Chewett.. I agree that Magistra should be freed. This definitely could have been handled better by everyone involved--myself especially.   Really, this should have been dealt with by Mur and Magistra in private. Others might disagree, but I'd much rather only hear accusations about myself if they've been proven to hold some weight. Chewett looking for proof of what he was accused of doing was pointlessly hurtful to him. After realizing the nature of the accusations and who was being accused in all of this, I should have encouraged Magistra to keep this private and to keep this between her and Mur. Sorry Chewett, Magistra, Mur, and others.   What's done is done. If Mur was the only one spending time investigating this (how it should have gone), then he would be justified in jailing Magistra for wasting his time. However, Chewett has spend a ton of time investigating this too, and while this whole mess may have hurt Mur emotionally a lot, I'm betting that it hurt Chewett a lot more. Thus, if Chewett wants Magistra to be freed, Magistra should be freed.
  20. That somewhat defeats my purpose. Ideally you could have everyone going off somewhere for a few days and then have them come back to bushies. Also, I'd think this would increase stealing. It's like resources kind of. The longer it's left to grow, the more can be harvested at once. However, that increases the chances of someone coming and stealing them.
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