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    On holiday so its taking a back seat a bit, but so far the changes made for The Flash Javascript rework are: 280 files changed, 1547 insertions(+), 3718 deletions(-) Its quite substantial so I will be thanking all those who have contacted me to help me test them. Further updates following.
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    Current progress: 297 files changed, 1822 insertions(+), 4155 deletions(-) The system is ready for moving all the old database crud into the new form (new being years old instead fo decades) however that means I have just broken everything using the old system More testing needed before this goes live, but I hope to have the majority of it ready for OMEGA player testing maybe end of next week?
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    Hello, i present you a possible challenge. I has no expected answer, but if anyone presents a very interesting and plausible solution, i will reward it with wishpoint(s). Imagine you reach a point in your life when you realize that you lived that portion of your life many times over and over again, reaching the same outcome every time, but each time you return to the beginning of that series of events (not the beginning of your entire life) getting a new chance to do something that will change the outcome. You are not able to bring back any memories with you. You have only a narrow time interval when you start to realize the story repeated, but too late to change anything right then. A solution would be to DO something in such a way that it will change or send a message to your personal past. What would you do? How would you change something so that you would do things different in your past, not remembering that you experience is repeating. good luck
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    The best part of MD is that you can go all out with your philosophical self and still be considered partially sane:D And even if you are not, it only adds to the charm:) Dark Demon and Sushi are especially heavy hitters, you guys made my day. Time is, however, most insidious thing one can imagine. Just think about it. It can be described as a part of perception, or something that has numerical value, a concept of our deeds and memories as unfailing proof of our past. All of that and much more can be taken into account and be considered as correct. I think it was Einstein who said that-if you cant explain something simply then you dont understand it well enough. Time is difficult to explain because time is a man made thing and not a law of nature. Stuff happens, earth spins, people die and are born, its not because of passing of time but rather because of cause and consequence. Our reality is just shaped in a way where circular things have more sense and, our minds as demon said, perceive such happenings to be in time. Time is only time because we named that split second in which we exist like that. We could named it sugar squirrel and have the same results. The greatest reason that puts time as such in this position is because it has no beginning. And time as we made it has to has one. Day begins with dawn. Night with dusk. Life with birth. Everything in time has a starting point except the time itself. Mur said how he had been thinking about his problem for a long time. Regardless of that, it is natural to assume that his thinking has a starting point. If there is a start there is also the end. But if there is no start then there is no end. So, even with memories, even with power to alter the reality itself, you will still have to deal with the beast that will repeat itself. And if you are alive in this world and caught in the loop, you will also repeat yourself. So, to leave message to past self is to actually send message to your future self. All things considered in the time loop, that is the only way to cheat the message without SF or spiritual elements:)
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    Nature of the time loop is such that regardless what we do to remind us would be good for nothing. Time does not rewind itself to the beginning of the loop but rather resets, so any means of cheating the message would not be possible. If i plant a tree in my garden during that time interval in which i am aware of time loop, record whats happening, leave cryptic stuff or even kill myself, none of that would matter. Plant will not become a seed, record would not exist or any other stuff i left behind including my death. That is because behind itself does not exist. Time loop is not a line of time but rather a circle. If you guys like the night sky like me you also like the stars. Thing about stars is that most of those we see are actually dead. What we see is actually a picture hundreds of thousands years old, if we teleport somehow to their place in an instant, there is a good chance that they would be dead. Time does not travel faster than light but rather have the same speed and light of the stars we are able to see is actually and literary-past. So, to send a message to yourself one must send it in far space with speed of light and make it somehow come back. Breaking from the time loop by actually becoming part of some other time and coming back into the time interval we are aware of our time loop would break the "curse" and allow us to see whats really happening As a side note, time loop is, by far, a greatest punishment one`s councessnes would have to endure. Being aware, even in an instant, that your existence is bound in time loop, even if your future self probable exist outside of it, is brutal:D
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    I don't think you can send a message back to your past self, since as stated above, everything resets. But, I think there is still a way to escape the loop. I've illustrated the timeline with a single line. It has a point where the reset happens, and a period of time before that when you are aware of the situation. Basically, in the short time you have left until the reset you will have to do something so outrageous/extraordinary that it makes it impossible for the loop to continue. What if you never reached the reset point, or to be more precise, "jumped over it"? In short, you will have to die. Let me explain. Shortly before the reset happens, you have to put yourself in the state of clinical death somehow. For example, you could hang yourself. But, you have to arrange it in a way that somebody who can give you CPR finds you shortly after and saves you. The point of this plan is that, at the point of time the reset happens, you no longer exist. Of course, your body is there, but it isn't your body that is going back, it's the "you" part that is currently dead. If done right, by the time you come back to life you have already passed the reset point so the loop won't happen. The main problem with this plan is that it's highly risky. You have to die as close to the reset point as possible, and have to be brought back to life as soon after the reset point as possible. This is because you have to minimize the time you are dead or you risk suffering brain damage, or you will actually stay dead because too much time has passed. You will also have to make sure somebody who can help actually finds you, or else, you will also stay dead. Of course, I'm saying this purely on a hypothetical level, I do not endorse suicide.
