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    Perhaps rather than total crits count the scaling would be set to count of a specific crit type. For example if I have 40 Walking Trees and just 1 Chaos Archer the cost of recruiting another tree would be significantly affected while archers still remained low cost. Ofc, the % scaling could be higher in such case. That way collecting different types of creatures wouldn't be affecting recruiting, while farming would indeed be lot harder to do. Especially if the scaling referred to % of player's max Wi. Even to a point where binding another creature of a specific type could cost over 100% of one's max Wi.
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    You have some very valid points, i might change my mind about the change. However i would still like to fix the original issue that made me want this change, maybe you have ideas how to. The creature prices for old players are meaningless, this allows absurdly easy farming of crits. Filling your creature slots should be increasingly difficult, not easier. The advantage given by Wi and more creature slots should mean you can grow more crits, but not faster or at basically zero cost. The way it is now, it takes away the challenge, and creates exponentially faster growing creature farms, so to speak.
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    i think a % can work if you making it a scaling percentage. so as you increase your max WI you can recruit a higher number of creatures. maybe that 30% would go down to 25, then 20, then 15, then 10, so it still rewards stat progression. if you have millions of WI to start with, making it a flat 30% is just going to feel punishing for having put in all that effort to get there and remove all sense of acheivement for putting in the grind. if it's 30% plus a flat number, then you can only ever recruit 3 creatures , however, if you have mililons of WI, it's going to take you MUCH longer to regenerate that 30% to be able to recruit another, than say a newbie with barely any. the solution to that would be to make WI regerenate as a % , but then again, then tha tjust removes the point of farming WI to begin with, and it might as well be the same fixed value for everyone
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    The way it (still) is, the player had to do some efforts to get to some bare minimum values in order to progress. With percentage costs, that effort disappears, so keeping a fixed value apart from percentage would be a way to maintain it - if we consider this approach for new players useful. 'Farming' would be a bit harder with percentage values instead of fixed ones, but vitality is not that hard to regenerate. The (ex) value points were always the problem, though. You could get to -1mil VP from a fight with someone and it would take weeks to get it back to 0. If we had some way to regenerate WI easier, the percentage wouldn't bother us much. Then again, how do you increase world inertia?
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