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    Development Focus

    Work on citizenship, no one can become a member of a land without joining an alliance, and with all these takeovers and tools requiring loyalty its entirely stupid not to have some way of becoming a normal citizen.
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    Shameful MD

    So, basically I have to say this because if I don’t I will simply end up exploding in a very undignified manner and letting myself down. Laugh if you want to, I am past caring and in an odd way you will just endorse what I am saying in my view. MD encourages and fosters harassment, victimisation and bullying. MD is a game for bullies and blow-hards. It seems that MD has rules about using bad language and we have the word Nazis on patrol because we use a word like ‘crap’ or we have the sex patrol, out to make sure that we all remain chaste. Yes folks we need all these things because MD is a place where kids might hang out and they may be exposed to something that poor little children should remain protected from. But, bullying? Nah every kid needs a healthy dose of bullying don’t they? (And by the way, age is no excuse either, whether 9 or 99, nobody should be subjected to it and using the excuse that someone should be old enough to handle it is also just ignorant) For a long time now I have seen people in MD chased around the place. Spied on, called names or just being attacked over and over again. And what do people in MD do? Well, some people point out that no rules are being broken. That the person has said ability, so no matter how they choose to use it, it’s all good. When people actually dare to complain what happens? They get told they are talking rubbish, to grow up, to deal with it, to get their own back, that they are being babies, or even that you think it is hilarious or better still, there is no problem and that you would do exactly the same. And some of you endorse it by the virtue of saying nothing. I’ve seen people let themselves down in their reactions to things. Their arguments might reduce down to babbling and bad language and little else. However, I feel that there is an element in MD that just delight in that. It’s easy to laugh at the poor tortured soul having a meltdown. Bless them, they are clearly off their rocker. It seems that many people content themselves with the view that the person was just unstable or weak or immature to begin with. Let’s not waste time considering that perhaps there actually was a valid reason for them to complain in the first place. Or heaven’s forbid that perhaps we have a moral obligation to recognise that not everyone is as hardskinned or hardnosed as you may be? No, what we need to do is keep pushing and pushing someone that is clearly unhappy or distressed about something until they reach the point that they snap. And you know what, we can all have a jolly good laugh about it and then just sit back and wait for the next person to snap. Fun times indeed. Yeah, I have decided that I will just be a dick to someone today/this week/this year/forever and you know what? It’s totally fine. As long as I don’t break any rules, I can do whatever the hell I like. I mean, I can be a dick in real life, but chances are I would have to deal with my boss, my friends, family at some point or just get a plain old box in the face from someone. But, I don’t need to worry about that in MD. As long as I don’t actually break a rule I can be as big a jerk moron wallyface as I please. Yay for me! Go team jerk moron wallyface. Oh, you don’t like being called a jerk moron wallyface? Tough nuts jerk moron wallyface, I am not calling you a curse word, so neah neah neah. Ohh and by the way, you have a face like an elephant’s backside and your mother fed you with a slingshot you is so ugly. The other one I love is when a person acts like a jerk, but it’s ok, coz guess what? They are just like that. Yup, if you happen to be a total jerk it’s ok to act like one. But if you aint a jerk and you do something that someone thinks is a bit jerky, then yeah, you need to be told off for that one. Do you think that I am over-reacting? Maybe I am, I think not though. Come on Firs, harassment, victimisation, bullying? Awfully strong words there pal. I really don’t think that is true at all. Would it make it easier on you if I called it ‘socially undesirable behaviour’? I mean, cybersex is so obviously socially undesirable behaviour, but hounding people, calling them names, spreading lies about them, slagging them off as foolish or weak, well that is totally different right? I mean that is obviously acceptable behaviour. Chasing someone around and attacking them over and over again, for hours at a time even though they have asked you not to do so, that is ok too. I mean, it’s obvious that you are upsetting them, but hey, you aint breaking any rules right? And yeah, of course people are going to point that out and say it’s hilarious and they are such a stupid weak idiot, they like totally deserve it. Yeah, you go girl/guy! Shame on you people. Shame on you.
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    Do you realize ...

    ... how many credits you will get in 1 year only by voting? [color=#ff0000][size=6]You will receive 69 CREDITS !!![/size][/color] for investing only 3 Minutes of your time everyday and with this helping MD to be more known out there. I found MD through such a voting side and today I´m happy that you all voted for MD back in those days ... Thank you and all the best.
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    Your Musical Portrait

    This is a simple game: get your musical portrait drawn by MD population. How do others see your character? [b]~ Rules ~[/b][list] [*]By entering the game, you gain access to the list of all other participants. [*]You assign a single tune (YouTube link only) to all participants you know, including yourself. Choose the song that you think best portrays the participant. Anything is allowed: don't hesitate to put up songs in other languages than English, purely instrumental pieces are even strongly encouraged; the music itself is more important than the lyrics in my opinion (although they are supposed to be related). Avoid putting the music that participants are using in their papers ... [*]Wait for others to do the same ... [*]... and enjoy your "musical portrait" by listening to the songs that have been chosen for you. All songs are anonymous, so you don't know who chose what for you! [/list] That's it. [i]Rewards:[/i][list] [*]You get to know how people view you, in music! [*]To be happy, surprised, disappointed, etc., and hopefully to have fun. [/list] You won't get any shiny thing, and I kindly ask any potential generous sponsor NOT to propose any reward. In this game, you just receive as much as you give. [b]~ What if there are participants I don't know? ~[/b] Stalk them, find them, meet them, talk to them, (R-)play with them, learn about them! By entering the game, you should be ready to go meet all the people you don't know yet, young or old. [b]~ How to start ~[/b] To enter the game, just go to Awiiya's way, check the Oak Log, and say "Musical Portrait". Everything has been made automatic in the clickie. It is just a matter of typing a short description and copy/pasting the link of the song, just like with the mood panel. Note that for storage limitations reasons, all fields are limited in length—use the "share" links of YouTube if possible. Warning: the first time you activate the script, you are automatically added to the list of participants. This means that your name will appear in all participants' list, and the interface will invite them to assign a song to you. Don't do it unless you're really willing to participate. There is no "give up" button, but I can remove you manually from the list of participants if necessary. Under the list of participants and songs you have chosen, you will find the list of anonymous (unless they are "signed" ... Well you can try to guess) songs that have been assigned to you, which obviously is empty the first time you activate the script. You can see your own list, but not that of the others. For each song, you can leave a short comment in return for the person who chose it for you, and it will appear next to your name in his/her list of participants. The clickie has been well tested, but if you notice anything strange, don't hesitate to tell me! [b]~ I can see everything ~[/b] I have access to all data obviously, and I can find who submitted what. But I won't spend my time monitoring everything, I don't have time for that. That said, if you find some inappropriate or badly unpleasant content, just tell me and I'll remove the content, or even the participant. If it is serious, it will be forwarded to the appropriate MD authorities. Please keep it enjoyable, I don't want it to become another reason for bickering ... [b]~ Many thanks to ~[/b] Brulant for discussing the initial idea, Burns for discussing the final idea, Chewett for answering all my questions on MDScript, Awiiya for allowing the use of his clickie, MD Council and Rendril for allowing the use of consequent data storage, and all people who helped testing the clickie (your entries are still there, btw)! Now go and have fun! There might be a second part in a couple weeks. Edit: YouTube links only, and I finally use multiple storages as Council and Rendril allowed me.
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    Fyrd Argentus

    Conspiracy Theories

    The following ideas might be true, but there is no evidence that they are. They are presented for your amusement - reader beware. Please add your own to this growing list. 1. The Multi-Window alert is actually an advanced level spell used by certain players to prevent attacks on them, and to freeze players in place as they breeze past. 2. The low-grade avatars you see in the shop were NOT selected randomly, but were chosen by a secret committee that is trying to guide your role-playing development. 3. Alpha-zero is actually a code for, "I don't like your work". 4. Your regen timer display is actually manipulated by an advanced spell used by certain players trying to prevent your use of bursts. 5. There are only six real players in this game, and two are on vacation. 6. This entire realm is actually an experimental project of the University of Romania's Psychology Department. 7. Understanding of the rules is carefully monitored. When average comprehension reaches a certain index level, the rules are changed. 8. See your ID number? There really are that many people who have joined MD prior to you, and they almost all are getting updates on your mistakes and screw-ups. Only those who remain active in the game do NOT get these updates. 9. Mur is really Elvis. 10. The game is NOT run out of Romainia, it is run by space aliens studying earth culture. 11. The game is actually an attempt by islamic extremeists to undermine western productivity by drawing off the creative thinkers from the western work force. 12. You're missing all the really good stuff - the party keeps shifting away from wherever it is you are logged on. 13. This post was not made by Fyrd Argentus, but rather by another player of the same name.
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    are saying?

    to Blackrider:     [attachment=4667:Blackrider.gif]   [attachment=4668:jinetedeperro.jpg]    
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    worst thing about Mur

    I think I wrote this in another topic but...   I think you lack followthrough.  What I mean is you announce ideas and projects and then it seems to take forever to see tangible results or worse, we see some of it but it isn't finished.
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    Can you see my hounds?

    Here it is.     
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    [quote] [22/03/13 16:17] Seigheart:But only five have been successful enough to be considered for the reward. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [22/03/13 17:01] Chewett:Who actually won? [22/03/13 17:02] Seigheart:I made a mistake because I didn't look at my list, just went from memory. [22/03/13 17:02] Seigheart:Dan Planewalker, JadenDew, Valldore Nal, Nava, AR and Syrian [/quote] If I am counting right, the last list sums up to 6 winners... And where did Nimrodel go?: [quote] [22/03/13 16:28] Seigheart:There were four themes I was looking for to be discussed in each submission. [22/03/13 16:28] Seigheart:A good portion got the first 3. [22/03/13 16:28] Seigheart:But the last was only found by one person, Nimrodel. [22/03/13 16:29] Seigheart:For this, Nimrodel, I give you an honourary mention. [22/03/13 16:29] Seigheart:I was really proud of you. [/quote] [quote] [22/03/13 16:31] lashtal:Didn't Amber score more than Nava? [22/03/13 16:31] Chewett:congrats [22/03/13 16:31] Seigheart:No. [22/03/13 16:31] Seigheart:Amber got 8/19 [22/03/13 16:32] Seigheart:8/10* [22/03/13 16:32] AmberRune:You said 10 in the message to me [22/03/13 16:32] Seigheart:Oh [color=purple][i]removed[/i][/color] [22/03/13 16:32] :Fire Starter watches the ghost of Typose haunting Seigheart [22/03/13 16:32] :Seigheart coughs [22/03/13 16:32] Chewett:lolage [22/03/13 16:32] :JadenDew haunts Seigheart happily [22/03/13 16:32] Seigheart:I mean oops [22/03/13 16:32] Seigheart:Yes, Amber. [22/03/13 16:32] Seigheart:10/10 [/quote] Seig, quit taking what you're taking and pull yourself together And don't get me wrong. I am sorry that I have only yesterday found out, that I was supposed to have a fear, raised by a feeling, that I don't remember I have ever felt. I will try to find that particular fear inside me, but don't take this as a promise. Edit: I want to completely differentiate myself from the quest and it's outcome. I was never meant to enter it, but the lack of info takes its toll.
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    This is for the passionate and skilled people out there... a new level of MD I am just a man, and chew is also no batman either, we are trying to foster the existence of this wonderful community, to keep its values and hopefully to attract more interesting people. As you know, this is a dictatorship, without dictators, a social sandbox, a trial towards self discovery, a place where crazy means good, where skills are your invisible rank, a place where nothing is fair but just makes things spicier and challenging in a strange way. Each one sees what he is searching in MD, a mirror of himself that he eventually has to face, there is no predictable thing you could see in that mirror, because above the beautiful places and semi-boring activities , there are the other living players that build the actual MD. Mirrors are forbidden by law in MD, because this is a clue enough for the other mysteries to fall in place...plus it could really be dangerous to have a real, objective mirror, in a place created through the subjectivity of all the other mirrors..sorry i mean players. Balance is there if you search it, it keeps things alive in here, but evolution feeds on unbalance, not on balance, your minds feed on challenges not on safe monotony. Its time for me to risk some more and to try to resuscitate this machinery..but i cant do it alone. Magicduel is a learning machine if you know how to use it. This machine needs moving parts and fuel to run. You do realise you are the fuel, without its players MD would be an dead piece of messy code. Right now I prepared all the gears and pieces, but its just too much for just a couple of people to do. We need help to put them together, and put them in motion and fuel them to keep them running. This is where you come in ...well some at least hopefully.. The "A25 Tools" are ready, functional, and already in test use for a long while. Azull did a great job on the island, Sushi made some insanely beautiful artworks, others tried their skill and did quite decent too... i have huge hopes for this. I dream to bring a next level of interactivity, through a natural level of evolution of the "veteran" player....that level is to be part of md evolution, not just to be entertained by others, but to build your own gears inside this beautiful machine. The tools i made allow to build nearly every aspect of the md world if needed, with no coding involved, just creativity and logic..and lots and lots of passion. ...but right now they are in risk of rusting if i don't find more special people that have the ability to use them right. It requires a certain type of person to expand md, a type of such rarity that i am happy if i find at least one, but i prepared the tools to be used for all if it would ever be the case. We have many skilled quest creators, and from time to time we find an amazing artist too..these characters are not permanent if i do not offer them a chance to express themselves better. For me, the way i enjoyed md was to build it, and at some point Chew followed me and on the same path. Now with these tools you don;t need coding skills, and with volunteer artists you don;t even need drawing skills, still need A LOT but at least now there is a chance for any passionate and smart person in here to develop md and see how it looks from behind the curtain. We are a disaster in terms of leadership and organizig ...i admit thats mainly my fault, or was at least. Without other ways to manage this, i will count just on the individuality of those that might get acces to these tools, to make md a self balancing oranism, with no central brain that will govern it. I saw that some of you understood the underlyng concepts and symbols of this realm, and managed to respect them. Some of them even had god powers at some point, but they had no real tools to express themselves and infuence others. I will try again to discover such people, this time prepared to keep them and offer them real tools to make their share of the realm as they think fit. If you kept reading till here, you have the patience neede for this, and you migh feel same hope i feel about this unique opportunity to CREATE something amazing, so i ask for your help. I made a long (but far from exhausitve) documentation of what the tools can do. If you are interested, read it, and help me organize it better. Help me build the first step needed for whoever will use it, to access it in a useful way (might be you who knows). If you know a fossil that made legend long ago, invite them to do the same...to read this article like you did and try to put the gears i made in motion. I will continue to develop md, thats what i do, thats my role in here, not to lead, not be a dictator, and not even to create. I create md, thats enough for my role, ..but you, you create the rest. Chew, this is an invitation for you too, you are the code master, true, but you reached there not by being hired to do it, or because you are an amazing coder, but because you understand how md works. I don't want to name all the people i see able to join in this, but i wish i see them actually do it. There is a place there for many of you, you just have to realize it and actually do it, yourselves. Start with the low work, prepare the docs, understand them, then the second step is to help someone that already uses them to use them better, or prove you understand them well, and that you can keep md style while you do. The next natural step, is to try them out, and them ..if and only if you gain my trust and keep the tools long enough in such way that nobody complains on how you use them and you create with them, they will become yours and part of your role. good luck. Thank you for reading all this. Please leave me a note here if you read all of it, i am curious who actually managed it and who the potential candidates might be -- Mur
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    Build your own Drachorn

    Boredom at work..? ! ID:247993 zooliii
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    Imagination Quest! (WP)

    Ok so I'm planning to draw 5 people who were in one particular place at the same time. This is simple sketch how I've imagined it.    "Find five individuals and recognize them!"     This is just a sketch so the actual entries of people will differ a little in posture/clothing/etc.   And first two entries are :    Witty and MaGoHi!   "Witty is in need of lumber and MaGoHi has dirty thoughts."       When he told them I've imagined his thoughts like big black, curly hair (like that one of Afro Samurai ) with evil grins inside. Dirty thoughts are portrayed by the Cheshire Cat. Ah, and he holds shovel b'cause he is from the Underground :P And Witty's Witty basically ^^ The haircut and umbrella is nod to Kaylee Frye from Firefly who's so cheerful too.   Cat is only thing digitally enhanced - I wanted it to be distinguished, cause he's my precious ( it is my tattoo, which I have on my left forearm )     So 3 entries left - I have to go back to drawing ^^ !
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    Analysis of Council Approval Poll

    [b]General Approval Rating:[/b] [b][size=6][color=#008000]36.67% approval[/color][/size][/b] [b][size=6]31.67% neutral[/size][/b] [b][size=6][color=#ff0000]31.67% disapproval[/color][/size][/b] Split even on the strong opinions - 10 votes for each. The largest portion by far is the neutral at 19 votes. As far as spread goes - every other category received about 10 votes (+-2). This gives the Council a slight positive approval rating (by 3 votes). [size=4][b]Fairness Rating:[/b][/size] [size=6][b][color=#008000]23.33% fair[/color][/b][/size] [size=6][b]38.33% neutral[/b] [color=#FF0000][b]38.34% unfair[/b][/color][/size] Unlike the general approval, more people seemed to think that the Council was at times unfair to the people of MD. A quarter of voters disagree with the proposition that the Council is fair. The disagree outnumbered the agree by a large margin (12), while the strongly disagreed outnumbered the strongly agree just slightly (2). Still a bit more than a third of voters have no opinion about the Council's fairness. [b]Trust Rating:[/b] [color=#008000][size=6][b]20.00% trust[/b][/size][/color] [size=6][b]36.67% neutral[/b][/size] [b][color=#FF0000][size=6]43.33% distrust[/size][/color][/b] This is a mostly negative result - with only 5 voters agreeing and 7 strongly agreeing that they trust the Council. While again a third responded neutrally, 17 voters disagreed and 9 voters strongly distrusted the Council. The majority of responders to the poll find that they cannot completely trust the Council - despite perhaps approving of being neutral in the approval rating. [b]Growth and Health Rating:[/b] [size=6][color=#008000][b]28.33% promotes growth[/b][/color][/size] [size=6][b]23.33% neutral[/b] [b][color=#FF0000]48.33% does not promote growth[/color][/b][/size] This is the most negative result of the four questions, and the most polarizing (only about a quarter responded neutrally). Almost half of poll responders think that the Council does not promote the growth of the Realm - but they also may think that the Council doesn't particularly impedes growth either. This question also resulted in the largest number of strong responses (12 people strongly disagreed) in all four questions. [b]General Analysis and Suggestions:[/b] While a 36% approval rating is nothing to celebrate, the most worrying results are the last two questions, especially the trust rating. The Council may not be responsible for growing the Realm (perhaps that should be the work of us), but it should inspire trust. This lack of trust may come about as response to their anonymity or lack of updates as to exactly they're working on. The fairness rating may also reflect the last few public decisions - ZenTao, Fang - that generated more negativity as to the harsh, act-first-ask-later attitude taken by the Council. As for ways to improve - there's already a forum topic dedicated to ways in which the Council could do a better job. From this poll, it seems that the Council should focus on inspiring more trust and handling situations with a bit more tact. People especially feel cheated when a forum is opened to gauge public opinion, and then the Council does not accept the majority opinion. If the Council is going to go ahead and decide themselves, what's the point of asking the public's opinion? It can feel that the Council asked for opinion just to give the illusion that they are considering our opinions (even if in reality they are considering them - we do not sit in on their meetings and thus cannot know this for sure). Nearly half of responders do not think that the Council promotes the growth of the realm - and this shouldn't come as a surprise. The public view of the Council has been largely administrative - they punish, announce, and organize. Because the Council is not in-game, and their style differs vastly from Mur's thought-explosiveness, it can be harder to tell that they are in fact moving the game forward in a creative direction. Furthermore, most of the times the Council does speak on the forum and in announcements, it sounds robotic and overly controlled - most likely because the writer of the Council is attempting to sound as objective as possible (and as much unlike themselves). This stripping of all personal flair leads to an image of coldness and perhaps even contempt. I hope that you will take my opinions with a grain of salt, and if you would like to post your own analysis or a response to mine, by all means. Awi
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    We want them back - Declare war to Death

    [quote name='Sephirah Caelum' timestamp='1329344778' post='104399'] The dead should remain dead. Move on and lets them enjoy their new state of existence. [/quote] Mean caretaker! Let's make a deal: you take fenrir's corpse since he's East Lands and keep it like this until you get bored with it and we'll ressurect the rest. How's that?
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    The Grasan Replacement!

