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    Hello, i present you a possible challenge. I has no expected answer, but if anyone presents a very interesting and plausible solution, i will reward it with wishpoint(s). Imagine you reach a point in your life when you realize that you lived that portion of your life many times over and over again, reaching the same outcome every time, but each time you return to the beginning of that series of events (not the beginning of your entire life) getting a new chance to do something that will change the outcome. You are not able to bring back any memories with you. You have only a narrow time interval when you start to realize the story repeated, but too late to change anything right then. A solution would be to DO something in such a way that it will change or send a message to your personal past. What would you do? How would you change something so that you would do things different in your past, not remembering that you experience is repeating. good luck
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    This question has been on my mind all day since with the altars being dysfunctional, I'm kinda stuck with a forest of trees Anyway, let me think this over step-by-step. First off, to the best of my knowledge, a fenth altar is a device that "decomposes" the creature back to its original form, after which the owner gets all of the energy and knowledge of the creature: heat, fenths, stats, and magic principles depending on which altar you used. Reading the adventure log, we know that the altars are now somehow connected ("...reunited the bonds that once bound each alter together"). And recently, their energy is being channeled elsewhere ("...the shades begun to channel the energy from the alter in Necrovion ...). In my opinion, the interesting part here is the implication that in the past the altars have been connected like this. Was being connected their original state, and they somehow got torn apart later? Or, is it simply implying that such an event (the altars getting connected) has happened before? From the way it is worded my guess is the former. Either way, we can conclude that the altars being connected to each other isn't a requirement for them to work (they did just fine before), in fact the whole reason the shades were able to mess with them like this is said connection. Therefore, for an altar to work under the current conditions, it would have to be built in a way that it is impossible to connect to the others - kinda how Aia has suggested above, although I'm not entirely sure about the heat vein explanation. That being said, the heat vein theory could be confirmed if we did a bit of digging around the currently existing altars. My guess is that IF they are indeed connected to heat veins, they should have parts that go way underground. Assuming that the heat veins are way below the surface. If heat veins were close to the surface, altars could have been built anywhere. But, their placement seems to have some pattern. From what I saw, they are always built on flat land, never on mountains. So, close to ground level. And the biggest giveaway is Golemus, which mainly consists of mountains, yet the altar is built on a shore of all places, inside a cave. This makes me think that making our new altar float may not be enough in itself (what if heat just get "sucked down" into the veins if they are close enough), but we should make effort to build it on the highest point available. Of course, this is all assuming that the altars are indeed connected by some kind of underground energy network. If they are connected by other means, like telepathically, or maybe on another plane of existence, we will have a harder time stopping the connection on the existing ones, but on the other hand, if we build a new one it is very unlikely that it will be "plugged in" to the network just by the fact that it is an altar. As for how it should look, it doesn't seem to matter that much. All of them seem to have some place where you can "place" the creature, and a form of killing mechanism. As long as we have those, it should work in my opinion. Well, that's enough brainstorming for now.
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    Nature of the time loop is such that regardless what we do to remind us would be good for nothing. Time does not rewind itself to the beginning of the loop but rather resets, so any means of cheating the message would not be possible. If i plant a tree in my garden during that time interval in which i am aware of time loop, record whats happening, leave cryptic stuff or even kill myself, none of that would matter. Plant will not become a seed, record would not exist or any other stuff i left behind including my death. That is because behind itself does not exist. Time loop is not a line of time but rather a circle. If you guys like the night sky like me you also like the stars. Thing about stars is that most of those we see are actually dead. What we see is actually a picture hundreds of thousands years old, if we teleport somehow to their place in an instant, there is a good chance that they would be dead. Time does not travel faster than light but rather have the same speed and light of the stars we are able to see is actually and literary-past. So, to send a message to yourself one must send it in far space with speed of light and make it somehow come back. Breaking from the time loop by actually becoming part of some other time and coming back into the time interval we are aware of our time loop would break the "curse" and allow us to see whats really happening As a side note, time loop is, by far, a greatest punishment one`s councessnes would have to endure. Being aware, even in an instant, that your existence is bound in time loop, even if your future self probable exist outside of it, is brutal:D
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    How would you send messages in the past?

