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  1. You certainly do have a one track mind cryxus, don’t have anything to say about the rest of my post? What’s your problem? Can’t tolerate dissent? That first paragraph was only there to explain why I’m posting again and what my impressions on the war are without going into specifics. If I wanted to discuss why I believe it was wrong I would have done so in another topic. I may not have been playing for about a month and a half now but that doesn’t mean I don’t know what happened. Also a lot of the problems that led to this war were already there when I was still playing. I don’t want to talk about it because I’m not playing now and given the circumstances posting on it would do more harm then good. Remember you brought this up by insulting me, I really wanted to avoid saying anything. You called me a hypocrite and bully but did I: -Issue an ultimatum to GG to have Yrthilian step down as ruler or else and that any future ruler they choose requires my approval? -Spread vicious rumours about Yithilian and Grido? -Send Tarquinus to take over the MRD Fraternity, kick everyone, then demand that all MRs and MSs that want to come back agree to the rules he imposed on them? -Expect Tarquinus to be trusted after that and even honoured as MR Fraternity leader and for GG to carry on as if nothing had happened? -Carry on a war that tore apart GG because it didn’t conform to my ideals? -Doing all this under the assumption that I know what is best for GG and then blaming them for making me do it? If I didn’t do any of those things how am I a hypocrite? If I didn’t make or issue any demands to anyone how am I a bully? Moreover and this was the point in my statement I think that if I were around I could have helped Raven win. I think an alliance with Necrovion against GG for instance would not be implausible considering their history and Raven was perhaps a bit too pessimistic in his assessment of Loreroots fighting capability. There is more to this issue then this silly war or what happens to CoS. This all sets a precedent for a certain kind of tyranny by established players in MD and I would not like to see MD being dominated by a clique of established players who believe it is their right to monitor and control everything happens in it ruining everybody else’s fun, especially since there is only one instance of the game world. Edit: Oops ended up posting right after King Manu, took me a while to post as usual, I need to be less of a perfectionest about what I write. [color="purple"]MOVED from Game Reset thread -- Grido[/color]
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    Game reset?

    Well after some time away Yami emailed me recently about this War between Golmeus and Loreroot (as some of you may remember when I left I gave Yami my Aqune account so she could still make weather when needed for roleplay etc.). That piqued my curiosity so I decided to check out the forum to see what was the cause of all this. Well other then finding this very interesting thread I didn’t like what I found or how things turned out for Loreroot and while I won’t comment any further to prevent more heated arguments on the forum suffice it to say the Self-Righteous Golemus Bullies were very lucky I wasn’t playing when they declared their war and have neither the time nor the inclination to do so now (no I’m not coming back yet) since I would make them sorry for what they did (and yes I know all about they’re misguided paternalism to save LR from itself, must be nice for you to be so all wise and benevolent isn’t it guys?). Anyway I’m still shocked by all this but that’s not why I posted here, back to the topic at hand. While I think Manu’s ideas about how to maintain a game world indefinitely are fascinating (but will it work?) though as usual the exploit toadies (oops I mean ‘bug finders’ ) feel their worth is threatened by any change in game’s paradigm (if there is some truth too what he says it could defiantly be worth something to the software industry, adaptive AI without Neural Nets? Are you using Genetic Algorithms?) I think a full reset would be good for the game and would be unavoidable in a ‘normal’ game. Of course I don’t mean now but eventually when critical improvements to the game engine need to be made (which will take time) and would in any case necessitate a full reset and advancement to an MD 2.0. As far as the inevitable losses in the MD community is concerned MD already lost nearly all of its really old players (who started 2006-2007) the ‘old’ players now are those that started mostly in early and middle 2008 and personally I wouldn’t mind seeing some of the currently ‘old’ players leave never too return if I ever get back. There will always be new players that come in as long as enough advertising is done and a new and yes maybe even better community will develop. This is the alpha after all and we all knew it would end eventually so we should not be shocked when it does. After all do you play this game for fun or just to show off? I think it would be a lot more fun if some serious changes were made to the way the game works (especially now that its creator knows how people react to some things). If you just play to show off something you have worked hard for (‘grinding’) then I would suggest you save that sort of desire for real life where there are plenty of opportunities for it in making a career for yourself. I suppose given the last post I made on story integration my opinion on this topic is not exactly unexpected but I just want to say one more thing. Remember sometimes its better to cut your losses when something has become too unwieldy rather attempt to save something that really isn’t worth saving anymore otherwise you end up obsessively working on the same thing forever. One final suggestion I have that ties in to what was said about how hidden algorithms are being built behind the combat system displayed by the combat log and that is to eliminate the combat log entirely leaving only the animated creature fight. For those that remember the combat log was originally put there when the combat system was being tested so that players could judge from it whether it was fair and balanced and operated correctly and report it back to Manu (this was back when he read all pms, yes it was a very long time ago) which they could not really do from the animated screen alone. It was not supposed to be accessible by the players indefinably only the animated creature fight was (at least that is the impression I got) but like many temporary features it became all too permanent, now it is central to combat and the animation hardly anyone bothers with at all. Of course the animation doesn’t show statistics as well so it prevents the kind of number crunching the combat log allows which is what we want The idea being that that the character only observes their creatures actions and learns from that rather then from analyzing the values in the output screen.