    [attachment=3289:IMG_1.jpg] "Mmh, finally. What a pleasure..."
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    The 'right' way to RP

    You guys need to grow up, seriously it's getting old and your continual one upmanship is stupid.
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    Let me tell you what I know. You cast a shadow, watch it grow. You chuckle to yourself, you smile, Enjoy your doing for a while.   You listen to the screams of pain For which that shadow is to blame, You take your sit in the front row Devouring the horror show.   Now, as the victim turns to dust And as that shadow turns to lust, Your heart is twitching satisfied. Another soul’s been mortified.   After some time the screaming stops, The show is done, the curtain drops. You then proceed to play with light, But find yourself engulfed by night.    You shake your head in disbelief,  You turn again searching relief, But when you turn the road’s not there, There’s only darkness everywhere.   A shiver strikes your fragile spine, What instinct speaks you can’t decline. For now it comes to take its toll, It yearns for your expensive soul.   You should have known, the truth was there, In black and white under your stare. You wish to leave…”Oh no, dear friend” “You stay right here, enjoy the end.” 
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    Sasha Lilias

    The cat is out of the bag :)

    As I've told a few already I feel I should make it so it's not gossip or "secretive". Some of you may have noticed my absence from the game for a while, reappearing every so often. The reason behind this is because my Partner and I have been busy with other aspects of life. Just under two months ago we found out our tries had succeeded and that I am expecting. We have since been planning for the child and, get ready for it, our wedding. Yes, I am now a mother and bride to be. Due to these I will be online more over the coming months, as I draw closer to my maternity leave, but shall be busy sorting things out. That means I will be here, but may not answer so quickly!! The child is due around the 6th of April 2013, so only 8 months to go! As MD is considered one big family, I thought it would be nice to let you all know. (Any advice from mums and dads is very much appreciated by the way!! ) ~Sasha Edit: Realised I put "Yes I am [b]not[/b] a mother and bride to be" :L
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    Pipstickz, I want to give you a chance to show that you are not a mean-spirited kid with too much time on his hands, but you're making it hard on me with these inflammatory posts which you immediately have locked. I think it's time to discuss something in a calm and mature fashion: how you came to have the CoE badge and why you choose to keep it. We, and by we I mean tankfans specifically shared it to the Loreroot Citizens forum, have a PM from Child of the Soul that seems to indicate that you plotted with him via Pipstickz, your primary MD account, or else in person through another means, and instructed him to "give control" of the CoE to your Lord Pip account. Here's my question: do you deny this? Do you deny that your only significant use of the Lord Pip account in a very long time has been to gain and keep control of the CoE? I think the issue of alt abuse has always been a bit fuzzy, and despite my attempts to create fully fleshed-out, different personalities for each account, I have been guilty of things that are considered alt abuse. There was a recent announcement, however, (announcement 2221) clearing things up. It said, in part: [quote]You are not allowed to use an account to aid any of your other accounts. This means you cannot sell creatures on one account to give the profit to another, nor are you allowed to trade creatures or items between your accounts. More generally, you are not allowed to use multiple accounts to help, benefit, or otherwise influence one specific player for their gain or loss.[/quote] It seems to me that your use of the Lord Pip account violates both the spirit and the letter of the rules about alts. I have chosen to work toward regaining the CoE badge through in-game means - when I said I thought that if we couldn't regain the badge through merit, we didn't deserve to have it, I was not merely spewing rhetoric. But I feel that I can't let your posting about why you will continue to hold the CoE badge without making any real use of it go unanswered. You surely realize you have upset people and made the game less fun for more than one person. You must be aware that your posts, particularly the second one in which you admit that Poe made this remark to you "quite some time ago", make you seem vindictive, grudge-bearing, and judgmental. My personal inclination is to continue doing what I have been doing, which is to let you keep the badges unmolested and make no out-of-game or meta-gamed attempt to "bring you to justice" or otherwise regain the badges through out-of-game channels. But I repeat: I can't sit idly by while you make these inflammatory posts. My "followers", by which I mean my friends who play accounts that once wore the CoE badge, are beginning to think that I don't care about the things you say and have no plans to get the badges back. I am aware that not everyone is as patient or as open-minded as I am (that should scare you, eh? ). It is for my friends' sake that I write this post. So I will ask you once more, civilly and publicly, to give the CoE badge back to the guy who worked to create the CoE and the woman who drew its badge, and let us restore the alliance to what it was. It's the decent thing to do. [i]Edited for a typo.[/i]
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    Conspiracy Theories

    md was supposed to be pokemon game, but mur didnt had money to buy licence, so he made up creats, similarity? players can fight only with creats(pokemons) against each other, and there are 6 creats max per ritual(just like poke fight), so have fun playin what was supposed to be poke duel edit: not to mention that after lifeline did research on md and somehow found connection to pokemons, it didnt took long till he got crown.... conspiracy is very deep in here edit2: one of empty aramors is called abra... ouuu cmon, gettin new proof every minute edit3: just look at similarity between drach and charizard....
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    I was convinced this matter was solved in a friendly way. Seems not. Well its solved now, comment removed, Shoeps sent to prison.
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    Necrovion and it's alliances

    Here's my take on things, because hopefully I calmed down enough to be able to talk about this. This is one of my infamous text walls (and quite a heartfelt one too), you have been warned, but I will try and summarise it in a TL;DR at the end.    1. Necrovion. I agree with Azull, to a great extent. This is both because I felt more integrated in Necrovion than in any other land I have been before. I like to believe that it transcended just the nature of an alliance, as I have been a citizen of Necrovion for more than a year before joining the Tainted Warriors; I'll be honest, I was very, very happy as a citizen. To me, the badge was more of a symbol of recognition when it was received; I didn't see it as a necessity, but it being given to me actually made me happy (which to those who know me, know is a big deal. I'm really never happy). I don't believe that Necrovion, as it stands today, is defined by any alliance it has or has had.   2. Reactions and comments. Yes, people are bitter and defensive. Thorny and hardened. I think it's just a reality of MD... So unfortunately, accusations and acidic words do start flying, but it's only natural that they do so, taking into account how people are. Is it okay? No. Is it a reality? Yeah. My opinion? Can't make an omelet without breaking the eggs, take it or leave it. I actually had to try really hard to not say anything, other than the outburst I had in the in-game chat in the first few minutes after it happened.   3. View on alliances. I think Assira pointed at a few things very accurately, so I'll reiterate those with my own perspective.  I think alliances might have lost some of the "wow factor" they used to have. I think this is more probably 50% because most of those in MD are veterans. Alliances don't phase us that much anymore. We know what they're about. So to us, it looks like they devalued, like they lost their meaning. However, they also did lose part of their meaning (it's not just in our heads). If you look at alliances from a distance, maybe 1 or 2 stand out as unique. The rest are really the same thing, but with different artwork and in different lands (keep in mind, I might be a bit extreme here, but my point remains: compare GG to GotR, to SoE or KoB and then compare DoB with GotR or any of the previously mentioned, and you should see what I mean). But this is because people are not as involved as they used to be, IMO, rather than because of an intrinsic flaw in the alliances. Also, no offence meant to any ally mentioned. The rest of the harm, IMO, is done by repeated takeovers. I really want to believe that they are done in an attempt to make MD progress, rather than as some sort of selfish, coercive method to obtain personal gain. Please let me have that delusion, if I'm wrong. But I think the huge, huge thing that this method misses is the fact that alliances are, in fact, made of people. Hit them once, they might fight back. Hit them twice, maybe. But when everybody is getting hit again and again all around you, you start to think more about how to keep what you have rather than what to actually do with it - I think this would be a main point. It becomes a dead long-term 'savings' account rather than an investment. Look at the reaction the vast population had to the economic crisis in the 2000s. It was all about 'saving what you have' rather than 'correcting and making plans to improve in the future'. The way I see it, things will just get progressively worse, and I think that in the most recent 2 (excluding TW) takeovers, you can see that active people, alliance leaders that actually had a plan and vision left (or are significantly less active/visible now).  Finally? Very superficial, perhaps, but the fewer alliances there are, the more barren the game looks. Yes, I really like the badges, their art. I think they had a big, big "wow factor" to them, especially for new players. But now, I think a massive number of alliances are dead, with all the "wow" they brought gone. Some badges had a lot of symbolism to them, a lot about the alliance or its land could be learned just by looking at the badge. And now that's  gone. Sure, you might still see it in some capitols, but it's no longer in the game. It's no longer flowing, it's no longer present in the public eye. And it saddens me that most likely, that is permanent and will not improve in the future.   TL;DR NC is more than its alliances, through the people who inhabit and rule it. Can't throw a tomato at a fan and expect to not get a mess. All alliances have lost some of their 'oomph' because of lack of involvement, repeated takeovers, reduced population, and a natural tendency to focus on protecting rather than being out-going when threatened. I think a coordinated effort is necessary to change this, if my delusional view that "change and improvement of MD" is the ultimate goal is correct.
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    Emotional Connections

    First of all pardon me for my lack of drawing skills. I'm not a very active member because of the lack of time tough I decided to participate in this challenge. And I hope I got all the rules right. If I did something wrong I'll try to correct :) So let's begin. My first choice is : Melancholy Simple right? Just a solid round shape. Yet it’s just spinning in my mind day and night, especially when I’m working on the computer. Laser and cable mouses have lost the solidity they had before. (Feel like a poet :P ) Anyway I regret the good old days when your mouse got bugged and you know you could fix it just by cleaning it inside and this special sphere just brings me back to those times. Number 2 : Awe I have a strange relationship with glasses. Sunglasses : because I tend to loose them. Eyeglasses : because they project me in another world…much more harsh than the one I see with my natural eyes. There are a lot of assays about glasses and their conveying feelings…I feel like they really have something mystique, from the first time you wear them to the times when you already get used to them. Because you never get used to them. They change as long as you/your sight/face shape/anything else changes. Number 3: Apprehension Well this is my towel. I live in a student apartment with 2 boys who really like to invite to our house a bunch of friends at night. The fact is that sometimes they use my towel. So next morning I just visit the bathroom in apprehension of discovering that my towel has been used because I find it in a position I don’t remember have placed it. Let’s move on… Number 4: Relief Chips are my primary temptation. They call me at the supermarket….they whisper to me through street adverts…they chase me in my dreams. It’s relieving when I finally convince myself to buy another pack J Ps: that creepy red thing on its head is ketchup...  
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    Eara Meraia

    This Quiz...

    just my shrink 5 cents in here.   I sometimes do such tests for fun, but I wouldn't put too much value in their results. Why?   Most of them sound plausible, because the evaluation you read in the end is highly general and describes most of the population. So basically, you really have to be an "odd one out"  to feel it is absolutelly wrong.   As an example, let us take the first sentence Maebius got> "Is sensitive and easily influenced by other's thoughts and emotions. Looking for friendly, easy-going relationships and jobs that help develop them."   Now think it over...how many of you would call themselves unsensitive, hard types who don't care about other peoples thoughts and feelings? How many of you are looking for heavy relationships instead of easy going ones etc. There are for sure some, but the majority wouldn't.   I have constructed quite a few scientific psychological tests myself, so I could probably write a 10 page article here about validity and reliability, about pretesting, about difficulties of information gathering etc. etc. but I will not do it because it is pointless, since most people enjoy doing those tests anyways like many of them enjoy reading horoscopes.   And still, I think those tests are good thing. Why? Not because they really tell you who you are, but because they bring you to the question and make you start thinking about it and eventually find your answers and your inner peace. And this is something we so often forget to do in our daily haste.
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    Oldest screenshot ever

      Lies   These are as ancient as it gets   http://magicduel.com/chewett/screenshots.html
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    Eara Meraia

    Transposition in rhythm and sound

    Tada!!! Finally all the secrets are going to be revealed! All curtains fall down and you are going to find out EVERYTHING in this post.   Thanks a lot for your participation and patience.   First of all bad news (no worries we come to good news soon). Three people had to be disqualified during the quest: Ars Alchemy and Sir Blut because they failed to find a song and write a paragraph in time and JadenDew. Jaden submitted a song and a paragraph but she violated 2 rules of the quest: 1) her song was not in English. 2) her paragraph exceeded the word limit. Since she made quite a big effort with her entry, we decided to give her song to the person for who it was meant to be and also to judges to judge upon it, but Jaden’s score will not be counted in the final score list.   Since in the end we had only 19 participants who submitted their songs, Mur’s doubling of the rewards will not apply.   And now to the good news!   Here is a final list of winners! As you will see, all participants were very even! Therefore we have 2 winners with the same score and many other ranks are shared! I think all of you did a very good job looking for songs, writing paragraphs, it made the life of judges really tough! Nevertheless here are the results:      HERE you can find a file with detailed scores of both judges and players. I, personally, am not responsible for any scores given either by judges or by players. So I will not accept complaints on that account. Each of 3 Judges – player and 2 independent judges got 33,3%  weight in the final scoring.   Now your entries:   Aeoshattr about  Rikstar [spoiler]   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ghb6eDopW8I I've picked it mostly because of the feeling it gives me (which is sadly very difficult to probate). It feels quirky and alert, but also inquisitive and makes me think of introspection, and that is how Rikstar seemed to be in the few occasions we had to talk.  [/spoiler]   Amberrune about Rophs [spoiler]   http://jackcampbell.bandcamp.com/track/absentee The song describes a person driven to accomplish something and earn the attention or approval of others even if the emotions or attachment is not strongly connected to the goal. In this song the singer focuses on the love of another while Rophs seems to have adopted the trip west of Golemus Golemicarum as the goal to show he is worthy of attention. Even though neither the singer nor Rophs have accomplished their goal yet, they remain fairly upbeat and continue to give the effort their full attention. [/spoiler]   Assira about Valoryn   [spoiler] Music Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jn4nzFmyNfw Link to lyrics in case some of it is hard to hear clearly http://www.metrolyri...cs-kamelot.html  Paragraph: Through the crossing of paths, he tends to be silent and fights when need be. He reminds me most of a wanderer who has a close connection with the earth. In this song, I think it ties in his relationship with nature/mother earth( the female reference in the song) very well.    [/spoiler]   Change about Lania   [spoiler]   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f--2gDdOgNA   I chose 1001 Arabian Nights for Lania because she is someone who seems to love a variety of experiences most of all. I've always found the upbeat and anticipation filled arabian-style music to perfectly describe this giddy anticipatory feeling of a child's attitude towards seeing a new food, toy, person, place, etc. In the song, it says that it's a journey of a lifetime and have you ever seen a world like this? It also lists multiple places and people like heroes, vagabonds and a city of secrets. Like Lania, the singers are always happy, they're never negative. Like in the song, Lania doesn't let her demons win. She makes them disappear. Her 'hatelist' is repurposed as a wishlist, and her papers say kill them with kindness.Lania's papers say she feels so small. She means small compared to everything and that just makes her want to experience new things.  [/spoiler]   Darkraptor about Aeoshattr [spoiler] Darkraptor about aeoshattr https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u_tORtmKIjE Songwriters Hans Kuersch;Andre Olbrich Aeoshattr Bonded with the florest and their ancient rites, cursed by their myths but driven by tomorrows hope.  [/spoiler]   Dst about Amberrune   [spoiler]   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aMzKKREHQgA Lyrics: http://www.azlyrics....finnocence.html   Description: AmberRune, despite her Eastland citizenship was and will always be a Necro person. But there is more to it then it meets the eye:she has a certain class that distinguishes her from the rest of her fellow Necros. Hence why the choice of Evanescense as the band: a bit gothic combined with classical, everlasting music. As for the song, Field of innocence, because I believe she matured faster by choosing to be a Necro so I associate her choices with lose of innocence and childhood. The song is mysterious as Amber and a bit darkish - as all necros. It is a refined song and the latin inserts make it even more mysteriouse and some how...majestic. This is how I see Amber: mysetriouse, dark, way more mature that she should be and maybe a little sad sometimes.  [/spoiler]   Eagle Eye about Ars Alchemy   [spoiler]  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Sj07eJR_dU A polite and respectful players, Intelligent intensifying fellow players Always walking even unattended. Not fear losing a place Just get her just like he did not know and never knew I have always seen him in Paper Cabin previously.  There are questions he did not know how I and those questions that is very deep Is the question many, many think he will ask you Ars Alchemy have the hope of living fun and lots to learn A powerful player one day and kind.  He also learned to cooperate with players like him Set the world on fire, left me in the cold If i were a master of alchemy, I'd change everything I'd make all the broken things beautiful especially the way we left it.  He was great to talk also helps new players to come I admired his potential way of helping One day the day will come Ars Alchemy recognize a heroic player He would just continue what she was doing and not weary.  [/spoiler]   Intrigue about Assira   [spoiler]   The song I have chosen is: The Narrow way (part 3 specifically) by Pink Floyd. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tfpr4e5E6hY#t=15 Most correct lyrics I could find (still has errors though): http://www.pink-floy...mma-lyrics.html   The beginning of the song reminds me of the sound I'd imagine if the Shades were moving about, and reflects back to the land that has made Assira a part of it. Keeping the associated darkness of Necrovian in mind, this sound comes again later. Assira walks a narrow path between holding on to what is left of herself, and the Taint fully overtaking her. She walks her path, the Taint growing stronger (and darker even) as she goes. She cannot rest, for it would fully consume her mind. The Taint fills her mind, and at times, overwhelms all else she hears and knows. She is unable to conquer it, only hold it at bay a bit at a time. She has no time to waste, for who knows when the Taint will finish what little is left of her. Part of her remembers who she was before, before the Taint, but she knows that time is gone. Upon that narrow path, she continues on.  [/spoiler]   JadenDew About Change   [spoiler]   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UFyE3uxOS74   Lyrics translation page (which I will be using in this writeup, it should be the same as those in the video, but in case of discrepancies, I will link it here too): http://atashi.wordpr...-theme-changin/ "The heart-like clouds Were as if they changed shape Someday I’ll change too, won’t I?" The thing about change is that.. change is inevitable, especially with people. Although people may be resistant to change, stangnancy is probably not preferrable (in my opinion) because it deprives people of an opportunity to change for the better (more below). "I tried to stand alone Between the parting way As the shadows quietly vanished" Alot of us try to resist change at first, standing at the crossroad (parting way). That is normal, even if not preferable, and not something to be ashamed about in my opinion. "Like when the sun is there Even when it’s sinking So I can’t let go of that dream" Even when things are not looking too bright, "shadows quietly vanished". here, I believe the shadows refer to the shadows of the past. Things that you want to move away from, so thus, you have to move forward and change towards the ideal self (the dream). "Watch how I can change my destiny And thousands of other destinies But now I wonder, what I can do with these hands of mine reach out from inside" At one point, you will realise that your changing what you will become by moving forward past the crossroad and since people are all connected in ways, one person's change and action will irrevocably affect others (for good or better). However, in the process of changing, you will wonder at what are your limits and sometimes even doubt.. because of that one should draw strength from within them because this change is for the better (even if it is difficult) "When you start to lose sight Of even your important things How many words will you be saved by? Even an irreplaceable treasure Nurtures me, pushes my back Because it gave me a strong heart" Words to encourage one in doubt, these two stanzas are. There are people who would encourage you to keep going on your journey of change even when you lose sight of the important things. Also, one's own motivation (irreplaceable treasure) is also a place to draw from should the going gets tough. "Moving fantasies Are things that are definitely existing there By just believing; I won’t lose to anyone there’s faith in my soul" Here, after overcoming hardships, being encouraged and believing, the singer could be sure of their ability to overcome their obstacle towards the change they wish to reach. Although I would also say that here, they are changed from their initial doubt, but it is in no way the end because this person is still moving forward. "Now it’s diamond-like Being polished for it to shine The light will start off the more it hurts It’ll change more and more" Change and being polished is painful. But a changing person is being "metaphor-ed" as a diamond being polished. Being polished will sure hurt.. but polished diamonds are sure pretty "Watch how I can change my destiny And thousands of other destinies But now I wonder, what I can do with these hands of mine Moving fantasies Are things that are definitely existing there By just believing; I won’t lose to anyone reach out from inside" Repeats of above stanzas.. but reinforces on the ability of the changing person. Once understanding their ability and moving away from the doubt (an initial change), they will keep moving forward with strong conviction and this would result in more changes as stated before, "It'll change more and more"  - End of text wall -    [/spoiler]   Krioni about darkraptor [spoiler]   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sMgsC8kVOBI I chose this song because it captures a few things when both the fight and the other person, are viewed as one and the same. First, it captures the two sides of darkraptor. The rage, the fight he had before, that he had to wrestle down to be who he is in the realm now. And yet, despite the fight, that other personality is necessary, keeps him from breaking apart, and was both his beginning, and his desire, his end. The end he is always pursuing. It is harmful in a way, is painful as long as he is in his current form. It wishes for its dominion, to be free to act on its evil rage. Yet, even as the separation of the two can break him, it’s also the one thing that can keep him together. As the bridge says, it is nothing, and yet, it is everything.  [/spoiler]   Lania about Princ Rhaegar   [spoiler] Here it goes!  The song - "Annihilator - Sounds good to me": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ptHdz-z3ess#t=129 The paragraph: - The main subject - dreaming, daydreaming etc. What caught my eye when I first met Rhaegar? The ability in his description – dream weaver. The lyrics could be used by a Dream Weaver with good intentions, like Rhaegar would be. Even though simple, the words can be used properly to not scare an individual not accustomed with dream weaving. - Rhaegar seems like a good guy, friendly, positive. The song emanates this sort of positive feeling that someone like Rhaegar would induce. - Confidence. Though friendly and positive, the lyrics are demanding, giving a strong impression of confidence, like a king would. Not asking you if you wish to dream away, but demanding that you do so. Rhaegar is a king.   - The general rhythm of the song reminds me of the limbo a mind goes through while being influenced by a dream weaver. Accompanied by his words, of course.   [/spoiler]   Lashtal about dst   [spoiler] Lashtal about dst https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UNjkuHQGa2w lyrics: With only a touch I have the power zim zaba rim bim to wither a flower I find delight in the gruesome and grim 'Cause I'm the magnificent, marvelous, mad Madam Mim I can be huge fill a whole house I can be tiny, small as a mouse black sorcery is my dish of tea it comes easy to me 'cause I'm the magnificent, marvelous, mad Madam Mim! I can be beautiful, lovely and fair Silvery voice, long purple hair la la la la la, la la la la la la la la la la but it's only skin deep for zim zaberim zim I'm an ugly old creep Magnificent, marvelous, mad, mad, mad, mad Madam Mim! Explanation: We all know dst is both a villain and a buffoon. Depending on her mood, she can be a nice person to talk with or the less-reasonable bastard you've ever met. She likes cats and she likes to play cat and mouse, cornering the unfortunate (cyberer?) and making him feel horrible. Furthermore, she has a very high self-esteem, as this song sums up.  [/spoiler]   Lazarus about Eagle Eye   [spoiler] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rk_sAHh9s08 Return to Innocence - Enigma That's not the beginning of the end That's the return to yourself The return to innocence Love - Devotion Feeling - Emotion Love - Devotion Feeling - Emotion Don't be afraid to be weak Don't be too proud to be strong Just look into your heart my friend That will be the return to yourself The return to innocence If you want, then start to laugh If you must, then start to cry Be yourself don't hide Just believe in destiny Don't care what people say Just follow your own way Don't give up and use the chance To return to innocence That's not the beginning of the end That's the return to yourself The return to innocence Don't care what people say Follow just your own way Follow just your own way Don't give up, don't give up To return, to return to innocence. If you want then laugh If you must then cry Be yourself don't hide Just believe in destiny. Being a Protector and an LHO, Eagle Eye have and will always prove his devotion amd dedication to his role. This song fits him perfectly in every aspect, his optimism and positivity goes beyond anyone in MD that he doesn't care about the negative side of things, he is focused on improving the realm by helping both the veterans and the newcomers alike, thus, having them "return to their innocence" through his transparency, influence, and being his true self.  [/spoiler]   Marvolo about Intrigue   [spoiler] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Q0RQ7pdFP8 A song with a strange, not so easy to understand melody, for someone that I've never really got to understand fully. As a guardian of Bob, the lyrics speak for themselves:   I see a tree standing there. It's roots deep in the earth and the branches stretched towards the sky. I have a tree inside of me. It's roots deep in the past and the branches fumbling towards the future...  [/spoiler]   Menhir about JadenDew   [spoiler] here is the link to the song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ai5lCfZnNlc Janet Devlin - Things We Lost In The Fire (Live) And my paragraph:  The similarities between JadenDew and this song? The most obvious is the Frailty and at the same time the unfitting darkness surrounding it. The second is the undoubtedly beauty in the character of JadenDew and the voice in the song and still there is something interesting like „hiding in deep water“. So why did someone like JadenDew choose the land Necrovion despite the helpful loving and yet deep character she represents. This song is the best answer from my point of view.    Dark frail lovely Beauty with a deep and warm heart and at the same time hiding something behind a shadow willingly to cover something meaningful and precious at the price of everything.  [/spoiler]   Powle about Krioni   [spoiler] here is my song for Krioni: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EQumAx-Efns This Is Where I Belong-Bryan Adams (Spirit Stallion of the Cimarron ) i chose this song because he loves the forest and because he allways returns to it whenever he leaves. (i'm no good with writing so i guess that's about it)  [/spoiler]   Princ Rhaegar about lashtal   [spoiler] I'm glad I got Lashtal I don't know him that personally, but his presence pleases me in MD RP ambient and gives some color to my visualization of MD, and since I do 'experience' him somehow, I can hear out my intuition and try to find the right symbol.  Here's my entry: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UDgKXa_XqAk   "Intension", I make a connection with the world of thoughts, Lashtal's interest in states of consciousness, his invested will in the transformation from a GGer and a character that he was to what he is now in Necro. The song also has a calm ambient, which fits my perception of Lashtal being a stable not-easy-to-provoke state in MD - in that sense, he 'listens' to his will, and has a continuity maintained in the Necro clothes he has put on. Other than the actual song, I find Tool appropriate because they are dark and progressive, fitting of what I feel to be Lashtal's aura.  [/spoiler]   Rikstar about Lazarus   [spoiler] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2aIFa4PdEhU So I really like Lazarus. He was a great man and a year ago he was way more active then he is right now. So this song is about that. A man who was once alive, but he always rests in Necrovion waiting to wake up anywhere in the future. Many will leave, some will stay and a few come back. I personally hope that he will say one day: "This is my time to rise". And even if he decides to not do that, then he has made some marks in the history that I call MD. Also I feel that he's a bit lost right now, with his means within MD. So that also fits the song. Though I hope that he will be here when the time comes within him and MD.    [/spoiler]   Rophs about Marvolo   [spoiler]  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sOnqjkJTMaA Marvolo might now reside in NC as Son of the Storms, but the wolf still remains inside of him. MD is in a perpetual day but NC has a perpetual feeling that "It's close to midnight" with Marvolo, and his inner wolf, are "lurking in the dark". Thriller combines his past identity in LR and current identity in NC seamlessly. It's a very fitting song, more fitting than any other song with english lyrics.  [/spoiler]   Valoryn about powle   [spoiler] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zlhBkM0zNV4 Powle is generally the quiet kind of person, but during the last few months after he woke up from a long sleep, he has been trying to define his role as a druid in more detail and get more involved in things in Loreroot and in general. He may not talk aloud to himself while walking under the trees, like the song implies, but I have caught him a few times rest under the tree at Stag Crossing and sing instead. The song's theme is of course nature, as its title says, which makes it fit powle's role, but it also fits the concept of him searching for new ideas ("What am I going to do? I need some thoughts that are new."), possible difficulties encountered after such a long sleep ("What am I going to do? Mind is laid with dew.") and the habit of singing under a tree (the more obvious "do-do-do"/"de-de-de"/"na-na-na" parts).  [/spoiler]     Now rewards! Since we have 19 entries and 2 winners, there is no need in second round of competition.   The good news is  - both winners will get melodic charms!!!!! (thank you Burns!)   So the rewards are distributed as following>   Place 1> lashtal and Intrigue both get> 1 melodic charm, 1 gold coin, 1 imperial aramor Place 3> 1 gold coin, teleport papercabin stone,  toadspeakstone, mirrorritual stone Place 4> 1 gold coin   Some of you sent me feedback about their songs and explaining the reasons for the scores they gave. Players who received feedback will get it in the next few days as a forum pm.   Thanks a lot and have a nice day.      
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    MD Snakes and Ladders

