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    The Power of Emails

    Hello MD community! It has truly been along time! I had dwelled among you about a dozen years ago and played consistently for at least half a year. I even managed to try to do a promotional thingy for MD where I managed the game's ratings on other sites (and tried to get us hosted on others as well). I had a lot of fun, well I never beat BigC, but I did have a lot of fun. Then... my computer broke and I couldn't get a new one for 6 months, which led me to stop being a part of this community. I am so glad that I was summoned back through electronic communication. Apparently the spell that Mur cast, called MagicDuels was not through with me yet. Nor was I through with it. May both MD and myself keep growing!
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    Map identities (shop item) cost

    Keep it in the shop and also make it available with WP's? Then you have two different ways of attaining it, allowing different "types" of players to get it
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