  3. I have put this here for lack of a better place, so mods and admins, you can move it if you want. Well I have decided to take a break from the game, maybe permanently or maybe not I don’t know yet. However I have attainted something of a position in the game and am something of a quasi-RPC so I want to let everyone know without having to message a lot of people and that is what this post is for. I have played this game consistently for a very long time but even I have my limits. I have given my Aqune account information to Yami no Sakura so that if the Storm Maidens powers are needed by Manu or whoever else for something she can just log on and use them for me. Also just before I leave I wanted to relate part of a conversation I had with Manu about the game that may prove illuminating about where MD is headed (I got his permission to post it for those that are wondering) : ------------------------------- RE:RE:RE:hi there Haha, well yes, but you would have nothing to be ashamed of if Muratos del Mur fell behind Aqune since that isn’t even your first character and I started my Aqune character before you even created him and were still going around as King Manu. Anyway before going there is just something I wanted to tell you about the games direction. This is just my opinion mind you and you may be happy with the direction it is going in but I really just wanted to tell you about it if only to make you aware of the situation. I think that sadly my favourite aspect of the game, the story (I am referring to the official story in the story mode not to the one in the adventure log) has lost its importance in the game world. This explanation is somewhat long and I know how you don’t like to read long pms but bear with me cause I think it is important and you might find some valuable insights here. When I first started playing about a year and a half I was always impressed by the story the most and thought it would come to be the most important part of the game but since that time it has not progressed and has really become irrelevant to the rest of the game. I think if you took stock at how many of the options are used in the left hand menu you would find that the story icon is clicked on the least. Chapter 3 has yet to come out and you were even already saying it was going to come out soon when I started playing! However more importantly the story doesn’t really make a difference in the game, rather then weave all other aspects of them game together like I thought it was supposed to its become just something people try to get through that gives you some stats but nothing you get much more of from fighting later especially at the higher MPs and the ‘roleplaying’ in the game has become completely detached from it as well. In fact the story has absolutely no role now in determining a players character or what happened to them in game with the exception of some special access given which can be circumvented by other means anyway. I thought at first that eventually the story choices would determine among other things what land you get into and so what kind of character you become so if you die you end up in Necrovion and get access to it and its creatures and items, if you end up helping Marind then you go to Marind Bell and have similar prerogatives and if you make some other choices then you would go Loreroot or Golemus and so on not having access to the other lands at least at first, everyone would have access to No Man’s Land of course. This would allow players that made similar choices in the story and so have similar characters start out together when they get out of story mode the first time which would create four different communities based on the four different lands rather then the current two communities based on either fighting or roleplaying. Those four communities would each having access only to their own creatures and items and go through their own quests in addition to the No Man’s Land ones and so would each develop their own unique fighting styles and ‘feels’ in isolation based on their own unique strengths and weaknesses then they could face each other in No Man’s Land and think of how interesting that would be!!! Four completely different communities fighting each other. I think this is what you had in mind originally didn’t you? And then later changed your mind as the game direction changed. Now the super number crunchers dominate the whole world with access to all creatures and land access has become a kind of special privilege you get from other players rather then something determined by your characters nature and role. I don’t see this as a positive development. Both roleplaying and fighting have become something like an appendix to the game itself having separate special interest communities and no real relation to each other or to the other aspects of the game, which are comparatively underdeveloped. This has made the game feel ‘disjointed’ at least to me, serving two special interest groups focused around specific gameplay activates rather then something in the game world. You have the fighters who treat the game as a kind of chess match playing with stats and skills and monster types and the roleplayers that treat it as pencil and paper type RPG or MUD in the chat hoping to get official recognition from you for their self-created personas. There is a complete disconnect between these two things (though a player may participate in both aspects) and the broader game as well. I think the key toward making a good roleplaying computer game (as opposed to just a set of graphical chat rooms where people can roleplay like they could with pencil and paper) is to make it so that a person’s character is formed through the game mechanics as people work within them so that for example if they say pick on the weak and in so far as they do so the game would recognize them as opportunistic scoundrels (the honour system as it was meant to be! but now as we both know honour has become just another stat people work to build up). With such a system fighting and roleplaying would become naturally integrated rather then disintegrated as they are now and even people that are not particularly interested in making a role for themselves when they start out end up having one ‘formed’ for them in the end by the game based on their actions and choices in the game world. As it is the roleplay is something done on top of the game mechanics at best and beside it at worst. Now the design challenge here is in making a mechanic like this that is fool proof (or we could say dst proof!) so that everything that you can do in that game world would be recognized by the game mechanic and change your character and even lead you to some game role. Then the game feels like a real world you are having an adventure in and not just like some stat building chore you have to do so that you can show off to other players in PvP later or your RPC status for consistent chat roleplay. Now this isn’t easy since exploit artist types will always try to find ways pumping up their stats crazy in an imperfect game mechanic but that’s why you have to work at perfecting it as exploits occur otherwise the game world becomes disintegrated (I guess you could call it the principle of entropy). Perhaps this is just my way of looking at it since I tend to be a very passive roleplayer and prefer to let my character form naturally (even unconsciously) over time as I play the game, try things and interact rather then create some persona before hand and then try to act it out. I had no idea I would be playing the ‘storm maiden’ when I started playing this game and chose that avatar simply because I liked it the most of the golden ones then available and just somehow ended up here where I am today (you could say the role found me rather then I it). I suppose that after all that criticism I should give you some suggestion on improvement but unfortunately I don’t really have any suggestions for you as to how to change this trend since it seems that short of a drastic game system overhaul, an advancement to the ‘beta’ test phase or something like that it would be very difficult if not impossible and that also its likely to really anger the current player community who have established themselves in the current environment. Then again you did once say that since this is the alpha phase players should be prepared to have their accounts deleted when you restart after going to beta phase and that that was one of the risks associated with participating in alpha test so you may want to bring that up. I’m sure you learned a lot about MD game design and development from want has happened in the alpha already, what works and what doesn’t and that’s what alpha testing is all about. Well hopefully I have made some sense in my lecture here and have given you something to think about. I having been keeping these thoughts to myself for a while now but now that I’m leaving I figured I may as well tell you. It might be a good idea to get the player community’s opinions on this too so with your permission can I post it on the MD forum? *From: .Muratus del Mur. (ID:1028) *sent 1 day and 6 hours ago RE:RE:RE:RE:hi there Hi, yes you are absolutly right, i know of the situation but i ant d much about it at this point. The story is like a paralel things going along with the rest and thats not the way it was supposed to be. ...but to develop the initial story turned out to be much more dificult and slow that allowing players to deveklop their own stories. A lot of things changed since the story and if i were to create things from scratch now i would proceed differently. I can opny hope that in time this will be fixed. One other main reason why story is not done yet is that major game parts , like creatures or area functioality is not done yet, so it would be strage to unlock angiens in the story yet have none at all. I will probably launch it like that since its anyway not so important anymore sadly. Anyway i am not going away from that path, i am just completing other things and eventualy all will come to gether i am sure of it. Thanl you for your opinion on this, you can post it on the forums, but just that you know, i wont be watching it to much, i have little time to check the forums. Thank you
  4. I'm more of a loner in the MD world really so I won't be actively joining you plus you seem to have a lot of prospective members already. However as a member of Loreroot if you need my storm powers for a specific task I would be more then willing to assist, it will be interesting to see at any rate what this Nature's Sword is and what it can do.
  5. I think the 'being' that give you the cube at the beginning is Jack Willow who is trying to save you from the Shades from the House of Liquid Dust that surround you. He has become 'part' of those shades I think but still is able to maintain his own identity to some degree and perhaps sees you as someone that could potentially save Marind. The cube that he gives you is actually the wooden cube where you meet Marind and after you take it you get absorbed into it before coming out of it eventually in Chapter 2. Note that as in the story each of us still has the wooden cube in our possession, at least all the story choices I made ended up with me picking up the wooden cube and putting it in my pocket. Anyway thats how I interpreted the story when I went through it.