    I had some time on my hands so I made a very unprofessional S&L game   http://storenow.net/my/?f=fa11bf8686bd58d1bfb6696715afde66 ,  http://storenow.net/my/?f=40c8b718050ef711d94619f37dfaaf2a    I will use this topic for posting stuff - maybe some will turn out to be useful.
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    Resource Balancing

    My suggestion:   Rename Memorystones to Stones, increase the amounts and  create random stone resources upon harvesting like the herbs (coal, granite, shale, sandstone, flint, memorystone, etc.). This could allow future expandability without adding a new resource later.   I have not collected stones so this suggestion should be taken with  a grain of salt and input should be sought from those who do gather them.
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    Over Moderation

    So soon(now) the other Moderators and i are going to be more officious with how we moderate the forums because clearly some people dislike each other enough to repeatedly attack each other on the forum.   If you use a racial slur or similar, you get a ban for a period of time. This is your only warning.   If you cause a conversation to descend into insults, and we as a moderation team decide it was you starting this, the topic will be locked and you get a warning. You or anyone else are free to recreate the topic, but if it descends again, it will get locked again, and the person responsible will get a warning.   You can complain about things nicely, its not hard so please try.   Multiple warnings = post moderator and/or banning for a period of time.   BUT   Its your forum, if you think the changes are wrong, tell us, we are open to discuss this, but clearly people are using the forums to vent hatred at each other and its going to stop by either banning every single user of the forum, or by people learning to speak nicely to those you dislike. I dont mind either solution.   Please make comments here.
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    Selling Seighearts Leash

    And for this action, you lost the last of any respect i had for you. People are bidding for 1 use of the item. Then it will either be entirely useless or reset. Don't buy it, it's a con. I hope you are happy with yourself Fang. [attachment=4136:morals NONE.jpg]
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    Item gathering/LR guards

    Since item gathering is actually implemented why not make the ingredients needed to see them needed to be actually harvested? So the new players can learn to use/harvest items and the hookah as a cauldron to mix it and stuff
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    Hello! I make reference to this annoucement by the council about the Yrthilan/Azull question (use of King tools after retirement). I have a question regarding the council's role in general. [i]Please don't discuss here about the yrthilian/Azull dispute in particular, this is not the subject, and there is another thread for that.[/i] [log=annoucement][color="#cccccc"]Ann. 2156 - [2012-01-02 23:16:00 - Stage 11][/color] All king items have been removed from the Kings, all King powers have also been removed. Azull has been unjailed. Our thoughts: -Yrthilian is guilty because he used tools although he was not supposed to as he is no longer King, items are allowed to be used by those who possess them though. -Kiley is guilty for breaking the land rules put in place by the former king. -Azull is guilty for not fully thinking about what his actions meant. Past what we, the council, have already done, we will take no further action.[/log] While I understand that the coucil voices his opinion/judgement about yrthilian (he is using tools from the game that are subject to game rules/regulations), I was suprised that the coucil voiced his opinion about Kiley and Azull actions. Those actions are to me pure ingame actions, involving nothing related to game rules. I would have thought that this is not council responsibility to decide whether those actions are legitimate or not. My question: is the council to raise opinion about diplomatic/ingame policy? I looked for a definition of the council role, but did not mange to find one. Thanks!
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    Sasha Lilias

    A not so very Merry Murmas

    This Christmas I, and quite a few others, have received a rather large disappointment in the Murmas celebrations. Instead of receiving the gifts as so many others have, we received nothing, Zilch. It seems that [i]active days[/i] has become the new currency of loyalty to the game, although some don't quite seem to get the idea that not all of us can log on every day for a few hours due to work, family or other real life issues. This makes the Christmas a very unfair period, especially to those that [b]have [/b]been around for a long time and trying to get as involved as much as we physically can. I myself felt rather disappointed, and slightly annoyed, as I watched those that are rarely seen doing anything in the community, receive so much. I see people hold such an arrogance to active days these days, and this raises my annoyance, especially as I have tried to log on as often as possible, do as much as possible and, trying to keep in contact with it as much as I can. I'd also like to point out here that someone would not spend around $2000 [b]just[/b] for the [i]perks [/i]of a game. Active days, for the tree, is a rather petty, and lazy, way of looking at [i]loyalty [/i]to a game. On a personal note I found the Confused santa rather ignorant and [b]very[/b] annoying, due to the fact that the confused santa decided to ignore me completely when he asked "is there anyone that hasn't received a present?" and when I asked "I wonder if santa has some sort of grudge against me", of which I may have missed the reply if these was one due to real-life christmas issues, that when I asked "Did I miss Santa's reply?" he decided to say "[b][url="http://magicduel.com/dlg/dlg.userdetails_arena.php?eid=GIU3LEK8AGLtrpaNcFk-hA,,"][color=#CC0033]Confused Santa[/color][/url]: [/b][color=#000000][font=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif][size=2]Sasha you missed it, too bad." [/size][/font][/color] If you get a Santa then you should make sure it is a neutral player or an outside [i]adjudicator[/i] of sorts. So basically, what IS game loyalty based on? In my mind if a player that has been playing for three years, logged on regularly and spent around $2000(and more) then I don't really know what you would say a [i]loyal[/i] players was. End of Rant ~Sasha P.s. Sorry, to be precise " a player that has been playing for 1238 days." Edit: After around 3 people asking Santa to give me a gift he decided to give me one. I chose to accept it and then pass it on. My point still stands. Would you enjoy a gift if it was given to you through pressure or because they actually wanted to?
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    Question Time Post

    What is generally your job/function?
  35. 10 points

    New Ggg?

    Hi Dst, I don't see this as a problem. It is not against the rules to train. If I choose to attack someone without causing damage, that's not breaking any rules. If the person has a non-damaging defensive ritual, that's also good with the rules. There are no bugs being abused here. In fact, the rules state: "You can use rituals that other consider unfair, all rituals are allowed, except if abusing a bug, then you will have to report it first." Sure, you don't have to like this type of training, that is your choice, but I don't see that we are doing anything wrong. Thank you, Esmaralda
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    [Necrovion]I Am Rask

    Hi all, I am fairly new to these lands and so I don't know much of the history of Necrovion, their kings, or the relationships of the people in this topic to eachother, but I wanted to share my thoughts on this topic as I found it quite interesting. I must say, I am impressed with Rask. His words are very nicely crafted and his RP is very enjoyable to read. If I was to pick a king today based solely on this topic and the words of Rask and Jester, I would pick Rask. That is because Jester has not yet said anything of much importance in his defense. He merrely stated that he has plans for Necrovion. That gave me an initial impression of him as being weak, which is contrary to what I would see a king of Necrovion to be. Furthermore, I think Rask's idea of how to rule fits Necrovion perfectly. Take what you can; those that are weak deserve to lose. That is a very Necrovion thought in my opinion. Necrovion should be ruled by strength, not ideals and justice. Lastly, stuff like "hiding behind an alt" I don't believe matter. It's a game and it matters the actions that you do on the character that you play, not that it's an alt, doesn't it? After all, one day your alt may become your main, and your main may become your alt. I will keep watching this topic as it is quite interesting and I hope I didn't step on to many people's toes with my comments. =) Esmaralda
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    Combat Balance

    As you might know, top players are talking about their damages in hundreds of thousands. New players talk about it in... tens. not tens of thousands, just tens. So, like, there i sat with tons of logs, trying to find some creative way to even things out a bit, at least a bit. Just because it doesn't seem really likely for a player to stay when other people can deal a 10.000 times more damage than him. Emphasis on TEN_THOUSAND_TIMES, not a thousand more, but houndreds of thousands more. Which is only achieveable by shop or a lot, lot, lotlotlot of mindless grinding. And creatures they don't even know about when starting. But hell, it's hard to balance things, specially because Mur already did a lot of balance-work, and damn, he did it really fine for anything but top-grinders. And suddenly it occurs to me that i look at the wrong things! It's not tokens that need new balance, it's not crit-boost either, they work just fine! The only thing that matters here is ORDER! As with most things, timing and order are crucial in MD battles. Currently, what happens in a combat is this: Check rituals and occasionally do a low-vit-randomizer Load rituals Apply token-boost Apply special influences Apply Combo Apply energetic influence Fight If you just switch two of those sequences, which are probably actually as simple to switch as a cut-paste in the source, and turn it into Check rituals and occasionally do a low-vit-randomizer Load rituals [color="#FF0000"]Apply special influences[/color] [color="#0000FF"]Apply token-boost[/color] Apply Combo Apply energetic influence Fight you don't even need to mess with the balance Mur so eloquently puzzled together already, and not change much for most of the players, but cut the damage of top players by... roughly 80%. Probably more. That turns hundreds of thousands into a few ten thousand, which sounds by far saner. Still not really good, but a whole lot better than current state of things. Also, since Angiens were designed to do damage comparable to those lethal tokenmonsters, they need to be... regulated, too. I'd say, cap the burn (NOT the self-inflicted damages, things get calculated normally, and the damage to _the other person_ gets capped afterwards) with the ammount of VE they have at the moment. For the untokened top-players, that's a cut to 1/15th of their current burn-power, tokened angiens would lose 99,99% of their current burn. Not that they'd get weak by that, they are endlessly overpowered as it is. No new tokens and crit-boost-systems that are totally low when you only have a little of this and a little of that, no, keep them as it is, power to the younglings! But let them work in another order, and the old top notches, token-whores and crit-boost monsters lose their god-status. Qualified critics are welcome, but please, don't post when you don't have a clue what this might mean if implemented. [spoiler] Btw: VE-whores, also the ones with angiens, are not as much of a problem as it seems, either, with severly lowered damages and severely increased VE, eles get a role to play again[/spoiler]
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    Sing It Like An...air Scout?

    [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=26hT4jh1-pg[/media] unfortunately my work laptop doesn't have a webcam and i can't find my phone data cable so this is the best i can do for now later edit - wow everyone seems to like it, thanks for the comments guys, i'm just sorry i couldn't include more people in the song
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    Alliances, Guilds, Etc

    As to alliances, their structure and importance in MD is being reworked on the backend. Its no secret I and many others in MD have agreed that the current setup, especially the loyalty requirements of the leader, is not very "MD". The initial idea of loyalty determining the leader was always thought to be good. However since loyalty was gained in a number of ways that are not representing actual "Loyalty" to the land, it became pretty moot. Many of those who read this will have been asked about their thoughts on alliances over the past month, by a number of people. I have asked a couple of people to talk to people and gets ideas for a better "alliance" structure. Its something that has been on the back burner for years because its never really sat well with it. Once I can summarise the opinions I will be posting it publicly and then people can give their final opinions before I finalise an idea and start planning the changes codewise.
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    Locate spell has restriction where it wouldn't allow you to locate certain "powerful" characters. LHOs are part of that restrictions. Honestly I don't understand why is it so. LHOs are normal players who volunteer to help out those in need with basic stuff regarding the game, as such they should be easier to find/reach. That's why such restriction makes no sense and should be removed.
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    http://storenow.net/my/?f=904599302f6e071070ba977e39eaadbb   http://storenow.net/my/?f=52c7c5d4366ca35673a483fde8240dd0    
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    Here's my entry. It was a fun and tasty experience, I hardly ever bake. Happy birthday MD. :) [spoiler]                   [/spoiler]          
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    A Human Cannon! (actually not only for humans but large enough to fit any MD character..) The thrust is vapor based so a supply of lumber and water will be needed to activate the device. Activating the device will fire up the player in the air to a random location with Sky visibility. :D [url=http://s1285.photobucket.com/user/darkraptormd/media/MDHCannon_zps99d06414.jpg.html][/URL] (a skill limited sketch of such device that could fit on a GG landscene or for ease of accessibility on Old Mans Road) Features Used: Progressive Combiner, Chase (or teleport..idk..) Notes on possible improvement:     1.Control the distance of the throw by having diferent values of water and lumber supplied.     2. If the activation of the combiner would give some stat (skydive) players with a high level could try to land on a specific area (GG..Necro..etc.) still very random.     3. For safety reasons player Must wear (have in inventory) a helmet that can be found in some scenes.. :P [url=http://s1285.photobucket.com/user/darkraptormd/media/MDHHelmet_zps59d8d224.jpg.html][/URL]    
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    Soothing Sands