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    A timeline infographic based on my silly idea above😂: 1) Experience the same period of time repeatedly. 2) Return to the beginning stage of the events without memories. 3) The “aware" periods, too late to change anything but keep sending the messages to other people in different universes. 4) Other people's timelines(parallel universes) with infinite possibility. 5) Time travellers from another future, bring back the messages before irreparable damage occurs. 6) Avoid making the same mistakes and start a new page. (OR maybe after that you won't be able to know if you did the right change until the next time loop, so basically you are keep making the "right" choices. If everything is connected maybe its some kind of reincarnation...) The reason I use parallel universes...I think maybe the time loop didn't completely reset or reverse, coz we still have the "aware" periods that we can actually remember the things we did or the thoughts between the loops, so it DID happen in the past and the action will have consequences.
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    Here are my thoughts on this. I'm just typing what I'm thinking. The answer is somewhere in here, and its not a 'here do this' kind of solution. Because it can't be that simple. Its very long: get ready for a ride. But the read is worth it, I promise Here goes: ------------------------------------------------------ Ok so everything resets. Any physical amendment, any environmental changes, etc. This means there is no 'external' solution to this one. Anything affected by time as we know it can't be the solution. This led me to think of two things: the solution either lies in something that is 1) unaffected by time, or 2) it is affected by time, but unlike as as we perceive it. Let me explain what this means. Time is not a real quantity. It is a concept. A concept is a mental structure in which we associate things with each other: a source and a target (take note). To alter the concept of time and memory, you have 2 potential options. One is the source: the brain itself. There are various centers in the brain involved in memory formation, (specifically the hippocampus and associated structures --- read up on Papez circuit if you wish to go into details of this), which have a wonderful ability to 'trap' a piece of time and store it. This is called a memory. Sounds beautiful doesn't it? If you alter the brain, you are changing time as we perceive it (as noted above). Hence this is a potential hole in the loop. The other is the target: the sun/moon. This is what mankind uses to perceive time. I'm talking about solar/lunar calendars, the concept of a 'day', a 'month', a 'year'. These are all dependent on the movements of the sun and moon, eg: rising and setting of the sun, solar and lunar eclipses, full/half moon cycles, etc. If you alter the sun/moon somehow, you can send a message because these are unaffected by time. In fact they are targets mankind uses to create time. So technically controlling them will control time. Thus, this is the second potential hole in the loop. Both of these are two extremes of the spectrum of a 'concept' called time. The source and the target. So we have narrowed it down to this. Next we have to decide which path to take. Looking at the capability of a human being, resources available, and the time interval in which we can make changes after realizing (you say its a day, right?), the best choice seems to be the source. Altering the sun/moon in any way is beyond human capability and nothing can be done in a day ------------------------------------------------- So we alter the brain. How? Well like I said, the solution can't be external. You can't just insert a device in the brain to alter memory formation. Then what? I mentioned the hippocampus and Papez circuit earlier. There is a beautiful natural method of creating and storing memories in time. Now what you have to realize is that only humans have such an elaborate mental structure. No other species or form of life does. What does this mean? It means that just like we see life with less elaborate mental structures, there must definitely be potential to create or BECOME a more elaborate mental structure! One that possibly allows to alter the entire concept of memory formation and time in such a way that your 'past' self can 'recall' things... from the 'future'... which is currently your 'present'... 😮 Yes sure call this absurd all you want. I'm sure if a goat told another goat, "hey you know maybe we can talk and write one day", the other goat would laugh. And that is because it is impossible to comprehend or imagine what the beautiful mind has the capability to do. That is what 'the true potential of our minds is untapped and locked' means after all. Once you unlock that capability, you can do things that previously you thought were 100% impossible. So that is the answer. You have to unlock the capability to do so, in that one-day time interval. I cannot tell you how to do it because like I said, it is beyond comprehension and imagination. Our minds cannot perceive such a concept yet. But it can happen one day, from within.
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    Hi, there are many problems for me with this challenge. One is that this particular question has been presented before a number of times, in various forms, and the memory of possible answers (or even the presentation) makes it hard for me ignore them and ponder on it myself. "Kaoru Yumi" (The Scented Darkness) from a manga I like - Mushishi - is beautifully presenting this question. Another is that I when I have to deal with the concept of "time", I feel despair. What is time, really? Then, I thought of working with pen and paper, so I drew a timeline and a time 'knot'. Drawing time as a line is not really clever, just immediate. Then, I drew the time loop as a circle, only because it was easier. But this presentation is faulty, because it makes you think exiting the loop can be done through the tangent point of the circle to the line. In reality, each completed loop represents an interval (of a certain length) which adds up on the timeline, until the end of your lifespan/timeline. Because you draw time as a line, the loop may still be there, but you're still on the timeline, because being in a loop doesn't "stop" time. So if I want to try to come up with a graphical solution for it, time must be represented differently.I'll try to maybe come up with something tomorrow... Apart from this, breaking a cycle you're not aware of, or vaguely aware of, comes with other questions - why are you in that cycle? Is it maybe a choice - to lose yourself into a pocket of forgetfulness, for self-preservation? Or a refusal of time, seen as an oppressor, and choosing the living of a perpetual present? I suppose the thrilling part is the one of sending messages to a past self that would trigger the creation of an ever more aware version of yourself with every passing of the loop, ultimately giving you the means of escaping the loop - and this can be done infinitely safer than addressing some of the questions above. Forgive this wall of text, but some questions come with a huge load and I write/talk a lot (so most of the time I shut up, making it look like I don't think at all hehe).