    Hi, there are many problems for me with this challenge. One is that this particular question has been presented before a number of times, in various forms, and the memory of possible answers (or even the presentation) makes it hard for me ignore them and ponder on it myself. "Kaoru Yumi" (The Scented Darkness) from a manga I like - Mushishi - is beautifully presenting this question. Another is that I when I have to deal with the concept of "time", I feel despair. What is time, really? Then, I thought of working with pen and paper, so I drew a timeline and a time 'knot'. Drawing time as a line is not really clever, just immediate. Then, I drew the time loop as a circle, only because it was easier. But this presentation is faulty, because it makes you think exiting the loop can be done through the tangent point of the circle to the line. In reality, each completed loop represents an interval (of a certain length) which adds up on the timeline, until the end of your lifespan/timeline. Because you draw time as a line, the loop may still be there, but you're still on the timeline, because being in a loop doesn't "stop" time. So if I want to try to come up with a graphical solution for it, time must be represented differently.I'll try to maybe come up with something tomorrow... Apart from this, breaking a cycle you're not aware of, or vaguely aware of, comes with other questions - why are you in that cycle? Is it maybe a choice - to lose yourself into a pocket of forgetfulness, for self-preservation? Or a refusal of time, seen as an oppressor, and choosing the living of a perpetual present? I suppose the thrilling part is the one of sending messages to a past self that would trigger the creation of an ever more aware version of yourself with every passing of the loop, ultimately giving you the means of escaping the loop - and this can be done infinitely safer than addressing some of the questions above. Forgive this wall of text, but some questions come with a huge load and I write/talk a lot (so most of the time I shut up, making it look like I don't think at all hehe).
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    How would you send messages in the past?

