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  1. Sure! We can share the reward Aethon . PM Nim please ,
  2. black forgiveness, I will send you through PM the drawing!
  3. Thank you very much for your words Z. Hopefully this symbol can be used as the official icon
  4. to Lintara:   [attachment=4740:endavatarlin.jpg]
  5. http://storenow.net/my/?f=18f43ccdef7e0b75c1d7f583aa641fa6     [attachment=4735:felizaethon.jpg]   to aethon .
  6. to Magohi  ^_^     [attachment=4733:juuoi.jpg]     [attachment=4734:mnmmmbbn.gif]
  7. no, thank you all for everything you have done for me :wacko:
  8. thank you very much everyone for your nice words and friendly wishes  ;) ^_^ ;)
  9. drawings can still be present? I will not do it but I want to revive this post  :))
  10. to Phantasm:       [attachment=4723:phantasma.fw.png]          
  11. [attachment=4713:avatartochange.gif]     [attachment=4714:uiuiyire.jpg]     to Change
  12. [attachment=4710:miqavycolor.gif]     [attachment=4711:index.php.gif] last avy is to Miq , sorry for the size
  13. If you have not yet received help at this time I am available  ^_^
  14. [attachment=4701:gg2.jpg]     [attachment=4702:newavytowitty.jpg]          
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