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    Muratus del Mur

    Shop changes and new items

    I would like some feedback on some things i want to add or change in the shop, to know if they are ok to be added to the shop, how deep, how many, etc. Please understand that my account is messed up with all sort of tests and changes and i might not accurately know what some items do or how they really influence you , thats why i need your feedback on this. stock changes are already in effect (id9) Bronze Avatar - removed for now, the interface no longer supports this (id20) Raw energy - loads 1500 heat, i want to change this to 1 heat stone (id21) Overcharged energy - gives 2500 heat, changed stock from 10 to 50, planning to make it give 4400 heat (max the erolin can hold active at one time right now), or load all heat orbs. (id30) Mechanical Movement Aid - change stock from 4 to 20 , planning to increase ap boost from 50 to 500 (id33) Goblet of energy - change stock from 2 to 5 additional heat slots (id25) Sack of Gold (gives value points) - change to give more vp but also 1 silver. (id24) Map Activity Overview - not sure what it does now after flash change, but i am thinking to make it show the online playerlist that is now scrolling under the map (id48) Map location of online players - does this work? (id54 - mp2) Mass Heal Creatures - heals 16 crits now - i plan to make it heal 40 (id53 - mp2) Illusion points - increased from 10 to 20 (id36) Sacred Goblet of Energy - gives heat slots, increased stock from 2 to 6 (id91) +50% AP Boost - increased stoc from 12 to 20 (id95) Token Removal Gel - increased stock from 20 to 50 (id8) Great Concoction of True Self - increased stock from 8 to 16 (id1) Vitality Elixir I - increased stock from 4 to 16 (id31) Gold Bottle of Learning - increasess skills by 3 permanent , stoc increased from 1 to 20 (id32) Bottle of Alchemic Gold - gives 800 max vitality pernament, increased stoc from 1 to 10 Regeneration Ritual of Youth , Regeneration Ritual of Vengeance - regenerates 8/16 crits and gives a modest boost, i want to make this percentage boost not fixed, for example instead of 60 attack, to give you plus 60% attack, its temporary aftrall increase tokens stock - changed to 20 I want to put enchanted stones in shop, i am waiting for suggestions, what would be ok (not to powerful but not to little) to have in shop? An other things i am planning to change, is the number of shop items you can see at one time. Right now the "slots" where designed to match 1 stoc items more, but over the years i added more and more items with multiple stoc, so i will increase the shop slots of items you can pick from , by at least 1 slot. (opinions?) Let me know what you think thanks
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    A simple mathematical method of scaling would be to make the WInertia required simply scale with the power of the number of creatures of that species already possessed. If one should set the modifier such that WInertia required = 1.2^x, where X were the pre-existing number already possessed by that player, this should allow for very significant scaling, and diminishing returns on larger values of WInertia. For example, if a creature were to cost 2000 base points, the second would cost 2400 - a slight increase; but the tenth would cost almost 12400 points, and the twentieth a little over 76000 points. Thus, increasing of these points were still of benefit, and more were always desirable, but one thinkst that she must vary of her ensemble.
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    Perhaps rather than total crits count the scaling would be set to count of a specific crit type. For example if I have 40 Walking Trees and just 1 Chaos Archer the cost of recruiting another tree would be significantly affected while archers still remained low cost. Ofc, the % scaling could be higher in such case. That way collecting different types of creatures wouldn't be affecting recruiting, while farming would indeed be lot harder to do. Especially if the scaling referred to % of player's max Wi. Even to a point where binding another creature of a specific type could cost over 100% of one's max Wi.
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