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    Combiners and the like

    Ave, A idea i had today. All the combiners have resources left in them by players gone or players who don't care to finish the amount needed and so on. So i was thinking that why not make a tool to mine the combiners. Not with particular accuracy on who's stuff get's removed from there and what is the end result (bulb of toxic plants. toxic plants, impotent flask of toxic plants for example the one combiner). Offering this idea for few reasons, 1)Otherwise the combiners will end up being filled with stupid amount of stuff for no good. 2)It's interesting/fun 3)depending on how it's implemented might allow even to sabotage someone(s) Miq
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    If one should consider herself tethered to linear time, in a manner that mere mortals must, then one needst find a method upon which one must account of the following discourse, and even to contradict it: Firstly, that all actions have cause, and that the action were a result of the cause. As one must think of events to have cause - so should those causes have causes also, unto the beginning of time itself and mayhap elsewhere; Secondly, that all causes must be independent of the action that they do cause - that should be to say that an event of action cannot affect that which caused it; such an event that did so could prevent of its own occurrence. This is the paradox itself. Of the above, I believe that it should take but a single premise to be untrue for one to be able to forewarn oneself in the past - thus, one of the following should be true - that which I shall label for reference: I. That one may break free of the tether to linear time - so that time may be experienced in a non-linear manner; II. that an action may affect of its own cause; or III. That there may be an action without cause. If the first is true, as with Nava and the Traveler - the solution should be trivial, as one may simply travel to the past to advise oneself of the time-loop; an alternate solution doth occur if one were to assume that the future should hold a method and purpose to do so, and one needst only leave a message and purpose for another to travel to the past to forewarn oneself. if the second is true, one mightst perform of an action in future that should, in primary purpose, cause the realisation upon the time-loop to occur earlier; similarly, that one should trust oneself to repeat this upon the next time-loop. This should, in eventuality, bring one to realise the presence of the time-loop at its commencement; if the third is true, one needs simply to bring about the end and beginning of the time-loop as soon as one should realise its presence (such as to bring about one's own death, or otherwise to be transported back without memory). Using this method, one merely awaits the presence of favourable actions without cause to occur within the time-loop. While this does not in itself change of the next time-loop, one should eventually stumble upon the desired time-loop, in which either the outcome were optimal, or a method were found to cause of one of the other premises to be untrue. Much remains beyond the grasp of mine mere intellect, yet I believe this may serve as frame-work for future discourse.
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    I don’t think we can use tattoo etc… because I believe all the environment/reality, the body & memories will also back to the beginning stage of that event. Well "I" can’t send the messages to myself, I don’t know how to record it and avoid losing it. But maybe I can drive myself into a fatal position and then come out alive!? I will go insane and create a big disaster/event, the more involved people, the better chance in the result(the greater the unity, the greater the strength). because of the future consequences...…I hope the time travellers will come back to stop me/forward the messages and change my past(their past), create another parallel universe... haha I know this is a terrible idea but maybe it is another way to break the loop and send messages to the past? I mean, maybe I am in the loop that I can not inform myself directly, or maybe I am keep creating new timelines, reaching the similar outcome and too late to change anything. But other people are still continue living in their universes with infinite possibility, so with their help I will be able to pass the messages to another "me" from parallel universes and change the past eventually.
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    How would you send messages in the past?

    If you can't bring back any memories, I imagine you'd have to, while you are still aware of the problem, make some change to either (or both): Your environment/reality (so you could somehow prevent the course of actions that lead to that outcome). This would be an "external" solution. Yourself (I think this path would be harder since you'd have no way of remembering, so the change would have to happen on a subconscious level). This would be an "internal" solution. These seem a bit vague, but I expressed them in this way because I believe the specific way of attempting both depends on the kind of thing you are experiencing over and over.
