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    If you want to do a % value, which I think is a bad idea, add a hard cap like some of the shop items give. So either 1000 + 50% or 25,000 total. I don't think it is a good idea though, balancing on percentages is impossible, check out any looter shooter....
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    i think a % can work if you making it a scaling percentage. so as you increase your max WI you can recruit a higher number of creatures. maybe that 30% would go down to 25, then 20, then 15, then 10, so it still rewards stat progression. if you have millions of WI to start with, making it a flat 30% is just going to feel punishing for having put in all that effort to get there and remove all sense of acheivement for putting in the grind. if it's 30% plus a flat number, then you can only ever recruit 3 creatures , however, if you have mililons of WI, it's going to take you MUCH longer to regenerate that 30% to be able to recruit another, than say a newbie with barely any. the solution to that would be to make WI regerenate as a % , but then again, then tha tjust removes the point of farming WI to begin with, and it might as well be the same fixed value for everyone
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    The absence of snow

    Wait, that's 1 month from when the quest started (Dec 24th)! So it means there are only 4 days left 😱
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    If this is the new one: I like it!
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