    Question Time Post

    If you had to choose one question that you would really not want to answer, what would it be?~
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    its calculated by a formula, here are the values for up to 3k days 0-100 [spoiler] Days:1 = +0Ap Bonus Days:2 = +1Ap Bonus Days:3 = +2Ap Bonus Days:4 = +2Ap Bonus Days:5 = +3Ap Bonus Days:6 = +3Ap Bonus Days:7 = +4Ap Bonus Days:8 = +4Ap Bonus Days:9 = +5Ap Bonus Days:10 = +5Ap Bonus Days:11 = +6Ap Bonus Days:12 = +6Ap Bonus Days:13 = +7Ap Bonus Days:14 = +7Ap Bonus Days:15 = +8Ap Bonus Days:16 = +8Ap Bonus Days:17 = +9Ap Bonus Days:18 = +9Ap Bonus Days:19 = +10Ap Bonus Days:20 = +10Ap Bonus Days:21 = +11Ap Bonus Days:22 = +11Ap Bonus Days:23 = +12Ap Bonus Days:24 = +12Ap Bonus Days:25 = +13Ap Bonus Days:26 = +13Ap Bonus Days:27 = +14Ap Bonus Days:28 = +14Ap Bonus Days:29 = +15Ap Bonus Days:30 = +15Ap Bonus Days:31 = +16Ap Bonus Days:32 = +16Ap Bonus Days:33 = +17Ap Bonus Days:34 = +17Ap Bonus Days:35 = +18Ap Bonus Days:36 = +18Ap Bonus Days:37 = +19Ap Bonus Days:38 = +19Ap Bonus Days:39 = +20Ap Bonus Days:40 = +20Ap Bonus Days:41 = +21Ap Bonus Days:42 = +21Ap Bonus Days:43 = +22Ap Bonus Days:44 = +22Ap Bonus Days:45 = +23Ap Bonus Days:46 = +23Ap Bonus Days:47 = +24Ap Bonus Days:48 = +24Ap Bonus Days:49 = +25Ap Bonus Days:50 = +25Ap Bonus Days:51 = +26Ap Bonus Days:52 = +26Ap Bonus Days:53 = +27Ap Bonus Days:54 = +27Ap Bonus Days:55 = +28Ap Bonus Days:56 = +28Ap Bonus Days:57 = +29Ap Bonus Days:58 = +29Ap Bonus Days:59 = +30Ap Bonus Days:60 = +30Ap Bonus Days:61 = +31Ap Bonus Days:62 = +31Ap Bonus Days:63 = +32Ap Bonus Days:64 = +32Ap Bonus Days:65 = +33Ap Bonus Days:66 = +33Ap Bonus Days:67 = +34Ap Bonus Days:68 = +34Ap Bonus Days:69 = +35Ap Bonus Days:70 = +35Ap Bonus Days:71 = +36Ap Bonus Days:72 = +36Ap Bonus Days:73 = +37Ap Bonus Days:74 = +37Ap Bonus Days:75 = +38Ap Bonus Days:76 = +38Ap Bonus Days:77 = +39Ap Bonus Days:78 = +39Ap Bonus Days:79 = +40Ap Bonus Days:80 = +40Ap Bonus Days:81 = +41Ap Bonus Days:82 = +41Ap Bonus Days:83 = +42Ap Bonus Days:84 = +42Ap Bonus Days:85 = +43Ap Bonus Days:86 = +43Ap Bonus Days:87 = +44Ap Bonus Days:88 = +44Ap Bonus Days:89 = +45Ap Bonus Days:90 = +45Ap Bonus Days:91 = +46Ap Bonus Days:92 = +46Ap Bonus Days:93 = +47Ap Bonus Days:94 = +47Ap Bonus Days:95 = +48Ap Bonus Days:96 = +48Ap Bonus Days:97 = +49Ap Bonus Days:98 = +49Ap Bonus Days:99 = +50Ap Bonus Days:100 = +50Ap Bonus [/spoiler]101-200[spoiler] Days:101 = +51Ap Bonus Days:102 = +51Ap Bonus Days:103 = +52Ap Bonus Days:104 = +52Ap Bonus Days:105 = +53Ap Bonus Days:106 = +53Ap Bonus Days:107 = +54Ap Bonus Days:108 = +54Ap Bonus Days:109 = +55Ap Bonus Days:110 = +55Ap Bonus Days:111 = +56Ap Bonus Days:112 = +56Ap Bonus Days:113 = +57Ap Bonus Days:114 = +57Ap Bonus Days:115 = +58Ap Bonus Days:116 = +58Ap Bonus Days:117 = +59Ap Bonus Days:118 = +59Ap Bonus Days:119 = +60Ap Bonus Days:120 = +60Ap Bonus Days:121 = +61Ap Bonus Days:122 = +61Ap Bonus Days:123 = +62Ap Bonus Days:124 = +62Ap Bonus Days:125 = +63Ap Bonus Days:126 = +63Ap Bonus Days:127 = +64Ap Bonus Days:128 = +64Ap Bonus Days:129 = +65Ap Bonus Days:130 = +65Ap Bonus Days:131 = +66Ap Bonus Days:132 = +66Ap Bonus Days:133 = +67Ap Bonus Days:134 = +67Ap Bonus Days:135 = +68Ap Bonus Days:136 = +68Ap Bonus Days:137 = +69Ap Bonus Days:138 = +69Ap Bonus Days:139 = +70Ap Bonus Days:140 = +70Ap Bonus Days:141 = +71Ap Bonus Days:142 = +71Ap Bonus Days:143 = +72Ap Bonus Days:144 = +72Ap Bonus Days:145 = +73Ap Bonus Days:146 = +73Ap Bonus Days:147 = +74Ap Bonus Days:148 = +74Ap Bonus Days:149 = +75Ap Bonus Days:150 = +75Ap Bonus Days:151 = +76Ap Bonus Days:152 = +76Ap Bonus Days:153 = +77Ap Bonus Days:154 = +77Ap Bonus Days:155 = +78Ap Bonus Days:156 = +78Ap Bonus Days:157 = +79Ap Bonus Days:158 = +79Ap Bonus Days:159 = +80Ap Bonus Days:160 = +80Ap Bonus Days:161 = +81Ap Bonus Days:162 = +81Ap Bonus Days:163 = +82Ap Bonus Days:164 = +82Ap Bonus Days:165 = +83Ap Bonus Days:166 = +83Ap Bonus Days:167 = +84Ap Bonus Days:168 = +84Ap Bonus Days:169 = +85Ap Bonus Days:170 = +85Ap Bonus Days:171 = +86Ap Bonus Days:172 = +86Ap Bonus Days:173 = +87Ap Bonus Days:174 = +87Ap Bonus Days:175 = +88Ap Bonus Days:176 = +88Ap Bonus Days:177 = +89Ap Bonus Days:178 = +89Ap Bonus Days:179 = +90Ap Bonus Days:180 = +90Ap Bonus Days:181 = +91Ap Bonus Days:182 = +91Ap Bonus Days:183 = +92Ap Bonus Days:184 = +92Ap Bonus Days:185 = +93Ap Bonus Days:186 = +93Ap Bonus Days:187 = +94Ap Bonus Days:188 = +94Ap Bonus Days:189 = +95Ap Bonus Days:190 = +95Ap Bonus Days:191 = +96Ap Bonus Days:192 = +96Ap Bonus Days:193 = +97Ap Bonus Days:194 = +97Ap Bonus Days:195 = +98Ap Bonus Days:196 = +98Ap Bonus Days:197 = +99Ap Bonus Days:198 = +99Ap Bonus Days:199 = +100Ap Bonus Days:200 = +100Ap Bonus [/spoiler]201-400[spoiler] Days:201 = +101Ap Bonus Days:202 = +101Ap Bonus Days:203 = +102Ap Bonus Days:204 = +102Ap Bonus Days:205 = +103Ap Bonus Days:206 = +103Ap Bonus Days:207 = +104Ap Bonus Days:208 = +104Ap Bonus Days:209 = +105Ap Bonus Days:210 = +105Ap Bonus Days:211 = +106Ap Bonus Days:212 = +106Ap Bonus Days:213 = +107Ap Bonus Days:214 = +107Ap Bonus Days:215 = +108Ap Bonus Days:216 = +108Ap Bonus Days:217 = +109Ap Bonus Days:218 = +109Ap Bonus Days:219 = +110Ap Bonus Days:220 = +110Ap Bonus Days:221 = +111Ap Bonus Days:222 = +111Ap Bonus Days:223 = +112Ap Bonus Days:224 = +112Ap Bonus Days:225 = +113Ap Bonus Days:226 = +113Ap Bonus Days:227 = +114Ap Bonus Days:228 = +114Ap Bonus Days:229 = +115Ap Bonus Days:230 = +115Ap Bonus Days:231 = +116Ap Bonus Days:232 = +116Ap Bonus Days:233 = +117Ap Bonus Days:234 = +117Ap Bonus Days:235 = +118Ap Bonus Days:236 = +118Ap Bonus Days:237 = +119Ap Bonus Days:238 = +119Ap Bonus Days:239 = +120Ap Bonus Days:240 = +120Ap Bonus Days:241 = +121Ap Bonus Days:242 = +121Ap Bonus Days:243 = +122Ap Bonus Days:244 = +122Ap Bonus Days:245 = +123Ap Bonus Days:246 = +123Ap Bonus Days:247 = +124Ap Bonus Days:248 = +124Ap Bonus Days:249 = +125Ap Bonus Days:250 = +125Ap Bonus Days:251 = +126Ap Bonus Days:252 = +126Ap Bonus Days:253 = +127Ap Bonus Days:254 = +127Ap Bonus Days:255 = +128Ap Bonus Days:256 = +128Ap Bonus Days:257 = +129Ap Bonus Days:258 = +129Ap Bonus Days:259 = +130Ap Bonus Days:260 = +130Ap Bonus Days:261 = +131Ap Bonus Days:262 = +131Ap Bonus Days:263 = +132Ap Bonus Days:264 = +132Ap Bonus Days:265 = +133Ap Bonus Days:266 = +133Ap Bonus Days:267 = +134Ap Bonus Days:268 = +134Ap Bonus Days:269 = +135Ap Bonus Days:270 = +135Ap Bonus Days:271 = +136Ap Bonus Days:272 = +136Ap Bonus Days:273 = +137Ap Bonus Days:274 = +137Ap Bonus Days:275 = +138Ap Bonus Days:276 = +138Ap Bonus Days:277 = +139Ap Bonus Days:278 = +139Ap Bonus Days:279 = +140Ap Bonus Days:280 = +140Ap Bonus Days:281 = +141Ap Bonus Days:282 = +141Ap Bonus Days:283 = +142Ap Bonus Days:284 = +142Ap Bonus Days:285 = +143Ap Bonus Days:286 = +143Ap Bonus Days:287 = +144Ap Bonus Days:288 = +144Ap Bonus Days:289 = +145Ap Bonus Days:290 = +145Ap Bonus Days:291 = +146Ap Bonus Days:292 = +146Ap Bonus Days:293 = +147Ap Bonus Days:294 = +147Ap Bonus Days:295 = +148Ap Bonus Days:296 = +148Ap Bonus Days:297 = +149Ap Bonus Days:298 = +149Ap Bonus Days:299 = +150Ap Bonus Days:300 = +150Ap Bonus Days:301 = +151Ap Bonus Days:302 = +151Ap Bonus Days:303 = +152Ap Bonus Days:304 = +152Ap Bonus Days:305 = +153Ap Bonus Days:306 = +153Ap Bonus Days:307 = +154Ap Bonus Days:308 = +154Ap Bonus Days:309 = +155Ap Bonus Days:310 = +155Ap Bonus Days:311 = +156Ap Bonus Days:312 = +156Ap Bonus Days:313 = +157Ap Bonus Days:314 = +157Ap Bonus Days:315 = +158Ap Bonus Days:316 = +158Ap Bonus Days:317 = +159Ap Bonus Days:318 = +159Ap Bonus Days:319 = +160Ap Bonus Days:320 = +160Ap Bonus Days:321 = +161Ap Bonus Days:322 = +161Ap Bonus Days:323 = +162Ap Bonus Days:324 = +162Ap Bonus Days:325 = +162Ap Bonus Days:326 = +162Ap Bonus Days:327 = +162Ap Bonus Days:328 = +162Ap Bonus Days:329 = +162Ap Bonus Days:330 = +162Ap Bonus Days:331 = +162Ap Bonus Days:332 = +163Ap Bonus Days:333 = +163Ap Bonus Days:334 = +163Ap Bonus Days:335 = +163Ap Bonus Days:336 = +163Ap Bonus Days:337 = +163Ap Bonus Days:338 = +163Ap Bonus Days:339 = +163Ap Bonus Days:340 = +163Ap Bonus Days:341 = +163Ap Bonus Days:342 = +163Ap Bonus Days:343 = +163Ap Bonus Days:344 = +164Ap Bonus Days:345 = +164Ap Bonus Days:346 = +164Ap Bonus Days:347 = +164Ap Bonus Days:348 = +164Ap Bonus Days:349 = +164Ap Bonus Days:350 = +164Ap Bonus Days:351 = +164Ap Bonus Days:352 = +164Ap Bonus Days:353 = +164Ap Bonus Days:354 = +164Ap Bonus Days:355 = +164Ap Bonus Days:356 = +164Ap Bonus Days:357 = +165Ap Bonus Days:358 = +165Ap Bonus Days:359 = +165Ap Bonus Days:360 = +165Ap Bonus Days:361 = +165Ap Bonus Days:362 = +165Ap Bonus Days:363 = +165Ap Bonus Days:364 = +165Ap Bonus Days:365 = +165Ap Bonus Days:366 = +165Ap Bonus Days:367 = +165Ap Bonus Days:368 = +165Ap Bonus Days:369 = +166Ap Bonus Days:370 = +166Ap Bonus Days:371 = +166Ap Bonus Days:372 = +166Ap Bonus Days:373 = +166Ap Bonus Days:374 = +166Ap Bonus Days:375 = +166Ap Bonus Days:376 = +166Ap Bonus Days:377 = +166Ap Bonus Days:378 = +166Ap Bonus Days:379 = +166Ap Bonus Days:380 = +166Ap Bonus Days:381 = +166Ap Bonus Days:382 = +166Ap Bonus Days:383 = +167Ap Bonus Days:384 = +167Ap Bonus Days:385 = +167Ap Bonus Days:386 = +167Ap Bonus Days:387 = +167Ap Bonus Days:388 = +167Ap Bonus Days:389 = +167Ap Bonus Days:390 = +167Ap Bonus Days:391 = +167Ap Bonus Days:392 = +167Ap Bonus Days:393 = +167Ap Bonus Days:394 = +167Ap Bonus Days:395 = +167Ap Bonus Days:396 = +167Ap Bonus Days:397 = +168Ap Bonus Days:398 = +168Ap Bonus Days:399 = +168Ap Bonus Days:400 = +168Ap Bonus [/spoiler]401-600[spoiler] Days:401 = +168Ap Bonus Days:402 = +168Ap Bonus Days:403 = +168Ap Bonus Days:404 = +168Ap Bonus Days:405 = +168Ap Bonus Days:406 = +168Ap Bonus Days:407 = +168Ap Bonus Days:408 = +168Ap Bonus Days:409 = +168Ap Bonus Days:410 = +168Ap Bonus Days:411 = +169Ap Bonus Days:412 = +169Ap Bonus Days:413 = +169Ap Bonus Days:414 = +169Ap Bonus Days:415 = +169Ap Bonus Days:416 = +169Ap Bonus Days:417 = +169Ap Bonus Days:418 = +169Ap Bonus Days:419 = +169Ap Bonus Days:420 = +169Ap Bonus Days:421 = +169Ap Bonus Days:422 = +169Ap Bonus Days:423 = +169Ap Bonus Days:424 = +169Ap Bonus Days:425 = +169Ap Bonus Days:426 = +170Ap Bonus Days:427 = +170Ap Bonus Days:428 = +170Ap Bonus Days:429 = +170Ap Bonus Days:430 = +170Ap Bonus Days:431 = +170Ap Bonus Days:432 = +170Ap Bonus Days:433 = +170Ap Bonus Days:434 = +170Ap Bonus Days:435 = +170Ap Bonus Days:436 = +170Ap Bonus Days:437 = +170Ap Bonus Days:438 = +170Ap Bonus Days:439 = +170Ap Bonus Days:440 = +170Ap Bonus Days:441 = +170Ap Bonus Days:442 = +171Ap Bonus Days:443 = +171Ap Bonus Days:444 = +171Ap Bonus Days:445 = +171Ap Bonus Days:446 = +171Ap Bonus Days:447 = +171Ap Bonus Days:448 = +171Ap Bonus Days:449 = +171Ap Bonus Days:450 = +171Ap Bonus Days:451 = +171Ap Bonus Days:452 = +171Ap Bonus Days:453 = +171Ap Bonus Days:454 = +171Ap Bonus Days:455 = +171Ap Bonus Days:456 = +171Ap Bonus Days:457 = +171Ap Bonus Days:458 = +172Ap Bonus Days:459 = +172Ap Bonus Days:460 = +172Ap Bonus Days:461 = +172Ap Bonus Days:462 = +172Ap Bonus Days:463 = +172Ap Bonus Days:464 = +172Ap Bonus Days:465 = +172Ap Bonus Days:466 = +172Ap Bonus Days:467 = +172Ap Bonus Days:468 = +172Ap Bonus Days:469 = +172Ap Bonus Days:470 = +172Ap Bonus Days:471 = +172Ap Bonus Days:472 = +172Ap Bonus Days:473 = +172Ap Bonus Days:474 = +173Ap Bonus Days:475 = +173Ap Bonus Days:476 = +173Ap Bonus Days:477 = +173Ap Bonus Days:478 = +173Ap Bonus Days:479 = +173Ap Bonus Days:480 = +173Ap Bonus Days:481 = +173Ap Bonus Days:482 = +173Ap Bonus Days:483 = +173Ap Bonus Days:484 = +173Ap Bonus Days:485 = +173Ap Bonus Days:486 = +173Ap Bonus Days:487 = +173Ap Bonus Days:488 = +173Ap Bonus Days:489 = +173Ap Bonus Days:490 = +173Ap Bonus Days:491 = +174Ap Bonus Days:492 = +174Ap Bonus Days:493 = +174Ap Bonus Days:494 = +174Ap Bonus Days:495 = +174Ap Bonus Days:496 = +174Ap Bonus Days:497 = +174Ap Bonus Days:498 = +174Ap Bonus Days:499 = +174Ap Bonus Days:500 = +174Ap Bonus Days:501 = +174Ap Bonus Days:502 = +174Ap Bonus Days:503 = +174Ap Bonus Days:504 = +174Ap Bonus Days:505 = +174Ap Bonus Days:506 = +174Ap Bonus Days:507 = +174Ap Bonus Days:508 = +174Ap Bonus Days:509 = +175Ap Bonus Days:510 = +175Ap Bonus Days:511 = +175Ap Bonus Days:512 = +175Ap Bonus Days:513 = +175Ap Bonus Days:514 = +175Ap Bonus Days:515 = +175Ap Bonus Days:516 = +175Ap Bonus Days:517 = +175Ap Bonus Days:518 = +175Ap Bonus Days:519 = +175Ap Bonus Days:520 = +175Ap Bonus Days:521 = +175Ap Bonus Days:522 = +175Ap Bonus Days:523 = +175Ap Bonus Days:524 = +175Ap Bonus Days:525 = +175Ap Bonus Days:526 = +175Ap Bonus Days:527 = +175Ap Bonus Days:528 = +176Ap Bonus Days:529 = +176Ap Bonus Days:530 = +176Ap Bonus Days:531 = +176Ap Bonus Days:532 = +176Ap Bonus Days:533 = +176Ap Bonus Days:534 = +176Ap Bonus Days:535 = +176Ap Bonus Days:536 = +176Ap Bonus Days:537 = +176Ap Bonus Days:538 = +176Ap Bonus Days:539 = +176Ap Bonus Days:540 = +176Ap Bonus Days:541 = +176Ap Bonus Days:542 = +176Ap Bonus Days:543 = +176Ap Bonus Days:544 = +176Ap Bonus Days:545 = +176Ap Bonus Days:546 = +176Ap Bonus Days:547 = +177Ap Bonus Days:548 = +177Ap Bonus Days:549 = +177Ap Bonus Days:550 = +177Ap Bonus Days:551 = +177Ap Bonus Days:552 = +177Ap Bonus Days:553 = +177Ap Bonus Days:554 = +177Ap Bonus Days:555 = +177Ap Bonus Days:556 = +177Ap Bonus Days:557 = +177Ap Bonus Days:558 = +177Ap Bonus Days:559 = +177Ap Bonus Days:560 = +177Ap Bonus Days:561 = +177Ap Bonus Days:562 = +177Ap Bonus Days:563 = +177Ap Bonus Days:564 = +177Ap Bonus Days:565 = +177Ap Bonus Days:566 = +177Ap Bonus Days:567 = +178Ap Bonus Days:568 = +178Ap Bonus Days:569 = +178Ap Bonus Days:570 = +178Ap Bonus Days:571 = +178Ap Bonus Days:572 = +178Ap Bonus Days:573 = +178Ap Bonus Days:574 = +178Ap Bonus Days:575 = +178Ap Bonus Days:576 = +178Ap Bonus Days:577 = +178Ap Bonus Days:578 = +178Ap Bonus Days:579 = +178Ap Bonus Days:580 = +178Ap Bonus Days:581 = +178Ap Bonus Days:582 = +178Ap Bonus Days:583 = +178Ap Bonus Days:584 = +178Ap Bonus Days:585 = +178Ap Bonus Days:586 = +178Ap Bonus Days:587 = +179Ap Bonus Days:588 = +179Ap Bonus Days:589 = +179Ap Bonus Days:590 = +179Ap Bonus Days:591 = +179Ap Bonus Days:592 = +179Ap Bonus Days:593 = +179Ap Bonus Days:594 = +179Ap Bonus Days:595 = +179Ap Bonus Days:596 = +179Ap Bonus Days:597 = +179Ap Bonus Days:598 = +179Ap Bonus Days:599 = +179Ap Bonus Days:600 = +179Ap Bonus [/spoiler]601-800[spoiler] Days:601 = +179Ap Bonus Days:602 = +179Ap Bonus Days:603 = +179Ap Bonus Days:604 = +179Ap Bonus Days:605 = +179Ap Bonus Days:606 = +179Ap Bonus Days:607 = +179Ap Bonus Days:608 = +179Ap Bonus Days:609 = +180Ap Bonus Days:610 = +180Ap Bonus Days:611 = +180Ap Bonus Days:612 = +180Ap Bonus Days:613 = +180Ap Bonus Days:614 = +180Ap Bonus Days:615 = +180Ap Bonus Days:616 = +180Ap Bonus Days:617 = +180Ap Bonus Days:618 = +180Ap Bonus Days:619 = +180Ap Bonus Days:620 = +180Ap Bonus Days:621 = +180Ap Bonus Days:622 = +180Ap Bonus Days:623 = +180Ap Bonus Days:624 = +180Ap Bonus Days:625 = +180Ap Bonus Days:626 = +180Ap Bonus Days:627 = +180Ap Bonus Days:628 = +180Ap Bonus Days:629 = +180Ap Bonus Days:630 = +180Ap Bonus Days:631 = +181Ap Bonus Days:632 = +181Ap Bonus Days:633 = +181Ap Bonus Days:634 = +181Ap Bonus Days:635 = +181Ap Bonus Days:636 = +181Ap Bonus Days:637 = +181Ap Bonus Days:638 = +181Ap Bonus Days:639 = +181Ap Bonus Days:640 = +181Ap Bonus Days:641 = +181Ap Bonus Days:642 = +181Ap Bonus Days:643 = +181Ap Bonus Days:644 = +181Ap Bonus Days:645 = +181Ap Bonus Days:646 = +181Ap Bonus Days:647 = +181Ap Bonus Days:648 = +181Ap Bonus Days:649 = +181Ap Bonus Days:650 = +181Ap Bonus Days:651 = +181Ap Bonus Days:652 = +181Ap Bonus Days:653 = +181Ap Bonus Days:654 = +182Ap Bonus Days:655 = +182Ap Bonus Days:656 = +182Ap Bonus Days:657 = +182Ap Bonus Days:658 = +182Ap Bonus Days:659 = +182Ap Bonus Days:660 = +182Ap Bonus Days:661 = +182Ap Bonus Days:662 = +182Ap Bonus Days:663 = +182Ap Bonus Days:664 = +182Ap Bonus Days:665 = +182Ap Bonus Days:666 = +182Ap Bonus Days:667 = +182Ap Bonus Days:668 = +182Ap Bonus Days:669 = +182Ap Bonus Days:670 = +182Ap Bonus Days:671 = +182Ap Bonus Days:672 = +182Ap Bonus Days:673 = +182Ap Bonus Days:674 = +182Ap Bonus Days:675 = +182Ap Bonus Days:676 = +182Ap Bonus Days:677 = +182Ap Bonus Days:678 = +183Ap Bonus Days:679 = +183Ap Bonus Days:680 = +183Ap Bonus Days:681 = +183Ap Bonus Days:682 = +183Ap Bonus Days:683 = +183Ap Bonus Days:684 = +183Ap Bonus Days:685 = +183Ap Bonus Days:686 = +183Ap Bonus Days:687 = +183Ap Bonus Days:688 = +183Ap Bonus Days:689 = +183Ap Bonus Days:690 = +183Ap Bonus Days:691 = +183Ap Bonus Days:692 = +183Ap Bonus Days:693 = +183Ap Bonus Days:694 = +183Ap Bonus Days:695 = +183Ap Bonus Days:696 = +183Ap Bonus Days:697 = +183Ap Bonus Days:698 = +183Ap Bonus Days:699 = +183Ap Bonus Days:700 = +183Ap Bonus Days:701 = +183Ap Bonus Days:702 = +184Ap Bonus Days:703 = +184Ap Bonus Days:704 = +184Ap Bonus Days:705 = +184Ap Bonus Days:706 = +184Ap Bonus Days:707 = +184Ap Bonus Days:708 = +184Ap Bonus Days:709 = +184Ap Bonus Days:710 = +184Ap Bonus Days:711 = +184Ap Bonus Days:712 = +184Ap Bonus Days:713 = +184Ap Bonus Days:714 = +184Ap Bonus Days:715 = +184Ap Bonus Days:716 = +184Ap Bonus Days:717 = +184Ap Bonus Days:718 = +184Ap Bonus Days:719 = +184Ap Bonus Days:720 = +184Ap Bonus Days:721 = +184Ap Bonus Days:722 = +184Ap Bonus Days:723 = +184Ap Bonus Days:724 = +184Ap Bonus Days:725 = +184Ap Bonus Days:726 = +184Ap Bonus Days:727 = +184Ap Bonus Days:728 = +185Ap Bonus Days:729 = +185Ap Bonus Days:730 = +185Ap Bonus Days:731 = +185Ap Bonus Days:732 = +185Ap Bonus Days:733 = +185Ap Bonus Days:734 = +185Ap Bonus Days:735 = +185Ap Bonus Days:736 = +185Ap Bonus Days:737 = +185Ap Bonus Days:738 = +185Ap Bonus Days:739 = +185Ap Bonus Days:740 = +185Ap Bonus Days:741 = +185Ap Bonus Days:742 = +185Ap Bonus Days:743 = +185Ap Bonus Days:744 = +185Ap Bonus Days:745 = +185Ap Bonus Days:746 = +185Ap Bonus Days:747 = +185Ap Bonus Days:748 = +185Ap Bonus Days:749 = +185Ap Bonus Days:750 = +185Ap Bonus Days:751 = +185Ap Bonus Days:752 = +185Ap Bonus Days:753 = +185Ap Bonus Days:754 = +186Ap Bonus Days:755 = +186Ap Bonus Days:756 = +186Ap Bonus Days:757 = +186Ap Bonus Days:758 = +186Ap Bonus Days:759 = +186Ap Bonus Days:760 = +186Ap Bonus Days:761 = +186Ap Bonus Days:762 = +186Ap Bonus Days:763 = +186Ap Bonus Days:764 = +186Ap Bonus Days:765 = +186Ap Bonus Days:766 = +186Ap Bonus Days:767 = +186Ap Bonus Days:768 = +186Ap Bonus Days:769 = +186Ap Bonus Days:770 = +186Ap Bonus Days:771 = +186Ap Bonus Days:772 = +186Ap Bonus Days:773 = +186Ap Bonus Days:774 = +186Ap Bonus Days:775 = +186Ap Bonus Days:776 = +186Ap Bonus Days:777 = +186Ap Bonus Days:778 = +186Ap Bonus Days:779 = +186Ap Bonus Days:780 = +186Ap Bonus Days:781 = +186Ap Bonus Days:782 = +187Ap Bonus Days:783 = +187Ap Bonus Days:784 = +187Ap Bonus Days:785 = +187Ap Bonus Days:786 = +187Ap Bonus Days:787 = +187Ap Bonus Days:788 = +187Ap Bonus Days:789 = +187Ap Bonus Days:790 = +187Ap Bonus Days:791 = +187Ap Bonus Days:792 = +187Ap Bonus Days:793 = +187Ap Bonus Days:794 = +187Ap Bonus Days:795 = +187Ap Bonus Days:796 = +187Ap Bonus Days:797 = +187Ap Bonus Days:798 = +187Ap Bonus Days:799 = +187Ap Bonus Days:800 = +187Ap Bonus [/spoiler]801-1000[spoiler] Days:801 = +187Ap Bonus Days:802 = +187Ap Bonus Days:803 = +187Ap Bonus Days:804 = +187Ap Bonus Days:805 = +187Ap Bonus Days:806 = +187Ap Bonus Days:807 = +187Ap Bonus Days:808 = +187Ap Bonus Days:809 = +187Ap Bonus Days:810 = +188Ap Bonus Days:811 = +188Ap Bonus Days:812 = +188Ap Bonus Days:813 = +188Ap Bonus Days:814 = +188Ap Bonus Days:815 = +188Ap Bonus Days:816 = +188Ap Bonus Days:817 = +188Ap Bonus Days:818 = +188Ap Bonus Days:819 = +188Ap Bonus Days:820 = +188Ap Bonus Days:821 = +188Ap Bonus Days:822 = +188Ap Bonus Days:823 = +188Ap Bonus Days:824 = +188Ap Bonus Days:825 = +188Ap Bonus Days:826 = +188Ap Bonus Days:827 = +188Ap Bonus Days:828 = +188Ap Bonus Days:829 = +188Ap Bonus Days:830 = +188Ap Bonus Days:831 = +188Ap Bonus Days:832 = +188Ap Bonus Days:833 = +188Ap Bonus Days:834 = +188Ap Bonus Days:835 = +188Ap Bonus Days:836 = +188Ap Bonus Days:837 = +188Ap Bonus Days:838 = +188Ap Bonus Days:839 = +189Ap Bonus Days:840 = +189Ap Bonus Days:841 = +189Ap Bonus Days:842 = +189Ap Bonus Days:843 = +189Ap Bonus Days:844 = +189Ap Bonus Days:845 = +189Ap Bonus Days:846 = +189Ap Bonus Days:847 = +189Ap Bonus Days:848 = +189Ap Bonus Days:849 = +189Ap Bonus Days:850 = +189Ap Bonus Days:851 = +189Ap Bonus Days:852 = +189Ap Bonus Days:853 = +189Ap Bonus Days:854 = +189Ap Bonus Days:855 = +189Ap Bonus Days:856 = +189Ap Bonus Days:857 = +189Ap Bonus Days:858 = +189Ap Bonus Days:859 = +189Ap Bonus Days:860 = +189Ap Bonus Days:861 = +189Ap Bonus Days:862 = +189Ap Bonus Days:863 = +189Ap Bonus Days:864 = +189Ap Bonus Days:865 = +189Ap Bonus Days:866 = +189Ap Bonus Days:867 = +189Ap Bonus Days:868 = +189Ap Bonus Days:869 = +189Ap Bonus Days:870 = +190Ap Bonus Days:871 = +190Ap Bonus Days:872 = +190Ap Bonus Days:873 = +190Ap Bonus Days:874 = +190Ap Bonus Days:875 = +190Ap Bonus Days:876 = +190Ap Bonus Days:877 = +190Ap Bonus Days:878 = +190Ap Bonus Days:879 = +190Ap Bonus Days:880 = +190Ap Bonus Days:881 = +190Ap Bonus Days:882 = +190Ap Bonus Days:883 = +190Ap Bonus Days:884 = +190Ap Bonus Days:885 = +190Ap Bonus Days:886 = +190Ap Bonus Days:887 = +190Ap Bonus Days:888 = +190Ap Bonus Days:889 = +190Ap Bonus Days:890 = +190Ap Bonus Days:891 = +190Ap Bonus Days:892 = +190Ap Bonus Days:893 = +190Ap Bonus Days:894 = +190Ap Bonus Days:895 = +190Ap Bonus Days:896 = +190Ap Bonus Days:897 = +190Ap Bonus Days:898 = +190Ap Bonus Days:899 = +190Ap Bonus Days:900 = +190Ap Bonus Days:901 = +190Ap Bonus Days:902 = +191Ap Bonus Days:903 = +191Ap Bonus Days:904 = +191Ap Bonus Days:905 = +191Ap Bonus Days:906 = +191Ap Bonus Days:907 = +191Ap Bonus Days:908 = +191Ap Bonus Days:909 = +191Ap Bonus Days:910 = +191Ap Bonus Days:911 = +191Ap Bonus Days:912 = +191Ap Bonus Days:913 = +191Ap Bonus Days:914 = +191Ap Bonus Days:915 = +191Ap Bonus Days:916 = +191Ap Bonus Days:917 = +191Ap Bonus Days:918 = +191Ap Bonus Days:919 = +191Ap Bonus Days:920 = +191Ap Bonus Days:921 = +191Ap Bonus Days:922 = +191Ap Bonus Days:923 = +191Ap Bonus Days:924 = +191Ap Bonus Days:925 = +191Ap Bonus Days:926 = +191Ap Bonus Days:927 = +191Ap Bonus Days:928 = +191Ap Bonus Days:929 = +191Ap Bonus Days:930 = +191Ap Bonus Days:931 = +191Ap Bonus Days:932 = +191Ap Bonus Days:933 = +191Ap Bonus Days:934 = +192Ap Bonus Days:935 = +192Ap Bonus Days:936 = +192Ap Bonus Days:937 = +192Ap Bonus Days:938 = +192Ap Bonus Days:939 = +192Ap Bonus Days:940 = +192Ap Bonus Days:941 = +192Ap Bonus Days:942 = +192Ap Bonus Days:943 = +192Ap Bonus Days:944 = +192Ap Bonus Days:945 = +192Ap Bonus Days:946 = +192Ap Bonus Days:947 = +192Ap Bonus Days:948 = +192Ap Bonus Days:949 = +192Ap Bonus Days:950 = +192Ap Bonus Days:951 = +192Ap Bonus Days:952 = +192Ap Bonus Days:953 = +192Ap Bonus Days:954 = +192Ap Bonus Days:955 = +192Ap Bonus Days:956 = +192Ap Bonus Days:957 = +192Ap Bonus Days:958 = +192Ap Bonus Days:959 = +192Ap Bonus Days:960 = +192Ap Bonus Days:961 = +192Ap Bonus Days:962 = +192Ap Bonus Days:963 = +192Ap Bonus Days:964 = +192Ap Bonus Days:965 = +192Ap Bonus Days:966 = +192Ap Bonus Days:967 = +192Ap Bonus Days:968 = +193Ap Bonus Days:969 = +193Ap Bonus Days:970 = +193Ap Bonus Days:971 = +193Ap Bonus Days:972 = +193Ap Bonus Days:973 = +193Ap Bonus Days:974 = +193Ap Bonus Days:975 = +193Ap Bonus Days:976 = +193Ap Bonus Days:977 = +193Ap Bonus Days:978 = +193Ap Bonus Days:979 = +193Ap Bonus Days:980 = +193Ap Bonus Days:981 = +193Ap Bonus Days:982 = +193Ap Bonus Days:983 = +193Ap Bonus Days:984 = +193Ap Bonus Days:985 = +193Ap Bonus Days:986 = +193Ap Bonus Days:987 = +193Ap Bonus Days:988 = +193Ap Bonus Days:989 = +193Ap Bonus Days:990 = +193Ap Bonus Days:991 = +193Ap Bonus Days:992 = +193Ap Bonus Days:993 = +193Ap Bonus Days:994 = +193Ap Bonus Days:995 = +193Ap Bonus Days:996 = +193Ap Bonus Days:997 = +193Ap Bonus Days:998 = +193Ap Bonus Days:999 = +193Ap Bonus Days:1000 = +193Ap Bonus [/spoiler]1001-2000[spoiler] Days:1001 = +193Ap Bonus Days:1002 = +193Ap Bonus Days:1003 = +194Ap Bonus Days:1004 = +194Ap Bonus Days:1005 = +194Ap Bonus Days:1006 = +194Ap Bonus Days:1007 = +194Ap Bonus Days:1008 = +194Ap Bonus Days:1009 = +194Ap Bonus Days:1010 = +194Ap Bonus Days:1011 = +194Ap Bonus Days:1012 = +194Ap Bonus Days:1013 = +194Ap