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    [27/07/18 09:26] :Sushi begins her meditation practice again [27/07/18 14:33] :Aia del Mana sits within the Gazebo in preparation [27/07/18 14:46] : Mallos throws the dice and gets 6 [27/07/18 14:52] :Mallos fails to defeat Aia del Mana [27/07/18 14:55] Mallos:cant undo time you know, can only change it [27/07/18 15:15] Nava:Soon, Aia, all will change. [27/07/18 15:54] Bash Chelik:hello there, folks!:) [27/07/18 15:54] Bash Chelik:some fancy meeting here:D [27/07/18 15:55] Rophs:oo [27/07/18 15:58] Aeoshattr:Nava? [27/07/18 16:50] :Sushi waves [27/07/18 16:50] :Sushi sits in seiza [27/07/18 16:51] :Nava looks at Aeoshattr , her white eyes observing him as she tilts her head. [27/07/18 16:51] Nava:Aeoshattr. [27/07/18 16:56] Nava:I've completed my preparations. I may not be able to consciously attend the ritual, but I [27/07/18 16:57] Nava:I have done what was needed. The rest is up to all of you. [27/07/18 17:16] jakubhi:hey [27/07/18 17:52] Nava:Hi jakubhi. [27/07/18 17:52] :Nava 's eyes glow like they did before. [27/07/18 17:53] Nava:If not him, then may another serve the purpose. [27/07/18 17:54] :Mallos yawns [27/07/18 17:54] Mallos:Her? [27/07/18 17:58] Nava:There are many hims and many hers. I need not disclose the specifics. [27/07/18 17:58] Mallos:YOU? [27/07/18 17:58] Mallos:Inkalle [27/07/18 17:59] Mallos:ooh, getting me ahead of myself now [27/07/18 17:59] :[Spell] Innkalle [27/07/18 17:59] Mallos:dont think there aren't other ways to hurt you [27/07/18 18:05] Nava:Foolishly attempt all you wish. Your desire to hurt me comes from your own pain. And it will feed it. In the end, you'll become a frail beast that can never nourish itself. [27/07/18 18:05] Mallos:arrogant naive human [27/07/18 18:07] Mallos:How many times can I tell you I'm trying to help, before you WILL listen [27/07/18 18:08] Nava:I will not continue this discussion as the Eclipse grows near. Use this time to reflect and prepare for the changes to come. [27/07/18 18:08] Mallos:it's only you who doesn't hear [27/07/18 19:12] Ungod:i noticed the jumplink three minutes too late. hi! [27/07/18 19:13] Ungod:this was a training ground long time ago, right? [27/07/18 19:13] *Syrian*:that was a different gazebo. [27/07/18 19:43] *Lintara*:Evening all! (did anyone else have a mysql error just now?) [27/07/18 19:44] Nava: (Yup.) [27/07/18 19:44] Nava:I shall be in and out. [27/07/18 19:45] Nava:But I will remain here. [27/07/18 19:46] *Lintara*:Alright then (heh, may as well get my evening tea :D) [27/07/18 19:46] Nava: (mmm, tea.) [27/07/18 20:00] laylah:What if I pull all these... things? [27/07/18 20:01] *Lintara*:Then the sound won't be transmitted... Probably [27/07/18 20:02] :Ledah dabs [27/07/18 20:02] Aia del Mana:Greetings, and welcome. [27/07/18 20:02] *Miq*:nom nom [27/07/18 20:02] :*Miq* overwhelmed Ledah [27/07/18 20:02] laylah:Greetings [27/07/18 20:02] :Aia del Mana curtsies to all present [27/07/18 20:03] *Lintara*: *nods and smiles* Hello Aia! [27/07/18 20:03] *Miq*:who is getting painted red? [27/07/18 20:03] :Esmaralda nods in greeting respectfully [27/07/18 20:03] Sushi:hi all [27/07/18 20:04] *Lintara*:Hello hello [27/07/18 20:04] Aia del Mana:I thank all for thy presence this day, upon this auspicious time. [27/07/18 20:04] :Aia del Mana notes the presence of the Little Old Man [27/07/18 20:06] :laylah fails to defeat Aia del Mana [27/07/18 20:06] Aia del Mana:In time past, the Red Service had been a time to offer of ritual sacrifice of blood - that which were shed through combat. [27/07/18 20:07] Aia del Mana:As it had been, so shall it be this day also. [27/07/18 20:07] Aia del Mana:Let us commence, if all are ready. [27/07/18 20:08] :Esmaralda nods [27/07/18 20:08] :Sushi nods [27/07/18 20:08] *Lintara*: (oh, let's also write Red Service as cause ^^) [27/07/18 20:09] :Aia del Mana looks skyward to the slowly, but surely, darkening face of the Moon [27/07/18 20:09] Aia del Mana:The axis has shifted. [27/07/18 20:10] Aia del Mana:The world is returned unto balance. [27/07/18 20:10] Aia del Mana:Look to the skies, and give thanks for her return. [27/07/18 20:10] :laylah fails to defeat Aia del Mana [27/07/18 20:11] Aia del Mana:Blessed Goddess, the Children of the Eclipse welcome thee. [27/07/18 20:11] :laylah wins against Ungod [27/07/18 20:12] Aia del Mana:The auspicion of the Blood Moon is upon us. She who watches over all now casts her solemn gaze o'er all, [27/07/18 20:12] Aia del Mana:In reminder that all who take must also give. [27/07/18 20:13] :Esmaralda crippled Ledah [27/07/18 20:13] :laylah wins against Sushi [27/07/18 20:13] Aia del Mana:We shall offer to her sacrifices of blood, that our bonds be strengthened and our resolve fortified. [27/07/18 20:13] :*Lintara* wins against Ungod [27/07/18 20:14] :laylah fails to defeat *Lintara* [27/07/18 20:14] :Esmaralda fails to defeat *Miq* [27/07/18 20:14] :Esmaralda vanquished *Lintara* [27/07/18 20:14] :laylah fails to defeat *Miq* [27/07/18 20:14] Aia del Mana:We who seek the return of the Eclipse find solace in her manifest. [27/07/18 20:15] :laylah fails to defeat Esmaralda [27/07/18 20:15] :Esmaralda wins against Ungod [27/07/18 20:15] Aia del Mana:As her shadow and her radiance converge, so shall light and darkness of the realm. [27/07/18 20:15] :laylah wins against Ledah [27/07/18 20:15] :Esmaralda overcame Sushi [27/07/18 20:15] Aia del Mana:Restore to equilibrium the delicate balance, [27/07/18 20:16] :Esmaralda fails to defeat laylah [27/07/18 20:16] Aia del Mana:Where there be darkness, so bring light, [27/07/18 20:16] Aia del Mana:Where there is death, life, [27/07/18 20:16] Aia del Mana:Where there is mystery, revelation. [27/07/18 20:17] :laylah fails to defeat Aia del Mana [27/07/18 20:17] :Esmaralda fails to defeat Aia del Mana [27/07/18 20:17] :Aia del Mana produces a faintly glowing Moon Chalice [27/07/18 20:18] :Esmaralda overwhelmed Ledah [27/07/18 20:18] :Aia del Mana places the Chalice upon the ground and fills it with pure rainwater [27/07/18 20:19] :Esmaralda wins against Ungod [27/07/18 20:20] Aia del Mana:All who are present, that do partake of blood-letting, [27/07/18 20:20] :Esmaralda fails to defeat *Lintara* [27/07/18 20:20] Aia del Mana:Let thy heat fill her chalice, that she above should accept of our sacrifices, [27/07/18 20:21] Aia del Mana:That her blessings should fall upon us all. [27/07/18 20:21] :*Lintara* hammered laylah [27/07/18 20:22] :Aia del Mana turns to the Little Old Man [27/07/18 20:22] :*Lintara* finished Ledah [27/07/18 20:22] :Esmaralda fails to defeat Aia del Mana [27/07/18 20:22] :*Lintara* fails to defeat Esmaralda [27/07/18 20:22] .Little Old Man.:Sacrafices *eyes glow a little* [27/07/18 20:22] :*Lintara* overwhelmed *Miq* [27/07/18 20:22] Aia del Mana:Dost thou wish to be free of thy burden? [27/07/18 20:24] :Esmaralda hammered Ledah [27/07/18 20:24] .Little Old Man.:Freedom... [27/07/18 20:24] Aia del Mana:I invite thee to step forth, Little Old One. [27/07/18 20:24] :laylah fails to defeat Sushi [27/07/18 20:24] :*Lintara* eradicated Ungod [27/07/18 20:25] :*Lintara* slashed Aeoshattr [27/07/18 20:25] :laylah wins against Ledah [27/07/18 20:26] :laylah fails to defeat Esmaralda [27/07/18 20:26] :Aia del Mana turns to Aeoshattr [27/07/18 20:26] :Esmaralda wins against Ungod [27/07/18 20:26] :.Little Old Man. suddenly Aia and the little man disappear [27/07/18 20:26] :Aeoshattr gives Aia a brief nod [27/07/18 20:26] Sushi:!! [27/07/18 20:27] *Lintara*: *pauses* Huh? [27/07/18 20:27] Aeoshattr:Hm. [27/07/18 20:27] :Esmaralda fails to defeat *Miq* [27/07/18 20:28] :Ledah coughs awkwardly [27/07/18 20:28] Ledah:See youall next year I guess [27/07/18 20:28] :Esmaralda fails to defeat laylah [27/07/18 20:29] :*Lintara* fails to defeat Esmaralda [27/07/18 20:29] :*Lintara* mutilated *Miq* [27/07/18 20:29] *Syrian*:looks like they both took a little nap. and the old man is now mp7 [27/07/18 20:29] Aeoshattr:I think they are dreaming. [27/07/18 20:30] *Syrian*:they are [27/07/18 20:30] :*Lintara* overpowered Ungod [27/07/18 20:30] :*Lintara* conquered Aeoshattr [27/07/18 20:30] Esmaralda:Could we be dreaming too? [27/07/18 20:31] Aeoshattr:No, you would know if you were. [27/07/18 20:31] *Syrian*:it's fairly obvious [27/07/18 20:31] :*Lintara* crushed laylah [27/07/18 20:31] :*Lintara* crushed Ledah [27/07/18 20:31] Esmaralda:What i meant was, can we also join a dream? [27/07/18 20:31] Nava:Did I miss the Little Old Man? (still semi afk) [27/07/18 20:32] *Syrian*:everyone can join one, but only if a person that can create a dream takes you [27/07/18 20:32] *Lintara*: *shakes her head* Unless the dreamweaver takes you there [27/07/18 20:32] *Syrian*:the old man is gone, he took aia with him [27/07/18 20:32] *Lintara*:Hi Nava. Yes, he just vanished with Aia [27/07/18 20:32] Nava:Do you remember when Phantom Orchid put us all in one large dream that led to her exile? [27/07/18 20:32] Ledah:I find it easiest to upset Jonn [27/07/18 20:32] *Lintara*:I... wasn't there [27/07/18 20:32] Nava:Ah, I see. Fascinating. [27/07/18 20:33] Aeoshattr:The Little Old Man must be sharing something with Aia that he desires to only be known to Aia. [27/07/18 20:34] :Aeoshattr wins against Ledah [27/07/18 20:34] :Aeoshattr finished *Lintara* [27/07/18 20:34] :Aeoshattr wins against Sushi [27/07/18 20:34] Esmaralda:Is the red service at an end then? [27/07/18 20:35] Aeoshattr:I suppose we wait and see. [27/07/18 20:36] Esmaralda:Perhaps a small prayer then.. [27/07/18 20:36] :Esmaralda looks up at the moon [27/07/18 20:36] Esmaralda:Moon of silver, moon that shines, [27/07/18 20:36] Esmaralda:Whom the weak you doest enshrine, [27/07/18 20:36] Esmaralda:Moon that sees our thoughts inside, [27/07/18 20:36] Esmaralda:Goddess of the rising tide, [27/07/18 20:37] Esmaralda:Thee, my goddess I profess, [27/07/18 20:37] Esmaralda:As my hands raise in distress. [27/07/18 20:37] Esmaralda:Bring the night back, let it glean, [27/07/18 20:37] Esmaralda:Bathe these lands in silver sheen, [27/07/18 20:37] Esmaralda:Let the shadows fall once more, [27/07/18 20:37] Esmaralda:In these lands like once before. [27/07/18 20:37] Esmaralda:Hear this priestess, hear her pray, [27/07/18 20:37] Esmaralda:Crackles in her voice betray, [27/07/18 20:37] Esmaralda:Yearning for the goddess reign, [27/07/18 20:37] Esmaralda:Day the sun will start to wane. [27/07/18 20:38] Esmaralda:See