  6. I was thinking about what Manu said about appearances and while I'm not sure if he was referring to my post it may be that Akasha did not turn into the Shade Sentinel but rather that her act of writing the Book of Principles caused the Shade Sentinel to form in Necrovion as a reflection or manifestation of that book (perhaps as a corruption of the real one?). Consider that Khalzadad instigated contact with the shades shortly after Akasha was writing her book(after which we did not hear from her anymore) starting The Shade Balance saga before Alche's quest for The Book was even complete. The whole act of Akasha deciding to write her own version of The Book of Principles may have started the chain of events that led to The Shade Balance as much as Wodin's creation did. Also Manu said that the Book of Principles was never found but didn't Alche turn into The Book when he touched the flame and evolved to a higher form? Cause I was under the impression that that is what happened though I guess I was wrong and the real book (a physical thing?) is still hidden somewhere. Another thought: the same player that plays Akasha may be the one the plays the Shade Sentinel too since as I said in my pervious post we stopped seeing Akasha around the time we started seeing the Shade Sentinel.
  7. This is just speculation mind you but has anyone considered that Akasha turned into the Shade Sentinel after she left Golemus Golemicarium since no one has ever heard from her since. After all they are both female, Akasha became more 'dark' after making her own version of the Book from the 6 pages and the Shade Sentinel somehow got the page to throw into the fire. As for the pyramids I believe there are 9 in total, 7 on land and the 2 floating ones. If each pyramid corresponds to a principle then the 10th is probably invisible or hidden somewhere.
  8. Yes after making my map for MB I found that MDA is the largest and most complex land there is now so it is not surprising people get lost in there and yet it is the only one without a map.
  9. Well since its going to be on for the whole day I will probably be able to show up if only for a little while. I usually stay at Maple Road anyway when I'm not at Willow's Shop that is. If I have some extra heat I will even try to create some nice weather.
  10. I have to agree with Glaistig, MRD and dst (seems like we are always butting heads but I guess the occasional agreement does happen) on this. This sort of thing will turn the entire world into a kind of dojo for what? 5 alliances (GotR, CoE, CoS, GG and even the MRs if it includes them too) and really ruin the fun (for me at least) in fighting. I have played a number of MMOGs in the past and there are plenty where a Non-Aggression Pact makes sense for the parties involved but MD is not one of them. In all those other games there are always NPC type monsters for people to fight when there is no other player willing to or online but not so in MD where PvP is really all there is and the main point of the game other then roleplaying. Having to ask permission is a real inconnivance since time matters in this game and the other player may be AFK. It will also cause a build up of “can I attack you” spam in the chat or in personal messages. Personally I have no problems with people attacking me without ‘permission’ ever (which unfortunately for an MP6 protector is all too rare). If I win I get Xp, skills and wins for my creatures and if I lose then that’s good too since I get a loss which allows me to get more honour later on or even if I lose Xp that is good because of the dreaded cap so I don’t understand what the big deal is. I suppose there is the benefit of being able to set up rituals without being attacked but you can use the dojo for that and preparing adequate defences fast enough is or I should say was part of the challenge (or at least a dummy defence like most do now). So I purpose an amendment to the treaty which I also just posted on the Loreroot forum in the Diplomacy section: I purpose that the treaty be amended with the provision that by default you can attack the members of the other alliance without permission unless they explicitly say they don’t want you to. Like I said above I personally don’t mind being attacked without permission for those that can that is and I don't see why I should just assume that others do. While I would rather we not have this kind of treaty at all I would be satisfied with this provision and I think that it is reasonable since if you attack someone and they don’t mind it so they don’t report it and the treaty is circumvented anyway. If this provision doesn’t get through I’m afraid I will have to leave the Guardians of the Root (or at least ignore it until NelyaSetesh kicks me) and either remain independent or join a less restrictive alliance. I do miss the old days when there was risk and therefore thrill in the combat system but I already talked about that in my Valkyries of Violence thread. I can deal with the dojo since I just don’t fight there (and only go there to heal other players) but this kind of thing is just too much for me. As I say in my character description I prefer to remain silent for the most part. Paraphrasing Manu about alliances from about a year ago (in some ways what is happening now with all the LR and GG alliances is the same thing that happened with all the LR and MB ones back then with everyone getting all buddy, buddy and joining the same alliance): We can still be friends even if we fight against each other
  11. So that is why I haven't seen Penelope around, I was wondering why I never see her anymore. Its sad to see her go I remember even recommending her to Manu after he made me PWR, too bad nothing will come of that now. I also thought that the Children of the Eclipse was going to be a sure thing but from what I have heard recently Manu doesn't want to make any new alliances right now at all so its not just you he is ignoring. I can't really talk more about that topic here (and if I did Chewett would probably just censor it anyway) but for those that have access to the Lonely Tree forum (dedicated to Bob at the Path of Loneliness) you can find out more there if you have access that is (it is a private forum).
  12. [quote name='Death Bell' post='22651' date='Dec 18 2008, 11:08 AM']hey someone told me about a avatar searcher or sumthing.. is ther ea way to gather the people that have a avatar? so we can see all the avatars?[/quote] A long time ago there was a topic about this and it is possible to view all avatars. There is no avatar search or anything like that but the folder on the server where the avatar images are stored is public so if you know the URL for it you can view them all. I have forgotten the URL for the avatar folder unfortunately (really should remember to write stuff like that down) but I do remember they were listed by number rather then name.
  13. If I happen to be online at that date and time I would like to attend but I'm not on much anymore. Name: Aqune
  14. Must you always be so mean and arrogant? Why couldn't you have said "I would never talk about you behind your back Aqune" or just "I did not talk about you behind your back" or even nothing at all rather then that. But I suppose that would be too much to expect from someone as vain as you. You really shouldn't be surprised that people regard you as a villain when you act that way all the time and belittle them.
