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    I am Hungry

    I, MAG THE (self proclaimed) KNIGHT OF BACON, AM HUNGRY. I NEED YOU TO COOK THE MOST DELICIOUS, FLAVOURFUL AND LUXURIOUS DISH MAGICDUEL HAS TO OFFER. YOU WILL HAVE TO DESCRIBE YOUR DISH AND PROVIDE ME WITH AN IMAGE, I WANT TO KNOW WHAT I AM SERVED AFTER ALL I AM HUNGRY BUT I KNOW THAT PERFECTION NEEDS TIME SO I WILL WAIT UNTIL END OF DECEMBER. tldr: cook a dish and make it MD themed describe what you made provide a picture (with name and date please) deadline end of december looking for judges and sponsors rewards to be announced
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    I think that there could be a couple of things added to make it a little more interactive and engaging. Perhaps a couple of target practice dummies to appear in the first scene once you have made your aramor so you can get used to the fight system a little. I don't think too much fighting should be on the island though because that would take away from what you have to discover on the mainlands. Perhaps all guards could be MP7 to allow one or two fights also. Some of the writing on the interface and so on could be streamlined or could even be sorted so it's topic sentenced and people can have the option of accessing reasons or further instructions. Also, in terms of first impressions, some links from the top of the page or on free credits voting either don't work or have outdated content. This looks really bad (sorry ) By the way, I can't upvote yet, so I'd like to share my upvote for all the above posts. I did have a couple of other ideas for the first stages but wanted to think more on them before suggesting.
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    Just visiting

    I don't know how crazy Santa is about photographs, but I'm sure he doesn't mind an album to reminisce the good ol' days. So let's do that - the task is to create such an album (6 images minimum) with Santa Claus visiting MD scenes (ex. making a victory sign in the Drachorn Cave, unloading gifts at GoE etc). What he does in those scenes is up to you (just...keep it decent). Submissions will be posted in this thread, and votes (up or down, love or...well, we don't have hate) will count. Last day for submission is 25th Dec. post will be updated with rewards here be answers to (your) questions regarding this quest
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    Hello all. Since i moved to this house 3 years ago i started to grow all sorts of plants, vegetables, fruits, flowers (roses mostly) ... It started like a hoby but over the years i implemented system for watering etc. Since i have so many pictures i made a colage pictures and i hope you will enjoy it. As you will see i had a problem with the MD pest but managed to grow very very rare loreroot forest strawberry among other common stuff. 😉
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    How do you see taming?

    I agree with No one, that taming can have a negative, almost condescending connotation. What about Symbiosis as a name? The creatures are made from us or someone else, so they can be both internal and external. While they are with us they both give and take from us. As Lintara states, some give us external items, and as Azull told me last night some consume external items. From what I understand so far, they seem to be able to be either a part of us or separate, but either way we exist together. Some creatures may even be kept for sentimental reasons (I am never letting go of my first creature, my aramor, because they represent my first days here), but sentiment does not always have to be attributed. The concept might be able to include all forms of transactional relationship. In terms of symbiosis, it seems like our relationship with the creatures could fit into any of the three types, depending on the type of creature and what how we interact with it. I thought for an icon a warped "recycling" icon as the relationship never seems to end fully:
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    Spot the difference

    I will run this on the 24th or 25th, depending on your preference. It will be a forum race in finding the original scene among scenes that have additions. More specifically, for set 1of images (name_1) you have to find the scene that was modified; for set 2 (name_2) you have to find the scene that wasn't modified whatsoever and for the third set you have to find the scene that was modified. rewards be here sample here
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    I am Hungry

    Yum yum! 🥙🥓🥘🍣🍲🍖🍝🍨🥂😋
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    Santa goes underground

    Since I am the kind of guy that gets inspiration from everything, reading about the Golden Lily Operation gave me an idea for a contest (what can I say, god works in mysterious ways...). This will probably run on the 24th (or maybe even 25th), in the evening. The story is that Santa has hidden his sack somewhere and now has to dig to get it. The exact location of the sack, however, is unknown, so he has to dig and dig...and dig. The participants will be divided into two teams, given five minutes to decide on the route and the initial position of Santa and then go for it, announcing number and letter (example: square B2). Between the moves, each team has a 2 mins deliberation time (in case they decide to go for another route). The first team to find the sack (which will be hidden on a square somewhere on the last two lines) wins. The 'map' is small, (5)6x6, so it won't take long. Santa cannot move diagonally. On the way, you will find obstacles and extra bounty. Things like silver and gold mean extra bounty, a reindeer cart will give an additional turn, while the wine bottle will substract one turn. The mole is giving an extra square to Santa, never diagonally, and Rudolph does nothing...well, it does ask you for a cracker. While you choose the squares, I will have a map similar to this one and will tell you where you landed. Max participants per team: 5; I don't know what will be the general participation, but I can't accept more than 5 per team, so if you want to have a certain place in the contest, write your name in this thread. (Will update the post with rewards) I am also attaching an empty 'map' to use during the contest.
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    The secret base