the longing in her heart, [27/07/18 20:38] Esmaralda:For the comfort you impart, [27/07/18 20:38] Esmaralda:Turn your eyes to servants plight, [27/07/18 20:38] Esmaralda:Wrap this land in black and white. [27/07/18 20:38] :Esmaralda turns her eyes back down from the sky [27/07/18 20:41] Aeoshattr:Ah... it rains... [27/07/18 20:41] :Aia del Mana reappears with the Little Old Man [27/07/18 20:41] *Lintara*:And with rain, they return. [27/07/18 20:42] :Aia del Mana nods solemnly at the Little Old Man [27/07/18 20:43] Aia del Mana:I do not believe there shall be need of a vessel. [27/07/18 20:43] :Aia del Mana turns to everyone else [27/07/18 20:44] :*Lintara* perks her ears up attentively. [27/07/18 20:44] :.Little Old Man. his eyes no longer glowing, looks smaller than before [27/07/18 20:44] Aia del Mana:This day, we must take of life, that life may return. [27/07/18 20:45] Aia del Mana:I fear this may be the only way to lift his burden. [27/07/18 20:46] Aeoshattr:What... life? [27/07/18 20:46] Aia del Mana: *looks at the Little Old Man* He, who doth carry great burden. [27/07/18 20:47] Aia del Mana:Blood of his must be shed, and then, the ritual must continue. [27/07/18 20:48] Aia del Mana:I order this of all present, in great mercy for he who suffers among us. [27/07/18 20:49] :Esmaralda beat .Little Old Man. [27/07/18 20:49] :Aia del Mana cut in pieces .Little Old Man. [27/07/18 20:49] :*Lintara* wins against .Little Old Man. [27/07/18 20:49] :.Little Old Man. smiles feintly [27/07/18 20:49] :laylah fails to defeat .Little Old Man. [27/07/18 20:49] Aeoshattr:Forgive me, old man. [27/07/18 20:49] :Aeoshattr wins against .Little Old Man. [27/07/18 20:50] Rophs:I'll have acousticremains [27/07/18 20:50] :.Little Old Man. each time the man is hit, the circle around him grows smaller [27/07/18 20:50] Rophs: (thought it starts in 10 minutes sorry for interrupting) [27/07/18 20:50] :*Syrian* wins against .Little Old Man. [27/07/18 20:51] :Rophs wins against .Little Old Man. [27/07/18 20:51] :Aia del Mana lifts the Moon Chalice [27/07/18 20:51] :*Lintara* looks up, her ears lowered with no smile [27/07/18 20:51] Aia del Mana:Luna, Guardian of the Night. [27/07/18 20:52] Nava: (Back) [27/07/18 20:52] Aia del Mana:Blessed be thy holy light. [27/07/18 20:52] Aia del Mana:Glow upon thy sacred chalice, [27/07/18 20:52] Aia del Mana:With thy heat, restore the balance. [27/07/18 20:53] :Aia del Mana slowly pours the water into another circle around the Little Old Man [27/07/18 20:54] :.Little Old Man. the circle, growing ever smaller, reaches the confines of the old man [27/07/18 20:54] Aia del Mana:Luna beloved of the sky, Hear thy humble servant's cry, [27/07/18 20:55] Aia del Mana:Bestow thy magic principles, upon the Shades invisible. [27/07/18 20:55] :.Little Old Man. he mouths thank you, and slowly disappears into the closing circle [27/07/18 20:56] :Aia del Mana watches the chalice glow a strong red [27/07/18 20:56] :Nava 's eyes glow. [27/07/18 20:56] :Aia del Mana watches the chalice irradiate the Little Old Man with intense heat [27/07/18 20:57] Aia del Mana:Luna, light of heaven's grace. [27/07/18 20:57] :*Lintara* raises her ears and looks at the spot where the man was [27/07/18 20:57] Aia del Mana:Radiant, we see thy face. [27/07/18 20:57] Aia del Mana:Watch over thy chosen one, [27/07/18 20:58] Aia del Mana:Now life is spent, and deed is done. [27/07/18 20:58] laylah:Congratulations, well deserved. [27/07/18 20:58] :Aia del Mana turns to everyone present [27/07/18 20:59] Aia del Mana:I am grateful to all this auspicious night. Luna hath heard our prayer. [27/07/18 21:00] Aia del Mana:May she bless us all this fateful night. [27/07/18 21:00] :Sushi smiles [27/07/18 21:00] : Fang Archbane collects Rainwater [27/07/18 21:00] *Lintara*: *smiles* Well done, Aia. [27/07/18 21:01] Aia del Mana: *smiles* I could not have done it without thee, Your Majesty. [27/07/18 21:01] Ledah:Spooky [27/07/18 21:01] Rophs:Congratulations. [27/07/18 21:01] :Nava smiles. [27/07/18 21:01] :Fang Archbane floats into position [27/07/18 21:01] Nava:It is done. [27/07/18 21:01] Sushi:Congratulations! [27/07/18 21:01] Aia del Mana:Or indeed, of all present, hither, or in other lands. [27/07/18 21:02] *Lintara*: *curtsies to Aia then turns her head* Hrm, looks like it's not over yet. [27/07/18 21:02] :Aeoshattr looks over into the distance [27/07/18 21:02] Rophs: (on phone, I'll grab the log and pass it to aia when I can get enough heat to cast) [27/07/18 21:02] Nava:It's never over, just done many a time. [27/07/18 21:02] :Aia del Mana looks southward at the storm clouds [27/07/18 21:02] :Aeoshattr vanishes with a cracking noise [27/07/18 21:03] Nava:And now the next phase begins. [27/07/18 21:03] :*Syrian* passed Acousticremains stone to Aia del Mana [27/07/18 21:03] :Sushi nods [27/07/18 21:03] Rophs: (ty!) [27/07/18 21:03] *Lintara*:Wait with those stones, I've got a few casts left [27/07/18 21:03] Aia del Mana: (I'm on a non flash device - anyone able to acoustic-remains?) [27/07/18 21:04] :[Spell] Whispers of the past, please speak to the present
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    Added the checking for deprecated functions, 11937 unit test cases at the moment.