Bonus Days:1014 = +194Ap Bonus Days:1015 = +194Ap Bonus Days:1016 = +194Ap Bonus Days:1017 = +194Ap Bonus Days:1018 = +194Ap Bonus Days:1019 = +194Ap Bonus Days:1020 = +194Ap Bonus Days:1021 = +194Ap Bonus Days:1022 = +194Ap Bonus Days:1023 = +194Ap Bonus Days:1024 = +194Ap Bonus Days:1025 = +194Ap Bonus Days:1026 = +194Ap Bonus Days:1027 = +194Ap Bonus Days:1028 = +194Ap Bonus Days:1029 = +194Ap Bonus Days:1030 = +194Ap Bonus Days:1031 = +194Ap Bonus Days:1032 = +194Ap Bonus Days:1033 = +194Ap Bonus Days:1034 = +194Ap Bonus Days:1035 = +194Ap Bonus Days:1036 = +194Ap Bonus Days:1037 = +194Ap Bonus Days:1038 = +194Ap Bonus Days:1039 = +194Ap Bonus Days:1040 = +195Ap Bonus Days:1041 = +195Ap Bonus Days:1042 = +195Ap Bonus Days:1043 = +195Ap Bonus Days:1044 = +195Ap Bonus Days:1045 = +195Ap Bonus Days:1046 = +195Ap Bonus Days:1047 = +195Ap Bonus Days:1048 = +195Ap Bonus Days:1049 = +195Ap Bonus Days:1050 = +195Ap Bonus Days:1051 = +195Ap Bonus Days:1052 = +195Ap Bonus Days:1053 = +195Ap Bonus Days:1054 = +195Ap Bonus Days:1055 = +195Ap Bonus Days:1056 = +195Ap Bonus Days:1057 = +195Ap Bonus Days:1058 = +195Ap Bonus Days:1059 = +195Ap Bonus Days:1060 = +195Ap Bonus Days:1061 = +195Ap Bonus Days:1062 = +195Ap Bonus Days:1063 = +195Ap Bonus Days:1064 = +195Ap Bonus Days:1065 = +195Ap Bonus Days:1066 = +195Ap Bonus Days:1067 = +195Ap Bonus Days:1068 = +195Ap Bonus Days:1069 = +195Ap Bonus Days:1070 = +195Ap Bonus Days:1071 = +195Ap Bonus Days:1072 = +195Ap Bonus Days:1073 = +195Ap Bonus Days:1074 = +195Ap Bonus Days:1075 = +195Ap Bonus Days:1076 = +195Ap Bonus Days:1077 = +195Ap Bonus Days:1078 = +196Ap Bonus Days:1079 = +196Ap Bonus Days:1080 = +196Ap Bonus Days:1081 = +196Ap Bonus Days:1082 = +196Ap Bonus Days:1083 = +196Ap Bonus Days:1084 = +196Ap Bonus Days:1085 = +196Ap Bonus Days:1086 = +196Ap Bonus Days:1087 = +196Ap Bonus Days:1088 = +196Ap Bonus Days:1089 = +196Ap Bonus Days:1090 = +196Ap Bonus Days:1091 = +196Ap Bonus Days:1092 = +196Ap Bonus Days:1093 = +196Ap Bonus Days:1094 = +196Ap Bonus Days:1095 = +196Ap Bonus Days:1096 = +196Ap Bonus Days:1097 = +196Ap Bonus Days:1098 = +196Ap Bonus Days:1099 = +196Ap Bonus Days:1100 = +196Ap Bonus Days:1101 = +196Ap Bonus Days:1102 = +196Ap Bonus Days:1103 = +196Ap Bonus Days:1104 = +196Ap Bonus Days:1105 = +196Ap Bonus Days:1106 = +196Ap Bonus Days:1107 = +196Ap Bonus Days:1108 = +196Ap Bonus Days:1109 = +196Ap Bonus Days:1110 = +196Ap Bonus Days:1111 = +196Ap Bonus Days:1112 = +196Ap Bonus Days:1113 = +196Ap Bonus Days:1114 = +196Ap Bonus Days:1115 = +196Ap Bonus Days:1116 = +196Ap Bonus Days:1117 = +197Ap Bonus Days:1118 = +197Ap Bonus Days:1119 = +197Ap Bonus Days:1120 = +197Ap Bonus Days:1121 = +197Ap Bonus Days:1122 = +197Ap Bonus Days:1123 = +197Ap Bonus Days:1124 = +197Ap Bonus Days:1125 = +197Ap Bonus Days:1126 = +197Ap Bonus Days:1127 = +197Ap Bonus Days:1128 = +197Ap Bonus Days:1129 = +197Ap Bonus Days:1130 = +197Ap Bonus Days:1131 = +197Ap Bonus Days:1132 = +197Ap Bonus Days:1133 = +197Ap Bonus Days:1134 = +197Ap Bonus Days:1135 = +197Ap Bonus Days:1136 = +197Ap Bonus Days:1137 = +197Ap Bonus Days:1138 = +197Ap Bonus Days:1139 = +197Ap Bonus Days:1140 = +197Ap Bonus Days:1141 = +197Ap Bonus Days:1142 = +197Ap Bonus Days:1143 = +197Ap Bonus Days:1144 = +197Ap Bonus Days:1145 = +197Ap Bonus Days:1146 = +197Ap Bonus Days:1147 = +197Ap Bonus Days:1148 = +197Ap Bonus Days:1149 = +197Ap Bonus Days:1150 = +197Ap Bonus Days:1151 = +197Ap Bonus Days:1152 = +197Ap Bonus Days:1153 = +197Ap Bonus Days:1154 = +197Ap Bonus Days:1155 = +197Ap Bonus Days:1156 = +197Ap Bonus Days:1157 = +198Ap Bonus Days:1158 = +198Ap Bonus Days:1159 = +198Ap Bonus Days:1160 = +198Ap Bonus Days:1161 = +198Ap Bonus Days:1162 = +198Ap Bonus Days:1163 = +198Ap Bonus Days:1164 = +198Ap Bonus Days:1165 = +198Ap Bonus Days:1166 = +198Ap Bonus Days:1167 = +198Ap Bonus Days:1168 = +198Ap Bonus Days:1169 = +198Ap Bonus Days:1170 = +198Ap Bonus Days:1171 = +198Ap Bonus Days:1172 = +198Ap Bonus Days:1173 = +198Ap Bonus Days:1174 = +198Ap Bonus Days:1175 = +198Ap Bonus Days:1176 = +198Ap Bonus Days:1177 = +198Ap Bonus Days:1178 = +198Ap Bonus Days:1179 = +198Ap Bonus Days:1180 = +198Ap Bonus Days:1181 = +198Ap Bonus Days:1182 = +198Ap Bonus Days:1183 = +198Ap Bonus Days:1184 = +198Ap Bonus Days:1185 = +198Ap Bonus Days:1186 = +198Ap Bonus Days:1187 = +198Ap Bonus Days:1188 = +198Ap Bonus Days:1189 = +198Ap Bonus Days:1190 = +198Ap Bonus Days:1191 = +198Ap Bonus Days:1192 = +198Ap Bonus Days:1193 = +198Ap Bonus Days:1194 = +198Ap Bonus Days:1195 = +198Ap Bonus Days:1196 = +198Ap Bonus Days:1197 = +198Ap Bonus Days:1198 = +198Ap Bonus Days:1199 = +198Ap Bonus Days:1200 = +199Ap Bonus Days:1201 = +199Ap Bonus Days:1202 = +199Ap Bonus Days:1203 = +199Ap Bonus Days:1204 = +199Ap Bonus Days:1205 = +199Ap Bonus Days:1206 = +199Ap Bonus Days:1207 = +199Ap Bonus Days:1208 = +199Ap Bonus Days:1209 = +199Ap Bonus Days:1210 = +199Ap Bonus Days:1211 = +199Ap Bonus Days:1212 = +199Ap Bonus Days:1213 = +199Ap Bonus Days:1214 = +199Ap Bonus Days:1215 = +199Ap Bonus Days:1216 = +199Ap Bonus Days:1217 = +199Ap Bonus Days:1218 = +199Ap Bonus Days:1219 = +199Ap Bonus Days:1220 = +199Ap Bonus Days:1221 = +199Ap Bonus Days:1222 = +199Ap Bonus Days:1223 = +199Ap Bonus Days:1224 = +199Ap Bonus Days:1225 = +199Ap Bonus Days:1226 = +199Ap Bonus Days:1227 = +199Ap Bonus Days:1228 = +199Ap Bonus Days:1229 = +199Ap Bonus Days:1230 = +199Ap Bonus Days:1231 = +199Ap Bonus Days:1232 = +199Ap Bonus Days:1233 = +199Ap Bonus Days:1234 = +199Ap Bonus Days:1235 = +199Ap Bonus Days:1236 = +199Ap Bonus Days:1237 = +199Ap Bonus Days:1238 = +199Ap Bonus Days:1239 = +199Ap Bonus Days:1240 = +199Ap Bonus Days:1241 = +199Ap Bonus Days:1242 = +199Ap Bonus Days:1243 = +200Ap Bonus Days:1244 = +200Ap Bonus Days:1245 = +200Ap Bonus Days:1246 = +200Ap Bonus Days:1247 = +200Ap Bonus Days:1248 = +200Ap Bonus Days:1249 = +200Ap Bonus Days:1250 = +200Ap Bonus Days:1251 = +200Ap Bonus Days:1252 = +200Ap Bonus Days:1253 = +200Ap Bonus Days:1254 = +200Ap Bonus Days:1255 = +200Ap Bonus Days:1256 = +200Ap Bonus Days:1257 = +200Ap Bonus Days:1258 = +200Ap Bonus Days:1259 = +200Ap Bonus Days:1260 = +200Ap Bonus Days:1261 = +200Ap Bonus Days:1262 = +200Ap Bonus Days:1263 = +200Ap Bonus Days:1264 = +200Ap Bonus Days:1265 = +200Ap Bonus Days:1266 = +200Ap Bonus Days:1267 = +200Ap Bonus Days:1268 = +200Ap Bonus Days:1269 = +200Ap Bonus Days:1270 = +200Ap Bonus Days:1271 = +200Ap Bonus Days:1272 = +200Ap Bonus Days:1273 = +200Ap Bonus Days:1274 = +200Ap Bonus Days:1275 = +200Ap Bonus Days:1276 = +200Ap Bonus Days:1277 = +200Ap Bonus Days:1278 = +200Ap Bonus Days:1279 = +200Ap Bonus Days:1280 = +200Ap Bonus Days:1281 = +200Ap Bonus Days:1282 = +200Ap Bonus Days:1283 = +200Ap Bonus Days:1284 = +200Ap Bonus Days:1285 = +200Ap Bonus Days:1286 = +200Ap Bonus Days:1287 = +200Ap Bonus Days:1288 = +201Ap Bonus Days:1289 = +201Ap Bonus Days:1290 = +201Ap Bonus Days:1291 = +201Ap Bonus Days:1292 = +201Ap Bonus Days:1293 = +201Ap Bonus Days:1294 = +201Ap Bonus Days:1295 = +201Ap Bonus Days:1296 = +201Ap Bonus Days:1297 = +201Ap Bonus Days:1298 = +201Ap Bonus Days:1299 = +201Ap Bonus Days:1300 = +201Ap Bonus Days:1301 = +201Ap Bonus Days:1302 = +201Ap Bonus Days:1303 = +201Ap Bonus Days:1304 = +201Ap Bonus Days:1305 = +201Ap Bonus Days:1306 = +201Ap Bonus Days:1307 = +201Ap Bonus Days:1308 = +201Ap Bonus Days:1309 = +201Ap Bonus Days:1310 = +201Ap Bonus Days:1311 = +201Ap Bonus Days:1312 = +201Ap Bonus Days:1313 = +201Ap Bonus Days:1314 = +201Ap Bonus Days:1315 = +201Ap Bonus Days:1316 = +201Ap Bonus Days:1317 = +201Ap Bonus Days:1318 = +201Ap Bonus Days:1319 = +201Ap Bonus Days:1320 = +201Ap Bonus Days:1321 = +201Ap Bonus Days:1322 = +201Ap Bonus Days:1323 = +201Ap Bonus Days:1324 = +201Ap Bonus Days:1325 = +201Ap Bonus Days:1326 = +201Ap Bonus Days:1327 = +201Ap Bonus Days:1328 = +201Ap Bonus Days:1329 = +201Ap Bonus Days:1330 = +201Ap Bonus Days:1331 = +201Ap Bonus Days:1332 = +201Ap Bonus Days:1333 = +201Ap Bonus Days:1334 = +201Ap Bonus Days:1335 = +202Ap Bonus Days:1336 = +202Ap Bonus Days:1337 = +202Ap Bonus Days:1338 = +202Ap Bonus Days:1339 = +202Ap Bonus Days:1340 = +202Ap Bonus Days:1341 = +202Ap Bonus Days:1342 = +202Ap Bonus Days:1343 = +202Ap Bonus Days:1344 = +202Ap Bonus Days:1345 = +202Ap Bonus Days:1346 = +202Ap Bonus Days:1347 = +202Ap Bonus Days:1348 = +202Ap Bonus Days:1349 = +202Ap Bonus Days:1350 = +202Ap Bonus Days:1351 = +202Ap Bonus Days:1352 = +202Ap Bonus Days:1353 = +202Ap Bonus Days:1354 = +202Ap Bonus Days:1355 = +202Ap Bonus Days:1356 = +202Ap Bonus Days:1357 = +202Ap Bonus Days:1358 = +202Ap Bonus Days:1359 = +202Ap Bonus Days:1360 = +202Ap Bonus Days:1361 = +202Ap Bonus Days:1362 = +202Ap Bonus Days:1363 = +202Ap Bonus Days:1364 = +202Ap Bonus Days:1365 = +202Ap Bonus Days:1366 = +202Ap Bonus Days:1367 = +202Ap Bonus Days:1368 = +202Ap Bonus Days:1369 = +202Ap Bonus Days:1370 = +202Ap Bonus Days:1371 = +202Ap Bonus Days:1372 = +202Ap Bonus Days:1373 = +202Ap Bonus Days:1374 = +202Ap Bonus Days:1375 = +202Ap Bonus Days:1376 = +202Ap Bonus Days:1377 = +202Ap Bonus Days:1378 = +202Ap Bonus Days:1379 = +202Ap Bonus Days:1380 = +202Ap Bonus Days:1381 = +202Ap Bonus Days:1382 = +202Ap Bonus Days:1383 = +202Ap Bonus Days:1384 = +203Ap Bonus Days:1385 = +203Ap Bonus Days:1386 = +203Ap Bonus Days:1387 = +203Ap Bonus Days:1388 = +203Ap Bonus Days:1389 = +203Ap Bonus Days:1390 = +203Ap Bonus Days:1391 = +203Ap Bonus Days:1392 = +203Ap Bonus Days:1393 = +203Ap Bonus Days:1394 = +203Ap Bonus Days:1395 = +203Ap Bonus Days:1396 = +203Ap Bonus Days:1397 = +203Ap Bonus Days:1398 = +203Ap Bonus Days:1399 = +203Ap Bonus Days:1400 = +203Ap Bonus Days:1401 = +203Ap Bonus Days:1402 = +203Ap Bonus Days:1403 = +203Ap Bonus Days:1404 = +203Ap Bonus Days:1405 = +203Ap Bonus Days:1406 = +203Ap Bonus Days:1407 = +203Ap Bonus Days:1408 = +203Ap Bonus Days:1409 = +203Ap Bonus Days:1410 = +203Ap Bonus Days:1411 = +203Ap Bonus Days:1412 = +203Ap Bonus Days:1413 = +203Ap Bonus Days:1414 = +203Ap Bonus Days:1415 = +203Ap Bonus Days:1416 = +203Ap Bonus Days:1417 = +203Ap Bonus Days:1418 = +203Ap Bonus Days:1419 = +203Ap Bonus Days:1420 = +203Ap Bonus Days:1421 = +203Ap Bonus Days:1422 = +203Ap Bonus Days:1423 = +203Ap Bonus Days:1424 = +203Ap Bonus Days:1425 = +203Ap Bonus Days:1426 = +203Ap Bonus Days:1427 = +203Ap Bonus Days:1428 = +203Ap Bonus Days:1429 = +203Ap Bonus Days:1430 = +203Ap Bonus Days:1431 = +203Ap Bonus Days:1432 = +203Ap Bonus Days:1433 = +203Ap Bonus Days:1434 = +204Ap Bonus Days:1435 = +204Ap Bonus Days:1436 = +204Ap Bonus Days:1437 = +204Ap Bonus Days:1438 = +204Ap Bonus Days:1439 = +204Ap Bonus Days:1440 = +204Ap Bonus Days:1441 = +204Ap Bonus Days:1442 = +204Ap Bonus Days:1443 = +204Ap Bonus Days:1444 = +204Ap Bonus Days:1445 = +204Ap Bonus Days:1446 = +204Ap Bonus Days:1447 = +204Ap Bonus Days:1448 = +204Ap Bonus Days:1449 = +204Ap Bonus Days:1450 = +204Ap Bonus Days:1451 = +204Ap Bonus Days:1452 = +204Ap Bonus Days:1453 = +204Ap Bonus Days:1454 = +204Ap Bonus Days:1455 = +204Ap Bonus Days:1456 = +204Ap Bonus Days:1457 = +204Ap Bonus Days:1458 = +204Ap Bonus Days:1459 = +204Ap Bonus Days:1460 = +204Ap Bonus Days:1461 = +204Ap Bonus Days:1462 = +204Ap Bonus Days:1463 = +204Ap Bonus Days:1464 = +204Ap Bonus Days:1465 = +204Ap Bonus Days:1466 = +204Ap Bonus Days:1467 = +204Ap Bonus Days:1468 = +204Ap Bonus Days:1469 = +204Ap Bonus Days:1470 = +204Ap Bonus Days:1471 = +204Ap Bonus Days:1472 = +204Ap Bonus Days:1473 = +204Ap Bonus Days:1474 = +204Ap Bonus Days:1475 = +204Ap Bonus Days:1476 = +204Ap Bonus Days:1477 = +204Ap Bonus Days:1478 = +204Ap Bonus Days:1479 = +204Ap Bonus Days:1480 = +204Ap Bonus Days:1481 = +204Ap Bonus Days:1482 = +204Ap Bonus Days:1483 = +204Ap Bonus Days:1484 = +204Ap Bonus Days:1485 = +204Ap Bonus Days:1486 = +205Ap Bonus Days:1487 = +205Ap Bonus Days:1488 = +205Ap Bonus Days:1489 = +205Ap Bonus Days:1490 = +205Ap Bonus Days:1491 = +205Ap Bonus Days:1492 = +205Ap Bonus Days:1493 = +205Ap Bonus Days:1494 = +205Ap Bonus Days:1495 = +205Ap Bonus Days:1496 = +205Ap Bonus Days:1497 = +205Ap Bonus Days:1498 = +205Ap Bonus Days:1499 = +205Ap Bonus Days:1500 = +205Ap Bonus Days:1501 = +205Ap Bonus Days:1502 = +205Ap Bonus Days:1503 = +205Ap Bonus Days:1504 = +205Ap Bonus Days:1505 = +205Ap Bonus Days:1506 = +205Ap Bonus Days:1507 = +205Ap Bonus Days:1508 = +205Ap Bonus Days:1509 = +205Ap Bonus Days:1510 = +205Ap Bonus Days:1511 = +205Ap Bonus Days:1512 = +205Ap Bonus Days:1513 = +205Ap Bonus Days:1514 = +205Ap Bonus Days:1515 = +205Ap Bonus Days:1516 = +205Ap Bonus Days:1517 = +205Ap Bonus Days:1518 = +205Ap Bonus Days:1519 = +205Ap Bonus Days:1520 = +205Ap Bonus Days:1521 = +205Ap Bonus Days:1522 = +205Ap Bonus Days:1523 = +205Ap Bonus Days:1524 = +205Ap Bonus Days:1525 = +205Ap Bonus Days:1526 = +205Ap Bonus Days:1527 = +205Ap Bonus Days:1528 = +205Ap Bonus Days:1529 = +205Ap Bonus Days:1530 = +205Ap Bonus Days:1531 = +205Ap Bonus Days:1532 = +205Ap Bonus Days:1533 = +205Ap Bonus Days:1534 = +205Ap Bonus Days:1535 = +205Ap Bonus Days:1536 = +205Ap Bonus Days:1537 = +205Ap Bonus Days:1538 = +205Ap Bonus Days:1539 = +205Ap Bonus Days:1540 = +206Ap Bonus Days:1541 = +206Ap Bonus Days:1542 = +206Ap Bonus Days:1543 = +206Ap Bonus Days:1544 = +206Ap Bonus Days:1545 = +206Ap Bonus Days:1546 = +206Ap Bonus Days:1547 = +206Ap Bonus Days:1548 = +206Ap Bonus Days:1549 = +206Ap Bonus Days:1550 = +206Ap Bonus Days:1551 = +206Ap Bonus Days:1552 = +206Ap Bonus Days:1553 = +206Ap Bonus Days:1554 = +206Ap Bonus Days:1555 = +206Ap Bonus Days:1556 = +206Ap Bonus Days:1557 = +206Ap Bonus Days:1558 = +206Ap Bonus Days:1559 = +206Ap Bonus Days:1560 = +206Ap Bonus Days:1561 = +206Ap Bonus Days:1562 = +206Ap Bonus Days:1563 = +206Ap Bonus Days:1564 = +206Ap Bonus Days:1565 = +206Ap Bonus Days:1566 = +206Ap Bonus Days:1567 = +206Ap Bonus Days:1568 = +206Ap Bonus Days:1569 = +206Ap Bonus Days:1570 = +206Ap Bonus Days:1571 = +206Ap Bonus Days:1572 = +206Ap Bonus Days:1573 = +206Ap Bonus Days:1574 = +206Ap Bonus Days:1575 = +206Ap Bonus Days:1576 = +206Ap Bonus Days:1577 = +206Ap Bonus Days:1578 = +206Ap Bonus Days:1579 = +206Ap Bonus Days:1580 = +206Ap Bonus Days:1581 = +206Ap Bonus Days:1582 = +206Ap Bonus Days:1583 = +206Ap Bonus Days:1584 = +206Ap Bonus Days:1585 = +206Ap Bonus Days:1586 = +206Ap Bonus Days:1587 = +206Ap Bonus Days:1588 = +206Ap Bonus Days:1589 = +206Ap Bonus Days:1590 = +206Ap Bonus Days:1591 = +206Ap Bonus Days:1592 = +206Ap Bonus Days:1593 = +206Ap Bonus Days:1594 = +206Ap Bonus Days:1595 = +206Ap Bonus Days:1596 = +207Ap Bonus Days:1597 = +207Ap Bonus Days:1598 = +207Ap Bonus Days:1599 = +207Ap Bonus Days:1600 = +207Ap Bonus Days:1601 = +207Ap Bonus Days:1602 = +207Ap Bonus Days:1603 = +207Ap Bonus Days:1604 = +207Ap Bonus Days:1605 = +207Ap Bonus Days:1606 = +207Ap Bonus Days:1607 = +207Ap Bonus Days:1608 = +207Ap Bonus Days:1609 = +207Ap Bonus Days:1610 = +207Ap Bonus Days:1611 = +207Ap Bonus Days:1612 = +207Ap Bonus Days:1613 = +207Ap Bonus Days:1614 = +207Ap Bonus Days:1615 = +207Ap Bonus Days:1616 = +207Ap Bonus Days:1617 = +207Ap Bonus Days:1618 = +207Ap Bonus Days:1619 = +207Ap Bonus Days:1620 = +207Ap Bonus Days:1621 = +207Ap Bonus Days:1622 = +207Ap Bonus Days:1623 = +207Ap Bonus Days:1624 = +207Ap Bonus Days:1625 = +207Ap Bonus Days:1626 = +207Ap Bonus Days:1627 = +207Ap Bonus Days:1628 = +207Ap Bonus Days:1629 = +207Ap Bonus Days:1630 = +207Ap Bonus Days:1631 = +207Ap Bonus Days:1632 = +207Ap Bonus Days:1633 = +207Ap Bonus Days:1634 = +207Ap Bonus Days:1635 = +207Ap Bonus Days:1636 = +207Ap Bonus Days:1637 = +207Ap Bonus Days:1638 = +207Ap Bonus Days:1639 = +207Ap Bonus Days:1640 = +207Ap Bonus Days:1641 = +207Ap Bonus Days:1642 = +207Ap Bonus Days:1643 = +207Ap Bonus Days:1644 = +207Ap Bonus Days:1645 = +207Ap Bonus Days:1646 = +207Ap Bonus Days:1647 = +207Ap Bonus Days:1648 = +207Ap Bonus Days:1649 = +207Ap Bonus Days:1650 = +207Ap Bonus Days:1651 = +207Ap Bonus Days:1652 = +207Ap Bonus Days:1653 = +207Ap Bonus Days:1654 = +208Ap Bonus Days:1655 = +208Ap Bonus Days:1656 = +208Ap Bonus Days:1657 = +208Ap Bonus Days:1658 = +208Ap Bonus Days:1659 = +208Ap Bonus Days:1660 = +208Ap Bonus Days:1661 = +208Ap Bonus Days:1662 = +208Ap Bonus Days:1663 = +208Ap Bonus Days:1664 = +208Ap Bonus Days:1665 = +208Ap Bonus Days:1666 = +208Ap Bonus Days:1667 = +208Ap Bonus Days:1668 = +208Ap Bonus Days:1669 = +208Ap Bonus Days:1670 = +208Ap Bonus Days:1671 = +208Ap Bonus Days:1672 = +208Ap Bonus Days:1673 = +208Ap Bonus Days:1674 = +208Ap Bonus Days:1675 = +208Ap Bonus Days:1676 = +208Ap Bonus Days:1677 = +208Ap Bonus Days:1678 = +208Ap Bonus Days:1679 = +208Ap Bonus Days:1680 = +208Ap Bonus Days:1681 = +208Ap Bonus Days:1682 = +208Ap Bonus Days:1683 = +208Ap Bonus Days:1684 = +208Ap Bonus Days:1685 = +208Ap Bonus Days:1686 = +208Ap Bonus Days:1687 = +208Ap Bonus Days:1688 = +208Ap Bonus Days:1689 = +208Ap Bonus Days:1690 = +208Ap Bonus Days:1691 = +208Ap Bonus Days:1692 = +208Ap Bonus Days:1693 = +208Ap Bonus Days:1694 = +208Ap Bonus Days:1695 = +208Ap Bonus Days:1696 = +208Ap Bonus Days:1697 = +208Ap Bonus Days:1698 = +208Ap Bonus Days:1699 = +208Ap Bonus Days:1700 = +208Ap Bonus Days:1701 = +208Ap Bonus Days:1702 = +208Ap Bonus Days:1703 = +208Ap Bonus Days:1704 = +208Ap Bonus Days:1705 = +208Ap Bonus Days:1706 = +208Ap Bonus Days:1707 = +208Ap Bonus Days:1708 = +208Ap Bonus Days:1709 = +208Ap Bonus Days:1710 = +208Ap Bonus Days:1711 = +208Ap Bonus Days:1712 = +208Ap Bonus Days:1713 = +208Ap Bonus Days:1714 = +209Ap Bonus Days:1715 = +209Ap Bonus Days:1716 = +209Ap Bonus Days:1717 = +209Ap Bonus Days:1718 = +209Ap Bonus Days:1719 = +209Ap Bonus Days:1720 = +209Ap Bonus Days:1721 = +209Ap Bonus Days:1722 = +209Ap Bonus Days:1723 = +209Ap Bonus Days:1724 = +209Ap Bonus Days:1725 = +209Ap Bonus Days:1726 = +209Ap Bonus Days:1727 = +209Ap Bonus Days:1728 = +209Ap Bonus Days:1729 = +209Ap Bonus Days:1730 = +209Ap Bonus Days:1731 = +209Ap Bonus Days:1732 = +209Ap Bonus Days:1733 = +209Ap Bonus Days:1734 = +209Ap Bonus Days:1735 = +209Ap Bonus Days:1736 = +209Ap Bonus Days:1737 = +209Ap Bonus Days:1738 = +209Ap Bonus Days:1739 = +209Ap Bonus Days:1740 = +209Ap Bonus Days:1741 = +209Ap Bonus Days:1742 = +209Ap Bonus Days:1743 = +209Ap Bonus Days:1744 = +209Ap Bonus Days:1745 = +209Ap Bonus Days:1746 = +209Ap Bonus Days:1747 = +209Ap Bonus Days:1748 = +209Ap Bonus Days:1749 = +209Ap Bonus Days:1750 = +209Ap Bonus Days:1751 = +209Ap Bonus Days:1752 = +209Ap Bonus Days:1753 = +209Ap Bonus Days:1754 = +209Ap Bonus Days:1755 = +209Ap Bonus Days:1756 = +209Ap Bonus Days:1757 = +209Ap Bonus Days:1758 = +209Ap Bonus Days:1759 = +209Ap Bonus Days:1760 = +209Ap Bonus Days:1761 = +209Ap Bonus Days:1762 = +209Ap Bonus Days:1763 = +209Ap Bonus Days:1764 = +209Ap Bonus Days:1765 = +209Ap Bonus Days:1766 = +209Ap Bonus Days:1767 = +209Ap Bonus Days:1768 = +209Ap Bonus Days:1769 = +209Ap Bonus Days:1770 = +209Ap Bonus Days:1771 = +209Ap Bonus Days:1772 = +209Ap Bonus Days:1773 = +209Ap Bonus Days:1774 = +209Ap Bonus Days:1775 = +209Ap Bonus Days:1776 = +209Ap Bonus Days:1777 = +210Ap Bonus Days:1778 = +210Ap Bonus Days:1779 = +210Ap Bonus Days:1780 = +210Ap Bonus Days:1781 = +210Ap Bonus Days:1782 = +210Ap Bonus Days:1783 = +210Ap Bonus Days:1784 = +210Ap Bonus Days:1785 = +210Ap Bonus Days:1786 = +210Ap Bonus Days:1787 = +210Ap Bonus Days:1788 = +210Ap Bonus Days:1789 = +210Ap Bonus Days:1790 = +210Ap Bonus Days:1791 = +210Ap Bonus Days:1792 = +210Ap Bonus Days:1793 = +210Ap Bonus Days:1794 = +210Ap Bonus Days:1795 = +210Ap Bonus Days:1796 = +210Ap Bonus Days:1797 = +210Ap Bonus Days:1798 = +210Ap Bonus Days:1799 = +210Ap Bonus Days:1800 = +210Ap Bonus Days:1801 = +210Ap Bonus Days:1802 = +210Ap Bonus Days:1803 = +210Ap Bonus Days:1804 = +210Ap Bonus Days:1805 = +210Ap Bonus Days:1806 = +210Ap Bonus Days:1807 = +210Ap Bonus Days:1808 = +210Ap Bonus Days:1809 = +210Ap Bonus Days:1810 = +210Ap Bonus Days:1811 = +210Ap Bonus Days:1812 = +210Ap Bonus Days:1813 = +210Ap Bonus Days:1814 = +210Ap Bonus Days:1815 = +210Ap Bonus Days:1816 = +210Ap Bonus Days:1817 = +210Ap Bonus Days:1818 = +210Ap Bonus Days:1819 = +210Ap Bonus Days:1820 = +210Ap Bonus Days:1821 = +210Ap Bonus Days:1822 = +210Ap Bonus Days:1823 = +210Ap Bonus Days:1824 = +210Ap Bonus Days:1825 = +210Ap Bonus Days:1826 = +210Ap Bonus Days:1827 = +210Ap Bonus Days:1828 = +210Ap Bonus Days:1829 = +210Ap Bonus Days:1830 = +210Ap Bonus Days:1831 = +210Ap Bonus Days:1832 = +210Ap Bonus Days:1833 = +210Ap Bonus Days:1834 = +210Ap Bonus Days:1835 = +210Ap Bonus Days:1836 = +210Ap Bonus Days:1837 = +210Ap Bonus Days:1838 = +210Ap Bonus Days:1839 = +210Ap Bonus Days:1840 = +210Ap Bonus Days:1841 = +211Ap Bonus Days:1842 = +211Ap Bonus Days:1843 = +211Ap Bonus Days:1844 = +211Ap Bonus Days:1845 = +211Ap Bonus Days:1846 = +211Ap Bonus Days:1847 = +211Ap Bonus Days:1848 = +211Ap Bonus Days:1849 = +211Ap Bonus Days:1850 = +211Ap Bonus Days:1851 = +211Ap Bonus Days:1852 = +211Ap Bonus Days:1853 = +211Ap Bonus Days:1854 = +211Ap Bonus Days:1855 = +211Ap Bonus Days:1856 = +211Ap Bonus Days:1857 = +211Ap Bonus Days:1858 = +211Ap Bonus Days:1859 = +211Ap Bonus Days:1860 = +211Ap Bonus Days:1861 = +211Ap Bonus Days:1862 = +211Ap Bonus Days:1863 = +211Ap Bonus Days:1864 = +211Ap Bonus Days:1865 = +211Ap Bonus Days:1866 = +211Ap Bonus Days:1867 = +211Ap Bonus Days:1868 = +211Ap Bonus Days:1869 = +211Ap Bonus Days:1870 = +211Ap Bonus Days:1871 = +211Ap Bonus Days:1872 = +211Ap Bonus Days:1873 = +211Ap Bonus Days:1874 = +211Ap Bonus Days:1875 = +211Ap Bonus Days:1876 = +211Ap Bonus Days:1877 = +211Ap Bonus Days:1878 = +211Ap Bonus Days:1879 = +211Ap Bonus Days:1880 = +211Ap Bonus Days:1881 = +211Ap Bonus Days:1882 = +211Ap Bonus Days:1883 = +211Ap Bonus Days:1884 = +211Ap Bonus Days:1885 = +211Ap Bonus Days:1886 = +211Ap Bonus Days:1887 = +211Ap Bonus Days:1888 = +211Ap Bonus Days:1889 = +211Ap Bonus Days:1890 = +211Ap Bonus Days:1891 = +211Ap Bonus Days:1892 = +211Ap Bonus Days:1893 = +211Ap Bonus Days:1894 = +211Ap Bonus Days:1895 = +211Ap Bonus Days:1896 = +211Ap Bonus Days:1897 = +211Ap Bonus Days:1898 = +211Ap Bonus Days:1899 = +211Ap Bonus Days:1900 = +211Ap Bonus Days:1901 = +211Ap Bonus Days:1902 = +211Ap Bonus Days:1903 = +211Ap Bonus Days:1904 = +211Ap Bonus Days:1905 = +211Ap Bonus Days:1906 = +211Ap Bonus Days:1907 = +211Ap Bonus Days:1908 = +212Ap Bonus Days:1909 = +212Ap Bonus Days:1910 = +212Ap Bonus Days:1911 = +212Ap Bonus Days:1912 = +212Ap Bonus Days:1913 = +212Ap Bonus Days:1914 = +212Ap Bonus Days:1915 = +212Ap Bonus Days:1916 = +212Ap Bonus Days:1917 = +212Ap Bonus Days:1918 = +212Ap Bonus Days:1919 = +212Ap Bonus Days:1920 = +212Ap Bonus Days:1921 = +212Ap Bonus Days:1922 = +212Ap Bonus Days:1923 = +212Ap Bonus Days:1924 = +212Ap Bonus Days:1925 = +212Ap Bonus Days:1926 = +212Ap Bonus Days:1927 = +212Ap Bonus Days:1928 = +212Ap Bonus Days:1929 = +212Ap Bonus Days:1930 = +212Ap Bonus Days:1931 = +212Ap Bonus Days:1932 = +212Ap Bonus Days:1933 = +212Ap Bonus Days:1934 = +212Ap Bonus Days:1935 = +212Ap Bonus Days:1936 = +212Ap Bonus Days:1937 = +212Ap Bonus Days:1938 = +212Ap Bonus Days:1939 = +212Ap Bonus Days:1940 = +212Ap Bonus Days:1941 = +212Ap Bonus Days:1942 = +212Ap Bonus Days:1943 = +212Ap Bonus Days:1944 = +212Ap Bonus Days:1945 = +212Ap Bonus Days:1946 = +212Ap Bonus Days:1947 = +212Ap Bonus Days:1948 = +212Ap Bonus Days:1949 = +212Ap Bonus Days:1950 = +212Ap Bonus Days:1951 = +212Ap Bonus Days:1952 = +212Ap Bonus Days:1953 = +212Ap Bonus Days:1954 = +212Ap Bonus Days:1955 = +212Ap Bonus Days:1956 = +212Ap Bonus Days:1957 = +212Ap Bonus Days:1958 = +212Ap Bonus Days:1959 = +212Ap Bonus Days:1960 = +212Ap Bonus Days:1961 = +212Ap Bonus Days:1962 = +212Ap Bonus Days:1963 = +212Ap Bonus Days:1964 = +212Ap Bonus Days:1965 = +212Ap Bonus Days:1966 = +212Ap Bonus Days:1967 = +212Ap Bonus Days:1968 = +212Ap Bonus Days:1969 = +212Ap Bonus Days:1970 = +212Ap Bonus Days:1971 = +212Ap Bonus Days:1972 = +212Ap Bonus Days:1973 = +212Ap Bonus Days:1974 = +212Ap Bonus Days:1975 = +212Ap Bonus Days:1976 = +212Ap Bonus Days:1977 = +213Ap Bonus Days:1978 = +213Ap Bonus Days:1979 = +213Ap Bonus Days:1980 = +213Ap Bonus Days:1981 = +213Ap Bonus Days:1982 = +213Ap Bonus Days:1983 = +213Ap Bonus Days:1984 = +213Ap Bonus Days:1985 = +213Ap Bonus Days:1986 = +213Ap Bonus Days:1987 = +213Ap Bonus Days:1988 = +213Ap Bonus Days:1989 = +213Ap Bonus Days:1990 = +213Ap