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  1. I'm not sure if you were going in this direction when you asked this, but I certainly wouldn't take it if someone had to die to produce said miracle pill! Or if whatever happened to produce said pills already can't be taken back, I'd want production to be stopped and then I'd try and find out who could best make use of the existing pills.
  2. Finished all my assignments for this semester. Time to enjoy the holidays! That means more time for MD ^_^

  3. Only one essay and one project to go for this semester. ^_^

  4. It's hard to say. It'll always be messy since it's rare that someone explicitly breaks the rules. Take insults, for example. They're difficult to moderate because minor insults and passive aggressive posts are commonplace in heated debates. Should we remove such insults? If not, when is something insulting enough that it gets removed? That debate is why it's hard for me as a mod to know what to do when I come across such posts. Having other people report them helps, so I know that someone outside of the mod circle takes issue with a post. But even when a post is reported, the debate is often 'is this bad enough for something to be done about it?' The two easiest options moderation wise is either be very strict and warn people about every minor insult, or to be very lax and only step in if things get really bad. Of course the easiest option isn't always the best. What would I want? I honestly don't know. I don't think we should go super strict. But should it be stricter than things are now? Or should it be even less strict? If we go less strict, the 'infighting' will be more visible. Perhaps that might turn people away. But I honestly don't know of a roleplaying or gaming community that doesn't have its share of infighting. If we hide it all, then that's fine when it comes to the forum, but what about MD itself? Sooner or later people will come across all the grudges and the bitterness but also the friendships and the fun. Thus, even if moderation on the forums becomes more strict, it'll have less of a point unless there's similar levels of moderation of behaviour in the game itself. And do I want that? I don't think so.
  5. Finally woken up. Sorry for being so dead lately. :)

  6. I don't know if I'd agree with going about things in such away, but what's done is done. I invited you and likely said yes to your offer of leadership because I trusted you then. When I joined the Fusioneers, it felt like I was joining a close knit group. I trusted the members of that group, so when you came asking about helping with leadership, I accepted, because you were one of those members. However, when Rophs started with the conspiracy theories, portraying Fang as ill-intentioned, and with members being kicked for no stated reason, it was hard to not agree with Rophs, and believe someone wanted to destroy the Fusioneers, not rebuild them. I had a fun time with the Fusioneers, despite being one of the more awkward members of the group. We danced, ran, had fun. @lashtal or others, do you remember what my status was at the time of this post? I forget if I was a member then, or that was after I had been kicked out. As for the tool and Rophs, I honestly can't remember what he wanted to do with it then, sorry.
  7. @Mallos I honestly don't remember much from that time. If I remember correctly, Rophs was shouting 'conspiracy!' at the time of the takeover to me, and given the lack of information that I had, it was hard to know who to trust or who to believe. I forget when I gave the tool to you. Was it before or after the takeover? As for you asking to come help lead the alliance, I don't remember my response, but I'm guessing I accepted and was relieved. But yes, if that meant you wanted to completely wipe the slate clean, invite new members and kick old ones, then you should have honestly told me what was going on. People were telling me conflicting stories then, so I considered any unexpected drastic changes to be negative by default. What else was I supposed to think?
  8. From what I remember, yes I wasn't much of a leader at that time. I thought I tried to still make some heatstones with the other members and give or sell them away, but maybe I'm remembering wrong. So I understand the wish for different leadership, but if someone wanted different leadership, they could have at least asked me. I would have discussed with the other Fusioneers and maybe we could have arranged something. I've never been the leader type (I learned that when I became Mp6, bought a leash, etc), I simply got the leadership because I was trusted and active at the time of Kiley leaving. When everything got chaotic, I got the sense that I wasn't wanted and took the opportunity to leave when I was kicked out. If not for the takeover, I would have stayed in the Fusioneers as long as was wanted. Yes, perhaps this was selfish of me for abandoning ship so quickly, but it is what it is. I joined the Fusioneers because of the alliance, not the land, and so when I didn't have the Fusioneers anymore, I turned towards trying to join a land which I felt more connected to--Necrovion.
  9. Back from the Netherlands and all settled in again. Should be more active now!

  10. Spending time in the Netherlands with boyfriend, so will be not active in-game, but will still try and check up on the forums. :)

  11. I think it could work better than some people think. After all, appearance does not necessarily equal age (take the example of immortals, spirits, vampires, etc.). Change is 8 years old appearance wise, but she might be 'preserved' like that no matter how long she sticks around, given that she's a spirit. However, I still think it needlessly makes roleplay less flexible. While apparent age and true age are interesting ideas, using a formula to calculate true age only reduces roleplay possibilities. As for negative and positive effects from age in MD... I'm not sure about this. Considering we're all spirits, age could either strengthen us and our presence or weaken us--it depends on our actions. Thus a 100 year old spirit could either be insanely strong, or very weak and just holding on.
  12. Not feeling well lately (mentally and physically), so if I appear more irritable than normal, that's why. :(

  13. Willing to offer coin, creatures, and common items. Reasonable offers only please, since I'm able to make some myself given enough time.
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