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    How would you send messages in the past?

    If the entire multiverse actually resets back to the state that was the beginning then i don't think there is any way. if it's somekind of localized event then there are options i guess. You just have to find the limits of the localization first.
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    How would you send messages in the past?

    See Doctor who Villains, the Silence. You forget them as soon as you turn away, so characters to remind them they are surrounded would tally a mark on their skin to whenever they saw one. To start with you only saw them slowly go through the house with increasing numbers of tallies until it was explained what that meant, and when the characters themselves realised what it mean, they felt true fear as the silence were everywhere. An interesting concept.
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    Ah, worked an 8 hour overnight shift, maybe i missed making my point, my apologies. Im basically saying that if you find yourself stuck in a recurring Time Loop (same event over and over again) and cant remember anything from the other times, if you experience it enough your instincts and subconscious will slowly but surely over time force you to "feel" certain things. If making one decision will have you killed, youll know it through instinct eventually, and feel fear. You still wont "remember" anything but youll simply "know" and make a different choice. Due to that knowledge gained from having lived that Time Loop situation my entire life, i know deep down that the only "naturally" occuring way to get passed it and make new, better decisions, is to live through the Time Loop until your Instincts kick in and you are forced to keep moving forward. This might make zero sense to anyone who hasnt had recurring dreams & nightmares for 27 years but, to me it seems clear as day. To me, this is the equivalent of sending a message to your "past" self. Now that i think about it more, it isnt really sending a message anywhere, but more like adapting to the situation and forcing evolution in the name of survival. My answer isnt necessarily do nothing. It's closer to "survive the madness ingrained through the experience, and trust your instincts, trust yourself".
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    Let me start off by saying, that I do not aim for any rewards of any kind for my answer (assuming theyd apply) and would respectfully decline any attempt to go against these wishes. My reply is solely to explain a part of my life that's quite surprisingly exactly what you're talking about, and to hopefully help you find the answer you seek. Throughout my entire life, I have had recurring nightmares and recurring dreams. It's happened so much, that I know have a somewhat detailed but foggy mental map of nearly all the places I visit when asleep, and over time have realized that all my recurring nightly adventures are actually a small part of a much, much, MUCH larger map, it's very own city in size, and infinite in possibilities. When I first started to have these dreams and nightmares, they were quick to disappear from my immediate memory the second I woke up. Over time, I began to remember them for small amounts of time after waking. After years of this, I can now nearly fully recall it all, even weeks or months after I've had them. I mention this only because in said dreams and nightmares, I always have choices, as we all do or seem to. After having each dream/nightmare countless times, I began to Lucid Dream (The state of knowing ones asleep) and hit what I would call a God Mode. I could alter surroundings, do as I pleased in every possible way, but the more I changed the looser my ties to the dream world became, and oddly enough it was all STUNNINGLY similar to the movie Inception (2010). Because I subconsciously (instinctually) knew that I was both asleep and had "lived" this before, I had chances to alter my previous decisions without ACTUALLY having memories of said events. I knew going left meant death and restarting the infinite cycle somehow. I knew going right was unknown, but moving forward was better than "dying". And yet I had no specific memories, just gut instinct. So my answer is simple. One has to succumb wholly to the recurring actions. Live through it countless times. Eventually, your body and subconscious, your raw instincts will guide you, even with a total lack of memories. I'm sure there are other answers that apply, but this is mine and it has served me beyond what words can explain. I've lived a thousand lives. I've survived a thousand adventures. I've experienced my wildest dreams and fears, and all at the cost of nothing to my physical outer being. My mental and inner self might have taken a hit here and there for the worst. It definitely wasnt all fun and games. I payed the price of being able to play God, but it gave me PERSPECTIVE like I've never experienced before. I perpetually feel like I'm dreaming, even when I "know" I'm awake. Life now feels like a Lucid Dream, that's the price I payed for the knowledge I gained. It's both bound and freed me. I'm now a good person because I choose to be, knowing now that morals, ethics, and consequences exist only within our hearts. To end this small rant I'll quote a famous philosopher and hope its to your liking. It once brought me back to "reality" when I was at my worst from the Lucid Experience and saved me from "Insanity" without making me lose the lessons. Enjoy. "Once upon a time, I, Chuang Chou, dreamt I was a butterfly, fluttering hither and thither, to all intents and purposes a butterfly. I was conscious only of my happiness as a butterfly, unaware that I was Chou. Soon I awaked, and there I was, veritably myself again. Now I do not know whether I was then a man dreaming I was a butterfly, or whether I am now a butterfly, dreaming I am a man. Between a man and a butterfly there is necessarily a distinction. The transition is called the transformation of material things."