Bonus Days:1991 = +213Ap Bonus Days:1992 = +213Ap Bonus Days:1993 = +213Ap Bonus Days:1994 = +213Ap Bonus Days:1995 = +213Ap Bonus Days:1996 = +213Ap Bonus Days:1997 = +213Ap Bonus Days:1998 = +213Ap Bonus Days:1999 = +213Ap 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+213Ap Bonus Days:2039 = +213Ap Bonus Days:2040 = +213Ap Bonus Days:2041 = +213Ap Bonus Days:2042 = +213Ap Bonus Days:2043 = +213Ap Bonus Days:2044 = +213Ap Bonus Days:2045 = +213Ap Bonus Days:2046 = +213Ap Bonus Days:2047 = +213Ap Bonus Days:2048 = +213Ap Bonus Days:2049 = +214Ap Bonus Days:2050 = +214Ap Bonus Days:2051 = +214Ap Bonus Days:2052 = +214Ap Bonus Days:2053 = +214Ap Bonus Days:2054 = +214Ap Bonus Days:2055 = +214Ap Bonus Days:2056 = +214Ap Bonus Days:2057 = +214Ap Bonus Days:2058 = +214Ap Bonus Days:2059 = +214Ap Bonus Days:2060 = +214Ap Bonus Days:2061 = +214Ap Bonus Days:2062 = +214Ap Bonus Days:2063 = +214Ap Bonus Days:2064 = +214Ap Bonus Days:2065 = +214Ap Bonus Days:2066 = +214Ap Bonus Days:2067 = +214Ap Bonus Days:2068 = +214Ap Bonus Days:2069 = +214Ap Bonus Days:2070 = +214Ap Bonus Days:2071 = +214Ap Bonus Days:2072 = +214Ap Bonus Days:2073 = +214Ap Bonus Days:2074 = +214Ap Bonus Days:2075 = +214Ap Bonus Days:2076 = +214Ap Bonus Days:2077 = +214Ap Bonus Days:2078 = +214Ap Bonus Days:2079 = +214Ap Bonus Days:2080 = +214Ap Bonus Days:2081 = +214Ap Bonus Days:2082 = +214Ap Bonus Days:2083 = +214Ap Bonus Days:2084 = +214Ap Bonus Days:2085 = +214Ap Bonus Days:2086 = +214Ap Bonus Days:2087 = +214Ap Bonus Days:2088 = +214Ap Bonus Days:2089 = +214Ap Bonus Days:2090 = +214Ap Bonus Days:2091 = +214Ap Bonus Days:2092 = +214Ap Bonus Days:2093 = +214Ap Bonus Days:2094 = +214Ap Bonus Days:2095 = +214Ap Bonus Days:2096 = +214Ap Bonus Days:2097 = +214Ap Bonus Days:2098 = +214Ap Bonus Days:2099 = +214Ap Bonus Days:2100 = +214Ap Bonus Days:2101 = +214Ap Bonus Days:2102 = +214Ap Bonus Days:2103 = +214Ap Bonus Days:2104 = +214Ap Bonus Days:2105 = +214Ap Bonus Days:2106 = +214Ap Bonus Days:2107 = +214Ap Bonus Days:2108 = +214Ap Bonus Days:2109 = +214Ap Bonus Days:2110 = +214Ap Bonus Days:2111 = +214Ap Bonus Days:2112 = +214Ap Bonus Days:2113 = +214Ap Bonus Days:2114 = +214Ap Bonus Days:2115 = +214Ap Bonus Days:2116 = +214Ap Bonus Days:2117 = +214Ap Bonus Days:2118 = +214Ap Bonus Days:2119 = +214Ap Bonus Days:2120 = +214Ap Bonus Days:2121 = +214Ap Bonus Days:2122 = +214Ap Bonus Days:2123 = +214Ap Bonus Days:2124 = +215Ap Bonus Days:2125 = +215Ap Bonus Days:2126 = +215Ap Bonus Days:2127 = +215Ap Bonus Days:2128 = +215Ap Bonus Days:2129 = +215Ap Bonus Days:2130 = +215Ap Bonus Days:2131 = +215Ap Bonus Days:2132 = +215Ap Bonus Days:2133 = +215Ap Bonus Days:2134 = +215Ap Bonus Days:2135 = +215Ap Bonus Days:2136 = +215Ap Bonus Days:2137 = +215Ap Bonus Days:2138 = +215Ap Bonus Days:2139 = +215Ap Bonus Days:2140 = +215Ap Bonus Days:2141 = +215Ap Bonus Days:2142 = +215Ap Bonus Days:2143 = +215Ap Bonus Days:2144 = +215Ap Bonus Days:2145 = +215Ap Bonus Days:2146 = +215Ap Bonus Days:2147 = +215Ap Bonus Days:2148 = +215Ap Bonus Days:2149 = +215Ap Bonus Days:2150 = +215Ap Bonus Days:2151 = +215Ap Bonus Days:2152 = +215Ap Bonus Days:2153 = +215Ap Bonus Days:2154 = +215Ap Bonus Days:2155 = +215Ap Bonus Days:2156 = +215Ap Bonus Days:2157 = +215Ap Bonus Days:2158 = +215Ap Bonus Days:2159 = +215Ap Bonus Days:2160 = +215Ap Bonus Days:2161 = +215Ap Bonus Days:2162 = +215Ap Bonus Days:2163 = +215Ap Bonus Days:2164 = +215Ap Bonus Days:2165 = +215Ap Bonus Days:2166 = +215Ap Bonus Days:2167 = +215Ap Bonus Days:2168 = +215Ap Bonus Days:2169 = +215Ap Bonus Days:2170 = +215Ap Bonus Days:2171 = +215Ap Bonus Days:2172 = +215Ap Bonus Days:2173 = +215Ap Bonus Days:2174 = +215Ap Bonus Days:2175 = +215Ap Bonus Days:2176 = +215Ap Bonus Days:2177 = +215Ap Bonus Days:2178 = +215Ap Bonus Days:2179 = +215Ap Bonus Days:2180 = +215Ap Bonus Days:2181 = +215Ap Bonus Days:2182 = +215Ap Bonus Days:2183 = +215Ap Bonus Days:2184 = +215Ap Bonus Days:2185 = +215Ap Bonus Days:2186 = +215Ap Bonus Days:2187 = +215Ap Bonus Days:2188 = +215Ap Bonus Days:2189 = +215Ap Bonus Days:2190 = +215Ap Bonus Days:2191 = +215Ap Bonus Days:2192 = +215Ap Bonus Days:2193 = +215Ap Bonus Days:2194 = +215Ap Bonus Days:2195 = +215Ap Bonus Days:2196 = +215Ap Bonus Days:2197 = +215Ap Bonus Days:2198 = +215Ap Bonus Days:2199 = +215Ap Bonus Days:2200 = +215Ap Bonus Days:2201 = +216Ap Bonus Days:2202 = +216Ap Bonus Days:2203 = +216Ap Bonus Days:2204 = +216Ap Bonus Days:2205 = +216Ap Bonus Days:2206 = +216Ap Bonus Days:2207 = +216Ap Bonus Days:2208 = +216Ap Bonus Days:2209 = +216Ap Bonus Days:2210 = +216Ap Bonus Days:2211 = +216Ap Bonus Days:2212 = +216Ap Bonus Days:2213 = +216Ap Bonus Days:2214 = +216Ap Bonus Days:2215 = +216Ap Bonus Days:2216 = +216Ap Bonus Days:2217 = +216Ap Bonus Days:2218 = +216Ap Bonus Days:2219 = +216Ap Bonus Days:2220 = +216Ap Bonus Days:2221 = +216Ap Bonus Days:2222 = +216Ap Bonus Days:2223 = +216Ap Bonus Days:2224 = +216Ap Bonus Days:2225 = +216Ap Bonus Days:2226 = +216Ap Bonus Days:2227 = +216Ap Bonus Days:2228 = +216Ap Bonus Days:2229 = +216Ap Bonus Days:2230 = +216Ap Bonus Days:2231 = +216Ap Bonus Days:2232 = +216Ap Bonus Days:2233 = +216Ap Bonus Days:2234 = +216Ap Bonus Days:2235 = +216Ap Bonus Days:2236 = +216Ap Bonus Days:2237 = +216Ap Bonus Days:2238 = +216Ap Bonus Days:2239 = +216Ap Bonus Days:2240 = +216Ap Bonus Days:2241 = +216Ap Bonus Days:2242 = +216Ap Bonus Days:2243 = +216Ap Bonus Days:2244 = +216Ap Bonus Days:2245 = +216Ap Bonus Days:2246 = +216Ap Bonus Days:2247 = +216Ap Bonus Days:2248 = +216Ap Bonus Days:2249 = +216Ap Bonus Days:2250 = +216Ap Bonus Days:2251 = +216Ap Bonus Days:2252 = +216Ap Bonus Days:2253 = +216Ap Bonus Days:2254 = +216Ap Bonus Days:2255 = +216Ap Bonus Days:2256 = +216Ap Bonus Days:2257 = +216Ap Bonus Days:2258 = +216Ap Bonus Days:2259 = +216Ap Bonus Days:2260 = +216Ap Bonus Days:2261 = +216Ap Bonus Days:2262 = +216Ap Bonus Days:2263 = +216Ap Bonus Days:2264 = +216Ap Bonus Days:2265 = +216Ap Bonus Days:2266 = +216Ap Bonus Days:2267 = +216Ap Bonus Days:2268 = +216Ap Bonus Days:2269 = +216Ap Bonus Days:2270 = +216Ap Bonus Days:2271 = +216Ap Bonus Days:2272 = +216Ap Bonus Days:2273 = +216Ap Bonus Days:2274 = +216Ap Bonus Days:2275 = +216Ap Bonus Days:2276 = +216Ap Bonus Days:2277 = +216Ap Bonus Days:2278 = +216Ap Bonus Days:2279 = +216Ap Bonus Days:2280 = +216Ap Bonus Days:2281 = +217Ap Bonus Days:2282 = +217Ap Bonus Days:2283 = +217Ap Bonus Days:2284 = +217Ap Bonus Days:2285 = +217Ap Bonus Days:2286 = +217Ap Bonus Days:2287 = +217Ap Bonus Days:2288 = +217Ap Bonus Days:2289 = +217Ap Bonus Days:2290 = +217Ap Bonus Days:2291 = +217Ap Bonus Days:2292 = +217Ap Bonus Days:2293 = +217Ap Bonus Days:2294 = +217Ap Bonus Days:2295 = +217Ap Bonus Days:2296 = +217Ap Bonus Days:2297 = +217Ap Bonus Days:2298 = +217Ap Bonus Days:2299 = +217Ap Bonus Days:2300 = +217Ap Bonus Days:2301 = +217Ap Bonus Days:2302 = +217Ap Bonus Days:2303 = +217Ap Bonus Days:2304 = +217Ap Bonus Days:2305 = +217Ap Bonus Days:2306 = +217Ap Bonus Days:2307 = +217Ap Bonus Days:2308 = +217Ap Bonus Days:2309 = +217Ap Bonus Days:2310 = +217Ap Bonus Days:2311 = +217Ap Bonus Days:2312 = +217Ap Bonus Days:2313 = +217Ap Bonus Days:2314 = +217Ap Bonus Days:2315 = +217Ap Bonus Days:2316 = +217Ap Bonus Days:2317 = +217Ap Bonus Days:2318 = +217Ap Bonus Days:2319 = +217Ap Bonus Days:2320 = +217Ap Bonus Days:2321 = +217Ap Bonus Days:2322 = +217Ap Bonus Days:2323 = +217Ap Bonus Days:2324 = +217Ap Bonus Days:2325 = +217Ap Bonus Days:2326 = +217Ap Bonus Days:2327 = +217Ap Bonus Days:2328 = +217Ap Bonus Days:2329 = +217Ap Bonus Days:2330 = +217Ap Bonus Days:2331 = +217Ap Bonus Days:2332 = +217Ap Bonus Days:2333 = +217Ap Bonus Days:2334 = +217Ap Bonus Days:2335 = +217Ap Bonus Days:2336 = +217Ap Bonus Days:2337 = +217Ap Bonus Days:2338 = +217Ap Bonus Days:2339 = +217Ap Bonus Days:2340 = +217Ap Bonus Days:2341 = +217Ap Bonus Days:2342 = +217Ap Bonus Days:2343 = +217Ap Bonus Days:2344 = +217Ap Bonus Days:2345 = +217Ap Bonus Days:2346 = +217Ap Bonus Days:2347 = +217Ap Bonus Days:2348 = +217Ap Bonus Days:2349 = +217Ap Bonus Days:2350 = +217Ap Bonus Days:2351 = +217Ap Bonus Days:2352 = +217Ap Bonus Days:2353 = +217Ap Bonus Days:2354 = +217Ap Bonus Days:2355 = +217Ap Bonus Days:2356 = +217Ap Bonus Days:2357 = +217Ap Bonus Days:2358 = +217Ap Bonus Days:2359 = +217Ap Bonus Days:2360 = +217Ap Bonus Days:2361 = +217Ap Bonus Days:2362 = +217Ap Bonus Days:2363 = +217Ap Bonus Days:2364 = +218Ap Bonus Days:2365 = +218Ap Bonus Days:2366 = +218Ap Bonus Days:2367 = +218Ap Bonus Days:2368 = +218Ap Bonus Days:2369 = +218Ap Bonus Days:2370 = +218Ap Bonus Days:2371 = +218Ap Bonus Days:2372 = +218Ap Bonus Days:2373 = +218Ap Bonus Days:2374 = +218Ap Bonus Days:2375 = +218Ap Bonus Days:2376 = +218Ap Bonus Days:2377 = +218Ap Bonus Days:2378 = +218Ap Bonus Days:2379 = +218Ap Bonus Days:2380 = +218Ap Bonus Days:2381 = +218Ap Bonus Days:2382 = +218Ap Bonus Days:2383 = +218Ap Bonus Days:2384 = +218Ap Bonus Days:2385 = +218Ap Bonus Days:2386 = +218Ap Bonus Days:2387 = +218Ap Bonus Days:2388 = +218Ap Bonus Days:2389 = +218Ap Bonus Days:2390 = +218Ap Bonus Days:2391 = +218Ap Bonus Days:2392 = +218Ap Bonus Days:2393 = +218Ap Bonus Days:2394 = +218Ap Bonus Days:2395 = +218Ap Bonus Days:2396 = +218Ap Bonus Days:2397 = +218Ap Bonus Days:2398 = +218Ap Bonus Days:2399 = +218Ap Bonus Days:2400 = +218Ap Bonus Days:2401 = +218Ap Bonus Days:2402 = +218Ap Bonus Days:2403 = +218Ap Bonus Days:2404 = +218Ap Bonus Days:2405 = +218Ap Bonus Days:2406 = +218Ap Bonus Days:2407 = +218Ap Bonus Days:2408 = +218Ap Bonus Days:2409 = +218Ap Bonus Days:2410 = +218Ap Bonus Days:2411 = +218Ap Bonus Days:2412 = +218Ap Bonus Days:2413 = +218Ap Bonus Days:2414 = +218Ap Bonus Days:2415 = +218Ap Bonus Days:2416 = +218Ap Bonus Days:2417 = +218Ap Bonus Days:2418 = +218Ap Bonus Days:2419 = +218Ap Bonus Days:2420 = +218Ap Bonus Days:2421 = +218Ap Bonus Days:2422 = +218Ap Bonus Days:2423 = +218Ap Bonus Days:2424 = +218Ap Bonus Days:2425 = +218Ap Bonus Days:2426 = +218Ap Bonus Days:2427 = +218Ap Bonus Days:2428 = +218Ap Bonus Days:2429 = +218Ap Bonus Days:2430 = +218Ap Bonus Days:2431 = +218Ap Bonus Days:2432 = +218Ap Bonus Days:2433 = +218Ap Bonus Days:2434 = +218Ap Bonus Days:2435 = +218Ap Bonus Days:2436 = +218Ap Bonus Days:2437 = +218Ap Bonus Days:2438 = +218Ap Bonus Days:2439 = +218Ap Bonus Days:2440 = +218Ap Bonus Days:2441 = +218Ap Bonus Days:2442 = +218Ap Bonus Days:2443 = +218Ap Bonus Days:2444 = +218Ap Bonus Days:2445 = +218Ap Bonus Days:2446 = +218Ap Bonus Days:2447 = +218Ap Bonus Days:2448 = +218Ap Bonus Days:2449 = +218Ap Bonus Days:2450 = +219Ap Bonus Days:2451 = +219Ap Bonus Days:2452 = +219Ap Bonus Days:2453 = +219Ap Bonus Days:2454 = +219Ap Bonus Days:2455 = +219Ap Bonus Days:2456 = +219Ap Bonus Days:2457 = +219Ap Bonus Days:2458 = +219Ap Bonus Days:2459 = +219Ap Bonus Days:2460 = +219Ap Bonus Days:2461 = +219Ap Bonus Days:2462 = +219Ap Bonus Days:2463 = +219Ap Bonus Days:2464 = +219Ap Bonus Days:2465 = +219Ap Bonus Days:2466 = +219Ap Bonus Days:2467 = +219Ap Bonus Days:2468 = +219Ap Bonus Days:2469 = +219Ap Bonus Days:2470 = +219Ap Bonus Days:2471 = +219Ap Bonus Days:2472 = +219Ap Bonus Days:2473 = +219Ap Bonus Days:2474 = +219Ap Bonus Days:2475 = +219Ap Bonus Days:2476 = +219Ap Bonus Days:2477 = +219Ap Bonus Days:2478 = +219Ap Bonus Days:2479 = +219Ap Bonus Days:2480 = +219Ap Bonus Days:2481 = +219Ap Bonus Days:2482 = +219Ap Bonus Days:2483 = +219Ap Bonus Days:2484 = +219Ap Bonus Days:2485 = +219Ap Bonus Days:2486 = +219Ap Bonus Days:2487 = +219Ap Bonus Days:2488 = +219Ap Bonus Days:2489 = +219Ap Bonus Days:2490 = +219Ap Bonus Days:2491 = +219Ap Bonus Days:2492 = +219Ap Bonus Days:2493 = +219Ap Bonus Days:2494 = +219Ap Bonus Days:2495 = +219Ap Bonus Days:2496 = +219Ap Bonus Days:2497 = +219Ap Bonus Days:2498 = +219Ap Bonus Days:2499 = +219Ap Bonus Days:2500 = +219Ap Bonus Days:2501 = +219Ap Bonus Days:2502 = +219Ap Bonus Days:2503 = +219Ap Bonus Days:2504 = +219Ap Bonus Days:2505 = +219Ap Bonus Days:2506 = +219Ap Bonus Days:2507 = +219Ap Bonus Days:2508 = +219Ap Bonus Days:2509 = +219Ap Bonus Days:2510 = +219Ap Bonus Days:2511 = +219Ap Bonus Days:2512 = +219Ap Bonus Days:2513 = +219Ap Bonus Days:2514 = +219Ap Bonus Days:2515 = +219Ap Bonus Days:2516 = +219Ap Bonus Days:2517 = +219Ap Bonus Days:2518 = +219Ap Bonus Days:2519 = +219Ap Bonus Days:2520 = +219Ap Bonus Days:2521 = +219Ap Bonus Days:2522 = +219Ap Bonus Days:2523 = +219Ap Bonus Days:2524 = +219Ap Bonus Days:2525 = +219Ap Bonus Days:2526 = +219Ap Bonus Days:2527 = +219Ap Bonus Days:2528 = +219Ap Bonus Days:2529 = +219Ap Bonus Days:2530 = +219Ap Bonus Days:2531 = +219Ap Bonus Days:2532 = +219Ap Bonus Days:2533 = +219Ap Bonus Days:2534 = +219Ap Bonus Days:2535 = +219Ap Bonus Days:2536 = +219Ap Bonus Days:2537 = +219Ap Bonus Days:2538 = +219Ap Bonus Days:2539 = +220Ap Bonus Days:2540 = +220Ap Bonus Days:2541 = +220Ap Bonus Days:2542 = +220Ap Bonus Days:2543 = +220Ap Bonus Days:2544 = +220Ap Bonus Days:2545 = +220Ap Bonus Days:2546 = +220Ap Bonus Days:2547 = +220Ap Bonus Days:2548 = +220Ap Bonus Days:2549 = +220Ap Bonus Days:2550 = +220Ap Bonus Days:2551 = +220Ap Bonus Days:2552 = +220Ap Bonus Days:2553 = +220Ap Bonus Days:2554 = +220Ap Bonus Days:2555 = +220Ap Bonus Days:2556 = +220Ap Bonus Days:2557 = +220Ap Bonus Days:2558 = +220Ap Bonus Days:2559 = +220Ap Bonus Days:2560 = +220Ap Bonus Days:2561 = +220Ap Bonus Days:2562 = +220Ap Bonus Days:2563 = +220Ap Bonus Days:2564 = +220Ap Bonus Days:2565 = +220Ap Bonus Days:2566 = +220Ap Bonus Days:2567 = +220Ap Bonus Days:2568 = +220Ap Bonus Days:2569 = +220Ap Bonus Days:2570 = +220Ap Bonus Days:2571 = +220Ap Bonus Days:2572 = +220Ap Bonus Days:2573 = +220Ap Bonus Days:2574 = +220Ap Bonus Days:2575 = +220Ap Bonus Days:2576 = +220Ap Bonus Days:2577 = +220Ap Bonus Days:2578 = +220Ap Bonus Days:2579 = +220Ap Bonus Days:2580 = +220Ap Bonus Days:2581 = +220Ap Bonus Days:2582 = +220Ap Bonus Days:2583 = +220Ap Bonus Days:2584 = +220Ap Bonus Days:2585 = +220Ap Bonus Days:2586 = +220Ap Bonus Days:2587 = +220Ap Bonus Days:2588 = +220Ap Bonus Days:2589 = +220Ap Bonus Days:2590 = +220Ap Bonus Days:2591 = +220Ap Bonus Days:2592 = +220Ap Bonus Days:2593 = +220Ap Bonus Days:2594 = +220Ap Bonus Days:2595 = +220Ap Bonus Days:2596 = +220Ap Bonus Days:2597 = +220Ap Bonus Days:2598 = +220Ap Bonus Days:2599 = +220Ap Bonus Days:2600 = +220Ap Bonus Days:2601 = +220Ap Bonus Days:2602 = +220Ap Bonus Days:2603 = +220Ap Bonus Days:2604 = +220Ap Bonus Days:2605 = +220Ap Bonus Days:2606 = +220Ap Bonus Days:2607 = +220Ap Bonus Days:2608 = +220Ap Bonus Days:2609 = +220Ap Bonus Days:2610 = +220Ap Bonus Days:2611 = +220Ap Bonus Days:2612 = +220Ap Bonus Days:2613 = +220Ap Bonus Days:2614 = +220Ap Bonus Days:2615 = +220Ap Bonus Days:2616 = +220Ap Bonus Days:2617 = +220Ap Bonus Days:2618 = +220Ap Bonus Days:2619 = +220Ap Bonus Days:2620 = +220Ap Bonus Days:2621 = +220Ap Bonus Days:2622 = +220Ap Bonus Days:2623 = +220Ap Bonus Days:2624 = +220Ap Bonus Days:2625 = +220Ap Bonus Days:2626 = +220Ap Bonus Days:2627 = +220Ap Bonus Days:2628 = +220Ap Bonus Days:2629 = +220Ap Bonus Days:2630 = +220Ap Bonus Days:2631 = +221Ap Bonus Days:2632 = +221Ap Bonus Days:2633 = +221Ap Bonus Days:2634 = +221Ap Bonus Days:2635 = +221Ap Bonus Days:2636 = +221Ap Bonus Days:2637 = +221Ap Bonus Days:2638 = +221Ap Bonus Days:2639 = +221Ap Bonus Days:2640 = +221Ap Bonus Days:2641 = +221Ap Bonus Days:2642 = +221Ap Bonus Days:2643 = +221Ap Bonus Days:2644 = +221Ap Bonus Days:2645 = +221Ap Bonus Days:2646 = +221Ap Bonus Days:2647 = +221Ap Bonus Days:2648 = +221Ap Bonus Days:2649 = +221Ap Bonus Days:2650 = +221Ap Bonus Days:2651 = +221Ap Bonus Days:2652 = +221Ap Bonus Days:2653 = +221Ap Bonus Days:2654 = +221Ap Bonus Days:2655 = +221Ap Bonus Days:2656 = +221Ap Bonus Days:2657 = +221Ap Bonus Days:2658 = +221Ap Bonus Days:2659 = +221Ap Bonus Days:2660 = +221Ap Bonus Days:2661 = +221Ap Bonus Days:2662 = +221Ap Bonus Days:2663 = +221Ap Bonus Days:2664 = +221Ap Bonus Days:2665 = +221Ap Bonus Days:2666 = +221Ap Bonus Days:2667 = +221Ap Bonus Days:2668 = +221Ap Bonus Days:2669 = +221Ap Bonus Days:2670 = +221Ap Bonus Days:2671 = +221Ap Bonus Days:2672 = +221Ap Bonus Days:2673 = +221Ap Bonus Days:2674 = +221Ap Bonus Days:2675 = +221Ap Bonus Days:2676 = +221Ap Bonus Days:2677 = +221Ap Bonus Days:2678 = +221Ap Bonus Days:2679 = +221Ap Bonus Days:2680 = +221Ap Bonus Days:2681 = +221Ap Bonus Days:2682 = +221Ap Bonus Days:2683 = +221Ap Bonus Days:2684 = +221Ap Bonus Days:2685 = +221Ap Bonus Days:2686 = +221Ap Bonus Days:2687 = +221Ap Bonus Days:2688 = +221Ap Bonus Days:2689 = +221Ap Bonus Days:2690 = +221Ap Bonus Days:2691 = +221Ap Bonus Days:2692 = +221Ap Bonus Days:2693 = +221Ap Bonus Days:2694 = +221Ap Bonus Days:2695 = +221Ap Bonus Days:2696 = +221Ap Bonus Days:2697 = +221Ap Bonus Days:2698 = +221Ap Bonus Days:2699 = +221Ap Bonus Days:2700 = +221Ap Bonus Days:2701 = +221Ap Bonus Days:2702 = +221Ap Bonus Days:2703 = +221Ap Bonus Days:2704 = +221Ap Bonus Days:2705 = +221Ap Bonus Days:2706 = +221Ap Bonus Days:2707 = +221Ap Bonus Days:2708 = +221Ap Bonus Days:2709 = +221Ap Bonus Days:2710 = +221Ap Bonus Days:2711 = +221Ap Bonus Days:2712 = +221Ap Bonus Days:2713 = +221Ap Bonus Days:2714 = +221Ap Bonus Days:2715 = +221Ap Bonus Days:2716 = +221Ap Bonus Days:2717 = +221Ap Bonus Days:2718 = +221Ap Bonus Days:2719 = +221Ap Bonus Days:2720 = +221Ap Bonus Days:2721 = +221Ap Bonus Days:2722 = +221Ap Bonus Days:2723 = +221Ap Bonus Days:2724 = +221Ap Bonus Days:2725 = +221Ap Bonus Days:2726 = +221Ap Bonus Days:2727 = +222Ap Bonus Days:2728 = +222Ap Bonus Days:2729 = +222Ap Bonus Days:2730 = +222Ap Bonus Days:2731 = +222Ap Bonus Days:2732 = +222Ap Bonus Days:2733 = +222Ap Bonus Days:2734 = +222Ap Bonus Days:2735 = +222Ap Bonus Days:2736 = +222Ap Bonus Days:2737 = +222Ap Bonus Days:2738 = +222Ap Bonus Days:2739 = +222Ap Bonus Days:2740 = +222Ap Bonus Days:2741 = +222Ap Bonus Days:2742 = +222Ap Bonus Days:2743 = +222Ap Bonus Days:2744 = +222Ap Bonus Days:2745 = +222Ap Bonus Days:2746 = +222Ap Bonus Days:2747 = +222Ap Bonus Days:2748 = +222Ap Bonus Days:2749 = +222Ap Bonus Days:2750 = +222Ap Bonus Days:2751 = +222Ap Bonus Days:2752 = +222Ap Bonus Days:2753 = +222Ap Bonus Days:2754 = +222Ap Bonus Days:2755 = +222Ap Bonus Days:2756 = +222Ap Bonus Days:2757 = +222Ap Bonus Days:2758 = +222Ap Bonus Days:2759 = +222Ap Bonus Days:2760 = +222Ap Bonus Days:2761 = +222Ap Bonus Days:2762 = +222Ap Bonus Days:2763 = +222Ap Bonus Days:2764 = +222Ap Bonus Days:2765 = +222Ap Bonus Days:2766 = +222Ap Bonus Days:2767 = +222Ap Bonus Days:2768 = +222Ap Bonus Days:2769 = +222Ap Bonus Days:2770 = +222Ap Bonus Days:2771 = +222Ap Bonus Days:2772 = +222Ap Bonus Days:2773 = +222Ap Bonus Days:2774 = +222Ap Bonus Days:2775 = +222Ap Bonus Days:2776 = +222Ap Bonus Days:2777 = +222Ap Bonus Days:2778 = +222Ap Bonus Days:2779 = +222Ap Bonus Days:2780 = +222Ap Bonus Days:2781 = +222Ap Bonus Days:2782 = +222Ap Bonus Days:2783 = +222Ap Bonus Days:2784 = +222Ap Bonus Days:2785 = +222Ap Bonus Days:2786 = +222Ap Bonus Days:2787 = +222Ap Bonus Days:2788 = +222Ap Bonus Days:2789 = +222Ap Bonus Days:2790 = +222Ap Bonus Days:2791 = +222Ap Bonus Days:2792 = +222Ap Bonus Days:2793 = +222Ap Bonus Days:2794 = +222Ap Bonus Days:2795 = +222Ap Bonus Days:2796 = +222Ap Bonus Days:2797 = +222Ap Bonus Days:2798 = +222Ap Bonus Days:2799 = +222Ap Bonus Days:2800 = +222Ap Bonus Days:2801 = +222Ap Bonus Days:2802 = +222Ap Bonus Days:2803 = +222Ap Bonus Days:2804 = +222Ap Bonus Days:2805 = +222Ap Bonus Days:2806 = +222Ap Bonus Days:2807 = +222Ap Bonus Days:2808 = +222Ap Bonus Days:2809 = +222Ap Bonus Days:2810 = +222Ap Bonus Days:2811 = +222Ap Bonus Days:2812 = +222Ap Bonus Days:2813 = +222Ap Bonus Days:2814 = +222Ap Bonus Days:2815 = +222Ap Bonus Days:2816 = +222Ap Bonus Days:2817 = +222Ap Bonus Days:2818 = +222Ap Bonus Days:2819 = +222Ap Bonus Days:2820 = +222Ap Bonus Days:2821 = +222Ap Bonus Days:2822 = +222Ap Bonus Days:2823 = +222Ap Bonus Days:2824 = +222Ap Bonus Days:2825 = +222Ap Bonus Days:2826 = +223Ap Bonus Days:2827 = +223Ap Bonus Days:2828 = +223Ap Bonus Days:2829 = +223Ap Bonus Days:2830 = +223Ap Bonus Days:2831 = +223Ap Bonus Days:2832 = +223Ap Bonus Days:2833 = +223Ap Bonus Days:2834 = +223Ap Bonus Days:2835 = +223Ap Bonus Days:2836 = +223Ap Bonus Days:2837 = +223Ap Bonus Days:2838 = +223Ap Bonus Days:2839 = +223Ap Bonus Days:2840 = +223Ap Bonus Days:2841 = +223Ap Bonus Days:2842 = +223Ap Bonus Days:2843 = +223Ap Bonus Days:2844 = +223Ap Bonus Days:2845 = +223Ap Bonus Days:2846 = +223Ap Bonus Days:2847 = +223Ap Bonus Days:2848 = +223Ap Bonus Days:2849 = +223Ap Bonus Days:2850 = +223Ap Bonus Days:2851 = +223Ap Bonus Days:2852 = +223Ap Bonus Days:2853 = +223Ap Bonus Days:2854 = +223Ap Bonus Days:2855 = +223Ap Bonus Days:2856 = +223Ap Bonus Days:2857 = +223Ap Bonus Days:2858 = +223Ap Bonus Days:2859 = +223Ap Bonus Days:2860 = +223Ap Bonus Days:2861 = +223Ap Bonus Days:2862 = +223Ap Bonus Days:2863 = +223Ap Bonus Days:2864 = +223Ap Bonus Days:2865 = +223Ap Bonus Days:2866 = +223Ap Bonus Days:2867 = +223Ap Bonus Days:2868 = +223Ap Bonus Days:2869 = +223Ap Bonus Days:2870 = +223Ap Bonus Days:2871 = +223Ap Bonus Days:2872 = +223Ap Bonus Days:2873 = +223Ap Bonus Days:2874 = +223Ap Bonus Days:2875 = +223Ap Bonus Days:2876 = +223Ap Bonus Days:2877 = +223Ap Bonus Days:2878 = +223Ap Bonus Days:2879 = +223Ap Bonus Days:2880 = +223Ap Bonus Days:2881 = +223Ap Bonus Days:2882 = +223Ap Bonus Days:2883 = +223Ap Bonus Days:2884 = +223Ap Bonus Days:2885 = +223Ap Bonus Days:2886 = +223Ap Bonus Days:2887 = +223Ap Bonus Days:2888 = +223Ap Bonus Days:2889 = +223Ap Bonus Days:2890 = +223Ap Bonus Days:2891 = +223Ap Bonus Days:2892 = +223Ap Bonus Days:2893 = +223Ap Bonus Days:2894 = +223Ap Bonus Days:2895 = +223Ap Bonus Days:2896 = +223Ap Bonus Days:2897 = +223Ap Bonus Days:2898 = +223Ap Bonus Days:2899 = +223Ap Bonus Days:2900 = +223Ap Bonus Days:2901 = +223Ap Bonus Days:2902 = +223Ap Bonus Days:2903 = +223Ap Bonus Days:2904 = +223Ap Bonus Days:2905 = +223Ap Bonus Days:2906 = +223Ap Bonus Days:2907 = +223Ap Bonus Days:2908 = +223Ap Bonus Days:2909 = +223Ap Bonus Days:2910 = +223Ap Bonus Days:2911 = +223Ap Bonus Days:2912 = +223Ap Bonus Days:2913 = +223Ap Bonus Days:2914 = +223Ap Bonus Days:2915 = +223Ap Bonus Days:2916 = +223Ap Bonus Days:2917 = +223Ap Bonus Days:2918 = +223Ap Bonus Days:2919 = +223Ap Bonus Days:2920 = +223Ap Bonus Days:2921 = +223Ap Bonus Days:2922 = +223Ap Bonus Days:2923 = +223Ap Bonus Days:2924 = +223Ap Bonus Days:2925 = +223Ap Bonus Days:2926 = +223Ap Bonus Days:2927 = +223Ap Bonus Days:2928 = +223Ap Bonus Days:2929 = +224Ap Bonus Days:2930 = +224Ap Bonus Days:2931 = +224Ap Bonus Days:2932 = +224Ap Bonus Days:2933 = +224Ap Bonus Days:2934 = +224Ap Bonus Days:2935 = +224Ap Bonus Days:2936 = +224Ap Bonus Days:2937 = +224Ap Bonus Days:2938 = +224Ap Bonus Days:2939 = +224Ap Bonus Days:2940 = +224Ap Bonus Days:2941 = +224Ap Bonus Days:2942 = +224Ap Bonus Days:2943 = +224Ap Bonus Days:2944 = +224Ap Bonus Days:2945 = +224Ap Bonus Days:2946 = +224Ap Bonus Days:2947 = +224Ap Bonus Days:2948 = +224Ap Bonus Days:2949 = +224Ap Bonus Days:2950 = +224Ap Bonus Days:2951 = +224Ap Bonus Days:2952 = +224Ap Bonus Days:2953 = +224Ap Bonus Days:2954 = +224Ap Bonus Days:2955 = +224Ap Bonus Days:2956 = +224Ap Bonus Days:2957 = +224Ap Bonus Days:2958 = +224Ap Bonus Days:2959 = +224Ap Bonus Days:2960 = +224Ap Bonus Days:2961 = +224Ap Bonus Days:2962 = +224Ap Bonus Days:2963 = +224Ap Bonus Days:2964 = +224Ap Bonus Days:2965 = +224Ap Bonus Days:2966 = +224Ap Bonus Days:2967 = +224Ap Bonus Days:2968 = +224Ap Bonus Days:2969 = +224Ap Bonus Days:2970 = +224Ap Bonus Days:2971 = +224Ap Bonus Days:2972 = +224Ap Bonus Days:2973 = +224Ap Bonus Days:2974 = +224Ap Bonus Days:2975 = +224Ap Bonus Days:2976 = +224Ap Bonus Days:2977 = +224Ap Bonus Days:2978 = +224Ap Bonus Days:2979 = +224Ap Bonus Days:2980 = +224Ap Bonus Days:2981 = +224Ap Bonus Days:2982 = +224Ap Bonus Days:2983 = +224Ap Bonus Days:2984 = +224Ap Bonus Days:2985 = +224Ap Bonus Days:2986 = +224Ap Bonus Days:2987 = +224Ap Bonus Days:2988 = +224Ap Bonus Days:2989 = +224Ap Bonus Days:2990 = +224Ap Bonus Days:2991 = +224Ap Bonus Days:2992 = +224Ap Bonus Days:2993 = +224Ap Bonus Days:2994 = +224Ap Bonus Days:2995 = +224Ap Bonus Days:2996 = +224Ap Bonus Days:2997 = +224Ap Bonus Days:2998 = +224Ap Bonus Days:2999 = +224Ap Bonus Days:3000 = +224Ap Bonus [/spoiler]
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    Available art work