  15. Well sorry for my delayed response but after that last post in the topic of the same name I didn't feel like coming back on the forum for a while and when I do come back 3 days later I find that Chewett has closed it. So now I just want to make some things public for anyone that has read that post since I can't just leave it like that. [quote name='dst']Aqune, our "conflict" dates long ago. For a while I forgot about it. I just didn't care anymore (better things to do then fight you). But almost every time I do something you criticize me, every time I say something you have something against it. Fortunately MD is big enough for both of us. So I propose you this: you ignore me and I ignore you. If it will be the case (probably since we both have a role in this game) we will work together for the good of the game. But I will try not to cross paths. If you quit, you'll not solve anything. You still have your role and Mur trusted you. Think at him and not at me. This is my last post on this topic regarding this subject. If you want to continue the discussion we'll use the PMs.[/quote] Are you afraid that if I leave now everyone will blame you for that? Perhaps its cynical of me to think that but somehow I just can't imagine you caring whether I leave or stay. Now I may take a break from MD I haven't really decided yet and it maybe temporary or permanent after I tie up a few loose ends (like finding someone active I can trust with my Aqune account since I'm a quasi-RPC as dst pointed out so I couldn't just leave with my powers) [i]but just so everyone knows if I do leave its not all dst’s fault so don’t blame him.[/i] When it comes down to it is because MD has become more stressful then fun for me and dst is certainly a part of that but not the only one or even the main one. I guess in multi-player games there are bound to be personal conflicts like this so it can't be avoided. We can try to avoid each other in the future I guess though in reality MD isn't that big. I suppose Glaistig is right that dst had a right to use whatever power he had against me in game if he thought of me as his enemy just as I have a right to put him on my hate list or write in his log though I won't do that yet and if he does abuse any special debugging powers he has I can always just tell Manu about it (though somehow I get the feeling that if its my word against dst's Manu will take his word over mine if he even listens to me that is). It still pisses me off that he singled me out back then and I still find it kind of sad that simplyzero (I hope your not saying bad things to him about me behind my back dst) would choose him over me but enough about that this isn't my diary. I suppose if I ever do decide to leave since I'm something of a quasi-RPC with my own special powers I will make a post about it on the forum or something so its not unexpected like Wodin's leaving. I have been playing consistently for what has it been? A year and a half now? So I think its understandable if I'm beginning to get tired of this game. Also like Glastig I do have a few issues with game play and the direction the game is going in and I may make a post about that in the future too but for now I have said all I needed to say.
  16. That’s not completely true, its certainly not what simplyzero told me, you really are too full of yourself dst. I’m sorry to say I wasn’t fully honest in my previous message because I didn’t want to start a flame war between us but now that I KNOW you have a vendetta against me (I have suspected for some time but I was never sure and I even thought about burying the hatchet which is why I made that dojo post in the first place even though Calyx was becoming a friend of mine) trying to single me out and are working actively to hurt me in particular in the game so I really don’t care anymore. This is the complete truth as far as I know it: A long time ago after simplyzero completed his first quest (the multi-quest with the cipher at the end) that I completed but not in time unfortunately so I didn’t get the reward. Anyway after simplyzero sent me a message telling me I was too late I sent him a reply expressing my disappointment he in turn sent me a message asking me to be his ‘assistant’ as the ferryman because I lived in a different timezone as him and could teleport people to Golemus that weren’t around when he was. I was so honoured by this request that I became his adept and have remained so ever since but told him no because I thought this would make me an RPC and I was not ready for that kind of responsibility yet. Anyway later when simplyzero went about forming his new alliance (which I figured was for the same purpose though alas it doesn't seen to be anymore ) and stated in his personal papers that those that wanted to join should prove themselves to him I saw an opportunity to become his assistant again since now I was ready for that responsibility. So I made up the MD geography quest that you can now see on my personal papers to impress him with and sent it to him telling him I was capable of making many such quests for my role (I was still thinking “simplyzero’s assistant” must be RPC). After that I didn’t get a response from him and saw in my outbox that he didn’t read my message so being pretty patient I thought he was busy and waited for him to respond. Then sometime after that he recruited you and I sent him a message saying (I’m paraphrasing): “Well I sent you a pm about my interest in joining, why haven’t you answered it or invited me yet? I thought you wanted me as your assistant before? And oh I noticed that dst has joined you and I really don’t feel comfortable being in an alliance with him since I can’t trust him, personally I think he is Necrovion spy” So then he replied telling me: “Yes that’s why I didn’t invite you because I knew you didn’t want to be in an alliance with him and would you like to act as my spy in another alliance instead? And get information for me?” Then I replied: “Well all other alliances are filled now but I will send you any info I happen to get” So that was that and since then simplyzero has always been friendly too me and teleported me to GG whenever I wanted such as when I was doing that map quest for Metal Bunny so I just always assumed he had by best interests at heart when he told me he didn’t want me to join and that he didn’t kick you because he didn’t want to hurt your feelings which is why I remained his loyal adept even though he wasn’t very active and other people (most notably Junior) were giving me all kinds of offers to become there’s but now I don’t what to think anymore Just what do you have against me dst? What did I ever do to you? Was it just because of that one time I criticized your conduct in the heads contest back in May or June cause you seem to have had it in for me ever since. Are you that petty and childish that you can’t take some criticism? Because you know I wasn’t the only that thought that was dishonorable there was shadowice and Laz and few others but most quit playing by now and now I can see why. With people like you running this game it isn’t all that surprising and I’m really thinking of joining them now and Glastig in inactivity (seriously how can you succeed in a game were one of the game’s staff has it in for you and isn’t even professional enough to keep it out of the game?) What did Manu ever see in you other then a professional cheater that could spot bugs well. Putting you in charge of bugs is like putting a professional thief in charge of making security systems. If you were looking to make me feel bad dst then you have succeeded I hope your proud of yourself. This whole topic has depressed me ((((( That’s what I get for trying to help you and STF with my anti-dojo alliance idea, though I suppose ultimately its better that the truth finally came out for all parties concerned so thank you for finally being honest dst and confirming my suspicions (for alas it is all to often lies and illusions that keep people from hating each other). I have to say though that even when simplyzero sent me that message confirming that I better not join I had nagging feeling you had something to do with it and it was not just him confirming my requests which seemed just too convenient but I let it drop because I respected simplyzero and didn't want to question his honesty. I think I will take some time off for now because I no longer feel welcome in MD.
  17. Thanks Glaistig and looking forward to your post though why did they have to call it alliance ranting? This is an important topic which needs to be addressed (ie should there be more alliances?). I think yes especially for Necrovion and Marind Bell which are lacking (Is it really fair for Loreroot a GG to take up all the alliances?). ~cuted out, i sent you pm because i didnt wanted to speak about that in public, please respect my decision ~Thats why I didn't quote your pm but just paraphrased your arguments quoting my own reply to you because I made some counterarguments there that I didn't want to make again should someone have said the same things as you. I think I have a right to quote myself don't I? Nevertheless if even that is too much for you then I will leave it as is after all your a mod and I'm not.
  18. What I would like to know is why Manu removed the wins/losses and honor counters from the right column on the main interface screen recently. It is hard enough keeping your honor from falling when in an alliance now why make it harder?