    (post will be updated with rewards, stay tuned) We have, more or less, an idea about Santa's residence in the outside realm, but what about MD? Where does Santa live all year round, to conveniently appear _only_ at Christmas? What does he do all year, how does he prepare for Xmas, does he live alone or in company, how does he keep himself hidden? Write a short essay (350 words minimum) in which you answer these questions, adding whatever you feel necessary to describe MD's Santa Claus. The last day for submission (by forum PM to yours truly) is 24th Dec. here be rewards here be added answers to whatever questions you have about the quest
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    It could be a lot of work yes, but it would be for the better. Many other games do it this way, and do it successfully. My solution to this may be some work but it is simple. When a player first starts off they see a 7 page long intro. I feel it could be better if a tutorial was implemented similar to the old days. What i mean by that is the paper cabin days. A player on gateway when starting has a few things to click. One of which is a sign with a nice message telling them to click stuff and so on. But they are already able to click everything, unlike in the PC days you had to do it step by step. So when a player begins they should get a one page greeting, but it also say to click everything and revisit locations often and such. When a player first clicks a tab such as the creature tab for example it should show them a small tutorial on how to heal their creatures, whats used to heal creatures, and how/where to use CTC's When a player clicks on the new quest page , which was once the progress page they should get a small tutorial about the forums and how a lot of the game does take place on there. And so on. Or even the possibility of a video tutorial. I feel a video tutorial would be a great possibility to explain things in more detail quickly. This video could be implemented in such a way that it forces a player to do step by step instructions to play. It doesn't even need to be long as only the main tabs would need to be explained. the chest icons and such can be learned as they go, However i feel a tutorial for the inventory is more so needed. I've noticed a lot of new players quit cause they felt it was to complicated. Also the island needs a form of NPC for them to learn to fight on. Maybe a journey up the mountain and on the way down they could be forced to get in a fight, if they have creatures. Ive had thought of another scene thats unseen that could be full of NPC's for then to train on. The biggest issue though is most quit due to the lack of MP3 and MP4 players. I feel MP3 and MP4 should be taken out and they start at MP5. With this can come new stages in the future possibly. We have MP6 MP7, and i think MP8 was a thing but i am unsure. But this could also be fixed if MP3 and MP4 could just attack and MP5. I think another fun Idea would be to have a mind power that is based on your active days. Like 2 or 3k and above. It would show the elite players that are vets and such. It could be. I feel more achievements can also be added, such as a 3k activity day or maybe something else. The live help option is just about done as ive noticed most new players dont use it as a lho may be online but they could be idle. can can cause an issue. A player can get frustrated after not getting a response due to one not being online. Another big thing would be if Md had an app of sorts that would allow the player to play normally. With this could bring a hoard of new features and players. Possibly even have players return due to lack of not having a computer. The idea is to keep the player interested till they get the hang of everything. When they get bored they register is as a boring game to them, and then quit. The guardians have messaged players and told them this. Problem is most dont reply or speak at all. Such as they wish to do it themselves. We cant help the players who dont want to respond, but if we can get them to understand whats going on without anyone messaging them then that may help retain players. Thats the thing. To much text is boring. Most players leave just from the forced mass reading they need to do from the start, and i feel is poorly explained and could be better.
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    The Wrath of the Shades: Implications

    Ledah won a swordsman for bleeding out like a true flagellant.
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    Alt Issues

    Im not going to apologise for not doing this sooner because Im not sorry. I was taking a break from MD because the negativity, constant demands, and general unpleasantness was getting me down (general comment, please dont feel its aimed at you Aeo ). It should be done now (yesterday), and resolved slightly more satisfactorily (secret).
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    I am Hungry

    Are we limited to only a dish? I was planning on making an entire plate of food, maybe even a multiple course meal.
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    Who's that guy?

