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  1. As some of you are aware, several months ago I left MD suddenly due to work related issues - It was a surprise to me as well. I am sorry I was gone for so long, and equally sorry I did not get to complete the calandar before I was pulled away. For all those who continued working on whatever projects I had going at the time (I confess, I cannot remember them all) Thank you. I will be around more, but i am scheduled to leave again in October or November, and again will be gone for an unspecified time. Anyway, for those who have no Idea who I am, "HI" and welcome to Magic Duel. For those that do remember me, I'm back...sort of. Peace -Actraiser-
  2. Killer2 - Darkness and Imagination (whether combined or not) would have different applications then Entropy. Think of Entropy as negative energy. It disrupts, disintegrates, destroys. It would add to damage and destruction. Imagination would be useful in an illusory aspect, and possibly when dealing with the mind. Darkness would have many applications, but at the same time more limited also. Darkness wouldn't really be useful for damage purposes. But for hiding things, invisibility, and confusion. It is more literal in this game than in many other games. It may possibly be useful as a power enhancement in some areas as well. At least this is how I understand the system and how the descriptions of these principals will affect what they can do. I may be very wrong
  3. This back and forth banter is SPAM. Send each other PM's
  4. OK folks, I know many of you are very busy with your daily lives, and I understand that. If this is the case for you and you know you will not be able to do a lot in the way of research, or your current situations make it near impossible for you to add to the archives - I ask that you please let me know. I don't need details and I am not asking for info in your personal lives, I just need to know if you will actually be able to do the research. If not, that's fine. I would like to thank those that have so far added their info to the pot. some of the subjects sent to me so far are: Alchemy Medieval weapons Elements Souls (currently a work in progress - keep it up ) If things change and you find you cannot do the research, please let me know via PM if you feel uncomfortable posting here. Again, thank you for your hard work.
  5. "NUKE" A specialized spell that only targets BigC
  6. shouldn't this be closed by now? this contest has been over for about 4 months
  7. It's ok. Do what you can when you can. Maybe someone else would like to pick up where you left off.
  8. there ya go Uga One thing more for those helping with the project: Whatever subject(s) you are currently researching, or plan to research, Please let me know. I'll shoot the subject up to Mur and see if it is something that can be used. I would hate for anyone to do all that work only to find that the material won't be used in the archive. Thanks
  9. As some of you may know, the Magic Duel Archives is a huge project requiring a lot of research an many subjects. The subject matter is varied, but will in some way relate to the game. If anyone would like to help with this project, please contact me either here or in-game. So far there are a few people who expressed interest in the project. Right now if you are serious about wanting to assist, I ask that you do research on certain topics - these can be anything from Biology, to Thermal Dynamics. You are not limited to just things found within the game at this time. If you are going to research any topics, I advise to only research those topics you have an interest in. For Instance, I am having a blast researching what I am currently working on. If you don't enjoy the subject, get info on one you do enjoy. Those that have expressed interest so far are: Shadowice Omegaweapon Shoeps Azure Ugauga Aquilus Again, if interested, please contact me and I will give you further information. Thank you
  10. That was a helluva hello Welcome aboard
  11. Anyone who would seriously like to be involved with getting research together for this project, please PM me either here or in-game. thanks
  12. Welcome aboard. It's a great game, I am sure you will enjoy it. Merry Christmas
  13. correct. When you see it is maxed, no matter how much more you have, bonus' will not register beyond that point
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