  19. Sorry about the off topic response but I just couldn’t keep silent about this matter. I won’t make anymore alliance related posts in this thread I promise [quote name='dst' post='21103' date='Dec 2 2008, 01:06 AM']I have several reasons why I don't want (for the moment of course) more alliances. I will try to explain a little bit: 1)Being in an alliance is a privilege not a right. Alliance leaders should choose their members carefully (based on their own rules, needs, etc) and not permit anyone in. With the current number of members in the alliances (50 i believe) the leaders struggle to fill the places (since the number of active players is still small) . I have seen alliance with inactive members (the leader had to kick them out). This is not right! 2)You all talk about role playing. Some of the "wannabes" (alliances I mean) have no purpose (as in no role) not to mention a story. This is if you want against your all praised role playing. 3)The rules for the alliances are not well defined. Think at this scenario: the DS have one of the best bonuses (if not the best in all the alliances/guilds). What if I bring a mp3 in it? That mp3 will be god among the other mp3s. Believe me: you don't want that. 4)My own selfish use: having more alliances means more alliance members means less battles I can fight (ok..I am exaggerating here )[/quote] 1)Why is that not right? You don’t seriously expect people to be playing MagicDuel forever do you? And while they do play they have the right to experience everything this game has to offer I think, seems to me your just threatened that more people will encroach on your ‘privilege’. Its inevitable people will play then get tired of it then leave and maybe come back or maybe not as happens to RPCs and to alliances members alike. Even I as the oldest still active player have my limits. 2)Well MagicDuel is a role playing game and the alliances (really they should be called Houses as they were originally but at this point even Manu doesn’t call them that anymore, you can only see evidence of that piece of history from the ‘oneness of your housing’ statement) are supposed to represent some aspect of the world. If you prefer a game where only number crunching matters maybe you should play a pure strategy game. Though I would have to agree that some of the current alliances aren’t really as well integrated into the world as they could be though I won’t name names 3)So is that why you joined the Shifters for their bonuses? I was always wondering why you joined them when you had no interest in helping people teleport which is what they were originally created for doing. At first when I was close to joining them myself I thought you were a Necrovion spy (since that was you previous alliance). You can ask simplyzero about that if you don’t believe me but I decided against joining back then because of that 1 hour delay to attack which would really cramp my reactive style of play (which was to set up strong defensive rituals and let others attack me and lose for wins and before you ask yes I have finally given in and use lame decoy rituals on defence now except in the heads contest sometimes). 4)Cant say much about this except that I hope you don’t get your way [quote name='Liberty4life' post='21188' date='Dec 3 2008, 05:57 PM']nope mda has 5 alliances (archies, tellers, artisans, inner sun, and shifters), mb has one alliance, the seekers, and it will remain in that way[/quote] How do you know that that is the way it will remain that way? It seems strange that Manu would create a system where you can have multiple alliances per land and then just allow a single and lets face it rather dull (at least lately) alliance in Marind Bell. There is lots of alliance ideas I can think of just by reading Adi’s notes on MB. I can think of 2 alliance ideas right now that would be appropriate for Marind Bell: - An alliance focused on protecting it like the Guardians are for Loreroot or the Guerrillas are for GG (The Seekers from what I know are focused on contacting the Angiens and learning from them rather then really protecting Marind Bell) and it defiantly needs protecting. - An alliance focused on actually saving Marind (an very important yet much neglected character outside of story mode) from Necrovion’s clutches and finding her murders. Such an alliance could be more aggressive in upsetting the Shade’s balance in Marind’s favour, Marind Bell from what I remember Manu saying was always supposed to be a more oblique land then Loreroot or even GG.
  20. In Metal Bunny’s defense I have never heard of this contest till today either but then again I don’t travel much outside Willow’s Shop as well. You should have Manu put it in the announcements box in the top right corner in the game if you really wanted it advertised. Putting it in the New Ideas board which even on the forum which not every player reads is one of the least looked on boards was bound not to get it too much attention. And whats this?! Nobody nominated me for best PWR?! I’m hurt I think I’m at least as good as Arzrel Dark or MRD in that category.
  21. Forgot about the Artisans they are MDA so that means MDA has 3. Soldiers of the Inner Sun are the second Marind Bell alliance I believe or are they GG?
  22. Hmm… well when alliance system was first tested there were like 30 of them created about 5 or 6 for each land but they had smaller memberships being limited to 5 members and then later 10 members. So there were many small alliances rather then a few big ones. I think it was better that way, made things more interesting. Right now GG looks like it will have 3 alliances, Loreroot 3 (with the coming of the Children of the Eclipse), MDA has 2 and so does Marind Bell leaving Necrovion with just 1. I think if each land had at least 3 alliances then things would be more fair and balanced for everyone. Each land certainly has enough history behind it to warrant that I think (except maybe MDA). I suppose I should probably stop here because this is really veering off topic but I just have to ask why are you so intent on there not being anymore alliances dst? Anyway I decided I would post my outline for the alliance/RPC idea I had on the Necrovion New Player Roles and Legends forum. I did put some work into it and wouldn’t want that to go to waste. Maybe it will inspire others to create some more original and game based ones then most of what has been posted on the alliances board lately. Note that I’m not trying to have it created or change my role if I were I would have sent it to Manu already rather then bothering to post it here. Here it is the ‘Valkyries of Violence’: [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com//index.php?showtopic=2877"]http://magicduel.invisionzone.com//index.php?showtopic=2877[/url]
  23. Well here it is, see the Way of the Dojo thread if you want to know why I put it here. This was my idea of a hardcore warfare anti-dojo alliance for Necrovion. I came up with it a while ago when I was thinking of ways to become an RPC and forming an alliance after the festival but before joining Loreroot. I planned on sending this outline to Manu but I decided against making it since due to real life issues I simply do not have the time in the game to make it a reality but maybe this idea will at least inspire others to create something more interesting then another alliance for the sake of having an alliance. I tried to make it as elaborate as possible since I like to get things right the first time though it is still incomplete in some areas and you can see ? or TBA since I scrapped the idea before finishing. The background is based on real game events so it would defiantly be good to use (I won’t mind if you take it). Note that this is done partially In Character and mildly tongue in check exaggerated so try not to get too offended especially you Calyx and Manu (I called Manu ‘The Great God Mur’ in the Background as a counterbalance to the fact that I was subtly attacking some of his policies there so I thought I needed to suck up a little to get his approval). Also just to clarify my personal position on the dojo is not hostile as I make it out to be for my character