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  1. I just showed a good friend of mine to MD for the first time, and he had a question he wanted to ask before he joins up. He is a student of Computer Science at MTU, and he enjoys coding and programing very much (and he is quite good at it, if you ask me). He wants to know if there would be any possibilities for him to put his talents to use in the game (helping to add new features, fix bugs, ect)?
  2. @Atrumist~ That doesn't tell me anything about what the alliances are or what they stand for, which is what I was looking to find out. @Grido~ Exactly what I was looking for, thank you very much.
  3. Is there a place where I would be able to find a list of alliances and maybe see some information about each one? Or if not, could someone please take the time to tell me some of what they know on the subject?
  4. Well, It's New Years Eve, and tomorrow starts fresh and new. I just wanted to drop by the forums and wish everybody here a very happy New Year! I hope your night and morrow goes fantastically!!
  5. I know I don't have much experience with MD yet, but for what it's worth, I think this is a fantastic Idea. Reason: A LOT of people go through New York City every day, but that doesn't mean that I, a man who has never been there, would be able to find my way around any faster. However, If I was FROM that region and I am one of the people that traverse the streets every day, I WILL be able to find my way around quicker; Not because of the volume of people there with me, but because of my long term stay there and my familiarity of the land as a result.
  6. Hi there! I haven't been playing for very long at all, so I dont have anything of real value in-game yet. BUT, I know that at some point I will, and when I do, I dont want to screw myself over making bad trades and deals (Or even worse, be taken advantage of by one of the more experienced players). So, I was hoping some of the people who have been around here for a while could give me just a few pointers on the worth of some common items I might find or earn later in the game. And some advise on how trading should be dealt with would be great as well. Thanks a ton!
  7. Alright, I'm gonna ask you guys for a bit of help here. (or a lot, whichever works) I have a good Idea of what my character is like, but I have no Idea what to do about a role or where his citizenship should lie. That's where YOU come in. Below, I have included a short introduction to my character in game. Based off of that, I was hoping for some ideas about any possible role, and which land would best suit him for citizenship. Thank you ahead of time for any help!!! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Well hi there! My name is Cagg! Of course, youuuu probably knows me as... well... Cagg! I can already tell just by looking at you that we're gonna be bestest best friends!! Now that we're friends, we can do fun stuffs together! And, and, and, if any mean peoples were ever around I could... beat 'em up for you! ...or somethin'... *He stops.* Hey! I see that look! Don't you underestimate me just because I'm small!! I might only be a couple of feet tall, but I'm made out of some special stuff! ...Literally! See? *He pokes himself in the belly. The grey gell that makes up his entire body gives way to his touch rather easilly, caving in around his finger* My skin isn't like your skin. When I want to be, I can be strong as an ox! *He bends over and picks up a large boulder with ease.* And I can be as hard as diamond! *He raises his arm and large sharp crystals seem to form all around it until the entire arm is one jagged mass. It seems take on a slight blue sheen as he lunges it straight through the boulder, tearing through it like tissue paper, leaving nothing but a pile of rubble behind.* OOOH! *His arm quickly turns back to normal and he runs straight for some of the larger pieces of rubble, puttung them in his mouth and swallowing them whole. The rocks are bigger than he is, yet he has no trouble eating them, and he doesn't seem to have increased in size.* Sorry about that, hehe. I kinda have this... problem. You see, sometimes, when I see things that interest me, I just cant help but to... well... you know... eat them. But look look! It never really goes anywhere, see? *He spits out a entire refrigerator, several times larger than he is.* Whatever I eat, I can just spit back out later If I needs it! *He opens the fridge and takes out a large pie, which he swallows whole. He then spits up a garbage can and thoughtfully throws the pie tin away before eating the entire fridge back up.* No no no, don't worry, I don't eat peoples. Wellllllll... there WAS this one time... but he was totally fine when I spit him back out. He hardly has to take any medication anymore, and the doctor said he's finally starting to talk again! But that doesn't matter now. All that matters now is that I have my new bestest friend! YOU! Now, lets go do some fun stuffs together! *He begins to run gleefully, leaving small metallic grey puddles behind with each step.* *He stops and turns to face you* Come on! There's so much to do out there! *He opens the door and beckons you to follow him outside.*
  8. I just started MD a few days ago, and its really cool so far! Just found the forums here, and I wanted my first post to be aying hello to all my potential new friends out there. HELLOOOOOO!!!!!!
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