    I'm not at the age where I can receive gifts from Santa anymore (although I write him yearly, asking for a winning lottery ticket), so I've forgotten all about it. I suppose once you don't get your free gifts anymore, you don't care. This year I asked myself - who is that guy? One answer is 'the reason why shopping malls and stores are filled with moronic items and fake discounts to create mass consumer hysteria, akin to black Friday where servers shutdown from overload (NOT, just a marketing strategy) and old women trample each other to death for a 20% off to pans'. Another is 'the hostage to Coca-Cola ads, who managed to create such a brand that inmates condemned to lethal injection (this includes murderers of the worst type) ask for a coke before death'. Yet another is less practical and involves me knowing that Asians also have their guy, called Budai or Hotei, who's basically a chubby man with a sack full of goodies and sweets, who pays excessive attention to children. It would be easy to say that Budai is a 'type' of Buddha, but what if the myriad types of Buddha simply overlapped existing gods? What if there was a fat god who loved children and carried a sack with goodies? What if Santa Claus is universal and it's based on an archetype of a cheerful man who loves children, not because he's a deviant, but because he couldn't have any, and so is kinder than parents normally are? Not sure, just speculating. But if that were true, then the holiday of Santa Claus would be a holiday dedicated to children everywhere, and, if you're an adult and receive a gift (lucky!), you can accept it with no worries (basically, a holy day where debts are not created as per usual). For most people, though, this holiness would soon be turned into a mass hysteria about getting the right present, hating the present you received, fighting other people over the 'last item my child wants so much' etc. Nothing can do about it, it's human nature to forget the meaning of things. Those who don't forget, can enjoy it, I believe. Wall of text aside, this topic has a role - I'm going to link here this year's Xmas quests, to keep things organized. http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/18031-just-visiting/ http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/18030-the-secret-base/ http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/18033-spot-the-difference/
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    Who's that guy? reloaded

    Here's another challenge to those of you who're creative. Fuse Santa with another (in)famous character! (of some antiquity - say, Robin Hood or Emperor Nero) Shortly describe the new persona (or draw it), also detailing what he/she does and add one or two stories involving the character (100-200 words for the stories). Last day of submission: 24th Dec. Post your character here, because prizes will be awarded based on forum reputation only. UP votes will count more than DOWN votes. (will update the thread with prizes)
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    I know they don't answer/speak. I know it well, because I, too, didn't do it, wanting to do it all by myself. But receiving a message does work regardless. The main thing here is that you don't know what you're dealing with and are too proud to ask. How many times did you skip the tutorial, saying 'i'll get the hang of it by playing, no need to ask anyone, even if I make a few mistakes'? I know I usually do that, because most games are alike, with a similar system of fighting, getting resources, achieving things etc. This is why, after loitering around, rather confused, you hang on to that message you received (if you do). That doesn't mean you should be wandering aimlessly, so something should be done in this regard, but receiving a personal message is a (mild) incentive.
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    Fang Archbane

    How do you see taming?

    No such thing, not here in MD. Everyones ideas and perspective hold weight in this world.
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    The Stone of the Soul

    Please ensure roleplaying is ingame, forum is fine for logs.
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    How do you see taming?

    @John Constantine the problem with this, while i do agree with parts of it, is that it doesnt relate to what the skill actually does. if the skill was referring to recruiting creatures, and that's how you gained it, then yes, but it's not. as mago says, a slave doesnt defy because it's accepted it cannot, given the chance they will choose otherwise, if they are of sound mind. but also as above, the concept of slavery in any form isn't really relavent to the topic at hand. the skill itself comes from the act of taking or collecting resources from the creature, and the name of it should reflect this action, it's a little strange that it doesn't really reflect the nature of the skill or provide any accurate hints/clues as to what you would do to actually gain it.
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    How do you see taming?

    a slave can defy its master, just pretending to be loyal until a chance for freedom arrives
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    Hooorey! Thanks to Mur, Taintsinger and my friends at 12man(y) syndicate, you guys rock:) I will put this wp to good use as soon as i know which one is that if i dont forget it in the first place. Stay tuned for more insanity as Ungod and me present to you our brand new adventure full of laugh, entrails and maddening horror tour soon enough:) Public apology to Ungod since i cant be in MD as much as i would love. Few are the chains as those of the stars
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    After more than 10 hours work today we have a new total for the changes between "current md" and the new branch: 642 files changed, 3233 insertions(+), 6653 deletions(-) For those interested, the insertions are lines that have been added to the codebase, deletions are the count of lines removed. Lines edited are counted as an insertion and removal. As you can see I am removing a hell of a lot of code, simplifying what we have and fixing up the old code. Currently this dev branch includes the new javascript/css compressor/optimiser. New sound system provided by HTML5 rather than flash, and the new JS intereface preparing to remove the flash crud. This update will still include flash. The other big change in this dev branch is the PHP7/database rework. Going forward all code will use the unified DB library we use which will make everything a lot easier to manage/handle.
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    Aia del Mana

    COtE disbanded

    I am present, even in death. I believe I had made mine intention clear to those who did support myself in this, and prepared for the inevitability that were death. This, too, were not without purpose. @dst what, or whom, of the Eclipse didst thou find irksome? I should like to know.
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    Complaint on "One Man, Many voices" AL

    You're projecting. You're assuming that, just like you, we're mostly motivated by our egos. I wonder if you're able to see past your own. What is to be done is done for all.