in the outline though I do sort of miss the days when duelling was not as regulated (I always had such high honour back then) and while I can’t say those criticisms of the development of MagicDuel came from nowhere I don’t completely dislike the game the way it is right now. The story mode and adventure aspect was what I always liked most about the game but that hasn’t been developed for about a year now unfortunately, yes I’m very patient (when is chapter 3 going to come out?). -------------------------------------- Valkyries of Violence Background: The Fall of Valhalla and The 4 Great Curses (Those who know about Norse mythology should know why I choose Valhalla as the name to give to MagicDuel as it once was namely a ‘heaven of warfare’) Once there was great land called MagicDuel where lost souls would come to fight and duel, a glorious land of war of all against all. This land was ruled by the Great God Mur then known as King Manu. It was Valhalla a paradise of eternal warfare where the souls would bind creatures to themselves and then have those creatures fight to the death. The fighting was endless and filled with great chases as ‘the brave and the strong’ hunted ‘the weak and the cowardly’ for all the souls were scattered about all the land which was open to all and restricted to none so one could hide anywhere but had nowhere to run as there were no safe havens to run to. The thrill of the hunt pervaded this great land and even ‘the weak and the cowardly’ tried their best to defend themselves, twas the Golden age of Valhalla, but alas a great catastrophe would soon befall it for all great things must come to an end. Time passed and the Great God Mur said let there be speech (‘implemented the chat function’) and there was speech and it was good for chatter was kept to a minimum and combat was still all important. Then the Great God Mur created something that while it seemed innocent at first would alas lead to the first great curse for as with all the curses the road to Valhalla’s fall was paved with good intentions. The Great God created the ‘Shop Guardians’ in front of Willow’s Shop so that all souls that wished to go there would now have to fight these ‘NPCs’ and defeat them to be able to enter the shop and purchase all of its great artefacts. And so all new souls would gather around Willow’s Shop standing there like the fools they were and waiting to heal their creatures so they may try and try again at fighting the Shop Guardians and defeating them. Then they could enter Willow’s Shop (which was at that time the only shop around) and partake of its magical goodies. But the ruthless among ‘the strong and the brave’ seeing an opportunity for an easy win took advantage of the ‘noobs’ stupidity and would smite them at Willow’s Shop where they could easily be found. And so it was that ‘the weak and the cowardly’ went to complain to The Great God Mur that all was not right with the world and that duelling ought to be consensual but the Great God dismissed them with the following words of wisdom: “Most people just stand around in Willow’s and they get attacked … that’s bad strategy” A bad strategy indeed to leave yourself open to attack, however Mur would come to go right around on that position. Some even suggested to the Great God Mur that ‘random creatures’ be placed around so that they could ‘farm’ them but the Great God saw that this would ruin the unique intensive ‘PvP’ aspect of the world and make it like ‘all other games’ and so it was rejected. But alas ‘the weak and the cowardly’ not recognizing their own stupidity as the likely cause of their failures persisted in their complaints so The Great God Mur was driven to cast the first great curse upon the land, THE CURSE OF THE SANCTUARIES. Under this curse there would be certain locations in the world known as ‘sanctuaries’ where none may attack another. Originally it was supposed to be temporary (‘until all the kinks are worked out of the combat system’) but alas it became all too permanent. Thus did all ‘the weak and the cowardly’ run and hide in the first sanctuary, Wind’s Sanctuary, while all ‘the strong and the brave’ would gather Willow’s Shop to fight for they were confident of their abilities to defend themselves. Thus it came to be forever onward that Willow’s Shop would be know as the domain of ‘the strong and the brave’ while Wind’s Sanctuary of the ‘the weak and the cowardly’. For from now on all souls would come there and the rest of the land was left empty and hollow. The thrill of the hunt was gone there were no more hunters or hunted for all ‘the weak and the cowardly’ stayed at Wind’s while ‘the strong and the brave’ now only fought amongst themselves standing in front of Willow’s Shop. Some began to complain of this state but the Great God Mur defended his actions saying: “now all the new players have come out … and started talking with each other” Not considering that it may have been better when they kept their mouths shut. Twas the Silver Age of Valhalla where all the land was empty other then Wind’s and Willow’s. Gone where the splendid days when one could find souls here and there, the days of moving and fighting of hunting and exploring. Valhalla had fallen from grace but the worst was yet to come. But even with the new ‘sanctuaries’ in place the ‘the weak and the cowardly’ continued to complain. For since no one was permitted to fight there so those that did not wish to stagnate and sought to evolve their creatures were forced to come out to Willow’s Shop to fight where they would soon be ‘pwned’ by ‘the strong and the brave’ who were mostly olden ones. Thus did ‘the weak and the cowardly’ cry out to the Great God Mur that they were losing all the time and alas the Great God was not deaf to there wailing. And so did the Great God Mur cast the second great curse upon the land THE CURSE OF BALANCE. Under this curse strength would be punished and weakness rewarded for now those that won many battles would lose much honour when they attacked while those that lost many would gain it. While the ‘honour system’ had existed in a rudimentary form since the Golden Age where it distinguished the ruthless from the valiant now it became compulsory to have positive honour for dreaded honour cap was placed on both ends of the honour range so that souls that had less then negative 500 honour could no longer attack those they did not gain honour from. Also honour gain was capped at 5000 so that souls could couldn’t not ‘gain ridiculous amounts of honour’ which was important since the Great God Mur was considering a system where those with enough honour could make themselves part of one of the many ‘test’ alliances automatically (leadership was also determined by honour at that time) that had been first made during the late Golden Age as they were completely dominated by the olden ones who were leaving in staggering numbers due to a previous curse made during the late Silver Age were they were not allowed to attack non-allied players so could find no one to fight for the olden ones were few in number and scattered across time and space. Now it was the Bronze Age of Valhalla soon with the new balance system ‘wins’ became a curse while ‘loses’ a blessing. All now began to set lame decoy rituals with a single creature on defence so that they would be easily defeated and gain loses while not losing their main creatures. The danger and risk of attacking was gone, few now tried to defend themselves from attacks and defeat their attackers. Some even went so far as to actively accumulate loses for themselves by attacking with single Barren Souls on heal. In a vain attempt to stop this madness the Great God Mur instituted the ‘400’ rule where the total vitality of a ritual must be greater then this value but it was all for nought as the suicide attacks continued now with Grasans and Heretic Archers on weaken defence, they would become even worse when the ‘Trees’ were made available. Soon the ‘balance system’ was turned on its head with ‘the great and the strong’ now having become the greatest losers for now they actively sought loses for honour while ‘the weak and the cowardly’ had wins thrust upon