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  1. As much as I rather like seigheart being dead, i say revive him. May as well.
  2. It sounds like the plants n the garden are supposed to be for well "hepful" things I guess. But I was wondering if other types are acceaptable? Like carnivoriues plants or unusual ones I been thinking about adding in the two kinds of "coprse flowers", yes they both smell dead and often attract flys and bettles One is [i]rafflesia arnoldii[/i] - it is a parasitic plant (attaches to vines mainly in the grape family) that emits a horrible order, but it looks pretty cool, and does grow in the rainforest ground layer. [i]Amorphophallus titanum - [/i]this plant grows in the "standard" way most plants do. With light, water, and nutrition, it flowering is rarely seen untill recently.
  3. I may as well get in on this as well, sign me up
  4. I'v always enjoyed a good mystery. though i would probly be one of the guys laughing
  5. I always did wonder how sisters in the sisterhood became sisters! Though I am wondering about the next chapter I do have to agree with Isabella in saying that this is pretty short for an entire chapter. But then again I have seen far shorter. Eitherway bring out the next Chp!
  6. The idea of it being set for only def rits sounds reasonble. But if I am honest I see nothing wrong with stat damage. Yes its annoying, but one could just simply keep training and it like the damage never even happened.
  7. enjoy the new city...May the movers be with you ^^
  8. next stop awiiyas way, this sounds too good to pass up
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