    If you can't bring back any memories, I imagine you'd have to, while you are still aware of the problem, make some change to either (or both): Your environment/reality (so you could somehow prevent the course of actions that lead to that outcome). This would be an "external" solution. Yourself (I think this path would be harder since you'd have no way of remembering, so the change would have to happen on a subconscious level). This would be an "internal" solution. These seem a bit vague, but I expressed them in this way because I believe the specific way of attempting both depends on the kind of thing you are experiencing over and over.
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    A timeline infographic based on my silly idea above😂: 1) Experience the same period of time repeatedly. 2) Return to the beginning stage of the events without memories. 3) The “aware" periods, too late to change anything but keep sending the messages to other people in different universes. 4) Other people's timelines(parallel universes) with infinite possibility. 5) Time travellers from another future, bring back the messages before irreparable damage occurs. 6) Avoid making the same mistakes and start a new page. The reason I use parallel universes...I think maybe the time loop didn't completely reset or reverse, coz we still have the "aware" periods that we can actually remember all the things we DID and the thoughts between the loops, so it did happen in the past.
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    Here are my thoughts on this. I'm just typing what I'm thinking. The answer is somewhere in here, and its not a 'here do this' kind of solution. Because it can't be that simple. Its very long: get ready for a ride. But the read is worth it, I promise Here goes: ------------------------------------------------------ Ok so everything resets. Any physical amendment, any environmental changes, etc. This means there is no 'external' solution to this one. Anything affected by time as we know it can't be the solution. This led me to think of two things: the solution either lies in something that is 1) unaffected by time, or 2) it is affected by time, but unlike as as we perceive it. Let me explain what this means. Time is not a real quantity. It is a concept. A concept is a mental structure in which we associate things with each other: a source and a target (take note). To alter the concept of time and memory, you have 2 potential options. One is the source: the brain itself. There are various centers in the brain involved in memory formation, (specifically the hippocampus and associated structures --- read up on Papez circuit if you wish to go into details of this), which have a wonderful ability to 'trap' a piece of time and store it. This is called a memory. Sounds beautiful doesn't it? If you alter the brain, you are changing time as we perceive it (as noted above). Hence this is a potential hole in the loop. The other is the target: the sun/moon. This is what mankind uses to perceive time. I'm talking about solar/lunar calendars, the concept of a 'day', a 'month', a 'year'. These are all dependent on the movements of the sun and moon, eg: rising and setting of the sun, solar and lunar eclipses, full/half moon cycles, etc. If you alter the sun/moon somehow, you can send a message because these are unaffected by time. In fact they are targets mankind uses to create time. So technically controlling them will control time. Thus, this is the second potential hole in the loop. Both of these are two extremes of the spectrum of a 'concept' called time. The source and the target. So we have narrowed it down to this. Next we have to decide which path to take. Looking at the capability of a human being, resources available, and the time interval in which we can make changes after realizing (you say its a day, right?), the best choice seems to be the source. Altering the sun/moon in any way is beyond human capability and nothing can be done in a day ------------------------------------------------- So we alter the brain. How? Well like I said, the solution can't be external. You can't just insert a device in the brain to alter memory formation. Then what? I mentioned the hippocampus and Papez circuit earlier. There is a beautiful natural method of creating and storing memories in time. Now what you have to realize is that only humans have such an elaborate mental structure. No other species or form of life does. What does this mean? It means that just like we see life with less elaborate mental structures, there must definitely be potential to create or BECOME a more elaborate mental structure! One that possibly allows to alter the entire concept of memory formation and time in such a way that your 'past' self can 'recall' things... from the 'future'... which is currently your 'present'... 😮 Yes sure call this absurd all you want. I'm sure if a goat told another goat, "hey you know maybe we can talk and write one day", the other goat would laugh. And that is because it is impossible to comprehend or imagine what the beautiful mind has the capability to do. That is what 'the true potential of our minds is untapped and locked' means after all. Once you unlock that capability, you can do things that previously you thought were 100% impossible. So that is the answer. You have to unlock the capability to do so, in that one-day time interval. I cannot tell you how to do it because like I said, it is beyond comprehension and imagination. Our minds cannot perceive such a concept yet. But it can happen one day, from within.
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    I don’t think we can use tattoo etc… because I believe all the environment/reality, the body & memories will also back to the beginning stage of that event. Well "I" can’t send the messages to myself, I don’t know how to record it and avoid losing it. But maybe I can drive myself into a fatal position and then come out alive!? I will go insane and create a big disaster/event, the more involved people, the better chance in the result(the greater the unity, the greater the strength). because of the future consequences...…I hope the time travellers will come back to stop me/forward the messages and change my past(their past), create another parallel universe... haha I know this is a terrible idea but maybe it is another way to break the loop and send messages to the past? I mean, maybe I am in the loop that I can not inform myself directly, or maybe I am keep creating new timelines, reaching the similar outcome and too late to change anything. But other people are still continue living in their universes with infinite possibility, so with their help I will be able to pass the messages to another "me" from parallel universes and change the past eventually.
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    How would you send messages in the past?

    See Doctor who Villains, the Silence. You forget them as soon as you turn away, so characters to remind them they are surrounded would tally a mark on their skin to whenever they saw one. To start with you only saw them slowly go through the house with increasing numbers of tallies until it was explained what that meant, and when the characters themselves realised what it mean, they felt true fear as the silence were everywhere. An interesting concept.
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    How would you send messages in the past?