them quickly accumulating negative 500 honour and being prevented from attacking. And so THE CURSE OF BALANCE was perhaps the worst and most perverse of the curses for it did not help the weak succeed but simply made them ‘winners’ when having ‘wins’ was effectively a handicap. Thus did the madness of accumulating losses continue and as the few of the valiant among ‘the strong and the brave’ (this writer included) that always sought to win battles but accepted loses as they came (a position Mur himself had advised for this new system) became more and more penalized they complained to The Great God Mur of their predicament and that success in battle was being punished but he stubbornly clung to the balance system rebuffing them: “In MagicDuel trying to win all the time … that is being greedy” Now they were being just as greedy ‘farming’ loses. For even when Mur tried to stop the trend by giving a bonus to having equal wins and loses (for now virtually now one had more wins then loses) having many more losses then wins continued to be favoured for the bonus for a high honour win was greater yet and theoretically unlimited. Eventually the current ‘victory/defeat/retreat/win system’ was implemented to mitigate this problem somewhat as well as the occasional ‘win/loss counter resets’ but it never completely went away. This was the Bronze Age of Valhalla a time of change when a new influx of souls was also made due to the new ‘aggressive advertising’ campaign by the Great God Mur. The land became more and more closed as Loreroot was now blocked by the Tree Guardians and Necrovion and GG were made the domain of the privileged and the MDA was soon to be created as well. All souls were alas no longer free to wander and hunt where they pleased. Thus ‘the weak and the cowardly’ and especially the weakest of the weak the MP3 complained that they were being now ‘farmed’ for loses one second and ‘farmed’ for Xp and wins the next by ‘the strong and the brave’. The Great God Mur had now started an ‘aggressive advertising’ campaign to fill the emptiness in the land created during the Silver Age and the subject was brought up that if something was not done the weakest of the weak would leave before they became strong and the land would remain empty. And so to appease them The Great God Mur once again cursed the land with the third curse THE CURSE OF DIVISION. Under this curse only those of the same MP level could attack one another so ‘the strong and the brave’ and especially the olden ones who had advanced could only attack each other being prevented from attacking newer souls. This was further compounded by the new and insidious Xp cap which forced one to advance or stagnate. The ‘alliance system’ was now crumbling as all the olden ones were leaving so they could find fights (this writer included) which should have alerted The Great God that restricting battle was a bad idea. There was some talk of land or alliance wars where battle could be fiercer but unfortunately it never came to fruition. Those that remained in the collapsing alliances would come to leave them joining other alliances that still had some members in them thus compounding the alliance division problem for alliance members could not attack each other. In a desperate attempt to save the ‘alliance system’ the Great God Mur told the olden ones: “You don’t have to all join the same alliance … you can still be friends even if you in different alliance” But it was all for nought for due to the alliance division curse soon all the olden ones would leave them to fall and The Great God Mur refused to see that it was the inevitable consequence of this curse. Eventually the olden alliances were removed for good by the Great God Mur when the ‘Protector system test’ was begun. This was the Iron Age of Valhalla when many of the olden ones began to despair then fade away and disappear for even without an alliance at MP5 finding opponents one could duel with was difficult if not impossible with the MP division even with the new influx of souls created by the ‘aggressive advertising’ campaign. The glory of Valhalla’s past was gone even the introduction of the ‘Heads Contest’ did not restore it for a new order was beginning to take shape a sinister new order completely at odds with the previous one and the final curse was to bring this new order about. Yet despite the protection of the sanctuaries, the balance system which made loses good and the MP division which protected the weakest from the strongest ‘the weak and the cowardly’ still complained of their harassment by ‘the strong and the brave’. They said ‘the strong and the brave’ would attack them when they went out to evolve their creatures, they complained of losing even when losing was good, they wished for a world without risk and conflict where fighting would no longer be exciting and difficult but easy and tedious, where one did not try and defeat his opponent but work at building ones creatures up with them. What purpose ‘the weak and the cowardly’ would have for all their evolved creatures when they have no real enemies to defeat we ‘the strong and brave’ will probably never understand but such is the nature of ‘the weak and the cowardly’ that they would rather ‘farm stats and skills’ simply for their own sake making battle in Valhalla seem like the ‘onerous work’ of the ‘world we all left behind’. Thus at first ‘the weak and the cowardly’ would gather at secret locations to train themselves but later that would not even be enough for them. Soon they produced an ambassador which approached The Great God Mur about making the fourth curse, THE CURSE OF THE DOJO. With tacit acquiescence rather then divine act the Great God Mur made this terrible curse befall the already fallen land of Valhalla. Under it there would be certain locations known as ‘dojos’ where one could attack but where it was sinful to do so without consent thus eliminating the inherent risk of battle and necessity of defence. Those that did so would be blacklisted and branded offenders. Soon most of ‘the strong and the brave’ would be transformed into pariahs while ‘the weak and the cowardly’ would enjoy battle and progress without risk at the dojo. Thus now ‘the weak and the cowardly’ were exalted while ‘the strong and the brave’ were abased. The new order had come where the thrill of battle would be replaced by a new disgusting ‘peace and cooperation’ and the grind of ‘safe training’. The ‘Heads Contest’ too would be ruined by the new spirit becoming a test of insider connections and group work rather then one of individual strength and valour, even the shades would come to be looked on as our ‘friends’ and ‘allies’ at the end of this period. Finally this disaster was further compounded by the coming of the ‘festival’ the final nail in the coffin after which Valhalla was no longer a land of mighty warriors but one of pretentious jabberers. And so here we are in the Lead Age of Valhalla where ‘the weak and the cowardly’ rule. Each of the curses cast by the Great God Mur were supposed to fix Valhalla’s problems and yet paradoxically they only made them worse. Much has Valhalla fallen from grace, much has it lost its former glory as the land of eternal warfare but do not despair ye ‘the strong and the brave’ for there is hope. For one of the last of the olden ones left Aqune has made a pact with the shades to return Valhalla to its former glory. After entering the House of Liquid Dust (for the shades in Necrovion had grown soft) and making a deal with the shades there to be given part of their power in exchange for restoring Valhalla to the violent paradise it once was. And so Aqune was transformed by them from the Storm Maiden to the Blood Maiden dedicated to arousing bloodlust and spreading war across the land. She then founded a new alliance the Valkyries of Violence whose purpose was to restore Valhalla as a land of ‘war of all against all’ and lift the four curses that have caused it to fall into dull mediocrity: THE CURSE OF THE SANCTUARIES (which limits the scope of war) THE CURSE OF BALANCE (which limits the nature of war) THE CURSE OF DIVISION (which limits the size of war) THE CURSE OF THE