    If there are any players looking for art work to be done...they can contact me here or in game. I would prefer a post here of the description of the Item or Avy you would like me to draw for you... as always I prefer to discuss payment..if any..only after the Item has been drawn and meets your approval...You can always decline if it does not. I will do only LIMITTED revisions... If you are new to MD and/or you have little to offer in way of payment, prices will vary ...and some I will do for free...so don't be afraid to ask. BlackThorn A note to anyone reading this thread: I work on many avatars at a time, and some, just finish themselves...others take longer, not neccessarily because they are more difficult...but because the muse hasn't struck just yet....I have learned that if I push too hard...the drawing doesn't come out very well. I hope you all will try to understand. I'm a Toaist and I believe that art like life flows from the source and follows it's own path. Nothing is more beautiful to me than an uncarved block. That is why I love the challanges you provide to me...and as always...I prefer you describe the avy to me...rather than showing me a picture....Pictures tend to retard the artistic process by forcing form upon an unrealised idea...I literally have to forget what I saw before I can begin to draw again...If you are not certain of exactly what you want me to draw...then be general..and let me know to do it how ever I want...thats ok too....and don't worry about feeling obligated to buy it once I finish....If you don't want it...np...I will just place it hear in this thread for sale or sell it to the shop. Honesty is the best form of praise any artist can hope for because it praises the artist not their art...while it is very nice to hear that people like what I draw, when someone tells me something that they don't like about a drawing, like Couriose and Chewy did before, I know that they care enough to help me to grow and become better... Price is also not very important to me...I know that previously some of my avys were selling for quite a bit of Gold...but what I really want is to provide avys that will enhance your enjoyment of the game. If you can afford to pay...great! If not, that's ok too. so don't let price be the reason you don't ask me to draw for you. Thanks for reading this...BT THERE ARE AVATARS FOR SALE OR TRADE ON PAGE 2 OF THIS THREAD For Ravenstrider...Oh, and it was free, because he made me laugh. this second one is going to the shop...unless anyone wants it?
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    The Warrior