    Yeah all you need is a modified microwave, 40 inch CRT and supa hacka.
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    From Mallos: nothing wakes me up quite like an alarm buzzer"bzzzz bzzzz bzzzz" kinda like a bee... I imagine a quick choice or nonchoice could be swayed simply by sending this most annoying noise to me through my ears to jolt me into action, as opposed to a nonaction I may otherwise take... How to go back into time, I imagine (speculation ahead) that as information enters a black hole that it would be split into four constituents, three heading off into separate directions based on the magnetic dipole moments of the black hole and maybe the fourth point would be sent back towards the source, in essence an equal and opposite reaction. If the information is sent exactly back then it would cancel out, effectively having never entered the black hole to begin with and from an observers standpoint look as though it would never escape. That information being torn apart would be sent into equally difficult to reach areas of space (since as look further in space the space looks smaller, we require energy to transport ourselves to that area of space, and the gravitational energy tapped from the orbit of the black hole would be immense sending the information elsewhere) and would essentially be being sent into a completely different dimension, or probably more appropriately, a completely different universe. Although that universe would be inaccessible to all or most sub-lightspeed travelers since the information would be propelled to near lightspeed or at lightspeed through reference to Einsteins mass = energy times speed of light squared (information or.. mass going into black hole transformed into energy shot out in opposing directions) they might be in direct communication with eachother through quantum entanglement and have little to no way to prove it without some precursor civilization to come and tell them that they were. That information going in would be subject to the black holes time dilation effects due to the immense, nearly infinite gravitational pull of the singularity and as such time would slow down for all incoming information to the point that any observer outside would require too much time to be able to observe the information leaving. An infinite observer might conclude that the information does in fact leave, after the entirety of the black hole dissipates through hawking radiation, after a timeframe so massive that most or all of the surrounding galaxies (universes for that matter) have already receded from view. Simple point being that a quantum entangled spaceship able to withstand the journey through a black hole might end up inside a different universe or quite paradoxically in 3 separate universes, creating a sort of relay of entanglement that could then transfer information instantaneously back and forth between them, as such a spaceship making this journey over and over could find itself in any potential universe and could effectively find its way back in time to a universe that has replayed the exact conditions of which you want to replicate, instead arriving sooner and being able to change the outcome.
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    Ah, worked an 8 hour overnight shift, maybe i missed making my point, my apologies. Im basically saying that if you find yourself stuck in a recurring Time Loop (same event over and over again) and cant remember anything from the other times, if you experience it enough your instincts and subconscious will slowly but surely over time force you to "feel" certain things. If making one decision will have you killed, youll know it through instinct eventually, and feel fear. You still wont "remember" anything but youll simply "know" and make a different choice. Due to that knowledge gained from having lived that Time Loop situation my entire life, i know deep down that the only "naturally" occuring way to get passed it and make new, better decisions, is to live through the Time Loop until your Instincts kick in and you are forced to keep moving forward. This might make zero sense to anyone who hasnt had recurring dreams & nightmares for 27 years but, to me it seems clear as day. To me, this is the equivalent of sending a message to your "past" self. Now that i think about it more, it isnt really sending a message anywhere, but more like adapting to the situation and forcing evolution in the name of survival. My answer isnt necessarily do nothing. It's closer to "survive the madness ingrained through the experience, and trust your instincts, trust yourself".
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    Let me start off by saying, that I do not aim for any rewards of any kind for my answer (assuming theyd apply) and would respectfully decline any attempt to go against these wishes. My reply is solely to explain a part of my life that's quite surprisingly exactly what you're talking about, and to hopefully help you find the answer you seek. Throughout my entire life, I have had recurring nightmares and recurring dreams. It's happened so much, that I know have a somewhat detailed but foggy mental map of nearly all the places I visit when asleep, and over time have realized that all my recurring nightly adventures are actually a small part of a much, much, MUCH larger map, it's very own city in size, and infinite in possibilities. When I first started to have these dreams and nightmares, they were quick to disappear from my immediate memory the second I woke up. Over time, I began to remember them for small amounts of time after waking. After years of this, I can now nearly fully recall it all, even weeks or months after I've had them. I mention this only because in said dreams and nightmares, I always have choices, as we all do or seem to. After having each dream/nightmare countless times, I began to Lucid Dream (The state of knowing ones asleep) and hit what I would call a God Mode. I could alter surroundings, do as I pleased in every possible way, but the more I changed the looser my ties to the dream world became, and oddly enough it was all STUNNINGLY similar to the movie Inception (2010). Because I subconsciously (instinctually) knew that I was both asleep and had "lived" this before, I had chances to alter my previous decisions without ACTUALLY having memories of said events. I knew going left meant death and restarting the infinite cycle somehow. I knew going right was unknown, but moving forward was better than "dying". And yet I had no specific memories, just gut instinct. So my answer is simple. One has to succumb wholly to the recurring actions. Live through it countless times. Eventually, your body and subconscious, your raw instincts will guide you, even with a total lack of memories. I'm sure there are other answers that apply, but this is mine and it has served me beyond what words can explain. I've lived a thousand lives. I've survived a thousand adventures. I've experienced my wildest dreams and fears, and all at the cost of nothing to my physical outer being. My mental and inner self might have taken a hit here and there for the worst. It definitely wasnt all fun and games. I payed the price of being able to play God, but it gave me PERSPECTIVE like I've never experienced before. I perpetually feel like I'm dreaming, even when I "know" I'm awake. Life now feels like a Lucid Dream, that's the price I payed for the knowledge I gained. It's both bound and freed me. I'm now a good person because I choose to be, knowing now that morals, ethics, and consequences exist only within our hearts. To end this small rant I'll quote a famous philosopher and hope its to your liking. It once brought me back to "reality" when I was at my worst from the Lucid Experience and saved me from "Insanity" without making me lose the lessons. Enjoy. "Once upon a time, I, Chuang Chou, dreamt I was a butterfly, fluttering hither and thither, to all intents and purposes a butterfly. I was conscious only of my happiness as a butterfly, unaware that I was Chou. Soon I awaked, and there I was, veritably myself again. Now I do not know whether I was then a man dreaming I was a butterfly, or whether I am now a butterfly, dreaming I am a man. Between a man and a butterfly there is necessarily a distinction. The transition is called the transformation of material things."
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    I cant help but wonder what life would have been like, had I chosen a different path at any of my crossroads. Not to be misunderstood, i feel no regret and quite the opposite. Yet still i sit here, with the curiosity gnawing at my mind like an unmoving mountain.
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    Happy Birthday Kiley