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    How do you see taming?

    Creatures are tamed once through fighting (see artwork of, say, winderwild or drachorn). Their use (in battle) empowers the player with skills such as defence, attack etc. Taming skill is a second 'level' of taming, where creatures that are useful in combat become useful in a system that works with resources/materials. This skill shows a player has an even stronger grip on his creatures - and a deeper relationship, that is less likely to end in front of altars (in theory). It is quite a revolution. I feel a yoke would be appropriate for an icon; alternatives for this: collar, shackles or chain(s).
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    The Book of dried herbs was a gift from the Queen of Loreroot to help in my researches in Herbology. Then, as a token of appreciation, for the lorerootians and enthusiasts, I will present here about herbs and weeds that are subject of my research: Adder's Tongue (Erythronium americanum) is a perennial herb also called dog-tooth violet, serpent's tongue and yellow snowdrop. Adder's tongue is used internally to treat a variety of conditions ranging from vomiting to hiccups and externally in poultice for skin inflammations, and hives. However, adder's tongue may contain the alkaloid colchine. Colchine is extremely toxic, also anyone taking adder's tongue internally should be advised to use only minute amounts. Bitterroot (Apocynum androsaemifolium and A. cannabinum) is also called dogbane, milk weed, and westernwall. Bitteroot is widely used to treat numerous conditions including sore throats, colds and coughs, constipation and convulsions. It contains cymarin, a poisonous substance. It's also used in a decoction of the dried root to threat heart palpitations. Because it is poisonous, and because of it's heart-stimuling properties, bitterroot is considered too toxic to ingest. Bloodroot (Sanguinaria canadensis) is also called red puccoon, indian plant, and tetterworth. The root of this plant is used to treat respiratory problems and digestive problems. It contains the poisonous alkaloid sanguinare, as well other alkaloids. Bloodroot acts as a narcotic and an emetic, but higher doses can lead to total collapse. Henbane (Hyoscyamus niger) is also called devil's eyes and stinking nightshade. Used to treat insomnia and to induce hypnosis (as a hallucinogen). To be continued...
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    Fang Archbane

    Help Rophs sail West

    With the lowered MP6 requirement he could have easily enough raised his mind power and brought some mainlanders over to visit. Oh well, if this meets his goals, congrats all the same Rophs.
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    Help Rophs sail West

    The only quest was put Rophs in the West. But now we need to be able to let others travel by other ways... a Lighthouse.
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    Poppi Chulloz

    Keep the realm alive

    Hello everyone, Do you realize that you can be an important part in spreading the greatness of this realm? Yes you can, just by tweeting things about the game or just retweeting the post from MagicDuel's official Twitter account. As simple as that. I understand that not everyone here use Twitter, but for those who use it or will start using it, keep in mind that every single tweet or retweet from you will be very helpful. One tweet or retweet in a day, it's not too hard. Don't mind how many follower you have now, because it's not about how many people out there see or hear about MagicDuel, it's more about how consistent and militant we are in voicing and showing it. You can follow MagicDuel's official Twitter account here: https://twitter.com/magicduel You can also check its Facebook Fanpage here: https://facebook.com/magicduel Let's keep the realm alive and open for everyone. Big thanks for all your help. -Popp
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    Aia del Mana

    A Renaissance of the Eclipse

    Upon return to the realm some months ago, I had seen that few remain of the realm that were of the Children, and that which had been earned by mine brethren of the Eclipse, were no more. As one of the inceptive Priestesses of the Children of the Eclipse, I have read of the overwhelming support that had been placed upon the revival of the alliance, by those of the realm, in its time of need, and mine spirit were raised by reading of the words of those that had come after. I seek to return the Children to their presence, and their role within Loreroot and the realm. I call upon those who knew the Children, or that do share its ethos, for the return of Night to the realm, to balance that of Day, and thus to restore the interaction of Light and Darkness. I am only a single soul, that doth possess the memory of inception, and of rituals that do draw upon Luna and her magic. Yet, I believe in the vision of Penelope Lightmoon, and of Tarquinus, whom I sorely miss. Look to the skies upon the last day of the month. Luna doth show her luminescence in all her glory then - that she may be called Super; she draws ever closer, and Terra shall align with her, that she may show her inner Blood Moon, upon the rarity that were a Blue Moon of the first month. It were a rare auspicion, and one that aught should be glad to witness. (http://earthsky.org/?p=270280 - there really is a supermoon blue moon lunar eclipse on the 31st January, a once-in-two-lifetimes rarity.) She shall speak to the Children anew, and I shall hope that she doth bring new life to the Children. In preparation, I presently continue the role that the Priestess of Moon's Light had once been given - to bestow Luna's heat upon others within the realm, and to draw upon her own. If there were aught that wish to show support of this within the realm, I should like to see the presence of thy support here. Luna shall rise again, and with her, the Children will follow.