    Shared Item Regroup

    [Quote][color=#CCCCCC]Ann. 1997 - [2011-08-23 04:43:50 - Stage 11][/color] Shared [b]items will regroup[/b] at their original location on [b]every Tuesday at 04:15 AM[/b](servertime). Try to avoid loading cauldron type items or jars close before that time as they will be taken away automatically even if they are loaded or in use. Do not hoard shared tool and do not use alts to store multiple tools of dame type. These items are meant to be used by as many people as possible so if you don't plan on using them let them there for others to try. You shouldn't sell the items but you can sell services related to them such as heat jar loading or whatever else.[/quote] The current way this works favours certain time zones over others, therefore I suggest changing the interval of them returning to either random (within a range of times) or at 1 week and 1hour. With the 1 week 1 hour, it will cause them to regroup in favour of the next time zone each week.
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    Torch Competetion

    i keep getting so many complains that i will post my opinion publically now. TC annoys me enough already so here why i "abandon" my land: none citizen and even the opponent can pick a MB torch... so what does the score have to do with MB? how can it possibly represent MB? how can it possibly show the effort of its citizen? all i see is a competition where traitors, cheater, abuser, citizen, imposer and everybody else can fight for ANY land they want. they pick up a torch and claim fighting for the land just to sacrifice it to one of their own people to make them score. and after that some weird score is supposed to show what the land did? how is that? there is no connection at all. lets continue: how many steps does it take from GoE to winds sanct and how many from GoE to golemus checkpoint? 8 to MB and 19 to golemus. why would anybody ever go to gg to score a point if he has to wait and walk more than twice as far? loreroot people can simply use the back exit to score but everybody else can only if they buy it in the WPShop? how fair is that? so MB doesnt only have the shortest way from GoE to its capitol but is also attackable from 2 sides? ...awesome i welcome everybody to score in MB. next problem is new players can only pick up a torch from MB because they have no access to any other land. they wonder what it is click on it and leave the sanct. and are nothing more but free wins to the opponent. even some mp5 have no chance to enter necro. should they commit "treason" and pick a torch from another land just to get access to their own land? and letting golumus people walk around the world and through the whole labyrinth just to get into their land to pick a torch is great as well. i wont try to think of more unpleasing stuff because i dont want ending up getting even more angry. and i will certainly not post all the possible cheats, abuses and bugs that can be used. its not just that the contest is totally imbalanced but that its score doesnt represent the land at all if even the opponent can pick up its torch. so yes as long as the competition will stay like this i will completely ignore it. normally i never do something like this but TC got me to a point were i simply dont care about anything anymore. and no i wont carry a torch for the sake of my land! why? because i as king of MB could just as well carry the torch of necro and score for necro. does that make me necro citizen or necro supporter now or represent the strenght of necrovion?
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    Hide Test/Experimental Clickies

    Since I don't know where else this would fit better, I figured "New Ideas" is a good option. Please feel free to move it if it fits somewhere else better.   In a nutshell, I wanted to suggest that functionless or purely experimental clickables, scene add-on art or simply scene titles could be hidden or removed.   As examples: Scene description/title at Defensive Quarters exterior (stating it's a testing area and that weird notifications should be ignored); Chewett's clickable box thing at Marind's fishy fountain (Marind's Roundabout? Forgot the name of the scene); the dynamite at Fenth's Press; the weird rain collectors at War Hold. The list could go on and, if necessary, I could compile such a list.   I honestly am not aiming to be rude or anything, but some of these clickables are both functionless (see the rain collectors and distillers or whatever they are at War Hold) and voluminous (same example), and may even make clicking other functioning items difficult (dynamite at Fenths Press). I just wanted to suggest that they are hidden from view (and interaction) until they are complete in function; game admins or perhaps people with access to scripting or A25 tools should still be able to see and change them (in my opinion) but your average player shouldn't be able to see them (again, in my opinion). I find some of them very encroaching and bothersome.    Could this be done? Is it rude of me to suggest this? Thanks for your time.
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    Phantom Orchid

    What's a girl to do?

    [font=comic sans ms,cursive]Here's the deal. When I created my role and earned the dream weaving ability from Mur, he made it pretty damn clear that dreams are private places (not _truly_ private of course, but private as in MD realm player experience-wise). And for good reason, what one says and experiences in a dream is vulnerable because of how primal, utterly visceral, and emotionally raw the content often is . Now, many of you have wondered about my absence for the past few months - here's one of the reasons why. Dreams are not private in MD. Anyone with a high level earfocus spell/stone can effectively recall everything that was said in a dream. Now, I thought only so-called admin roles had this spell, but there are 'regular' players who have it as well. There are people spying on dreams, not occasionally, but almost every time a dream happens in MD. Why? Because they can... This feels like a huge betrayal (one among a couple) which I have brought to the council. They refuse to do anything about it, or even work with me on it to figure something out. Now, I'm only interested in being a presence in this realm if players want me there as a dream weaver. Many of my old roleplaying buddies have already fled MD since the CoE was disbanded by Council, so I want to get any idea if there are other folks who find interest in learning more about night-time dreams in MD. I hate bringing this to the forum, because I know this kind of thing isn't what MD needs, but, for my sake, I want to gauge how much interest there is and also hear any ideas about how to work on this issue. Thank you for your time! MUAH![/font]
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