    Happy B day
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    No one

    WTT garbage for glue

    Unless smth changed, you could only get 5 glue for 500 resin. So 1 garbage is far too few. As for buying wiiya ... I think you know who to talk to.
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    Logs from Seedwalks

    Acoustic Remains log [02/09/18 00:27] *Lintara*: Whaoa, Aiwiya has aa new fedirn! [02/09/18 01:01] Rophs: *waddles over to The Oak* \' [02/09/18 01:01] Rophs:Hello there freind! [02/09/18 01:01] Rophs:You look mighty and strong, I hope you\'re excited for a story! [02/09/18 01:04] Rophs:This is a story about eggs. [02/09/18 01:06] Rophs:In the lands of the North they eat eggs for every meal. That includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, and of course also snacks. [02/09/18 01:08] Rophs:In the lands of the South they eat ketchup on everything, even if they are old enough to have a palate advanced to understand that they should never eat ketchup. [02/09/18 01:12] Rophs:Needless to say nobody from the North ever talked to anyone from the South ever, and they CERTAINLY didn\'t invite any southerners to their barbecues. [02/09/18 01:13] Rophs:Even after conducting hightly instrusive cavity searches the southerners still managed to sneak in ketchup. [02/09/18 01:13] Rophs:Eventually the northerners decided they needed to send in a spy. [02/09/18 01:15] Rophs:In the south they have weird names, so the undercover name of our hero was x69Ketchup4everX [02/09/18 01:17] Rophs:The cover was blown when she showed even the sligtest sign of disgust and they kicked her back to the North. [02/09/18 01:18] Rophs:To this day we have no idea why they do it. [02/09/18 01:22] Rophs:I\'ll tell the news to the Maple now! [02/09/18 01:22] :[Spell] you can see the seedwhisper
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    How would you send messages in the past?

    I would use this opportunity to train, strengthen, and empower myself in time for future and past events/goals, as well as occurrences that happen within the loop (as well as creating a permanence to outcomes I desire). Once I believed it was appropriate to move on, I would summon the Traveler.