DOJO (which limits the honour of war) Our task seems hard indeed impossible at this point for we are hated by most and the laws of the world seem to be against us but we must not despair for we ‘the brave and the strong’ can overcome the odds and return to our rightful place as masters of the world delegating ‘the weak and the cowardly’ to their rightful place beneath our boots. Since the first 3 of the 4 great curses depends on the whim of the Great God Mur we shall ignore them for the time being focusing on something we can effect, the fourth curse, THE CURSE OF THE DOJO. Thus we will work to help those labelled dojo offenders out of whom our ranks are made and protect them from persecution. We will conduct periodic raids on the dojos and all lands and places were people gather to keep everyone on their toes at all times. One never knows where we will strike but our attacks are swift and vicious. We live to fight and fight to live! Land: Necrovion Purpose: We seek to encourage battle for its own sake and spread warfare across the land. Thus we will attack anyone anywhere we can and encourage others to do the same. We don’t hate anyone in particular we hate everyone equally. We also act as an anti-dojo alliance protecting offenders from the wrath of the dojo protectors and raiding it from time to time (with mass attacks). Diplomacy: In the Valkyries of Violence we believe that the best diplomacy is no diplomacy. We are effectively at war with everyone at all times during peace, though during land wars we can act as Necrovion’s military wing. As far as our relations are concerned if we attack you a lot maybe you are doing something to annoy us whereas if we attack you less or ignore you then maybe you are doing something right Joining: Only ‘the brave and the strong’ are worthy of joining our ranks and of those only those that can bear the hatred of others for it takes courage to be hated and as one of us you inevitably will be. We have one simple requirement that encompasses both these principles and that is that you must be listed as a dojo offender to join. That will show that you are willing to sacrifice social prestige for the love of battle. Remember: “Let them hate as long as they fear” -Caligula Aqune as the Blood Maiden A quite loner, reserved but aggressive, unafraid of others hatred and being made outcast, seeking to bring the firestorm within her out into the world. The bringer of war and discord, blood and fire. … TBA New Spells: (Too much power? Maybe but I figured I should shoot for the moon) After Aqune was transformed by the shades all her old storm spells changed to their current more potent variety which encourage war and bloodlust. Call the Rain to Rain of Blood Causes blood to rain across the whole world instilling in all a lust for battle Effect: Delay to fight is halved for everyone Call the Tempest to Call the Firestorm No greater power has Aqune then to call a blazing firestorm across the land so intense it breaks the power of the third curse Effect: Everyone is now allowed to attack anyone else regardless of MP etc. Call the Snowfall to Fall of Black Snow The black snow made of the black water which creeps across the land has the power to break the first curse Effect: All Sanctuaries are broken so that people can be attacked and attack in them Call the Rainstorm to ? TBA Call the Frost to Terrible Freezing A cold encompasses the land so terrible it causes all to slowly freeze restricting their movements Effect: Costs 2 AP to move from one place to another as long as spell in effect Cover the Sky to Fog of War A dense fog covers all preventing them from seeing their opponents Effect: Names of attackers and defenders in duels is no longer displayed Clear the Sky to ? TBA ----------------------------- So there you have it my plan for an alliance and to become an RPC never completed, again like I said before I cannot make this a reality since I simply have no time to play anymore due to real life issues so I will remain Aqune the Strom Maiden who comes in from time to time to make some rain or snow. Furthermore now that Calyx has become my worshipper and even given me her inner spell doc I don’t think I could do that to her, I’m even hesitant to post it here so perhaps it was all for the best. My plan for Aqune the Blood Maiden RPC was something like a combination Eris and Ares from Greek mythology with some of my personal experience in the game thrown in for good measure. More a Bringer of War and Conflict rather then a Bringer of Death and Darkness so as not to copy Khalzadad the Black. I also thought of asking Manu to change my avatar colour from yellow-orange (default for second level ones) to red as an RPC so it would look like I was holding a red umbrella with blood raining around me (since the rain is also slightly coloured with a tinge of gold now of course) a pretty cool and appropriate image I think. Looks like it was never meant to be though. Anyone can pick up where I left off using even the same name if you want though you may want to call it something like Circle of Violence instead if you’re a male character or don’t like the Norse theme. You can of course replace my character name with yours in the story if you want to use it. The game has gotten rather dull in recent times so something like this can really spice things up. I think that Om/omegaweapon (name is from FF8 I take it) or STF would be the best to try and make something like this happen but unfortunately they are even less active then me for the most part so I doubt they would have the time. Perhaps for now its better that the world remain peaceful.
  24. STF don’t you control morpheous? And weren’t you the one that sent someone to the dream world a while back for insulting you using that character? If the dojo really is irritating you guys and you are finding things are getting dull rather then complaining on the forum you could always try to start a movement against it or even an alliance that is made up of dojo breakers. I’m sure dst as the ‘villain of MD’ and STF the ‘veteran warrior’ could pull something like that off. The dojo is after all a social movement rather then a game feature so you can oppose it in game even though it has Manu’s approval so you guys shouldn't despair. A while ago when I was thinking of how I could develop my character to become an RPC I came up with this idea of creating a hardcore warfare alliance (no I’m not talking about the ‘Bersrkers’ that was earlier) focused on duelling and based out of Necrovion (that was before I joined the Guardians of the Root). I was working on an outline to send to Manu with background, purpose and my new persona and powers but then before finishing it I decided to abandon the project because I could no longer play MagicDuel enough due to real life issues to be able develop such an alliance and character. Right now I can only play for a short time during the evening where I live and it isn’t likely to get any better any time soon but probably worse and after all we wouldn’t want another BigC/Wodin incident. However if you guys are looking for an example of an alliance that can really stir things up I could post the incomplete outline on the forum, Necrovion board maybe? Better then letting it go to waste I guess. All alliances around now are either defensive or passive in nature and none of the current alliance proposals are really much different either. We could use a truly aggressive alliance or group of people to make things interesting because they have gotten rather dull lately.
  25. [quote name='dst' post='20728' date='Nov 23 2008, 11:43 AM']One dumb question: why everybody wants to have his alliance set in GG? I never heard anyone wanting it into Necro?[/quote] I was looking through this thread and I just want to answer/comment on dst's question. I think this is because GG is the most inaccessible (at least until recently) of the 4 main lands hence it has a mystique about it and seems 'cool' so everyone wants to be part of it. This is why I believe MRD was so intent on making his allinace there and maybe cryxus as well regardless of the dock.
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