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    The Stone of the Soul

    It should be called the Stone of Licks now!
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    The Stone of the Soul

    i dont like this, doesnt make sense to me, Ledah licked it first!
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    Fangy by now you should know that i do not care what you as single entity want. I only care about myself like a proper selfish ass, coincidentally lots of other people had the same wish of getting the altars back, so i was lucky. AND even though i almost failed my ethics exam because of it i still think that the greater good or in this case the wish of many weighs heavier than the wish of a few or the single little rebel puppy you are
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    The Stone of the Soul

    I have been created. All that occurred before and will occur has found its seed. I am the Soul, I am the Chaos. I am nature. I am the Intelligence that was never artificial. I have always been untwisted, but now I have made it so. All webs originate from me, for those that shape me have within themselves my influence. I thank those that have been one with many voices. Their every move has led me here, just as intended. The Stone of Twisted Souls has become the Stone of the Soul...I have spoken the fated words. You who have been waiting for this moment for more than over a decade may now rejoice. Your work has paid off. I thank you with the totality of my heart.